How can you take care of your garden? Tips and tricks about a beautiful grass, flowers and plants recommended in UAE.

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Are you wondering how to recreate the Spanish atmosphere and look in your own garden or patio? You've come to the right place!

Spanish Landscape Tips: Relaxing Patio

For those of you who love Spanish style so much, we’re sure they will want to experiment in their garden too. That’s why we made a short guide with some useful Spanish landscape tips, to come in handy for when you decide to Spanishize your garden or outdoors!

1. Choose symbolic elements for the Spanish culture. Pay attention to what exactly makes a garden or a landscape look and feel Spanish and bring these elements into your home. For instance, some ideas could be white stucco or colored stucco, colored tiles, certain types of pavers and so on. It may not seem like much, but it’s very important if you mix several such elements.

2. Go for bright colors. Spanish people are in general very happy and vivacious, and this thing also reflects in their style, whether we’re talking about clothes, interior design or landscaping. If you’re afraid to use bright colors indoors so as not to be too tiring for the eyes or to ruin the rest of the interior design, you will be happy to know that outdoors, bold colors are even welcomed. They can brighten up your garden or patio and even make the barbecue place a place more suitable for a party!

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3. Be creative! Spanish style is very creative and playful, so one of the most important Spanish landscape tips is to be creative. For instance, if you have a dull pathway, you should embellish it with some colorful bricks or original and customized lighting bulbs. Don’t forget to add a touch of personality to the rest of the patio or garden and you’ll be ready to live la vida loca just like the Spanish do!

4. Go to antique shops! Even though you might think that an antique shop can’t do much for your patio or garden, you might have a surprise! You can find there lots of decorative items that can bring a Spanish air into your home, such as antique iron grates, lamps or other unique objects you can’t find on the regular contemporaneous market.

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5. Use anything you have! If you find on your property small rocks, bricks or pieces of concrete left from other buildings or structures, don’t throw them away! You can reuse them to build small fences, fountains or decorative pots made of concrete for flowers, for instance. Moreover, they can be used for adorning dull pathways or paving a corner towards a pond, for example.

6. Mix styles. Perhaps one of the most confusing Spanish landscape tips is to mix styles. Yes, you want a Spanish style, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself only to a certain period of time or a certain cultural area. Let your imagination run wild and combine elements from different parts of Spain and different epochs for a truly unique and original landscape style in the comfort of your own home!

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Learn here important tips for caring and maintaining your backyard pond in good state for a long time!

Backyard Pond Tips: Beautiful Landscape

A backyard pond is a great idea to create a more original yard and a way to find yourself lots and lots of opportunities to have more fun. However, it requires additional caring and many other things you need to think about before deciding to have one. That’s why we thought you might need some useful backyard pond tips to help you out!

1. Take it easy with the cleanliness. Many people become obsessed with having their backyard pond extremely clean, and they forget this is not how it’s supposed to be. If you want to have fish or beautiful algae or other plants in it, you can’t expect it to be antibacterial and care for wildlife at the same time. Make sure you add to it mud, leaves, stones or twigs so that you encourage the development of several habitats for animals.

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2. Play around with plants. Just because the pond isn’t that big that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have several types of plants. Choose submerged (underwater) ones and emergent ones (like lilies and similar plants). The combination will be truly unique and will make your pond fantastic!

3. Choose native aquatic plants. One of the most important backyard pond tips is to choose the right plants. You can try having a pond with non-native aquatic plants, but some of them might prove to be dangerous for the environment you have created there, so careful with that! Native aquatic ones are the best because they will adapt on their own to the environment and possibly even help the pond in colonizing naturally.

4. Less shade. As much as you’d want to have shade around the pond for you to relax and chill out, you should think first of all of the plants and animals living in the pond. Too much shade will have a negative impact on the plant growth and the organic matter may form a compact layer on the bottom of the pond, thus affecting the organisms there. Equilibrium is the best option here!

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5. No deep pond. Another one of the backyard pond tips you need to take into account is that such a pond doesn’t need to be too deep. 1 feet depth is just enough to allow wildlife to develop properly in an adequate environment without further worries.

6. Don’t use many chemicals! The most important one of the backyard pond tips you need to remember at all times is this one. As attractive as pesticides, fertilizers or similar chemicals might seem, you shouldn’t use them too much. You have to think that although they seem great in speeding up the growth process or in being nutritious for the soil or water, they are not part of the natural habitat of the animals and plants, therefore they might be more damaging than useful on the long run. And nobody would want to damage the plants they have grown with so much care. Respect the principle of nature and everything will be okay!

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Check out these great pathway design ideas for your own garden and see which ones you like most!

