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Tackling DIY projects around your home can not only add value, but can also make the space more livable for you and your family. Find out the steps to transform your home on a budget.

luxury master bedroom

Are you looking to update your home on a budget? Tackling DIY projects around your home can not only add value, but can also make the space more livable for you and your family. The good news is there are plenty of easy upgrades you can do yourself without spending a bunch of money.

  1. Do Some Painting

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of your home  on a budget is to give it a fresh coat of paint. You can tackle the interior or even give your home a new look on the outside. Another easy idea that can change the look outside your home is to use gel stain to paint the front door to your house. You could also paint your garage doors to match, which will add plenty of curb appeal.

transform your home on a budget

  1. Update Your Light Fixtures

You can change the look of any room in your house by investing in new light fixtures. A drop-down chandelier could take your dining room or master bedroom from standard to exceptional. Or you could add dimmer lights to change the look and create ambiance in your living room. Here’s an article from Home Depot about how to use chandeliers in your home:

transform your home on a budget

  1. Revamp your Master Suite

Your master suite is probably one of the places you spend the most time in at home, even if you spend most of your time sleeping in it. Why not make it a place you can’t wait to escape to? You can completely revamp your master bedroom by investing in a few unique elements. You could purchase some beautiful new bedding complete with fluffy throw pillows. Or you could create your own little reading nook with a cozy chair and lamp. Another idea would be to create an accent wall with faux leather wall panels to add some beauty and elegance to the room. Talissa Decor has a great line of Faux Leather Wall Panels available.

transform your home on a budget

  1. Get Organized

Is your home really too small or are you simply not being efficient with the space you have? You would be amazed what getting organized can do for your home and your stress level. Common spaces that are in desperate need for some organization are cupboards, closets, and garages. You can maximize the space in your home by taking the time to go through your possessions periodically in order to de-clutter. You can also install new shelves and storage containers to help get things into order. Here’s a 30-Day guide to getting organized from Clean and Scentsible.

  1. Re-Think Your Space

We all have space in our home that could be used differently or more efficiently. For example, do you have an empty space near your kitchen? You could make a coffee bar and free up some space on your kitchen counter. Or if you have unused space underneath your stairs, you could add more storage, create an office area or even a fun kid’s play area. Pinterest has plenty of do it yourself inspiration to help you maximize your space!

transform your home on a budget

The key to transforming the look of your home is to focus on the projects that will make the biggest difference for you and your family. The project doesn’t have to be big or expensive to add value to your home and make you living there much more enjoyable. Some simple tweaks to your decor, organization and maximizing the space you have can make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

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Love at first sight in Doha, I don’t know if it’s just me or you’ll agree after having a “sweet mini-vacation” this Valentine’s Day with your special someone.

Doha Qatar downtown

Stay in love in Doha by visiting the top 5 places this Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if it’s just me or you’ll agree after having a “sweet mini-vacation” this Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Surprisingly it’s not what we heard Doha is all about and glad that we had to experience it, given we were skeptical at first. See what changed our mind and where are the top 5 places that fascinates us with this trip.

Born in a cooler country and dressed by three or more layers of clothing, it excites me whenever weather gets not too high but the so called normal temperature and I got to experience this amazing weather on my recent trip with my partner in Doha, Qatar.

Doha-Qatar city breack

Book tickets and check if you might need a visa (if you are UAE national no need, but don’t worry a visa will just cost you AED 200 or around 50 US Dollars). Going to Qatar, why not Qatar Airways – we got cheap return tickets and easiest way as they have daily flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Now, let me share the top 5 places in Doha that we visited.

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First stop is the social heart of Doha, Souq Waqif is a best place to find silk scarfs, spices, perfumes, gold products and traditional clothes as this site has been a souq for centuries though redeveloped but restored with rich original Qatari structures. After a long walk in the most traditional market place in Qatar, you can rest in one of the restaurant or a coffee shop to try their traditional Arabian coffee to match with Kunafa – the best we tried up to now.

