How can you take care of your garden? Tips and tricks about a beautiful grass, flowers and plants recommended in UAE.

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If you want to spice up a little bit your garden, have a look on this list of interesting exotic plants that will definitely convince you to plant them!

Bird of Paradise in the garden

Regardless of the style you have chosen for your garden, an original idea is to add a touch of exoticness. For this, you might want to think of some exotic plants for your garden. However, first of all you should take into account the climate in your area, so that you don’t buy the plants and that they don’t die.

Bananas. If you want to have your own banana tree, that’s not impossible. It’s one of the most interesting exotic plants for your garden and if you take good care of it, you may even eat bananas from your own garden sooner than you might expect.

Bamboos. Bamboo, the favorite food of koalas in Asia, is a very flexible wood and a great choice for exotic plants in your garden. It’s interesting to take care of it, not to mention that it looks so exotic! You can even use remaining branches or small parts of it for decoration or for creating wonderful rugs or bowls around the garden, be it indoors or outdoors.

Elephant Ears. With big leaves (this is where its name comes from), the elephant ears plant is great as a background plant, edging or ground covers and even along ponds or walkways. Its simplicity is greatly complemented by the variety of colors it comes in, and this makes it even more adaptable to your own garden.

Hibiscus. Greatly preferred for tea around Christmas time or for different types of cosmetics (although you have to know something about this in order to make your own creams or teas), hibiscus has to be on your list of exotic plants for your garden. Its red color makes it an adorable plant and it will certainly gain your appreciation. It is recommendable to grow it in a container so that it will be easier to take care of it.

Ornamental grass. The lawn requires great care and can be quite pretentions depending on the temperature, solar light, humidity and so on. Ornamental grass on the other hand is highly adaptable and it can be there all year long. More than that, it has great colors and it will be one of the exotic plants for your garden that will lighten up the entire place for you!

Bird of Paradise. This plant gets its name from the fact that it looks like a small and colorful bird right from the Paradise. It is very appreciated for its beauty and it has an evergreen foliage. It is one of the most preferred exotic plants for your garden, although it certainly needs some good care. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure that the conditions you grow the plants in are the appropriate ones, since it would be a shame to buy plants only to let them die, which would be a waste of time for you also.

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The English gardens are renowned for their beauty, no wonder many people wish to have a garden decorated in that style. However, careful with the climate and the plants! Read on for more tips on having your own English garden!

English Pond

Whoever’s a fan of Jane Austen and also loves gardening must have though at least once in his life to create his own English garden. Indeed, this gardening culture has been developing in England for centuries, and maybe this is one of the reasons for which many people dream of creating an English garden in their own courtyards. If you think about this too, here are some tips and tricks you should know before getting to work on your dream.

Well cared-for lawn. The lawn may not seem the most important part of an English garden, but for sure it gives a special look and a great background for flowers, bushes and other decorations. That’s why it needs to be well cared-for, wetted as much as it needs to be in order to maintain its lovely and lively green color. No garden with yellowish lawn will look good, no matter how beautiful the flowers in it are.

Special flowers. Since we’re talking about flowers, you should know that there are certain types that you need to include when creating an English garden. Among the perennial flowers there are Aquilegia, Asters, Chrysanthemum, daisies or lavender, and for the annuals you can choose Impatiens, begonias, petunias or Dianthus. However, when planting them you should take into account the climate in your area and if they can resist or not to those climatic conditions.

Shrubs and trees. These two are also important parts of an English garden, so you cannot skip them. They need to be rich and they can surround the entire garden. For sure you won’t say no to a bit of shade to hide from the hot sun in the summer, right? Some of the species you can choose are Boxwood, Hydrangea or Dogwood, but you can also get creative and have you own version of an English garden. Also, you can play around with the species that grow in your area, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

Pebble pathways. A must-have when creating an English garden, pebble pathways are not only beautiful, but also practical. It saves you the effort of making a cement pathway (totally tasteless), and it’s also very useful in protecting your lawn from getting stepped on and yourself from stepping in the mud, for instance. Depending on how do you want your final result to look like, you can choose smaller or bigger pebbles.

Ponds, bridges, caves. To finish off the romantic look of an English garden, you need to add one of these elements. It’s not hard to create an artificial pond in your garden, and neither a bridge does not require too great an investment. However, for a grotto or a small cave, you will need to make small hills of sand or cave them right into the earth. Even if these might prove to be the most challenging parts in creating an English garden, they are totally worth it!

As much as you’d love this style of gardening, please be aware that you will need to have the proper climatic conditions to plant and care for different plants, so take this into account also. More than that, if at any point you believe you need help, don’t hesitate to call for a specialized designer!

