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Candle lights in pool

If you’re interested in changing a bit the aspect of your pool, you might want to find out more about some interesting pool decorations. Who does not want to relax in a pool on a long hot day? And who doesn’t want to have a beautiful pool?

One great idea to embellish your pool is to place flowers in it. Whether it is for a special occasion or simply because you want to feel good, some colorful bouquets can really do wonders. However, careful with the substances you place in the water, so that they will not affect the flowers.

Pool decoration stickers are another wonderful idea. Not only that they can complement the rest of the design surrounding the pool, but it can also make swimming much more interesting. Plus, you can change the sticker whenever you get bored with it.

Among the interesting pool decorations we must include the wooden decks. Especially if you choose a reddish shade for the wood, the contrast between the planks and the water will be gorgeous! However, wooden decks require special care and more attention, so think it through before choosing this option, because nobody wants ugly wooden decks around his or her pool.

Small waterfalls are also a great idea for embellishing your pool. There are some systems on the market that allow you to create various types of waterfalls in or around the pool, but if you are creative you can adapt it or built it yourself according to your own ideas and needs. Furthermore, you can decorate the system of waterfalls itself so you can play with different decorating elements in this wonderful space of relaxation.

Sprinklers! For extra fun and a touch of nice decorating around the pool, you can add some sprinklers. Not only that you’ll have lots of fun standing in the pool with the sprinklers around, but they will also look great if you enhance the effect with some special lighting.

Don’t forget about underwater lights! They are really cool and create a fun atmosphere at night. You can limit to only one color or play around with various, depending on what system you are planning to buy. Also, you can choose the light color according to the other decorations you have around the pool.

Perhaps the newest trend in interesting pool decorations are the LED balls. They are very fun to see and to play with (even if you’re an adult!) and the idea behind them is very simple. Don’t worry, they are waterproof and safe, plus you will have a lot of fun throwing them around. It also saves you the trouble of finding some lighting around the pool and you can also use them for exercising in the water.

LED balls

For a romantic night or just one for relaxation, don’t forget about candles. Whatever lighting sources you may use, candles will always keep a magical air and a special atmosphere. You can place them in glasses and let them float around the pool. Either way, after reading these ideas, you will definitely need to choose the one that you like most!


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