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Abu Dhabi Al Qurm community is an oasis of safety and comfort. Explore it!

One of the most exclusive residential villa destination in Abu Dhabi is Al Qurm community perfect for a elegant living.

Like all the others communities this one is also a fabulous eco-friendly development surrounded by mangrove forests and beautiful sandbars. This community of residential villas and private access ways is what everyone dreams of. Houses here were inspired by Asian and Mediterranean architectural standards being designed as low-rise structure to match with the fragile environment.

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al qurm community abu dhabi home caprice

70 villas beautify the first stage of Al Qurm each of them having from three-bedrooms to five-bedrooms and the best thing is that some of them are housed by their own private island. There is no need to say that each villas has spacious indoor and outdoor living areas, landscaped gardens, maids and driver rooms. Modern kitchens and bedrooms impress with their elegant finishes. Amazing private swimming pools, sparkling water features and what do you think? Private jetty for direct boat access to the Arabian Gulf.

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Al Qurm second stage is currently in the design phase but promises the same elegance and fine taste.

AL-Gurm-Resort home caprice

This community is that kind of place you search to find peace and relaxation. Residents of this area are aware of the presence of indigenous creatures which are protected by the strict wildlife-first policy. Everyone is grateful for the magnificent flora and fauna.

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Highest levels of services are offered in this community from the Aldar Estates team. Residents are offered community and leasing management and 24-hour gated security so if this is not a safe place, I don’t know which is. 

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Living in the house where Leonardo DiCaprio used to live seems a real dream isn't it?

We all know who is Leonardo DiCaprio the famous actor whom every woman in the world has at least a dream with. This famous actor has several expensive houses which are designed with taste and elegance and you’d definitely fall in love with them.

Today we are going to take an inside look to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu Beach House which he actually sold after he filmed the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” with the sum of $17.35 million.

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This marvelous house is not just the perfect home for everyone, it also includes neighbors like Tom Hanks, Sting or Bill Murray so who wouldn’t like to spend his life here? Located in the elegant and eccentric Malibu Colony community, this house is separated in 3 buildings. A four-bedroom main house, a two-bedroom guest house and even a loft with an extra bedroom, private gymnasium and office. When you step outside the symphony begins. Your eyes will be impressed by the beach view, the jacuzzi which waits for you to step in it, a spa that is ready to give you a relaxing time, a fire pit and remarkable gardens.

This property was bought by DiCaprio with $6 million in 2002 and he used to rent it with $175.000 per month.


Just imagine coming back to this house that seem to invite you to step in it and explore its elegance and the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio used to stay here makes it even more desirable.

dicaprio_miami_beach homecaprice

With a house located exactly next to the beach, life seems perfect. There is no doubt that coffee tastes better in the morning if you drink it practically on your own spot of beach.

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dicaprio_miami_inside house homecaprice

You need only o glimpse of this house to recognize elegance, fine taste and imagine Leonardo staying on the couch. I like the open space idea, the colors mixture and the accessories. It is both a house for gentlemen and for ladies.

dicaprio_miami_bedroom leonardo dicaprio

The bedroom is simple, yet elegant and very cozy. The furniture is what I like the most, makes me feel safe. I would definitely enjoy life in here.

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This beautiful house has everything especially the memory of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying life in it. 

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Yas Island is your future favorite place to live in or to experience an unique holiday!

Yas Island is a place of beauty and entertainment. This destination will make you want to live here forever. It is known as being a prime leisure and entertainment location perfect for living, or weekend getaways, romantic vacations and a lot of unique fun for you and your family.

Yas Island is also the home of Yas Marina Circuit, it hosts the world famous Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Island will relish you with seven fabulous hotels all of them having phenomenal restaurants and entertainment venues s uch as Yas Mall. You will be amazed about how friendly are local residents and you will want to live here instantly.