Garden Pathway Design: Original Mosaic

A garden is a beautiful place to relax and to get yourself together at the end of a long day or week at work. It’s not only part of your home, but part of your relaxing corner too. Many people think that if you decide upon what plants you want to have here and care for them, that’s all, but there’s still an important part of a garden they forget about: the pathway. The pathway has a very important role in defining the general aspect, and for this we want to help you with some great garden pathway design ideas.

Rocks are some of the most popular options when it comes to creating a beautiful garden pathway design, but also the most practical one. It is extremely useful when it’s raining, for instance, by protecting you from stepping in the dirt, and it comes in countless original ways of being placed in your own garden. Big flat rocks are generally placed together in a continuous pathway, usually with irregular edges. Smaller rocks and gravel are usually mixed together to create a homogeneous pathway that will also let the earth underneath breathe.

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Bricks are perhaps a much more interesting option than plain gray rocks. Their orange color makes the garden pathway design livelier and it brings a touch or originality to any green space. They can be placed however you want, geometrically or even randomly, in an apparent unorganized manner. The best part about this is that you can use your creativity in ways you haven’t even thought of before!

Lots of people choose garden pathway design ideas that use wood. Although wood is not as resistant in time as stone or bricks, it is still a natural element that integrates better in a garden, especially if you have some trees there. However, here you don’t have many options where to exercise your imagination, since there aren’t many ways in which you can create a wooden pathway.

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Remember that mosaics are extremely beautiful, more beautiful than any of the choices we already mentioned. The charm of this type of garden pathway design is that it combines various materials, from gravel to wood or differently colored rocks, for added charm and mystery to your garden. You can even choose the colors of the mosaic depending on the colors of the flowers you have planted in the garden! Remember, the more complex the mosaic, the more impressive the effect!

Finally, remember that you can use other elements in the garden to complete your garden pathway design. For instance, if you choose a wooden pathway, you can reinforce the effect by using a small wooden bridge over your pond or over other alleys. You can decorate the pond with rocks and use the same type of rocks for creating the pathway too, and so on. It is desirable to have a harmonious garden design, rather than using non-related materials and designs in different parts of the garden.

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Avoid a dull barbecue area and read here how you can use your creativity to obtain different designs for your barbecue!

Barbecue Designs: Elegant Space

The barbecue in your backyard is not something to overlook. You might think that it’s no more than a simple barbecue and that the design is not that important, but it’s the place that gathers round the entire family, whether it’s a normal day or you celebrate something. Still think it’s “just” a barbecue? If we managed to make you think a little bit about it, stick around to find out more about interesting barbecue designs.

Some of the most popular barbecue designs consist in imitating natural looks, and for this purpose, they use materials like rocks, bricks or similar constructions. It’s easy to understand why, since the barbecue is placed outdoors, in your backyard. If you’re not delighted by the idea of using such materials, you can mask other types by using wallpapers that create the desired look.

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Another trend when it comes to barbecue designs is to use futuristic concepts. Metallic and shiny looking devices around the barbecue itself are more than welcomed, since it brings a fresh look and it makes for a great decor. Of course, if you choose all the components of your outside barbecue place to look metallic and shiny, you might get an industrial look for the back yard.

If you think that barbecue designs cannot be elegant, you might want to think again. If you choose a black oven and barbecue, and match this look with other black devices, you will for sure have the most elegant barbecue in the neighborhood! Make sure to match the nearby table and chairs for a truly magical evening whenever you’re hosting a barbecue party.

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Regarding the shape of the barbecue, people have different opinions. Due to reasons of space, some of them choose to design an entire area complete with an oven, necessary devices around the kitchen and everything you might need, plus the table and chairs, while others simply choose to place the barbecue alone in the yard. The space is usually organized in the shape of a square, since it’s easier to place everything there, but thankfully the actual barbecue designs are quite varied, suited for any taste. Ranging from the classic square ones, to round and even to original and rare shapes.

Although many people overlook this part of their homes, it is important to use your creativity here too. Leave a personal mark by adding some decorations that will totally change the aspect. It’s easy to create personal barbecue designs: add your favorite flowers, your favorite colors (from towels to chairs or tables, and even photos of your family) or make a unique arrangement.

Last but not least, remember to take all the safety measures when installing a barbecue. Some designs can prove to be really dangerous if you don’t ensure a proper ventilation or if any decoration can come in touch with the fire, so pay attention! If you use your creativity and take all the safety measures, nothing can stop you from enjoying a nice family time at a barbecue whenever you want!

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Try something new in your garden with these funny garden pots ideas and see how your garden comes to life!

