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Outdoor welcoming accessories reflect your personality, choose them wisely.

Have you ever wondered which is the first thing that pops into your head when you see a house ? Well it’s the little details that may change your mood before entering into someone’s home. Funny, attractive or sometimes hostile signs can help you know what kind of people are living there.

Having a funny welcoming accessory,which brings a smile on your visitors face, can improve their entire day and yours of course. 

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Here are some ideas of outdoor welcoming accessories: 

An elegant front door mat: It’s the simplest way to impress your friends and visitors. An elegant yet unique door mat will give anyone that step foot on your front door the impression that this is a place for elegant, smart, sophisticated people. There will be no second guesses when it’s your birthday, they will all know that you are a man of class therefor they will buy you something classy and elegant.

front door mat

Garden welcome gnome: Even though a garden gnome is not such an unusual thing for your front door view, if you choose wisely and find a real funny one but also one who can give others the feeling of a cute, comfy home, than you hit the jackpot. Something like these guys, who are taking a nap on a tortoise. They are funny and kids will just love it.

welcoming accessories home caprice

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Crazy movie costumes: You know that you made the right choice when you decided to be friends with the guy who welcomes you into his home like this.  Movie fanatics will try almost everything to express the passion for their favorite movies. When you have a Darth Vader head torch in your yard you made your point: everyone knows that you are S.F. maniac and most likely the inside of your house is filled with S.F. accessories that will impress even those who don’t share your passion.

Darth Vader welcoming accessories home caprice

Vintage country fountain: It may seem a cliché but it’s one of the most relaxing view that can be fed to your visitors. Water is the symbol of purity and the vintage look gives it a fade of mysticism and power, power because it lasted for so long. It gives the owner an aura of steadiness , of a serious man that likes to preserve the roots of his family. You simply just cannot fail with this welcoming accessory.

country fountain

Funny figurines:It’s so important that your guests feel the love of your house even from the beginning. Some funny figurines can give them this impression. It’s almost like a clear statement: “no negative energy in this house, let’s just enjoy each other”.

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Outdoor welcoming accessories will bring light and joy to you house.

outdoor welcoming accessories


Outdoor lighting is extremely important for a dreamy atmosphere.

Outdoor lighting it is a major detail in order for your entire property to look good and to be able to watch over it. If fyou want to have a nice outside dinner or an evening pool party, lighting is extremely important. Today we are going to see what kind of lightning is more elegant, stylish and useful.

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When we choose outdoor lighting we must pay attention to details like how big is our property, how much we want the pool to be lighten and so on.

The first thing to take into consideration is orientation light: from the courtyard entrace to the front door of your house. It  is very practical and you can personalize it.


Let’s begin with the front door where you can pick bollard lamps.There are usually 1 meter high and they are built on the ground. If you are an extravagant person, don’t go for industrial lamps, search deeper in order to find special ones.If you are more of a vintage person you would like torchiere-style lamps from wrought iron.

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Most house have an alley through garden which is very close to the house. For a more friendly design choose wall appliques or wall lamps which are built on the house wall. You can opt for classical lamps with lampshades which are more modern. Wall appliques can be simple and attractive.

Lighting for patio: wall lamps are also a good choose for outdoor terraces. If you designed an outdoor living room, use a pendant lamp over the table. A good idea would also be floor lamps, those which have dimmers. The accompany in your conversations and make your more relaxed.

Your pool is very important to be lighten too. If it happens to have a small pond, this would look far more beautiful with the proper lights. Choose small bollar lamps on the shore or ball or blob shaped lamp which are installed directly on the groung. All the lamps  you choose for this area must be waterproof so choose carefully. There are even floating lamps for pool which come in various shapes. You want a fairy tale atmosphere in here.

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I hope that I helped you with some small ideas for your outdoor lighting and you will transform the view in a wonderful dreamy one.

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Find inspiration in these amazing swimming pools!

There is a fact that everybody around the world dream to have a swimming pool and those who dare to dream want an amazing swimming pool which will remind them that they are extraordinary.

A swimming pool is very useful. Besides the fact that you can host fabulous parties and you can relax in the morning, sunbathing, it is parta of your healthy life. Swimming helps your heart, your blood circulation and your bones. So if you don’t have a swimming pool yet, now it’s time to build one.

Let’s take a look at some amazing swimming pools around the world and see if we find some inspiration for our next fabulous swimming pool.

Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel in Bali, Indonesia this is definitely an unique swimming pool which will dare us to have courage to swim. Swimming in such a pool is a one of a kind experience. Built on two levels, this swimming pool offers you a marvelous view of the tropical rain forest.



Marina Bay Sands, Singapore this pool is another swimming adventure which offers us a view taken from movies.  This is the largest and highest infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the adrenaline which is given by this pool is incomparable, it looks like you could fall off the building in any minute.





Violin shaped swimming pool: for music lovers this pool is just perfect. Having a unique form and design this pool will surely leave us with a sublime memory. If you dream of a violin swimming pool or any other instrument, now is the perfect time to start building it.



Nemo 33 at Uccle, Belgium. For those who like to swim deeper, this pool is just perfect for testing your body limits. You can really try to build such a pool at home but your must be a very good swimmer and avoid this design if you have children. This pool is a wild adventure being a recreational scuba diving center in Uccle. It is the deepest diving pool on Earth. 2.5 million liters of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water. To be even more fantastic several simulated underwater caves were built inside of it at the 10 m depth level.



Harbour Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong, China . For those who live for luxury, this is the place where they should go to experience a swimming luxurious adventure. It is situated at the 23rd floor and the views from here are just incredible. Your eyes will be amazed and your soul will be finally in peace.


Neptunes Pool, Hearst Castle – San Simeone, California: a magic place for those who want to imagine they are a part of a fairy tale. This place permits you to be a movie character or a fairy tale character because it it just magicly beautiful. Your spirit will vibrate of happiness and your entire body will finally feel complete.



Anantara Golden Triangle Resort : people around the world come here to enjoy this marvel and to assure themselves that they had one of a kind experience. Swimming till the edge of the pool, you can relish your eyes with the view of Laos and Myanmar. This beautiful resort is situated on a ridge surrounded by the Myanma and Laos hills. You will definitely be enchanted by it.



Huvafen Fushi, Maldives this sparkling swimming pool is perfect for a night swim when you want to relax your entire body and mind. The view is just spectacular.



Hope you find inspiration in these marvelous swimming pools and try create your own personalized pool so you can have your own marvel at home.

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Check out these awesome swimming pools tiles design for more inspiration on how to decorate your pool!

Swimming Pool Tiles Design: 3D Design

The swimming pool tiles are just as important as the pool itself, or even more if you think about the fact that they make up most of the decor around the pool. Although they don’t have any effect on the relaxing time you’re spending in or near the pool, it is still important for aesthetic reasons to think well about the swimming pool tiles design. Here are some useful ideas!

1. Choose blue tiles. As classic and lacking imagination as this might seem, it’s great because it complements the bluish color of the water in the pool, plus it’s a very relaxing and cool color. More than that, it’s probably one of the most popular colors when it comes to interior (or exterior) design. Also, it inspires cleanliness and helps you relax, making it the best option for a pool design.

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2. Patterns. In what concerns patterns for the swimming pool tiles design, you have to know that you’ll find lots of them on the market. Depending on your taste or on the rest of the decor around the pool, you can choose from flowers to geometrical patterns or simply mosaics. Of course, most of them are blue, but you can also find combinations with white, green or variations.

3. 3D Designs. Recently technology allowed for more interesting swimming pool tiles design options, such as the 3D designs. They depict, for instance, dolphins playing around in your pool or create optical illusions. Who doesn’t find interesting a pool where the floor seems irregular or even cracked up? But for this you’ll need to have a sense of humor that will surely amuse your friends when they come over for a pool party!

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4. Use your creativity! One of the most important advices we can give you when it comes to any kind of interior and exterior decor is to use your creativity and imagination! If you’re not happy with the patterns you find on the market, you can always improvise and buy different types of tiles to match them on your own. For instance, choose different colors: black, white or blue, let’s say, and arrange them in separate rows or intermingle them for a more interesting mosaic. On the same note, you can make mosaics from different palettes: red ones, yellow ones or even green ones, similar to the shades of blue usually used.

5. Match the light with the design! The light in and around the pool is also important for underlining the swimming pool tiles design. A blue light will make the tiles appear more blue if you have chosen this color, but if you want to be a little more original, you should consider a complementary color for the light. Try going for a purple light, for instance, which will bring a little more elegance to your pool area and create a much warmer atmosphere than the blue light. Other than that, you can use any color for your lighting system, even neon colors for a wild party!

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Try out these magnificent ideas for you summer pool bar and create your own oasis of relaxation!