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The great part about having and designing a garden is that you can use your imagination as freely as you wish. This way, you can be sure that your garden will be unique and stylish and more than that, it has been designed by you.

Flower arches

Given the hot climate in UAE, there’s no wonder so many people have extraordinary beautiful gardens here. The array of colors, patterns, arrangements and combinations is absolutely incredible, and every garden is carefully grown and trimmed. However, if you want to have one yourself, there is a very important question you have to think about: how to decorate your garden? The possibilities are endless, but this is exactly what makes it so hard. Let’s have a look at the possibilities.

Flower patterns. What can be more beautiful than making flowers… with flowers? You can plant different flowers in different places so that when they will grow and bloom they will form a huge flower with petals in different colors. Also, you can make every petal from different lines of various patterns and colors, for a truly special effect.

Arches. Arches are a really nice way to decorate your garden. You can choose to paint them white or a more sophisticated color with complex decorations. Also, depending on every person’s taste, they can be decorated with flowers or garlands of your favorite flower. Arches are great for transforming boring pathways throughout the garden.

Vertical decorations. There are specialists who can create real works of art out of garlands and flowers. They can create vertical poles, butterflies, hearts and any other shapes you can think of. Sometimes these vertical decorations are exactly what makes the difference between a normal dull garden and an absolutely wonderful one.

Palm trees. Don’t forget about the things specific to this place! Every garden in the UAE needs to have at least some palm trees. They help you decorate your garden, but they also keep some shade for you to relax and to hang around during the extremely hot hours at lunch time, for instance.

Statues. If you want to be truly original in decorating your garden, you can choose unusual, but beautiful statues. Some people choose statues representing their religion, others simply opt for beautiful women statues and others go for modern minimalist ones. It all depends on your taste and creativity!

Fountains. What can be more refreshing on an extremely hot day than seeing and perhaps even playing around in a fountain? They can really bring a fresh touch to your garden, making it look more exotic and it even helps in cooling the air around. Also, here are endless possibilities: you can play with lions that spit the water, children that splash each other, rivers or any other thing you like. The best part is that you can include your favorite things in the fountain and still it will look great!

Finally, for sure some of these ideas will prove useful to you when you will want to decorate your garden. A great side is that there are no strict rules when it comes to designs and patterns, so once you decide what you want, you can hire a specialist and the result will certainly be exceptional!

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UAE is a modern and dynamic country and although influenced by the Western architecture, it preserves and restores its traditional values in an original, sumptuous style.

palm house decoration

A courtyard house is one of the first choice when it comes about family in UAE.

Among beautiful and sumptuous houses touched by a contemporary design, we see how courtyard houses rise again in the exotic United Arabian Emirates. Traditional gardens and courtyard houses restore the genuine feel of this magic place and are being brought into contemporary era therefore advantaged by nowadays architecture materials and techniques.

Although we’ve seen modern, sci-fi trends getting hold of the region, for the past years, we think that the Arabians never forgotten their cultural values, which in a way or another reflected themselves in the new UAE architecture.

Courtyard houses feature thick external walls and rooms orientated towards an uncovered central area – the garden – arranged on several floors. The courtyard is often provided with a fountain as we’ve seen at Dubai Garden Center, that creates a proper micro-climate. Deciduous trees but also tropical plants are a common choice for the people in this region which also help creating a welcoming and healthy environment.

This type of architecture is thought of protecting the intimate space of the owners while ensuring appropriate ventilation to entire domestic dwelling. Still, as you’ve probably noticed, modern architectures tend to reinterpret the courtyard and turn it into an open space for kids to play and other members of the family to spend some quality time together. Lush gardens are often touched with a more structural and geometrical style, letting auxiliary buildings like cooking facilities slip into the landscape.

UAE is a modern and dynamic country and although influenced by the Western architecture, it preserves and restores its traditional values in an original, sumptuous style. We can see a perfect balance between traditional and modern styles at some recent residential and commercial dwellings designed by Jadis Interiors and spectacular GAJ Architects.

Another beautiful example of modern, beautiful courtyard is the one we’ve admired at Hattan villa – The Lakes, Emirates Hills – with tastefully designed indoor and outdoor areas and beautiful finishes such as over-sized windows facing the courtyard.

Modern houses in this area are filled with luxurious touches such as onyx-paneled bathrooms and cutting-edge technology. In this precious assembly, the courtyard garden provides a grounding element, that remind the owners of the villas to reflect on the beauty of the environment – a healing meditation also well received in the Western countries.

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