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Seems that Yas Island is totally dedicated to pleasure because everyday an event is happening, artists are coming at du Forum and du Arena. What you really need to see here is the elegant nightspot in the UAE, O1NE Yas Island. Your entire family will fall in love with this place especially because you can experience a water adventure at Yas Waterworld Abu World Abu Dhabi, the largest theme park in the world. Gentlemen will adore the Yas Links Golf Club. If you are brave enough you can even compete at the Formula 1 circuits.

I bet your favorite place will become Yas Marina where those who own an yacht can easily house it there. You relax on the warm, golden sands of Yas Beach and let life become amazing.

You will be happy to know that Yas Island is located only 25 minute from Abu Dhabi and 45 minutes from Dubai. Better than this it will take you only seven minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

For those who want to move in Yas Island I recommend you this destination if you want to have a full and rich life.

For those who enjoy luxury life and own a yacht Yas Marina is the greatest place for you. It is that refreshing spot, perfect for an evening relaxation, where you will enjoy phenomenal meals or a post-race party. The views of the circuit here are sublime and you will also relish your eyes with some of the biggest super yachts of the world. Of course remarkable bars and restaurants are also present here. Yas Marina was specially designed to be a glamorous super and mega Yacht venue.

yas marina homecaprice

Because every luxurious place knows that luxurious cars are a must, Yas Island a has the only Ferrari-branded and largest indoor theme park in the entire world. Imagine how your children will feel like. You can enjoy over 20 Ferrari inspired rides and attractions, two large shops and marvelous authentic Italian dining experiences. This is definitely a park dedicated to quality family time.

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You will be amazed by its huge iconic red roof which is protecting various high-adrenaline rides. There is no need to say that this park has the fastest roller coaster in the world, called Formula Rossa, which reaches speeds of 240 kmph in 4.9 seconds. It is definitely a place dedicated to family entertainment, state-of-the-art simulators, live shows and a fabulous treasure of racing memorabilia. Lucky us this place is open 365 days a year and you will surely live a remarkable experience.

Yas Marina Circuit is what makes this location memorable. You have the possibility of experiencing the ultimate pleasure of driving a race car and believe you will feel glorious. There is no doubt that you’ll feel impress by the phenomenal race cars and in the moment you will be one of the drivers, your entire life will have sense. You can even take classes of how to learn like a professional.

What about the experience of being the passenger of one of the greatest racer in the world? Imagine Aston Martin GT4, the Chevrolet Camaro, the Mercedes AMG, Formula 1 safety car, Yas Radical SST or the greatest of all the Yas Three Seater Dragster.

yas island

Well we saw what Yas Island has for us but we didn’t learn anything about residential communities and one of my favorite is Amsam where you will definitely enjoy luxurious lifestyle surrounded by an unique environment. Is is very close located to all world class facilities and attractions, having some of the most spectacular views, Ansam is surely a development where you’d love to live. It is situated on the west side of Yas Island and north-east of the Yas Links Golf Course. In this residential community you can explore high class apartments with fabulous facilities each of them being surrounded by impressive garden style public areas.

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A friendly cozy community which loves nature and beautiful gardens, it was specially designed to interlock access roads and pathways. Each resident has a card to allow barrier access to parking areas because Amsam care about exclusivity and privacy.

Now that we know more things about Yas Island is time to explore it literally and see its marvels.

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Al Hamra Village and Resort is a special place for perfect holidays and vacations!

Al Hamra Village

Today we are going to take a virtual trip to the beautiful AL Hamra Village another marvel from Ras al Khaimah.

This village has grown into an upscale residential area where now are implemented different houses projects. An amazing detail about this area is that it has a large number of upscale beach resorts in the vicinity like Waldorf Astoria, Hilton Al Hamra Beach& Golf Resort, Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort, Al Hamra Village Golf&Beach Resort.

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Al Hamra Village

Here you will also find the largest mall in the area, named Al Hamra Mall. For a complete session of shopping visit this mall, it has several multi-national brands to impress you with.

I believe you will be impressed by the famous RAK Ceramics which is located in the area so you will never have time to be bored.