Summer Pool Bar Ideas: Special Lighting

A summer pool bar is great idea to relax, cool off and have fun at the same time in hot summer days, especially in the UAE. Here, people are most of the time looking for a place where to swim a little, have a refreshing drink or stay under an umbrella for a while, away from the scorching sun. Fortunately, we have lots of summer pool bar ideas which will help you manage through an extremely hot day and relax. Read on to find out how you can design this heavenly place to suit your taste and needs!

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A great idea to make your summer pool bar more exotic is to use a straw roof for the bar. Not only that it offers the place a more authentic and classy look, but the straw roof is great in protecting you from the sun and offering an oasis of shade in the middle of a hot day. Remember to bring to the bar a small fridge and to spoil yourself with an icy drink to cope with the heat.

Choose an unusual shape for your pool if you want to have an original relaxation corner! Square or simply round pools are more than classic, so if you want to bring something new choose a funny or long shape for your pool. You can place the bar wherever you want, but it’s recommendable not to place it across the pool so that you can still have some space to swim or to play.

And since we’re talking about playing, we have some great summer pool bar ideas for this too! Place a net across the pool so that you can play volleyball and many other games with your friends when you invite them to a pool party. Let’s not forget that pool parties are so much better with a pool bar around!

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Probably the best summer pool bar ideas are the ones that show you how to place the bar in the middle of the pool. It’s true, you have to swim over there and it’s not that easy to transport the drinks there, but it’s so much fun to have a bar fully surrounded by water! More than that, you can place some bar stools around to sit down while you play with your legs in the cooling water. And your kids will absolutely love it!

Other summer pool bar ideas that can help you in building you own piece of heaven in the comfort of your own home are the guidelines for lighting. Pool parties at night become much more fun if you choose a colorful lighting and not a classic one.  Purple lighting, for instance, or red one, can create a more intimate and interesting atmosphere suitable for a party. If you’re creative, you can use an underwater lighting system. The light filtered through the water will appear more dim and therefore much more appropriate for occasional parties, birthdays, or simply relaxing evenings enjoying a drink by the pool.

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Maintain your pool clean by following these simple and effective cleaning tips!

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips: Use the skimmer

You might think that once you built your swimming pool, you’re set and you just have to change the water every once in a while. However, if you want to be healthy and avoid any issues with your pool, you should read our swimming pool cleaning tips and use them.

  • Check the water chemistry a couple of times a week. During summer, it’s better to check it more often, but in the winter, once a week should be enough. Pay attention to any changes and try to identify the causes. Some elements found in large quantities can affect the pH of your skin, so be careful!
  • Remember to clean the skimmer baskets once a week or even more often if you think it’s necessary.
  • Perhaps one of the most important swimming pool cleaning tips is to clean hair and lint pot in the pump. Turn off the pump every couple of weeks and clean the pot to avoid its blocking.

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  • Monitor once per month the water level. It should be at the center of the tile or the skimmer. If it’s not right, you should adjust it.
  • Another one of the most important swimming pool cleaning tips is to check the inline chlorinator once a week and adjust it.
  • If you have an ozone unit, check if the light is on. You should take extreme cautions here because the connections are very fragile and can break very easily. See the flow-meter to see if the adjustment is within range.
  • You can use catalyst tabs if you have around. Pay attention to the instructions for the amount of water you have in the pool. Remember to store them in a cool dry place, otherwise they will become blocks.

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  • Clean the filters! Many people forget about one of the most important swimming pool cleaning tips, which is to clean the filters. Depending on the area, the temperatures and the climatic conditions, you should clean them every 2-3 months or monthly. In UAE or in the sandy areas, it is advisable to clean them monthly or check them even more often to make sure your pool is okay. It is best to have an extra set of filters and interchange them whenever needed. It’s much easier like that and it saves you some effort, even though you have to clean them thoroughly.
  • Wipe the tile line weekly or every time you use the pool. It’s a great way to avoid build-up and to keep them clean more easily.
  • Careful when storing away chemicals. Avoid keeping them in direct sunlight and place them in a cool dry place. Never put acid and chlorine next to each other!
  • Keep plants and animals away from the pool as much as possible. The chlorine in the water can be really damaging for them, but also bird droppings and other waste can feed the algae and therefore affect your pool.

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There's no sign of luxury like an indoor swimming pool. Find out what you need to do when you decide to get one!

