Buy a Property in Al Raha Beach: All You Need to Know

Buy a Property in Al Raha Beach: All You Need to Know

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If you want to move to Abu Dhabi, it's a good idea to buy a house here in Al Raha Beach, since this is the most popular area where people seek to move.

Buying a Property in Al Raha Beach: great nightlife

Al Raha is a wonderful flourishing community in Abu Dhabi. It has residential areas, but also leisure parts suited for any kind of taste. It’s close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport and it has waterfront access through a wonderful beach. More than that, it has direct access to the main highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Due to the fact that it’s a very popular community and many people wish to live here, it’s under continuous development. There’s a special port here for the residents where you can park your yacht and where you can take long beautiful walks in the evening.
The prices in the area are quite high, so you can say the not anybody can afford to live here, but you need to be very well informed when you want to buy a property in Al Raha Beach. You can find a studio starting from 1.2 M AED. The price for a studio however can go for as much as 1.600.000 AED, with a terrace and a wonderful sea view or a 1 bed apartment starting with 1.3 M.
For those who are interested in more space, prices for villas vary there too. You can find a wonderful villa with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms for less than 5.000.000 AED, with an area of 4,000 square feet, if you want to do a good job and buy a property in Al Raha Beach. The more you go towards the beach, the prices rise, but the landscape and the view you could have every morning from your window are totally worth it. For the villas near the beach prices vary around 18.000.000 AED, with direct access to the beach, a wonderful view, minimum 3 bedrooms and up to 7 bathrooms.
Another option for two couples or simply two friends is to buy a duplex. You can find duplex apartments with 2, 3 or even 4 bedrooms, and the price range is not that high. Generally, the 2 or 3 duplex apartments cost between 2 and 3 million AED and have an area of less than 2.000 square feet. The most expensive ones cover up a surface of 4.000 square feet and can cost up to 4.600.000 AED, having 4 bedrooms.
The epitome of luxury are perhaps the penthouses. For a penthouse in the most sought after place, Al Raha Beach, plus a full sea view, be ready to get the cash out because you’re going to need it. The cheapest penthouse you can find costs around 6.000.000 AED, has 4 bedrooms and it covers an area of roughly 1.500 square feet. The most expensive penthouse can go up to almost 9.000.000 AED and for good reason, since it has almost 5.000 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and full sea view.

Even if you are a bachelor, you can easily enjoy the facilities of this community, especially when you really want to buy a property in Al Raha Beach. There are lots of pubs, restaurants, clubs and the nightlife is truly fascinating, not to mention that you can spoil yourself all day long with sauna, spa, gym and virtually anything you can think of. For families, the place offers a wonderful view for evening walks, places to relax and to have dinner together. More than that, another advantage that should convince you to buy a property in Al Raha Beach is that it’s very close to Yas Island, a great destination and a place you definitely have to visit.
You will only need to decide which option suits you best and what are your preferences when it comes to facilities. However, be careful when you buy a property in Al Raha Beach and always double check any information you might have about that specific property. Good luck!

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