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Christmas is about love and joy and about DECORATIONS!

Christmas is already spreading its flavors all around and we must be ready to welcome it in a proper way because Christmas is not any holiday, is the one that transforms us in better persons. This article will talk about Christmas and more important about Christmas’ magic and how all the lights and colours of Christmas make us feel. Christmas gives the impression that in any moment magic will happen and when I start decorating my home I know that everything around me is inspiring marvelous chinks. Of course you can’t choose any decorations you have to search for the most charming ones.

Today we are going to take a closer look at some brilliant ideas in what concerns outdoor Christmas decorations. We will start with the outdoor and the next article will be about the interior Christmas decorations but everything in order because Christmas is about order and calmness.

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I think first of all you need a welcoming door mat which will emphasize the spirit of holidays and the joy of our beloved Christmas. You can’t pick any ordinary mat, you need an extraordinary one full of happiness and cheerfulness. Or if you are more of a fancy person, you should choose an extravagant welcome mat that emphasizes the class of Christmas, Let’s see some pictures to understand better what I have in mind:

Actually this is not the most important thing about outdoor Christmas decorations and you know it. Yes you guessed, lighting is the most important thing about outdoor Christmas decorations. All around the world people struggle to have the most lighten house in the neighborhood because nothing is more magic than the moment when all the lights go on and carols are heard while you bake the cookies. So did you think about how will you lighten your house, yard and everything else? If not I will present you some of the most astonishing Christmas outdoor lighting ideas I found while I was diving the internet and they had really made my heart sing and my toes were so excited because all my body knew that Christmas is coming (yes you guessed again, it is my favorite time of the year).

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Next most important outdoor Christmas decoration is the door wreath. This Christmas door wreath is the ultimate symbol of Christmas. This way you show people that you are welcoming carols and carols singers inside your house and most of all you reflect the spirit of goodness and love. The wreath is a symbol of perfection and beauty which you can’t exclude from the outdoor Christmas decorations. If you forget about this one, is like you forget baking. I will show you now some of the most spectacular Christmas wreath I found and hope you will find inspiration in them.

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Simple as that you can transform your yard and all your exterior house in something simply sublime. People will stop and will admire your lovely charming Christmas decorated lawn and outside of the house and will make them happier because when it’s Christmas, everything is about how can you make other people jolly,

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Find the perfect garden trees to match your house and personality.

Even if you aren’t the nature loving type, you must have some garden trees . To do so, you have to arm yourself with a little patience and brake a tinny bit of your time. Garden trees will totally change the looks of your entire house and personality. Those who have garden trees have declared that they felt inexplicable fulfilled and involuntary feel in love with them. You can see life growing in your own garden, what a magnificent feeling !

Having garden trees is a blessing and also a curse. After having a few, the search for new ones will begin.

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I will give you some examples of garden trees that are not so common but they will blow your mind :

Dynamite crape myrtle tree: This garden tree is one of the most spectacular form this category. It’s bloom last from spring until fall. One of the hardiest Crape Myrtles available. This tree resists to mildew, disease and insects. With it’s red flowers grown like spikes it is an exceptional choice to plant in groupings at the corners of your property or of your garden.

Dynamite crape myrtle tree

Empress tree: It’s scientific name is Paulownia tomentosa. This is a extremely fast-growing garden tree and is an exotic appearance in your garden. What is very interesting about this tree is that it can survive wildfire because the roots can regenerate new, very fast-growing stems. It is pollution tolerant and it is not picky about soil type. Have a wonderful morning walk between this shelter of living colors.

Empress tree home caprice garden tree

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Jacaranda Tree: Even thou it’s name is pretty tricky, you will not be disappointed about this garden tree. They are large trees ranging in size from 20 to 30 m , having leaves that are bi pinnate in most species. Each flower has a five-lobed blue to purple-blue corolla. This is not your usual garden tree but it thrives in full sun and sandy soils, making it the perfect choice for a hot climate.

Jacaranda Tree home caprice garden tree

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Red Maples: You all saw the videos with romantic images when lovers kiss under the shelter of a tree. Well, I think that this is the tree in cause. Called Acer rubrum by scientists. this garden tree has a story telling, deep scarlet foliage in autumn. At it’s base, it’s a forest tree but don’t let this miracle evade from your garden, you must have it. Rewrite your love on it’s leaves!

red maples home caprice

Outdoor welcoming accessories reflect your personality, choose them wisely.