Indoor Swimming Pool: Lap Pool

An indoor swimming pool is indeed a sign of luxury. You can be sure that if you go to someone’s place and see that they have an indoor pool, they know how to live their life to the fullest and how to spoil themselves with the best quality things. So why not adopt this trend too? Check out the following tips and tricks for when you decide to have an indoor swimming pool!

First of all, you should really think about what you’ll be using the indoor swimming pool for. Yes, of course, for swimming, but there is a difference. If you’re a professional or you want to train yourself, you should think about the depth of the pool. In that case, it’s recommended to choose a lap pool with more depth. If you have kids and you know they will play a lot there, you should think of a pool with a deeper area and a shallower one as a play area.

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Since you don’t want to destroy the rest of the house while using an indoor pool, think about the safety measures. Is your home properly built so as to support the pool? Do you have enough space to install it? Think about this before getting anything done and if you’re not sure, always call a specialist! There are consulting companies on the market that can evaluate your home and give you some advice on installing and using the indoor swimming pool.

Also, think about the humidity in the house, which will be totally changed after you will have a pool inside. Install a dehumidifier in the pool room and everywhere you think it’s necessary to avoid having mold in your house. Choose a dehumidifier that is suitable for the size of the room so that it can do its job properly.

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And after you finish considering every safety element, remember that the interior design is also very important! Be creative and use waterfalls, small ponds, fountains and even slides for an extra touch of fun and originality! Don’t let your pool become boring after a while and install any accessory you like or play around with any design you want. You can even creatively decorate storage boxes that you need around the pool to keep towels, change clothes, slippers or anything you need when taking a relaxing swim indoors.

Glass ceilings are a great idea for the interior design when you decide for an indoor swimming pool. It’s not only beautiful because it lets you watch the sky while you’re floating around, but it also helps in eliminating humidity and help with the heating. You can be sure that a glass ceiling will not break if the room is too hot or too cold. More than that, it allows you to build a fantastic design around glass and fluid elements, to match the pool and the indoors. Be inspired and enjoy your luxury indoor swimming pool!

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Maybe you need some inspiration for your (future) pool, or maybe you want to see how far can a beautiful pool go. In any case, you might want to have a look at the most amazing pools in the world!

Stunning Pools Around the World: Laucala Resort

A pool is great whenever you need to cool down from the scorching sun here in the UAE, but it’s also a great way to relax and to have fun. Who doesn’t love a swim or a pool party late at night? But some people really took this to a whole other level and imagined the most stunning pools around the world. Check out which are these and you perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for your own pool!

  1. Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Located in Singapore, this hotel has overcome every expectation you might have when it comes to a pool. Water running over the edge and a great view over the city, what can you ask more?
  2. Arena Badeschiff Pool. This little Berlin wonder is the epitome of relaxation and modernity. Placed in a very urban setting, this thing instead of taking away of its magic, it makes it even more interesting!
  3. Hotel Fasano Pool. One of the most stunning pools around the world can be found in Rio de Janeiro, at Hotel Fasano. With an amazing landscape around and glass walls, this pool is a place worth visiting at least once in your life.
  4. Hard Rock. This Las Vegas wonder is an exotic pool in the middle of an urban metropolis. It has cool water and even palm trees, for a splash of extra fun.
  5. Hanging Gardens. In Ubud, Indonesia, you will find an awesome pool, hidden between old trees and a fresh air, great for a relaxing vacation.
  6. San Alfonso del Mar. Chile comes with a great surprise in San Alfonso del Mar. Right next to the ocean you have a wonderful pool with blue waters, bathed in sunlight all day long and with a wonderful view to the ocean.
  7. St Regis Lhasa Resort. If you happen to travel to Tibet, don’t miss the gold energy pool in this resort. It’s said to have a positive effect on your energy and health, plus it’s golden, which makes it even more interesting.
  8. Laucala Island Resort. A fantastic pool is waiting for you in Fiji, in the Laucala Island Resort. Talking about stunning pools around the world, this is a great combination of water, rocks and palm trees, a true pampering of the senses.
  9. Amangiri Resort. This resort found in Utah resembles a lot the Grand Canion, so it offers you an incredible experience making you think that you can bathe in a pool surrounded by this awesome landmark.
  10. Huvafen Fushi. An extraordinary resort found in Maldives, it features one of the most stunning pools around the world, right next to the ocean, with romantic lights near it and a great surrounding for a romantic dinner with your loved one. At night, the landscape is truly impressive and a bath will be an experience you will never forget from your trip to Maldives.