Souq Waqif = Doha Qatar

Also visit Museum of Islamic Art, we don’t have the time to enter but from the outside architecture design of the building itself is iconic and based from what I read it has a wide range collections of Islamic arts.

Museum of Islamic Art,

Ready to be in love with the pigeons – check the “towers” in Katara Cultural Village which we can say home of the thousand birds. Beside the architectural structure you can also enjoy getting some tan, perfect place that I can recommend for you with their natural beaches.

katara cultural village - Doha Qatar

The Pearl Island is one of the best place in Doha where you can enjoy a marina walk, enjoy some shopping and park your yacht (which I think are private because there is no water taxis). Perfect for a quite lunch or a romantic dinner, you can choose from a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Pearl Island Doha Qatar

Do not skip in going to Medina Centrale and experience Plaza Andalusia of Spain in a middle-east way. The restaurants, shops and trees arrangement reminds me so much of Europe.

Medina Centrale Doha Qatar

After Medina Centrale jump in another city from Italy, go to Corso Venezia very nice community inspired by Italian style and architecture the only missing was the gondola the rest is great.

Corso Venezia Doha Qatar


Before leaving this place take a ride up to the end, there are some villas exactly next to the water, which fascinates me!

And finally visit center of the new town, especially if you like big and shiny buildings. Take a ride on the Corniche side, which we loved it! You can enjoy taking photos next to the sky-towers, romantic walk or to run after pigeons and of course enjoy a good coffee at Costa Café.

Doha downtown

It was a sweet escape for us given it was just a short break, if we can spend more time and come back getting some tan in Katara is a great idea.

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Are you bored with your old home styling? Why don’t you try a new home decorating style that will help your house look spectacular and ready for holidays?

pop art style living room

Are you bored with your old home styling? Why don’t you try a new home decorating style that will help your house look spectacular and ready for holidays?

The end of the year is a perfect moment for home owners to experiment and to add a touch of character and personality to their “cribs” following simple decorating tips.

One of the most appreciated decorating style of the moment is the retro pop one that lights up a classic, mono-colored home. The pop deco trend brings a touch of boldness to your home; it can be easily brought to life by means of a few techniques and accessories, such as placing Andy Warhol-like paintings on the walls of your bathroom – we’ve seen this technique at Ions Design – one of the best home decorating companies of United Arabian Emirates.

Give your home a pop feeling by putting into practice one or more of the following tips and tricks:

– invest in old furniture, that will give a retro style to the whole environment. But choose good looking and functional pieces even handcrafted by talented artists. Another great option would be to let your walls painted by decorating professionals who work with eco-friendly products and are able to provide you with stunning, artistic decorations. Stay tuned, as in our next blog posts we’ll let you know more about some talented mural artists and firms worth contracting.

–  although a bit classic, white is the most preferred non-color for home decorating. Even for a pop-wannabe home. Why is that? Because white it’s timeless and can be easily mixed with pop, bright colors such as fuchsia, for a top, high-class result. In 2014 we’ve seen white combined with different textures such as natural wood. Try this time to mix it with bold colors, as the above mentioned fuchsia or bright green, navy or yellow. Ask a professional to gentle mix the bright color with the pure white space, for a classy finish, if you don’t think or don’t have the time to rethink the space by yourself. The key is to find a perfect balance between the vivid details and the white space in which they emerge.

– invest in vintage accessories and details, like a piece of distressed wood used for encompassing flawless art pieces. Another nice idea would be to buy decorative pieces with unique, vintage designs such as an elegant fish vase, bowls or candle holders with golden, precious finishes. Don’t be afraid to buy the pieces that reflect your character as the pop culture and home decorating trend is all about being natural yet pretentious and stylish.

– consider blending masculine and feminine components into your home design, such as a black flooring and flower wall patterns. Brought together in a minimalist style, these components could add a perfect high-class touch to a boresome design.

–  try metallic finishes and accents, especially if you own a contemporary house. These eye-catching details will make the space look wider, nobler and feel complete. Consider buying antiqued mirrors to add instant glamour to your house and give your home a pop feeling all the time, not only on New Year’s occasion.