This elegant area was inspired by the local Arabic leitmotif, offering uniqueness and a special blend of local heritage and modern design. Located perfectly between a mind blowing 18-hole Golf Course and a golden sandy beach, having incredible attractions, Al Hamra Residence and Village it is the most marvelous holiday location which you can choose. If you are looking for remarkable experiences peppered with high quality services and luxurious comfort, here it is the place for you.

Al Hamra Village

People who come here are always leaving with the thought of returning back next holiday, because what can they ask for more than perfection? The guests always receive 24-hour services, they enrich their visual culture with authentic, graceful, full of elegance landscapes. People are encouraged to never lose any minute and to explore the beauties of Ras Al Khaimah. There are also two resorts you should definitely see: Al Hamra Residence& Al Hamra Village Gold& Beach Resort which are splendid.

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This phenomenal place is perfect for any kind of holiday. If you decide to come with your family, or you need a weekend for your own personal relaxation, or if  you need a romantic rendezvous with the love of your life, you don’t have to search no more, you’ve just find the perfect location. Relaxing, calm, luxurious and elegant.


For a phenomenal holiday book a room at Al Hamra Village Golf and Beach Resort, where you will be amazed by high quality services, elegant classy rooms and a well trained staff.

This 4 stars hotel offers you a splendid view to the Golf, being located between Ras Al Khaimah beach and the golf course. You can relax yourself in an astonishing private pool surrounded by palms or you can take a walk to the private beach and pool from Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort, situated 200 m far.

Staying in a room here will be a truly luxurious experience each of them having an unique vintage wood furniture. Every room has A.C, TV and a minibar.


Because you want to go out at night and have a fabulous time, try Pub English Village which offers you a vast beer menu, a fabulous food menu and live music. Of course the wines and champagnes here are only high class. If you are a sport person you can watch your favorite games on the large screen here.

For a day dedicated to your health, you can have a relaxing hour at sauna or you can exercise at the fitness centre. You have also have access to the tennis court or to the children playground.

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Al Hamra Pool

There is no doubt you’ll have a phenomenal vacation.

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Meet the beautiful Al Barari!

AL Barari

If we are searching for an expensive luxurious community where life is always peaceful and comfortable, than we have to know that Dubai has some extraordinary residential communities.

We remember here  Al Barari ,Arabian Heights ,Burj Dubai ,Dubai Marina,  Al Barsha, Jabel Ali,  Dubai Pearl,  Emirates Hills , City of Arabia, Business Bay.

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Today we are going to take a virtual trip to Al Barari and see what beauties it has for us. This community is gorgeous and elegant consisting in 330, 5 or 7 bedrooms villas on 14 million square feet area. It is located just perfectly close to both old and new Dubai and families here seem very content and happy with their lives. 16 different varieties of lush astonishing green gardens, fabulous man-made lakes, incredible ponds, remarkable themed gardens, amazing open air theaters and luxurious restaurants, in one word: HEAVENLY.

If you decide to live here you must be prepared for a fabulous life in villas designed and built on 4 unique architectural themes: Bromellia, Cmellia, Acacia and Dahlia. This is the first residential community which was built to use for mixed purpose. You will find this community absolutely lovely with its rooftop gardens and superb artificial waterfalls.


Recently Al Barari launched a new luxurious villa residential project named The Nest which is absolutely incredible, built on 18,42 million square feet. This community features 99 four-bedroom villas, incredibly elegant, built on an 6,300 to 7,000 square feet areas each of them with plot sizes ranging from 9.000 to 15.000 square feet.

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The villas here have two different styles each of them having an outdoor shower, barbeque area, infinity edge pool, landscaped gardens, chic lawns and parking spots for 2 cars.


This community thought about visitors too and created a separate special visitor parking and a centre for meetings, pharmacies, an elegant coffee shop and retail offerings.

Of course children have their own area.


There is no doubt that Al Barari has incredible health and fitness centers, Body Language centers, a spa named Heart& Soul, very well equipped gyms and outdoor pools, tennis courts, and a fabulous signature restaurant The Farm.

