Luxury Properties at Their Finest: Nurai Island

Luxury Properties at Their Finest: Nurai Island

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See how you can indulge in pure luxury on Nurai Island and have every facility you might think of within your reach!

Nurai Island: Wonderful Properties

If you haven’t heard about Nurai Island until now, you should read this as soon as possible to catch up with the news! Nurai Island is the next best thing when it comes to living your life to the fullest in the most luxurious conditions you can find! But if you don’t believe us, let us show you how to live in luxury!

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Found near Abu Dhabi, you can reach Nurai Island by taking the boat from Saadiyat Island. Let your worries behind and prepare to indulge in a luxury lifestyle. Once you get there, you can admire all the 23 residential, waterfront villas and their wonderful style. The island has a surface of 4,3 million ft and all of them have been already sold. However, you can still stay here at the only hotel you can find, or further buy the properties from the owners. More than that, here you can find 32 boutique retreats for those who stay at the hotel, and this means one spa, various restaurants, a marina, yoga studio, tennis court, water sports center, a gymnasium, helipad and lots of other facilities. And what’s luxury other than having to answer “no” to whatever else you may need?

The target “audience” for Nurai Island is the successful man who┬árespects himself and wants all the best he can have. It offers a moment of silence, away from all the worries and the day to day stress. However, it’s still close enough to Abu Dhabi to get back in time for another week of work, full of energy and a positive attitude!

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What’s even more beautiful about this epitome of luxury is that it respects the principles of nature. The person who came with the idea of creating this island wanted to follow a natural look in order to create a relaxing environment, and so we see grass-covered roofs all around the island. Also, there are no cars at all on the island. You can get here only by on-demand speedboat service or regular one, or even if you have a private boat. That’s another one of its advantages, only homeowners and their guests can reach the island, therefore ensuring a safe and quiet, relaxing atmosphere altogether.

The properties cost a lot, but offer lots of things also. For instance, one water villa can have 10.011 sq ft built up, or 20,022 sq ft plot, with 4 bedrooms costs 27.000.000 AED. If, however, you want an estate villa, one such property has 18,730 sq ft built up, 118.000 sq ft plot, 5 or 6 bedrooms and 213 ft beach frontage, all for 55.000.000 AED. But the most luxurious island and place in the entire world, Nurai Island, has magnificent designs, uses natural light as much as possible and the best materials available on the market, so that you can enjoy a reliable and lasting dream home like few people in this world have. Who wouldn’t want a paradise of his own and even more, at 20 minutes distance from an international city like Abu Dhabi?

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