Have you ever wondered which is the first thing that pops into your head when you see a house ? Well it’s the little details that may change your mood before entering into someone’s home. Funny, attractive or sometimes hostile signs can help you know what kind of people are living there.

Having a funny welcoming accessory,which brings a smile on your visitors face, can improve their entire day and yours of course. 

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Here are some ideas of outdoor welcoming accessories: 

An elegant front door mat: It’s the simplest way to impress your friends and visitors. An elegant yet unique door mat will give anyone that step foot on your front door the impression that this is a place for elegant, smart, sophisticated people. There will be no second guesses when it’s your birthday, they will all know that you are a man of class therefor they will buy you something classy and elegant.

front door mat

Garden welcome gnome: Even though a garden gnome is not such an unusual thing for your front door view, if you choose wisely and find a real funny one but also one who can give others the feeling of a cute, comfy home, than you hit the jackpot. Something like these guys, who are taking a nap on a tortoise. They are funny and kids will just love it.

welcoming accessories home caprice

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Crazy movie costumes: You know that you made the right choice when you decided to be friends with the guy who welcomes you into his home like this.  Movie fanatics will try almost everything to express the passion for their favorite movies. When you have a Darth Vader head torch in your yard you made your point: everyone knows that you are S.F. maniac and most likely the inside of your house is filled with S.F. accessories that will impress even those who don’t share your passion.

Darth Vader welcoming accessories home caprice

Vintage country fountain: It may seem a cliché but it’s one of the most relaxing view that can be fed to your visitors. Water is the symbol of purity and the vintage look gives it a fade of mysticism and power, power because it lasted for so long. It gives the owner an aura of steadiness , of a serious man that likes to preserve the roots of his family. You simply just cannot fail with this welcoming accessory.

country fountain

Funny figurines:It’s so important that your guests feel the love of your house even from the beginning. Some funny figurines can give them this impression. It’s almost like a clear statement: “no negative energy in this house, let’s just enjoy each other”.

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Outdoor welcoming accessories will bring light and joy to you house.

outdoor welcoming accessories


Buhuhuhu it's time for Halloween. Let's decorate!

We saw in the previous article about Halloween Indoor Decorations that without pumpkins there is no Halloween so when we start decorating our outdoor space we can play even better with the position, design, texture of the pumpkins. But of course Halloween is not only about pumpkins when we refer to decorations. We need to remember about ghosts, witches, terrible monsters, spider web and so on.

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Let’s find some inspiration in these outdoor Halloween Decorations:

Decorate your windows with pumpkins if you want a more simple traditional look: You can even keep them after Halloween is over because they are an autumnal decoration idea very colorful.

pumpkin window halloween outdoor decorations home caprice

Make a Countdown Sign. Write it with red paint like it would be blood and with black paint like it would be tar. Write a terrifying message on it and be the most frighting house in the neighbor.

countdown sign outdoor halloween decorations home caprice

Improvise a manikin without had.Dress it in black and put a pumpkin jar in its hand. This will really terrify everyone. You can also put somewhere a mix tape on which a spooky voice talks when you are closer to the headless monster.

spooky man jar home caprice

Because this holiday is a perfect way to spend some quality time with your family creating different interesting and spooky decorations, paper owls watcher are looking great. Paint them black, and make them look like a witch is disguised in an owl. 

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paper owls outdor halloween home caprice

“Beautify” your porch with an oversize spider web and a gigantic tarantula which seems to take over your house. Spider are scary everyday not only for Halloween so imagine what a gigantic one would do. Use Clothesline style rope, or you can use white Christmas tinsel garland tying it together.

oversize spider web home caprice

Front door: Make felt bats for your front door and it will look incredibly dreadful. Trace a bat shape onto a piece of felt and cut it. You have to repeat this until you have a swarm.

fron door spooky home caprice

Hanging Bats: There is no spooky porch without hanging bats which will make your house look horribly spooky and your yard an entire forbidden area for those who don’t have a strong heart. Trick-or-treaters will be amazed by this template.

hanging paper bats home caprice

Raven Porch:  A flock of ravens and crows waiting are always promising something terrifying. You need perched made from cardboard tubes, spray them black and make a hook-beaked bird.

raven porch home caprice

Don’t forget about the tombstones decorations: Your yard must be a place of the dead so design a graveyard. You can make the tombstones from trimming gray paper. You can put a plastic hands crawling from the ground on one of them.