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This place is an oasis of natural comfort being 80% only green space, natural landscaped lakes, freshwater streams, breath taking cascades and waterways.

This community is absolutely beautiful and magnificent, being a perfect place for starting your new life.


If you're undecided, see our list of advantages and disadvantages for upper or lower floor apartments!

Although this question might seem useless in the beginning, there are certain consequences when you have to buy or rent an apartment and choose an upper or lower floor. Of course, each options has its own advantages and disadvantages, but according to what is more important for you, you will make the best decisions. Today we will present you with some pros and cons for every option, leaving you to decide which one is better for you!

Upper or Lower Floor: Tall Buildings

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1. Upper floors are warmer. Given the fact that it stays all day long under the sunlight, the last floor is always warmer, if not hotter, which also applies to 2 or 3 floors below. If you love heat, this can be a good thing. Even if you don’t want to be hot all day long, installing an air conditioning is a solution for this. More than that, you can take advantage of this and spend time in open air on the roof, if you have access to it.

Upper or Lower Floor: One Floor Homes

2. Lower floors have easier access. People who don’t like taking the stairs (although this would be a good exercise) will have an easier choice between an upper or lower floor since they will love to have a lower floor apartment or studio. It’s easy to access such an apartment, and this is especially helpful when you want to change the furniture, rearrange the design, bring in the shopping bags or any other activities that imply carrying some weights. Just imagine how hard it would be if the elevator broke and you had to carry your groceries 8 floors up!

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3. Upper floors give you access to the roof. As we already said, having the roof of the building just above you is a great potential for exploring your free time. If at the lower levels you can only keep plants in pots that can be too big for your rooms, if you have a top floor and some understanding neighbors, you can always grow your own garden and cultivate your own fruits there! Maybe you can even sell your neighbors some, who knows! Other than that, the roof can be a very relaxing place and a great opportunity to admire the sunrise and the sunset. Use your imagination: take an inflatable pool, a beach towel and head up on the roof for some sunbathing!

Upper or Lower Floor: Lower Floor

4. Lower floors might not need so many reparations. If the roof breaks or water infiltrates through it, you have the greatest interest to have it fixed as soon as possible. Of course, everybody should pay for this, but we know well that sometimes things move extremely slow and you wouldn’t want to have your apartment flooded. However, if a pipe breaks at one of the upper floors, you will be the most affected by this, which can be a downside. In modern and recent buildings though, this shouldn’t happen too often, but it’s always safe to check the safety of the building!

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If you ever wondered what does the most expensive home in Spain look like, nolw you have the answer!

Most Expensive Home in Spain: Amazing Villa

One of the most beautiful areas to live in Spain is Marbella. Marbella is famous for its extraordinary surroundings and luxurious villas and homes, and there’s no wonder here you can find the most expensive home in Spain, so prepare to admire a true wonder of architecture and luxury!

Casa Lorianna, as people call it, is an amazing home built in 2002. It’s placed in a very beautiful area, above the Golden Mile beach, so you can spoil yourself anytime with sunbathing and swimming. Besides being near such a relaxing paradise, it’s placed very close to the town and to Marbella Club Hotel, which is a very successful hotel where people from all around the world come.

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But if you have enough money to buy this house (which is around 50 million euros), you won’t be needing a hotel. And neither will your friends, since the house comes complete with enough suites to host 20 guests. More so, the suites have individual bathrooms and balconies, so your friends will feel like they’re staying at a very luxurious hotel. But if you or your friends are not happy with this arrangement, you even have a separate guest house and also a beach house, for the most amazing parties you ever had!

The most expensive home in Spain also comes with separate accommodation for the staff who will take care of you and your home. However, perhaps one of the best things in this home is the closeness to the beach. Just imagine the amount of parties and fun you can have all the time there! And if you happen to get bored, there are lots of things you can do indoor, for that price!