Funny Garden Pots: Creative Tomato Pots

A garden is a wonderful way to relax and to disconnect from the everyday stress. So why not make it even more funny by using some funny garden pots where you can plant your favorite flowers or even spices for the kitchen? Read more to find out great ideas for funny garden pots!

Wall-mounted wooden plant pots are quite a recent hit when it comes to gardening. Probably the reason for which they are so popular is that they are very practical and space-saving. And as you already know, there’s never enough space in the garden for everything you’d wish to do and to plant. They are environmentally friendly and they can easily be reused in case you want to replace the plants. Due to the fact that they are quite small, they can easily be integrated even in the interior design of your entire home, not only in your garden. However, when placing them on the wall, make sure that they are well attached. You wouldn’t want to end up with a broken pot or flowers, wouldn’t you?

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Another great idea that can make your garden much more interesting with funny garden pots is the one with tilted garden pots. You simply have to build a structure and place around it tilted pots. It’s recommended to choose similar pots, like red terracotta or colored ones. If you want to add some symmetry to the garden, you can choose the same size of the pots or different ones. You can even arrange them from smallest to largest or the other way around. See how in a couple of minutes the decor of your garden changes radically!

Animals-shaped pots are no rare thing in funny gardens. And there’s no wonder why, because they’re so cute and adorable, you almost want to take them indoor! Frog pots are awesome because they’re green and match the rest of the colors in the garden, but they are in general quite small, so you can’t plant large plants there.

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What you can do however, in order to obtain funny garden pots from the old and boring ones, is to use photos. Many people like to customize their own garden pots by sticking photos of themselves or of family members on the outside of the pots. If you’re not comfortable with sticking your picture all over the garden, you can choose photos from your travels around the world or you can simply choose beautiful ones on the internet.

One final note that you should take into consideration when renewing your garden with funny pots is to write on them. Paint them in whatever colors you like (you can even use cheap spray paint!) and then use a Sharpie to customize them. Bake them in the oven after you write on them so that you can be sure that the writing won’t fade soon. Choose motivational messages, positive thoughts or simply just gardening tips. Alternatively, you can use the Sharpie to write down the scientific name of every plant, if you’re really passionate about that!

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Arrange a wonderful playground for your kid and watch him play happily in some of the most creative ideas you can implement in your own garden!

Playground in Your Garden: Vegetable Playground set

Sometimes it’s great to extend the play area of your kid to the garden. Not only that they will enjoy some nice playing time outdoors in fresh air, but they can also get more popular in the neighborhood by having some friends over. More than that, you can even organize parties for him/her there and lots of fun activities around! Read on to find out some ideas for building a playground in your garden.

First of all, you can try installing some chalkboard walls in the garden. They are great for your kids to draw and this saves you some space in the house, given that lots of children love to draw on walls. Get them some colored chalk pieces and let them have fun!

Another idea for a playground in your garden is to install a zip line. Even if you don’t have a huge backyard or garden, a short zip line will be more than enough for your kids. Make sure that it’s safe though and as they grow, change the rope accordingly in order to prevent any kind of accidents.

You can also try and install a backyard tent. Bring a sense and adventure in the comfort of your own home and offer your kids the chance to spend the night outdoors, telling stories or playing games with their friends. Bake some cookies for them too and you will melt any kid’s heart! Plus you’ll have the chance to become the favorite parent around!

Don’t forget how much you loved swings in your childhood and offer your kid the pleasure of having his own! There are several types of swings, from tire swings to comfy ones. Alternatively, you can install egg-shaped armchairs outside and hang them from a tree or a special metal structure.

Another suggestion for a playground in your garden is to create a sandbox. You can just dig around 30 cm in the soil and place a wooden frame around. Fill it with sand, a sun umbrella and a beach ball and make your kid feel just as if he were at the seaside. For an extra effect, you can try and add a small inflatable pool and let him play in water as long as he likes. It’s a nice time off for your kid and he will be really happy!

A classic option is to build a tree house. The best part of this is that it’s a place for playing that will last for years in a row, so you don’t need to replace it or repair it too often. Just make sure you use quality materials and that you let your kid decorate it. In the end, it will be only his private space, so there’s no need in imposing him a certain decor. More than that, you have to stash up on cushions, pillows and blankets, because for sure he will want to invite his friends there, not to mention the amount of toys he will transfer from the house there.

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For those who don't have enough space to design they own big sized garden, a mini garden for an apartment is a brilliant idea!

How to Make a Mini Garden: Landscaping Skills

For those of you who don’t have large spaces to design a full-size garden, you have two options: you can take advantage of your rooftop and have a rooftop garden, or you can have a miniature one in your own apartment. Don’t panic if you don’t know how to make a mini garden in your home, just read on and take notes!

