Buy a Property in Dubai Marina – How Much?

Buy a Property in Dubai Marina – How Much?

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If you intend to buy a property in Dubai Marina, you should inform yourself very well on the price variations and on the types of properties you can find there, so read on for more tips on this!

Buy a Property in Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina at night

Dubai Marina is a marvelous area, actually an artificial canal city that is built along a stretch of 3 km right on the shoreline of the Persian Gulf. It is designed to accommodate more than 120,000 people in luxurious residential towers and wonderful villas. One reason for which the area is quite popular is that it’s easy reachable. It’s placed on Interchange 5, right between the Jebel Ali Port and the zone with Dubai Internet City, the American University in Dubai and the Dubai Media City. It’s an easy to reach area, being accessible by the Dubai Metro and also by the Al Sufouh Tramway. It’s a wonderful area to move in, very popular due to its very modern facilities you can find anywhere (spa, sauna, pools, modern malls and shopping centers or parks), but also for the fabulous beaches and the extraordinary view.
If you’re a bachelor, a studio might prove to be more than enough for your needs. The cheapest ones start from 900.000 AED, with a smaller area to cover. They can also come unfurnished if you wish to furnish it according to your own principles. However, if you decide to do a great job when you buy a property in Dubai Marina, you can go for the most expensive ones, which cost around 2.000.000 AED.
The prices for a 1 bedroom apartment in the Dubai Marina area start from around 1.000.000 AED and can even go as far as 2.000.000 AED. The most expensive ones come together with a lot of luxurious facilities, such as pool, spa, sauna and of course, the marvelous sea view. For those who seek a 2-bedroom apartment, you have to know that the prices start from 1.250.000 – 1.300.000 AED. The most expensive ones cost 7, 8 or even up to 9 million AED.
If you’re looking for 3-bedroom apartments when you plan to buy a property in Dubai Marina, you need to know that prices start somewhere around 1.600.000 AED and can rise up to 15.000.000 AED or even more. It all depends on what facilities you wish to have around and, of course, what view you want to the sea. On the other hand, the cheapest 4 -bedroom apartments here cost 2.500.000 AED more or less. The most expensive ones can cost 28.000.000 AED.
Villas are another option for those who are interested to buy a property in Dubai Marina. A 1-bedroom villa costs around 2.500.000 AED, but a 4-bedroom one can cost as much as 15.000.000 AED. The cheapest 4-bedroom villas cost around 8.000.000 AED. Those who want to spoil themselves might want to know that for a penthouse with 1 bedroom you will need around 1.900.000 AED and for a 4-bedroom penthouse you have to pay at most 29.000.000 AED.
Regardless of the type of housing and building you choose to live, you need to pay attention to the maintenance costs and also, to the prices you find in the agencies. As attractive as a low price may seem, be very suspicious of these, because the market is full of fake prices.

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