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It is obvious that the designers of this home place a great accent on the quality of life and on living your life in a superlative way. As proof, you will find inside a health center. And if you’re wondering what will your own private health centre include, you need to know that you’ll have access to a Turkish bath, a gym and a swimming pool with waterfall and even a grotto.

There is also a top floor accommodation, for the business men or women. There you will find the office, a library, two bathrooms (for him and for her) and even two walk-in wardrobes. For those who love having an awesome view, here you will have a wonderful look at either sea view or mountain view, from a great terrace where you can enjoy your coffee every morning!

So in case you ever wondered what does the most expensive home in Spain look like or you want to know how much comfort you can possibly obtain in one home, here you have Casa Loriana in Marbella, one of the most luxurious homes in the world!

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Find out some of the most luxurious communities in Dubai and what properties you can find there!

Buy Luxury Estate in Dubai: Mansion for Sale

For those of you who are interested in spoiling themselves and in living in a high class home, we did some research and found some really interesting areas for whoever is interested to buy luxury estate in Dubai. Even though it might seem hard to believe, there are wonderful areas with prices quite accessible if you think about it.

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1. Arabian Heights. Placed in the Dubai Silicon Oasis, this area is famous for being a center of advanced electronic design and more importantly, modern development. You can find here lots of modern apartments which offer you fantastic views over deserts and landscapes. The facilities offered are extremely luxurious and the charm here is the blend between a traditional Arabian heritage and latest modern constructions. The main types of lodging you will find here are 1 or 2 bedroom apartments and studios.

2. Burj Dubai. The tallest building with apartments, restaurants and malls in the world (161 levels) it’s another popular option when you want to buy luxury estate in Dubai. Since we’re talking about this, it is obvious that there you can find all the facilities you want. From pools, parking lots, parking facilities for your yacht, enormous rooms or spa access to the most recent types of devices and technology, if you choose to buy an already furnished one. In this case, you can be sure that all the furniture is the highest quality available on the market.

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3. Dubai Marina. This was the first community in Dubai that offered freehold property ownership to foreigners, thing that led to a price increase here. Needless to mention, you can find here everything you want or need, from boat berthing, restaurants, fitness places, business centers, cafes, shopping outlets, parks, daycares etc. Some apartments include surveillance, digital or satellite television and high speed internet. There are 10 districts in Dubai Marina from which to choose, according to your own preferences, all with various types of lodging, from studios to spacious apartments that allow you to admire different sides of Dubai right from your own window!

4. Business Bay. For those who seek luxury estate for their office mainly, Business Bay is the right choice. You can find here studios, apartments with up to 4 bedrooms, penthouses, duplexes, terraces or garden apartments. Other options for luxury estates in Dubai include buying half-floor properties. They are usually bought for office purposes, but you can also find some in residential areas. They’re easy to decorate because you have the freedom of creating your own interior decor, since they don’t come already furnished. If you’re not happy with any of the above results, you can always consider buying your own land and building a home on it, although this is going to cost way more than buying an apartment, a penthouse or a villa. Whatever is your option, stick to the luxurious way of living by any means because for sure you deserve the best!

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Did you ever imagine how a dream mansion looks like? Well, now you have an insight into one of the most luxurious homes in the entire world!

Dream Mansion: Infinity Pool

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is probably one of the most successful and rich people in the world at the moment. And if you haven’t heard of him already, you should know that he is the developer of the famous Minecraft game, which has been a huge success and which made Markus Persson rich. But why am I reading about this, you may ask. You’re reading about him because last Christmas he bought himself the perfect gift: a dream mansion.

His mansion is located in Beverly Hills, L.A., and it cost $70 million, amount which he supposedly paid in cash. And we bet your next question is: what has that mansion so special that it cost $70 million? First of all, you should know that Markus ‘Notch’ Persson’s offer for this dream mansion beat those of other celebrities such as Jay-Z or Beyonce. For this amount, he got 23.000 sq ft for his own luxury, complete with all the furniture and electronics you can think of, plus other necessities around the house. Plus a Bugatti in the basement. More than that, it comes together with a very large range of food and drinks, including Dom Perignon and expensive vodka brands.

