What Does a $70 Million Dream Mansion Look Like?

What Does a $70 Million Dream Mansion Look Like?

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Did you ever imagine how a dream mansion looks like? Well, now you have an insight into one of the most luxurious homes in the entire world!

Dream Mansion: Infinity Pool

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is probably one of the most successful and rich people in the world at the moment. And if you haven’t heard of him already, you should know that he is the developer of the famous Minecraft game, which has been a huge success and which made Markus Persson rich. But why am I reading about this, you may ask. You’re reading about him because last Christmas he bought himself the perfect gift: a dream mansion.

His mansion is located in Beverly Hills, L.A., and it cost $70 million, amount which he supposedly paid in cash. And we bet your next question is: what has that mansion so special that it cost $70 million? First of all, you should know that Markus ‘Notch’ Persson’s offer for this dream mansion beat those of other celebrities such as Jay-Z or Beyonce. For this amount, he got 23.000 sq ft for his own luxury, complete with all the furniture and electronics you can think of, plus other necessities around the house. Plus a Bugatti in the basement. More than that, it comes together with a very large range of food and drinks, including Dom Perignon and expensive vodka brands.

The estate has eight bedrooms, one of them being the master suite, because what dream mansions doesn’t have a master suite? The master bedroom has a wonderful view to downtown LA, and also access to a private patio and pool. It includes a huge glass shower and a granite bath tub. Also, we need to mention the 280-degree views over L.A. he has from almost anywhere in the house. Among other things you can find in the house, you can surprising find that the dream mansion includes a replica of James Dean’s motorcycle. Even more surprising, you can find there a Ma Deuce machine gun.

Being a dream mansion even for those who love sweets, there is a candy room specially dedicated for sweets, cakes and candy, decorated with statues of M&Ms characters (not edible though). After he delights himself with the sweets, Markus can probably go for a swim in his infinity pool and relax. Or he can take a bath in one of the 15 bathrooms found in the entire home, each one of them containing a Toto Neorest toilet, whose price is $5.600. More than that, when he gets home, he doesn’t need to worry about parking, since there is a special car lift that takes your car to an underground parking place.

Next time you’re asking yourself how does a superlative luxury dream mansion look like, just think of the facilities and the money Markus Persson has spent on this house in L.A.! Although many would disagree with wasting all those money on such a house, we assume he doesn’t care much while he enjoys a glass of Dom Perignon relaxing in his pool overlooking downtown L.A.

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