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UAE is a modern and dynamic country and although influenced by the Western architecture, it preserves and restores its traditional values in an original, sumptuous style.

palm house decoration

A courtyard house is one of the first choice when it comes about family in UAE.

Among beautiful and sumptuous houses touched by a contemporary design, we see how courtyard houses rise again in the exotic United Arabian Emirates. Traditional gardens and courtyard houses restore the genuine feel of this magic place and are being brought into contemporary era therefore advantaged by nowadays architecture materials and techniques.

Although we’ve seen modern, sci-fi trends getting hold of the region, for the past years, we think that the Arabians never forgotten their cultural values, which in a way or another reflected themselves in the new UAE architecture.

Courtyard houses feature thick external walls and rooms orientated towards an uncovered central area – the garden – arranged on several floors. The courtyard is often provided with a fountain as we’ve seen at Dubai Garden Center, that creates a proper micro-climate. Deciduous trees but also tropical plants are a common choice for the people in this region which also help creating a welcoming and healthy environment.

This type of architecture is thought of protecting the intimate space of the owners while ensuring appropriate ventilation to entire domestic dwelling. Still, as you’ve probably noticed, modern architectures tend to reinterpret the courtyard and turn it into an open space for kids to play and other members of the family to spend some quality time together. Lush gardens are often touched with a more structural and geometrical style, letting auxiliary buildings like cooking facilities slip into the landscape.

UAE is a modern and dynamic country and although influenced by the Western architecture, it preserves and restores its traditional values in an original, sumptuous style. We can see a perfect balance between traditional and modern styles at some recent residential and commercial dwellings designed by Jadis Interiors and spectacular GAJ Architects.

Another beautiful example of modern, beautiful courtyard is the one we’ve admired at Hattan villa – The Lakes, Emirates Hills – with tastefully designed indoor and outdoor areas and beautiful finishes such as over-sized windows facing the courtyard.

Modern houses in this area are filled with luxurious touches such as onyx-paneled bathrooms and cutting-edge technology. In this precious assembly, the courtyard garden provides a grounding element, that remind the owners of the villas to reflect on the beauty of the environment – a healing meditation also well received in the Western countries.

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The best-buys of this time of the year are amazing wallpapers with precious, metallic finishes as they give an instant, high-class feel to the living room or bedroom.

Want a simple but stylish way to redecorate your living? Sometimes all you have to do is changing a few pieces of furniture, to buy some colorful accessories or an artistic wallpaper with a unique pattern to give to this special room of the house a fresh new face.

Some of the best-buys of this time of the year are wallpapers with precious, metallic finishes as they give an instant, high-class feel to the living room or bedroom – depends on where one plans to place it. We’ve seen some incredible wallpapers at Andrew Martin, a go-to brand for luxurious living. Recently, this brand released a new, stunning collection of amazing wallpapers called Attic. The prints feature breathtaking motifs and noble, neutral shades that remind us of the plain simplicity of the classics.

Among the most interesting designs are:

–         Paintbox – a pattern made of an Artist’s brushes and painting materials arranged on shelves;

–         Columbus – a classic Pineapple motif for a warm and welcoming atmosphere;

–         Basket – which is an industrial wallpaper that features shelves of wired basket and comes in two vintage colors: oxidised metal and brushed steel;

–         Augustus – was inspired by 16th Century Roman and Greek architecture and has a range of three, soft colors.

You can purchase all of these amazing wallpapers online or from the brand’s showroom from Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

If you wish for something more romantic, with warm, summertime colors, then you should check Fromental’s shop. These incredible handmade wallpapers will make your living room look stunning with so little effort. They go well with precious natural wood flooring in blue-grey shades and matte finishes.

In case you want more sophisticated colors, innovative designs and audacious prints, then you should consider checking out GCC contemporary wall coverings and Muraspec wallpapers – with simple, yet classy appearance.

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