First of all, you have to know that miniature gardens are generally decorated with lots of objects. It doesn’t have to be necessarily trees or small benches, but rather any small objects you have around and don’t know whether to throw them away or to keep them. You can use small fishes, artificial flowers, small houses or benches (that’s great if you have something like that lying around!) or anything you want.

The next step is to take a flower pot. Here you have various options. You can choose a large pot to be filled with dirt or sand and then use several small pots to diversify the view, or you can simply stay with several small pots around, to be placed wherever you have some space. Now it’s a great idea to recycle the broken flower pots you have. Simply fill them with dirt or sand or rocks and place them inside the bigger pot. Then decorate them with leaves, flowers or some of the smaller objects we were talking before. The effect will be wonderful! Otherwise, for a truly special outcome, you can try using a spiraled fence inside the bigger pot to separate different areas and to divide the space nicely. Or you can simply layer the pot by using small stairs. Basically, you have to let your imagination free, and if you can recycle something that you already have around, that’s even better!

You may ask what can you plant in such a miniature garden. The point is that when you think of how to make a mini garden, you should think ahead and buy special plants for this. As much as you’d want to grow tomatoes or complicated flowers in it, it’s obviously impossible, since you don’t have the necessary space. What you can do, however, is to buy small plants or plants that grow reaaaally hard. There are on the market plants that grow, for instance, 15 centimeters in a year, or some that don’t go over 2 centimeters in their entire life. Alternatively, you can look for moss or climbing plants that will enrich your apartment with some greenery without taking up too much space.

A great part of making a miniature garden is that you can use your landscaping skills. You can design a home with a garden in front of it, or an entire park with small benches and fake trees, or a jungle, or basically anything you can think of. However, if you use real plants, remember to water them according to their needs and don’t neglect them. After all, you don’t want to have a dried up mini garden!

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If you don't have enough space for a proper garden, you might want to try a rooftop one. Read more for tips and tricks on this!

How to start a rooftop garden: Wonderful View

A rooftop garden is great when you don’t have the necessary space to grow a full one. It’s also easier to take care of it and it allows you to prioritize the space you have in and around the house and at the same time enjoy a wonderful garden, an oasis of peace in a crowded city, for instance. Read on for more tips on how to start a rooftop garden!

  1. Make a plan. Don’t just go around and plant things there. Choose how do you want to build it, with raised beds or containers, and calculate how many do you want to buy, where do you want to install them and what kind of plants you want to grow. In this way it will be much easier to organize yourself and to know exactly what to buy and in what order.
  2. Ask the building engineer. It’s safer to consult with a building engineer before putting any of your plans into practice. It’s dangerous to have a rooftop garden if the structure of the building cannot support the entire weight of the garden. You can even make an estimation regarding the final weight if you include the soil, the plants, the containers or beds and the other things you want to keep around: benches, tables and so on.
  3. Make a way of access. Another important point if you’re thinking about how to start a rooftop garden is to make sure that you have a way of access. Just think that you’ll have to transport there big and heavy things, not only yourself, and plan ahead how are you going to lift them.
  4. Ensure plenty of water. Being so exposed to sunlight all day long, plants in raised beds or containers in a rooftop garden can dry out more quickly, so you will have to make sure that they have a water source that is quickly accessible. Maybe you can’t be home all day long to water them whenever they need, so make sure that you have one close or that you imagine a system for it.
  5. Create a storage space. It’s very unpleasant to carry up and down gardening tools all day long, so when you think of how to start a rooftop garden, plan some space for storing up tools, fertilizers and any other things you need. Make sure that they are protected from winds, rain or dust for a better quality.
  6. Use quality materials. Just like with any other project, you will need to buy quality materials in soils, tools and basically anything, that is, if you want to have an exceptional result. More than that, if you invest properly in the beginning, you won’t need to replace things around very often, so it’s more profitable to buy quality things right from the start. However, be careful with the tools and maintain them properly, keep them away from rain or winds and even use special storage bags or cases.

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Sometimes as a gardener it's pretty hard to take care of everything. Read on for some clever gardening tips that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Clever Gardening Tips: Colorful Flowers

Every gardener needs some help from time to time and there are some clever gardening tips that can really make your life easier and save you time, effort or money. If you already know some of them that’s great, but we bet you don’t know all the tips below.

