How can you take care of your garden? Tips and tricks about a beautiful grass, flowers and plants recommended in UAE.
Bird of Paradise in the garden

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Regardless of the style you have chosen for your garden, an original idea is to add a touch of exoticness. For this, you might...

English Pond

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Whoever's a fan of Jane Austen and also loves gardening must have though at least once in his life to create his own English...

Flower arches

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Given the hot climate in UAE, there's no wonder so many people have extraordinary beautiful gardens here. The array of colors, patterns, arrangements and...

palm house decoration

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A courtyard house is one of the first choice when it comes about family in UAE. Among beautiful and sumptuous houses touched by a contemporary...


Living Room Ceiling Ideas: Elegant Chandelier

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The living room is the room where we spend most of our time and, more important, the place where we like to spend time...
Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen