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Meet the beautiful Al Barari!

AL Barari

If we are searching for an expensive luxurious community where life is always peaceful and comfortable, than we have to know that Dubai has some extraordinary residential communities.

We remember here  Al Barari ,Arabian Heights ,Burj Dubai ,Dubai Marina,  Al Barsha, Jabel Ali,  Dubai Pearl,  Emirates Hills , City of Arabia, Business Bay.

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Today we are going to take a virtual trip to Al Barari and see what beauties it has for us. This community is gorgeous and elegant consisting in 330, 5 or 7 bedrooms villas on 14 million square feet area. It is located just perfectly close to both old and new Dubai and families here seem very content and happy with their lives. 16 different varieties of lush astonishing green gardens, fabulous man-made lakes, incredible ponds, remarkable themed gardens, amazing open air theaters and luxurious restaurants, in one word: HEAVENLY.

If you decide to live here you must be prepared for a fabulous life in villas designed and built on 4 unique architectural themes: Bromellia, Cmellia, Acacia and Dahlia. This is the first residential community which was built to use for mixed purpose. You will find this community absolutely lovely with its rooftop gardens and superb artificial waterfalls.


Recently Al Barari launched a new luxurious villa residential project named The Nest which is absolutely incredible, built on 18,42 million square feet. This community features 99 four-bedroom villas, incredibly elegant, built on an 6,300 to 7,000 square feet areas each of them with plot sizes ranging from 9.000 to 15.000 square feet.

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The villas here have two different styles each of them having an outdoor shower, barbeque area, infinity edge pool, landscaped gardens, chic lawns and parking spots for 2 cars.


This community thought about visitors too and created a separate special visitor parking and a centre for meetings, pharmacies, an elegant coffee shop and retail offerings.

Of course children have their own area.


There is no doubt that Al Barari has incredible health and fitness centers, Body Language centers, a spa named Heart& Soul, very well equipped gyms and outdoor pools, tennis courts, and a fabulous signature restaurant The Farm.

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This place is an oasis of natural comfort being 80% only green space, natural landscaped lakes, freshwater streams, breath taking cascades and waterways.

This community is absolutely beautiful and magnificent, being a perfect place for starting your new life.


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Find out some of the most luxurious communities in Dubai and what properties you can find there!

Buy Luxury Estate in Dubai: Mansion for Sale

For those of you who are interested in spoiling themselves and in living in a high class home, we did some research and found some really interesting areas for whoever is interested to buy luxury estate in Dubai. Even though it might seem hard to believe, there are wonderful areas with prices quite accessible if you think about it.

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1. Arabian Heights. Placed in the Dubai Silicon Oasis, this area is famous for being a center of advanced electronic design and more importantly, modern development. You can find here lots of modern apartments which offer you fantastic views over deserts and landscapes. The facilities offered are extremely luxurious and the charm here is the blend between a traditional Arabian heritage and latest modern constructions. The main types of lodging you will find here are 1 or 2 bedroom apartments and studios.

2. Burj Dubai. The tallest building with apartments, restaurants and malls in the world (161 levels) it’s another popular option when you want to buy luxury estate in Dubai. Since we’re talking about this, it is obvious that there you can find all the facilities you want. From pools, parking lots, parking facilities for your yacht, enormous rooms or spa access to the most recent types of devices and technology, if you choose to buy an already furnished one. In this case, you can be sure that all the furniture is the highest quality available on the market.

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3. Dubai Marina. This was the first community in Dubai that offered freehold property ownership to foreigners, thing that led to a price increase here. Needless to mention, you can find here everything you want or need, from boat berthing, restaurants, fitness places, business centers, cafes, shopping outlets, parks, daycares etc. Some apartments include surveillance, digital or satellite television and high speed internet. There are 10 districts in Dubai Marina from which to choose, according to your own preferences, all with various types of lodging, from studios to spacious apartments that allow you to admire different sides of Dubai right from your own window!

4. Business Bay. For those who seek luxury estate for their office mainly, Business Bay is the right choice. You can find here studios, apartments with up to 4 bedrooms, penthouses, duplexes, terraces or garden apartments. Other options for luxury estates in Dubai include buying half-floor properties. They are usually bought for office purposes, but you can also find some in residential areas. They’re easy to decorate because you have the freedom of creating your own interior decor, since they don’t come already furnished. If you’re not happy with any of the above results, you can always consider buying your own land and building a home on it, although this is going to cost way more than buying an apartment, a penthouse or a villa. Whatever is your option, stick to the luxurious way of living by any means because for sure you deserve the best!

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Everybody fears that the oil crisis might affect the real estate market in UAE and implicitly in Dubai. Read more to find out the truth and the predictions for this in 2015!

Dubai Real Estate: Downtown Dubai Buildings

Even though the oil prices have collapsed recently, the UAE real estate status has shown no panic. No investors have offloaded their properties for fear of any correction and the asking prices haven’t been slashed at all. We can all relax for now, because the current oil crisis will not affect the Dubai real estate immediately. However, if the state of things will remain like this for a long period of time, the Dubai real estate dynamic might be affected.

Phidar Advisory says in a recent report that the declining oil prices can influence the GDP, but even so, it’s unlikely for it to affect the Dubai real estate prices. However, the GDP can impact the job growth and therefore the demand, but there is no direct connection between the oil prices or the GDP and the real estate prices.

For the moment though, the transactional activity is flowing without any problem. Even so, a gap is starting to crack between the offer and the demand. Investors make a longer transaction time in general, and this translates through the fact that the sales of high-end villas (between Dh 15 million and Dh 50 million) have stagnated.

According to Andrew Chambers, the CEO of GGICO Properties, the sellers will not go for a price lower than they expect. The current state of things shows that they actually choose to hold or lease instead of selling to a lower price. The oil prices however are expected to create an agitated context, except for the case in which Opec decides to make an intervention. Until now, no key launch scheduled for this first half of the year has been cancelled or affected in some way. All the developers carry on with their projects, even those planned for the Expo 2020.

However, this is not the case with the private developers, who have to pay more attention to their cash flow. For now, the Dubai real estate market keeps its equilibrium and there is no need to worry. Even so, there are some differences between the residential market and the commercial one. As more and more office buildings have been built in the recent years, the take-up rates have grown bit by bit.

Taking into consideration the current oil prices, the commercial spaces might become vulnerable. And this might happen because businesses in general seek to enter the market or to relocate and might expect to catch the best price instead of hurrying to buy or rent.

Thankfully, this new supply of real estate options is expected to keep the rents stable throughout 2015, even though the sale prices might drop a little bit below average. Overall, the Dubai real estate market has a certain maturity that will allow it to adjust to a slower rhythm of the demand. This rhythm is set by the current oil prices, but even if the demand will be quite slow, the developers will need to adjust and to find new ways to attract customers because a slow pace does not mean that there are no buyers or renters at all.

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If you intend to buy a property in Dubai Marina, you should inform yourself very well on the price variations and on the types of properties you can find there, so read on for more tips on this!

Buy a Property in Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina at night

Dubai Marina is a marvelous area, actually an artificial canal city that is built along a stretch of 3 km right on the shoreline of the Persian Gulf. It is designed to accommodate more than 120,000 people in luxurious residential towers and wonderful villas. One reason for which the area is quite popular is that it’s easy reachable. It’s placed on Interchange 5, right between the Jebel Ali Port and the zone with Dubai Internet City, the American University in Dubai and the Dubai Media City. It’s an easy to reach area, being accessible by the Dubai Metro and also by the Al Sufouh Tramway. It’s a wonderful area to move in, very popular due to its very modern facilities you can find anywhere (spa, sauna, pools, modern malls and shopping centers or parks), but also for the fabulous beaches and the extraordinary view.
If you’re a bachelor, a studio might prove to be more than enough for your needs. The cheapest ones start from 900.000 AED, with a smaller area to cover. They can also come unfurnished if you wish to furnish it according to your own principles. However, if you decide to do a great job when you buy a property in Dubai Marina, you can go for the most expensive ones, which cost around 2.000.000 AED.
The prices for a 1 bedroom apartment in the Dubai Marina area start from around 1.000.000 AED and can even go as far as 2.000.000 AED. The most expensive ones come together with a lot of luxurious facilities, such as pool, spa, sauna and of course, the marvelous sea view. For those who seek a 2-bedroom apartment, you have to know that the prices start from 1.250.000 – 1.300.000 AED. The most expensive ones cost 7, 8 or even up to 9 million AED.
If you’re looking for 3-bedroom apartments when you plan to buy a property in Dubai Marina, you need to know that prices start somewhere around 1.600.000 AED and can rise up to 15.000.000 AED or even more. It all depends on what facilities you wish to have around and, of course, what view you want to the sea. On the other hand, the cheapest 4 -bedroom apartments here cost 2.500.000 AED more or less. The most expensive ones can cost 28.000.000 AED.
Villas are another option for those who are interested to buy a property in Dubai Marina. A 1-bedroom villa costs around 2.500.000 AED, but a 4-bedroom one can cost as much as 15.000.000 AED. The cheapest 4-bedroom villas cost around 8.000.000 AED. Those who want to spoil themselves might want to know that for a penthouse with 1 bedroom you will need around 1.900.000 AED and for a 4-bedroom penthouse you have to pay at most 29.000.000 AED.
Regardless of the type of housing and building you choose to live, you need to pay attention to the maintenance costs and also, to the prices you find in the agencies. As attractive as a low price may seem, be very suspicious of these, because the market is full of fake prices.

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Sometimes buying a house can be the best solution for whoever wants to live in the UAE. Even though it may not seem the best idea, there are lots of advantages to buying a house here.

Dubai tower, cityscape

UAE is an exotic destination and a wonderful place to live in. Who does not like to enjoy the beach, the technology and the comfort there? Sun, beaches and pools and you have the perfect recipe for a great home there. Yes, of course, you could rent a house too, but why rent when you can have an entire house all for yourself? Check the next advantages of buying a house in UAE for a more informed decision on this!

The security of your own home. Once you decide to buy a house, you can be sure than nobody can take it away from you. Plus, you don’t need to have a permanent stress of paying the rent, only the utilities and any other comfort you would like to add to your home.

You can decorate it however you want. If you want to change the way it’s decorated and furnished every three months, you can do that, there’s nobody to stop you because it’s your own home! You can even make changes to the permanent structure of the house, transform the rooms, create new spaces and combine them as you wish in order to best suit your needs.

Save money. Even though it might not look like this at all at a first glance, buying a house in the UAE can even save you some money on the long run. If you think you don’t have enough money to buy a house, there are banks there that can help you with that. Some of them have loans specially designed to help you buy a house and manage to pay the utilities. Just think that after you repay the loan, you will be happy to have your own home.

The pride of owning a home in the UAE. Since UAE is such a sought-after country with such a high standard of living, not many can be proud of having their own home there. Although it may seem quite an investment, you can be sure that it’s totally worth it and you won’t regret the choice you have made. With all the cosmopolitan centers there, the level of technology and development and the standard of living, it’s better to buy a house here than in any other part of the world.

Returning the investment. You could have more to win from buying a house in UAE than you might think. The real estate market is continuously changing, but if you get informed and think it through, you could actually sell your current house in a couple of years and maybe even double your initial investment. Although it’s pretty risky, it’s an option and an advantage that deserves to be taken into consideration when thinking about buying a house in the UAE.

This being said, all that is left is for you to take your precautions when deciding to buy and make sure that the house you are going to buy it’s worth the money.

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