The Most Expensive Home in Spain

The Most Expensive Home in Spain

If you ever wondered what does the most expensive home in Spain look like, nolw you have the answer!

Most Expensive Home in Spain: Amazing Villa

One of the most beautiful areas to live in Spain is Marbella. Marbella is famous for its extraordinary surroundings and luxurious villas and homes, and there’s no wonder here you can find the most expensive home in Spain, so prepare to admire a true wonder of architecture and luxury!

Casa Lorianna, as people call it, is an amazing home built in 2002. It’s placed in a very beautiful area, above the Golden Mile beach, so you can spoil yourself anytime with sunbathing and swimming. Besides being near such a relaxing paradise, it’s placed very close to the town and to Marbella Club Hotel, which is a very successful hotel where people from all around the world come.

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But if you have enough money to buy this house (which is around 50 million euros), you won’t be needing a hotel. And neither will your friends, since the house comes complete with enough suites to host 20 guests. More so, the suites have individual bathrooms and balconies, so your friends will feel like they’re staying at a very luxurious hotel. But if you or your friends are not happy with this arrangement, you even have a separate guest house and also a beach house, for the most amazing parties you ever had!

The most expensive home in Spain also comes with separate accommodation for the staff who will take care of you and your home. However, perhaps one of the best things in this home is the closeness to the beach. Just imagine the amount of parties and fun you can have all the time there! And if you happen to get bored, there are lots of things you can do indoor, for that price!

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It is obvious that the designers of this home place a great accent on the quality of life and on living your life in a superlative way. As proof, you will find inside a health center. And if you’re wondering what will your own private health centre include, you need to know that you’ll have access to a Turkish bath, a gym and a swimming pool with waterfall and even a grotto.

There is also a top floor accommodation, for the business men or women. There you will find the office, a library, two bathrooms (for him and for her) and even two walk-in wardrobes. For those who love having an awesome view, here you will have a wonderful look at either sea view or mountain view, from a great terrace where you can enjoy your coffee every morning!

So in case you ever wondered what does the most expensive home in Spain look like or you want to know how much comfort you can possibly obtain in one home, here you have Casa Loriana in Marbella, one of the most luxurious homes in the world!

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