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tombstones home caprice

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Transform your balcony in an elegant terrace and start enjoying views!

An apartment is not an impediment on you having a beautiful fresh alive terrace. You just have to let your imagination play with the decor and the space and you will manage to create an irresistible terrace on which you’ll savor morning coffee or tea, you will read a book while you enjoy beautiful views.

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Reflect your personality and your apartment personality on this terrace and the result will be amazing. Everything must be in a relationship with the interior in order to have the feeling of safety. Doesn’t matter if your have a balcony, roof of a ground floor area, after you see these wonderful ideas I prepared for you, the next thing on your list will be creating a terrace.

These next ideas are suited for modern apartments but you will also relish your imagination with some traditional designs. Analyze them carefully and decide which one is more innovative for you.
terrace red home caprice

This one is very easy. If you have a larger balcony bring a small table and two chairs. Find two chic pillows for them and serve tea. You can also beautify it with flowers because we already know what flowers are suitable for UAE’s area and bring an elegant lamp. It can’t be easier than this.

terrace big home caprice

This is for those apartments who have their own roof. As you can see you need a larger space for a comfortable improvised sofa. Actually the pillows are put on stone. The flowers are an important detail for a relaxing atmosphere and don’t forget about an umbrella that will match with the colors of the pillows. Now you are ready to have a cocktail.

terrace orange home caprice

You need a lounge chair for your quite afternoons when all you want to do is read a book in silence. Choose a lounge chair with the color that you like and then add accessories with the same color. Looks lovely isn’t it?

terrace blue home caprice

Matching colors is an important detail. After you do this everything comes naturally. For example this terrace combines blue with green. You are now ready to serve a lemonade.

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terrace brown home caprice

I bet you are familiar with this kind of furniture. It is a furniture specially for outdoor design so use it for your apartment terrace. Also decorate the terrace with tall vases which bring a tone of elegance and opulence.

terrace pink home caprice

Wood furniture decorated with pink pillows look feminine, elegant and chic. For a more relaxing atmosphere bring some candles. You will feel more calm.

terrace home caprice

For more comfort put a large carpet on the floor and sit on the pillows. Also a sofa would be a great idea if you have more space. Small low tables are perfect for such a design.

Terrace 1 home caprice

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With an apartment which has an open space outside you need an elegant table, a comfortable vintage chair and a sofa on which you can lay for a nap. You will also need a table for tea and coffee.

Outdoor lighting is extremely important for a dreamy atmosphere.

Outdoor lighting it is a major detail in order for your entire property to look good and to be able to watch over it. If fyou want to have a nice outside dinner or an evening pool party, lighting is extremely important. Today we are going to see what kind of lightning is more elegant, stylish and useful.

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When we choose outdoor lighting we must pay attention to details like how big is our property, how much we want the pool to be lighten and so on.

The first thing to take into consideration is orientation light: from the courtyard entrace to the front door of your house. It  is very practical and you can personalize it.


Let’s begin with the front door where you can pick bollard lamps.There are usually 1 meter high and they are built on the ground. If you are an extravagant person, don’t go for industrial lamps, search deeper in order to find special ones.If you are more of a vintage person you would like torchiere-style lamps from wrought iron.

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Most house have an alley through garden which is very close to the house. For a more friendly design choose wall appliques or wall lamps which are built on the house wall. You can opt for classical lamps with lampshades which are more modern. Wall appliques can be simple and attractive.

Lighting for patio: wall lamps are also a good choose for outdoor terraces. If you designed an outdoor living room, use a pendant lamp over the table. A good idea would also be floor lamps, those which have dimmers. The accompany in your conversations and make your more relaxed.

Your pool is very important to be lighten too. If it happens to have a small pond, this would look far more beautiful with the proper lights. Choose small bollar lamps on the shore or ball or blob shaped lamp which are installed directly on the groung. All the lamps  you choose for this area must be waterproof so choose carefully. There are even floating lamps for pool which come in various shapes. You want a fairy tale atmosphere in here.

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I hope that I helped you with some small ideas for your outdoor lighting and you will transform the view in a wonderful dreamy one.

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Make your garden even more elegant!

I know how much you love your garden and most of all how important it  is for you that is why today I will present you some interesting flowers for your garden which can resist at high temperatures so they are perfect for Emirate.

Because the garden is the first image of your house you should plant interesting flowers, that kind of spectacular flowers which take your breath away.

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The flower with which I would begin it’s called Amaranthus (amaranth) and it measures 18 inches to 6 feet depending on the species. You can find it in red, orange, gold, green, purple and it can’t tolerate wet soil or shade, it really loves sun and heat so it is just perfect for a colorful garden.

golden_amaranthus home caprice

Next flower reflects grace and femininity. Looks so majestic and graceful, perfect for an elegant garden. I simply love it. Gazania hybrids which heights 6 to 15 inches, can be found in red, pink, bronze, orange or yellow, perfect for hot areas and windy spots. This little beauty can’t tolerate rain, wet soils or humidity. Take good care of it.

flowers for your gardens

This next delicate flower is one of my favorites. Looks so delicate and feminine that I somehow feel like represents me. I think it is perfect for a garden that wants to be appreciated for its beauty. Ipomoea quamoclit or cypress vine heights 6 to 35 feet having a scarlet color. It is very easy to grow it from seeds and it self-sows. What it is so perfect at this flower is that it can tolerate almost any temperatures.

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flowers for your garden

Next one has a strange name but a beautiful perfume. Nicotiana or flowering tobacco heights 8 inches to 5 feet and has varies of species. You can find it in rose, pink, green, purple and white. You can grow it easily from seeds and some of the will self-sow. It doesn’t like wet stems and leaves.

flowers for gardens

For a garden that reflects glamour and extravagance you can pick Portulaca or Rose Moss which heights 4 to 8 inches. It can be picked on red, magenta, pink, salmon, orange, yellow or white. It is also very easy to grow it from seeds. It is sensitive at humidity so make sure you don’t expose it to it.

flowers for gardens

Another elegant flower which is aware of its beauty is Zinnia elegans or Common zinnia which is found in all colors except blue. It is sensitive at wet soils and poor air circulation . She blooms beautifully and she will really give your garden that perfect note of elegance.

flowers for gardens

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Hope you will be very proud of your garden from now on!


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Make sure your lawn is healthy!


Our house is very important to always be clean and friendly but it is also very important to maintain our exterior house always clean and fresh.

Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about gardens, swimming pool, play ground and in this case lawn, everything must be always checked and cleaned.

I don’t know about you but my lawn is very important for me. I purely love walking barefoot on it and drinking my coffee why I play with my feet in the grass.

Beautiful gardens

Let’s see what do you have to do in order to keep your lawn healthy and good looking. Some easy tips which will make your work easier.

  1. You should adjust the cutting height to the time of the year. Always use a sharp blade. If you live in a cool-climate, grass needs a 1-1/2 in cutting height because you would want to remove dead grass for allowing the sun lights to warm a little the crowns of the grass plants. During the summer raise the blade to 2 or more inches, and when you finally do the last cutting of the year use a blade black to 1-1/2. In a warm climate the height will be 1/2 in lower.

The blade height must be adjusted by measuring from a hard surface to the bottom of the mower deck. After you’ve done that you add 1/4 in. Make sure your blade is sharp because if you just damage grass, then it will turn yellow. Sharpen you blade three times a year.



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 2.Water you lawn correctly:  Lawns usually need 1 to 2 in. of water per week, with a three or four day intervals.  But pay attention that this depends very much on the temperature, type of grass and soil condition. Those lawns which are in a sandy soil need twice as much water because they drain very fast on the other hand those in slow draining clay soul need only half as much.

When the lawn seem that it is not full of energy and life anymore, exposing the dull green bottoms then it need water. You should water it until the soil is moist 4 to 5 in, that you need to water again until the top of 1 or 2 in. There is a secret which with you can find how much water your sprinkler delivers, setting a cake pan, turning on the sprinkler and you should time how long it takes the water to reach a depth of 1 in.

The most perfect time for your lawn to be watered is in the morning because your lawn than can dry itself without pressure. Your lawn can get sick if you water it on night, diseases caused by moisture loving mold and fungi.

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So take good care of your lovely lawn because without it your house wouldn’t look so fabulous.

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Good weather invites you to spend your free time enjoying your garden.

amazing gardens

Everybody loves their gardens and because good weather comes with the desire of spending longer time outside, we can greet Sun with beautiful gardens which will be our set for relaxing and refreshing.

Of course we all want to have the most beautiful gardens because we all love beauty and nature and our garden is the first impression of how our personality is.

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Let’s see some interesting ideas of how we can create wonderful gardens:

Make a garden from everything. If you had trees which sadly  had to be  cut, than in its beloved memory  make from its stump a mini lovely garden. It will put a big smile on your face every time you will see it because it looks lovely and it will remind you that you had replaced the beautiful tree that once stood there and protected you, with a joyful mini garden.



Because there are so many possibilities of creating a splendid dynamic garden, create a garden wall with cinded blocks and plant dainty flowers on them.  Look how adorable they look like.


Every garden needs mushrooms, is like a rule of gardens. You can’t own a garden without mushrooms. What garden is that anyway? So make sure you create your personalized mushrooms which will cheer up your yard even more than before.



Design your own garden fountain. The good news is that you can create it from almost anything, you just have to discover what do you think it  will suits the best to your garden and yard. Be inventive and engage your family in this action. You will all have fun and this way you will create something that everyone will enjoy watching on their time dedicated to relaxation.

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If your husband keeps all the tires from his car only because he is attached to them ( I don’t know which could be the explanation) than it’s time for play. Start combining colors and imagination and create pretty genial planters. Your garden will look very happy and smiling and you will always feel full of energy and joy.



If you think there are not enough butterflies in your garden and you need more fairies because you want to feel that magic is everywhere, buy some artificial flowers and decorate your garden with them. Every morning you will think that there is a fairy ball in your garden. It will look marvelous.



Be even more daring and adventurous and make your garden even more unique by using some chicken wires and spray paint and you will have some interesting decorations. You will just love you garden more that your bedroom.


For an opulent and more elegant aspect use vintage glass and transform it into light-catching decor. I am sure your outside dinners will be nicer from now on.

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Hope you find my ideas inventive and creative and you will start transforming your gardens in personalized oasis of relaxation and joy and from now one you will spend your free time outside breathing fresh air.

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A truly special place to have in your garden is a luxurious gazebo where to unwind and relax, so read here how to have a luxury spoiling space just for yourself!

A gazebo is a perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of work or even to work there if you work from home. And what’s even better is that you can make it look extremely luxurious and comfy at the same time. If you’re lacking inspiration, we prepared you some suggestions for a luxury garden gazebo:

Luxury Garden Gazebo: Romantic Light

1. Use textiles for the structure. Although regular gazebos are usually made of a wooden structure (and that’s fine if you don’t want a very complex style), a luxurious look can easily be achieved by adding a quality luxurious material over the structure. Let it fall just like some usual curtains or you can use bows to tie them together.

2. Choose light colors. Light colors are usually associated with more luxurious furniture, so perhaps it would be best to go for them when building a luxury garden gazebo. White is one of the most popular colors, but you can also vary it with pearly shades, cream, beige and so on. You can however use dark colors in elegant combinations: black and gold or red and silver are truly special combinations and your gazebo will be simply amazing!

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3. Quality furniture. As always, luxury is tightly connected with quality, so if you want to obtain a luxury garden gazebo, you should always buy the best couch, chairs, tables and whatever you want to add in your own relaxation space. You can even add small storage boxes or drawers if you want to store some useful things there, for instance for picnics or evenings outside.

Luxury Garden Gazebo: Textile Material

4. Use cushions. A luxurious relaxing place needs to be extremely comfortable, so don’t be afraid to use more cushions than usual. High class chairs are anyway more comfortable than cheap ones, and this is also true for couches, so if you go for quality furniture, you will certainly enjoy the most comfortable garden gazebo ever! Add some extra chairs and sofas for whenever you have company and you’ll never have to worry where to spend your evenings.

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5. Go for elegant patterns. For a luxurious look, patterns are very important, just like any indoor design. The patterns we suggest you if you want luxury designs are sinuous and stylish. Go for calligraphy-like patterns if you want an elegant, but also Oriental look in your garden. Other than that, you should keep it simple and not over-pattern your space.

Luxury Garden Gazebo: Simple Gazebo

6. Just because it’s outdoors, that doesn’t mean you can’t use decorations in your gazebo. Golden or silver decorations are more than welcomed if you want to obtain a luxurious atmosphere, together with glass additions: small (or big) mirrors, shards put together in original shapes and so on. You can also use candles to have a special light in the evening in your gazebo, and together with them, special candlesticks in elegant shapes. Whatever you choose, make sure the final result is harmonious and that it represents your own style!

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