The estate has eight bedrooms, one of them being the master suite, because what dream mansions doesn’t have a master suite? The master bedroom has a wonderful view to downtown LA, and also access to a private patio and pool. It includes a huge glass shower and a granite bath tub. Also, we need to mention the 280-degree views over L.A. he has from almost anywhere in the house. Among other things you can find in the house, you can surprising find that the dream mansion includes a replica of James Dean’s motorcycle. Even more surprising, you can find there a Ma Deuce machine gun.

Being a dream mansion even for those who love sweets, there is a candy room specially dedicated for sweets, cakes and candy, decorated with statues of M&Ms characters (not edible though). After he delights himself with the sweets, Markus can probably go for a swim in his infinity pool and relax. Or he can take a bath in one of the 15 bathrooms found in the entire home, each one of them containing a Toto Neorest toilet, whose price is $5.600. More than that, when he gets home, he doesn’t need to worry about parking, since there is a special car lift that takes your car to an underground parking place.

Next time you’re asking yourself how does a superlative luxury dream mansion look like, just think of the facilities and the money Markus Persson has spent on this house in L.A.! Although many would disagree with wasting all those money on such a house, we assume he doesn’t care much while he enjoys a glass of Dom Perignon relaxing in his pool overlooking downtown L.A.

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See how you can indulge in pure luxury on Nurai Island and have every facility you might think of within your reach!

Nurai Island: Wonderful Properties

If you haven’t heard about Nurai Island until now, you should read this as soon as possible to catch up with the news! Nurai Island is the next best thing when it comes to living your life to the fullest in the most luxurious conditions you can find! But if you don’t believe us, let us show you how to live in luxury!

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Found near Abu Dhabi, you can reach Nurai Island by taking the boat from Saadiyat Island. Let your worries behind and prepare to indulge in a luxury lifestyle. Once you get there, you can admire all the 23 residential, waterfront villas and their wonderful style. The island has a surface of 4,3 million ft and all of them have been already sold. However, you can still stay here at the only hotel you can find, or further buy the properties from the owners. More than that, here you can find 32 boutique retreats for those who stay at the hotel, and this means one spa, various restaurants, a marina, yoga studio, tennis court, water sports center, a gymnasium, helipad and lots of other facilities. And what’s luxury other than having to answer “no” to whatever else you may need?

The target “audience” for Nurai Island is the successful man who respects himself and wants all the best he can have. It offers a moment of silence, away from all the worries and the day to day stress. However, it’s still close enough to Abu Dhabi to get back in time for another week of work, full of energy and a positive attitude!

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What’s even more beautiful about this epitome of luxury is that it respects the principles of nature. The person who came with the idea of creating this island wanted to follow a natural look in order to create a relaxing environment, and so we see grass-covered roofs all around the island. Also, there are no cars at all on the island. You can get here only by on-demand speedboat service or regular one, or even if you have a private boat. That’s another one of its advantages, only homeowners and their guests can reach the island, therefore ensuring a safe and quiet, relaxing atmosphere altogether.

The properties cost a lot, but offer lots of things also. For instance, one water villa can have 10.011 sq ft built up, or 20,022 sq ft plot, with 4 bedrooms costs 27.000.000 AED. If, however, you want an estate villa, one such property has 18,730 sq ft built up, 118.000 sq ft plot, 5 or 6 bedrooms and 213 ft beach frontage, all for 55.000.000 AED. But the most luxurious island and place in the entire world, Nurai Island, has magnificent designs, uses natural light as much as possible and the best materials available on the market, so that you can enjoy a reliable and lasting dream home like few people in this world have. Who wouldn’t want a paradise of his own and even more, at 20 minutes distance from an international city like Abu Dhabi?

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Future Gadgets: Modern Kitchen

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Technology is being used more and more around the house, simplifying our lives and decorating our rooms. Many people invest in the latest trends...
Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen