Upper or Lower Floor?

Upper or Lower Floor?

If you're undecided, see our list of advantages and disadvantages for upper or lower floor apartments!

Although this question might seem useless in the beginning, there are certain consequences when you have to buy or rent an apartment and choose an upper or lower floor. Of course, each options has its own advantages and disadvantages, but according to what is more important for you, you will make the best decisions. Today we will present you with some pros and cons for every option, leaving you to decide which one is better for you!

Upper or Lower Floor: Tall Buildings

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1. Upper floors are warmer. Given the fact that it stays all day long under the sunlight, the last floor is always warmer, if not hotter, which also applies to 2 or 3 floors below. If you love heat, this can be a good thing. Even if you don’t want to be hot all day long, installing an air conditioning is a solution for this. More than that, you can take advantage of this and spend time in open air on the roof, if you have access to it.

Upper or Lower Floor: One Floor Homes

2. Lower floors have easier access. People who don’t like taking the stairs (although this would be a good exercise) will have an easier choice between an upper or lower floor since they will love to have a lower floor apartment or studio. It’s easy to access such an apartment, and this is especially helpful when you want to change the furniture, rearrange the design, bring in the shopping bags or any other activities that imply carrying some weights. Just imagine how hard it would be if the elevator broke and you had to carry your groceries 8 floors up!

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3. Upper floors give you access to the roof. As we already said, having the roof of the building just above you is a great potential for exploring your free time. If at the lower levels you can only keep plants in pots that can be too big for your rooms, if you have a top floor and some understanding neighbors, you can always grow your own garden and cultivate your own fruits there! Maybe you can even sell your neighbors some, who knows! Other than that, the roof can be a very relaxing place and a great opportunity to admire the sunrise and the sunset. Use your imagination: take an inflatable pool, a beach towel and head up on the roof for some sunbathing!

Upper or Lower Floor: Lower Floor

4. Lower floors might not need so many reparations. If the roof breaks or water infiltrates through it, you have the greatest interest to have it fixed as soon as possible. Of course, everybody should pay for this, but we know well that sometimes things move extremely slow and you wouldn’t want to have your apartment flooded. However, if a pipe breaks at one of the upper floors, you will be the most affected by this, which can be a downside. In modern and recent buildings though, this shouldn’t happen too often, but it’s always safe to check the safety of the building!

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