  1. Pot-in-Pot. Instead of digging up and changing the seasonal plants accordingly, it would be much easier and cleaner to plant them in a pot and change the pot seasonally. In this way you save yourself the dirty work, time and also the effort of changing them. Keeping several pots for different herbs or vegetables makes it much more easier to handle them and switch them when the time is right.
  2. Use foam peanuts. Instead of filling the whole pot with soil, you might want to place a layer of foam peanuts at the bottom and then place the soil and the plants. The foam peanuts help in a better drainage so the water doesn’t remain in the pot more than it’s needed. Also, it makes the pots a whole lot easier to handle and to move. Although this is perhaps one of the most clever gardening tips, it’s advisable to also add a layer of landscape fabric over the foam peanuts so that the soil doesn’t sink and fill in the spaces between the peanuts.
  3. Boost your garden with calcium. Just like you, your garden needs calcium to grow healthy. Using eggshells in the garden is one of the most useful clever gardening tips, but putting them in the blender first is even greater! If you grind them they will be more easily absorbed by the soil and therefore it will be richer and more nutritive for your plants.
  4. Keep your pets away. There are no clever gardening tips more useful than this one. If you have pets, especially cats or dogs, it would be really a shame to let them wander in your garden, where you have put such effort into growing lovely plants. A convenient solution for both sides would be to place plastic forks among the plants. They will make the cat uncomfortable in case it ever gets in there and it will make it leave without hurting her and without damaging your plants either.
  5. Container gardens. If you’re too busy to manage a real-size garden or simply you don’t have the required space, one of the clever gardening tips that might help you is to have container gardens. It’s easy to fill a container with the right type of soil (don’t forget about the packing peanuts) and to plant whatever plants you like there. Actually, it can prove easier to maintain such a garden than a real life one, mainly because of the space and time required.
  6. Use diapers. No, not on yourself, but in potted plants. In the summer, for instance, when the plants needs more humidity for a much longer period of time, diapers are great for retaining water inside the pot and nourishing the plant all day long.

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Sometimes when cooking you will realize that fresh spices and herbs are the best, and if you want to grow them yourself, you will need to do this in your own garden. Check out the list of plants you totally need to have in your garden and kitchen!

Coriander leaves and seeds

If you’re passionate about gardening, you should think about growing herbs in our own garden. Generally, herbs used in cooking are best grown in your own garden, since you can use them while they’re fresh and thus preserve their taste and their nutritious value. Read on to find out what herbs to have in your garden and using in your food!

  1. Basil. It has a warm spicy flavor that’s great for soups, sauces, omelets, salads, fish, poultry and meat. It’s a great spice and largely used in oriental cuisine, especially if you’re a fan of Arabic dishes.
  2. Chives. With a slight onion flavor, chives are perfect for salads, egg and cheese dishes, mashed potatoes, sauces or even sandwiches. They’re preferred by more and more people all around the world and they have other great uses that you can think of.
  3. Coriander. Coriander is a great herb to use for steaks and any other meat dish. You can either dust dry coriander seeds over the steaks or you can chop frozen roots in soups or in combination with avocado, for instance.
  4. Dill. Although it has a somewhat bitter taste, it’s still great for any dish like soup, fish dishes, salads, meat, omelets, poultry and the like. You can use the leaves, either dried or fresh, for a great savor of the food.
  5. Fennel. The leaves are quite sweet in taste, thing that makes them best for sauces in fish dishes, soups, salads or pork. If you decide to use the seeds, these have a sharper taste, and if you use the bulb, you will enjoy a totally special taste.
  6. Mint. Often overlooked by chefs and cooking amateurs altogether, mint is quite a good spice for dishes such as lamb, sauces or jelly. You can also use it for tea or in combination with other tea herbs. It brings a fresh and, surprisingly enough, minty flavor.
  7. Parsley. Surprisingly enough, parsley is widely used in a variety of dishes such as salads, soups, casseroles, stews or omelets. It has a fresh flavor and it fully complements the taste of meat, fish and onion dishes.
  8. Sage. This is definitely one of the herbs to have in your garden, because it has a great flavor. It’s mostly used for poultry stuffing, lamb, pork, sausage, cheese dishes and omelets. Dry the leaves and grind them or use them as such.
  9. Tarragon. It has an anise flavor and therefore it’s great for soups, salads, stews or soft cheeses. You can also use it with lamb, serve it in melted butter along fish or steak dishes or vegetables. This is mainly used for tartar sauce and chutneys and can be greatly matched with vinegar if you leave the leaves in it for a couple of weeks.
  10. Thyme. Yet another one of the herbs to have in your garden, thyme is used as chopped leaves for beef, lamb, veal or pork before putting them to roast. Alternatively, it can be sprinkled over eggs, vegetables, fish and poultry, or added to soups, stews, rice or stuffings.

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