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A swimming pool is not a rare thing in UAE, but what if you went for something original and unusual? Check out these unusual ideas for your pool!

Pool with edges

Having a swimming pool is not such a great thing nowadays. But using unusual ideas for your swimming pool it is. If you want to change the aspect or build the pool in a certain way, but don’t know exactly how, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out more unusual ideas for your swimming pool!

Pools with edge.

Just because you have an outdoor swimming pool that doesn’t mean you cannot have a pool with edge. Make it look like a bath tub or make several concentric edges to it for a truly amazing effect. Extra tip: you can have several edge walls in different colors or different patterns. For instance, the main wall surrounding the pool can be blue, the next one white and the last one with a colorful pattern. You can even make the water fall over the first walls for a waterfall effect.

Terrace pools.

Combine the look of a lounge or terrace to that of a relaxing pool. It’s quite unusual to chain together the home, a lounge area and a pool, but the effect is beautiful and practical at the same time. More than that, it gives you the freedom to play around with the colors and designs. For instance, you can have a great pattern on the outer walls of the house and use the same patterns for the pool and its surroundings. Not to mention that you eliminate the need for special chairs for the pool and separate ones for the terrace, since now you only need one set.

Lap pools.

Although people believe this type of pools is suited only for athletes, it is a great solution to save some space and enjoy your own swimming pool for a couple of laps. Extra tip: you can use a canal to connect your lap pool in front of the house to the regular one and so you get two pools to relax in.

Kidney shaped pools.

They are great first of all because they look natural, although this is one of the unusual ideas for pools that is quickly dismissed by people. The perfection of square or round pools does not match the beauty of natural shapes and the blending with the nature. Moreover, if you want to recreate the look of a beach, you can go for smooth slopes on the edge of the pool instead of building artificial steps. For a more natural look, include rocks or grass on the side of the pool and you’ll have the greatest pool ever!

Integrated lighting.

A special and one of the most unusual ideas for pools is to have integrated lighting. It works perfectly in creating a special atmosphere for your pool and it also saves you the problem of thinking about the system of lighting to be set around the pool. You can complement this with a dim lighting system around for a permanent romantic atmosphere or you can simply choose an adjustable one.


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A rooftop swimming pool is definitely a good idea when you're lacking space, but not only. Swimming above the city can be actually quite an amazing experience, and if you have the luxury of doing this whenever you want, even better!

Clean pool water

A measure of style and class, especially in the UAE, is the rooftop swimming pool. Not only that it’s extremely creative and a good way of relaxing, but also they save you some space in the yard. For instance, you can learn how to decorate your garden and place it there, instead of occupying the space with the pool which you can also install on the roof. However, there are some things you need to know about having a rooftop swimming pool.

Change the water more often. If you compare it to an indoor pool, you will certainly need to have the water changed more often, since it will get dirty more quickly and nobody wants to bathe in dirty water. Being so high, more dust and leaves can be brought by the wind and left in the water, so you need to make sure the water is clean at all times.

Make a covering system. In case of rain or sandstorm, for instance, it’s better to have a system that will quickly cover up the pool and not let any particles of dust or rainwater to dirty it. This is not only convenient if you think about the water, but also for your health. Don’t forget to disinfect the pool every once in a while! Moreover, the covering system, if it covers the entire area, will also protect your decks. The wood in general is quite resistant, but if it’s exposed constantly to sunshine, rain or other factors, it can be quickly deteriorated.

Decorate with plants. Whether you choose to also have a garden here or simply you want to decorate the space using plants, it’s a good idea to opt for flowers or small bushes. They will maintain a fresh air and they will look extremely nice near the blue water. If you feel creative, you can add flowers like lilies in the water itself. That’s something a rooftop swimming pool totally deserves!

Build a small terrace nearby. If with normal pools you have shadow from the neighboring houses or trees, for a rooftop swimming pool you will need to make sure that you have a corner where you can escape the sun. Build a wooden terrace for instance, or place some umbrellas near the pool. Alternatively, if you have enough space, you can plant some palm trees.

Decorate your pool. Even if it’s a rooftop swimming pool, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it as you usually do. Don’t be afraid to try new pool decoration stickers, balloons, candles or garlands or other ideas to decorate your pool. The final result will be indeed impressive and you will enjoy a great relaxation moment on your roof, your little oasis of peace.


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Future Gadgets: Modern Kitchen

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