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Your jewelry need a fine home that resonates with luxury.

I don’t know if you remember but some time ago I talked you about how to create your own interesting spaces for jewelry and we were fascinated by what human’s imagination can design.

Well today I am going to be a little bit more concentrated on luxurious jewelry boxes because wealthy ladies adore them. They are also a magnificent item for decoration, a fabulous gift and they are very loved because they house our favorite things: jewelry.

This first jewelry box you will see is truly one of a kind and it will look simply amazing in an elegant luxurious bedroom. It is a Metamorphosis Secret Garden jewelry box in enamel plique-a-jour with gold structures. The idea of a lotus leave give impression of delicacy and value. The lotus is made of rose quartz and aventurine.

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luxurious jewerly boxes home caprice lotus

Grosvenor table top jewellery box in dove grey calfskin leather, at a price of £2,250, is something really magnificent with enough space for a jewelry ship. You’ll instantly adore it. Its elegant modern color reflect class and style.

smythson-grosvenorluxurios jewerly box home caprice

Cartier is already about luxury and softness and so is this jewelry box in limited edition called Exceptional box, having a lid of sun “Godrons” decor in sterling silver with palladium finis, nephrite jade sides and cabachon, green leather interior. Its price is  £27,700 and it simply takes your breath away.

cartier luxurious jewelry boxes home caprice

Next amazing jewelry box The Ah-Mwa has 7 interlocking, mitred drawers lined in soft rose lambskin leather, a concealed stationary compartment and bi-fold lockable doors which contain bevelled mirrors. It has separate necklace cases with leather straps and magnetic fasteners. Only 25 of this have been made.

treecouturedetail luxurious jewelry boxes home caprice

Delmere Jewelry Box made in ivory shagreen created from mahogany with ivory suede interior. It has 24-carat gold plated brass accents. Its price is  £4,295 and the designer is Ralph Lauren Home.

RalphLaurenDelmeereShagr luxurious jewelry boxes home caprice

Asprey designed this large jewelry in black ascot calfskin leather. It has hallmarked sterling silver locks and fitting and even a removable jewelry envelope.

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asprey luxurious jewelry box

Ladies will adore this Aspinal of London jewelry box which comes in an extravagant color that reflect a powerful woman’s vision. It is a Grand Luxe solid wood jewelry box in berry lizard print, calfskin leather and cream suede. Ladies make sure this jewelry box is part of your things and dear gentlemen next time you don’t know what to buy to your beloved ladies, this jewelry box is the perfect choice.

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aspinal luxurious jewlry boxes home caprice


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Your desk must become your first inspiration!


Your desk must be a constantly inspiration and source of energy. That is why the accessories you pick for it must look phenomenal.

An important detail is that your desk must give you energy, it might sound weird but it really must look dynamic but at the same time ordered.

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And because I simply adore accessories of any kind and the desks ones happen to be some of my favorites, today we will take a look at some desk accessories because your desk must inspire you.

I want to begin with some accessories which have a special place in my soul and those are BookEnds. Bookends are adorable. They bring joy and order in your office and make your desk happier. I can’t imagine any person who doesn’t like bookend. Take a look:

Your desk and not only, but your laptop needs an elegant fancy mouse pad which allows you not only to work easier but to smile once in a while when you look at it. I like mouse pads because you can find them in different colors, shapes and design. You must search for that mouse pad which fits your personality. Let’s see some of those:

Of course that you need a pen holder on which you can put all your pens or crayons without loosing them. It is important that your desk is always clean and ordered because if not, you will loose time searching for things that should be at their special place. Because you don’t want loose creativity you can pick the most interesting and funny pen holders or you can always choose elegant ones.

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Next accessory is a ring holder which you might think you don’t need but believe me, you truly need one because rings can become an impediment when you work at the computer our you have to write hundreds of papers. A ring holder will keep your rings safe and at the end of the day you will find them as beautiful as you left them.

The first accessory which I think is indispensable is a lamp desk because people tend to work late and a lamp becomes your best friend when you work late so make sure you choose a lamp that doesn’t only give you a good light but it is also an elegant nice one. Depending on your personality choose a lamp that makes you feel full of energy to go on. This accessory also a great gift for your boss or a beloved employee.

I really hope I’ve helped you with some interesting creative ideas for your desk and from no one you will remember that you have to find inspiration where you work.

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Your desk must inspire you!

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Start creating your own personalized vases.


Match your personality with interior or exterior accessories like vases and create your own magnificent creations. Nothing compares with something you design and create and you will definitely smile every time your eyes encounter them.

Your imagination can’t wait to be your partner in creating your personalized vases and I assure you that the result will be marvelous.

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Because flowers are a reason to be happy and they always bring energy in our homes, let’s create special vases for them to welcome them in a proper way.

Wooden Vases  can become your most beloved item in your home. Pick colors which go perfectly with your furniture and be amazed by what you can do with some sculpted wood and some paints. These can be either elegant and classy or you can make them joyful and funny for your children’ room.



Cardboard Vase can be a perfect reason for you and your family to start having some quality time together. Creating something together will help you bound and have an amazing time. This will become a fabulous family memory. Just let your imagination dance and the rest will come by itself.


Handmade hanging glass vase can be spectacular. You need a ball or a bulb and the rest is up to you. Its shape and how you play with it is your call. I assure you the result will astonish you and you will do this more often.

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If you have some bottles of milk which you kept for something, well the reason you kept them is because you can create beautiful vases of them. You just have to paint them and make them look as your entire soul is a part of their creation.





If you use to drink soda and you kept the bottles, leave them as they are and just hang them in a place where they will give light and airness to the room.


Jars are the perfect home for flowers because you can beautify them as you want. Paint, stick something on them, create them a piece of cloth, anything you think it will look special and unique.



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If you take a look really carefully around your house, you might notice that almost anything can become a marvelous unique vase, so start being more creative and never say you are bored again, because you can always create something new. Handmade vases will always bring more happiness to your home.


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Be amazed by the most expensive carpets.


If we want our house to be proud with its accessories, than we must take into consideration that it needs a fabulous carpet. Doesn’t matter if the carpet you choose is in the living room , bedroom or any other room, this must be incredible as your house is.

And what other choice than one of the most expensive carpets in the world? Any house would feel phenomenal.

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The Tabriz Carpet is originated from northwest Persia being a traditional Mahi in what concerns colors and patterns. Its design and the work which was put in this carpet raised its price and $68,500.



Fereghan Sarouk it is also a Persian carpet which costs $74.500 being an iconic Fereghan Sarouk design and collectors die to have it. It is designed in a symmetrical hour glass style having three medallions spaced down its length.



Portuguese Armorial  was sold for $80,500. This amazing carpet has an detailed border with patterns that point to the square medallion in the center.




Mohtashem Kashan Carpet at a price of $92.500 this incredible Persian piece it is one of the most detailed and wanted carpet in the world. Its quality is incomparable having fabulous details. It is just extraordinary.



.Ziegler Mahal Carpet  is also from central Persia and its price is breath taking: $98.500. Its uniqueness is priceless though. It is a large square cut rug which has as a pattern a flower and its royal colors just make it unimaginable beautiful.





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Isfahan Carpet is something which you really need to own being the fifth most expensive carpet in the world, you can just imagine its beauty and quality. It is part of the collection of Tobacco heiress, Doris Due. It is very valuable being the perfect decoration piece because of its colors and design. It was sold for $116,500.




Ushak Rug is a magic carpet which everybody wish for and your house will become your favorite place to be. Despite being very old it is still one of the greatest rugs in the world. It was designed with extraordinary contrasting colors and has many symbols. Because of its brick-red fields this rug is very desirable. Its price is $158.500




Ziegler Mahal Carpet 2 is the third most expensive rug on Earth. Despite having some defects it was sold with $170,500. The colors which were chosen for this carpet are from another world, being a very large carpet and it can fit in any room being loved by furniture because it can assorted with any kind of furniture. Its holes only make it more vintage and desirable.





The second most expensive carpet in the world is Ziegler Mahal Carpet 3 it is a high-quality rug also from Persia. because of its decorations and its color palette, this rug is something rich people dream at night. It was sold for more than $182.500 and it is still wanted in the entire World.



The most expensive carpet in the world is Silk Isfahan Rug , and you guessed also from Persia. There is nothing you can compare it with, having fabulous craftsmanship, an outstanding density, it is made with pure silk which raises even more its rarity. Its price is $4,450.00 which makes it more than luxurious and eccentric. It was bought in 2008 by a powerful stylish man.




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I hope you will find inspiration in these carpets and you will decorate your house with luxury taste and fineness.

Sometimes it’s good to know about each other, and if we find ourselves in another culture we can apply something from there in our home.

oriental style

We all know that every country and every culture have a different style of living. The interior design and the decoration is just another aspect that represent the people’s culture.

For the lovers of the details, warm and strong colors, patterns and for sure luxury, we have the Arabic style.

The Arabic interior design is very extravagant, most of all with unique details and with a magnificent blend of color, but it always offers  personality to your home.

If you decide to bring some oriental style in your home, you can use small and subtle  details which represent this beautiful culture and creating a balance between the stiles, and for sure to offer an elegant solution for any space.

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1. Mixing the traditional with the modern. If you choose to decorate your space with some oriental pieces, you can use just a pendant lighting and a metalwork items for your walls, and for sure don’t forget about the patterns, in this example you can find it on the floor. To create a mix between traditional style and modern style you can use neutral colors, that helps your space atmosphere to become more soft and light.

arabic design
arabic design

2.  Prints and details everywhere. The details and the color palette are very specific for the Arabic style, in specially the baroque print will always have a first place in this kind of decorating. It’s good to know that in Arabia the golden is one of the most used color, but blue and turquoise looks great in this example.

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arabic design
arabic design

3. Subtles details and curved lines. If your home have some arcades, you can decorate them with some Arabic prints, like the MIMAR interior exemple, and don’t forget that the curved lines are another specific thing for this excentric style. And, like in the all the styles, the lighting design is very important, so if you want just to bring a little part of Arabia in your home, you can choose a chandelier with a lot of details, and in the evenings you will have the walls, ceiling and floor full of oriental patterns.

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arabic design
arabic design

Victorian decor is an epitome of style, elegance and class and can definitely make your home the most elegant one around!

Victorian Home Accessories: Elegant Design

Even though people wrongly associate the Victorian style with a British period that’s over, but that is not entirely true. The historical period might be over, but the style has survived in interior decor! As you would expect knowing the British culture, it is a little bit pretentious and extravagant, but very elegant. And you can bet some Victorian home accessories will definitely make your home a great one!

1. Lace decorations. Nothing can be more Victorian than lace, so you simply have to include it in your decor to make it more elegant. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to do that. A table cloth or a curtain are great and simple ways of including a Victorian look into your living room or dining room without too much effort or money. Out of all these, curtains are the most used for this purpose.

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2. Rugs and cushions. Other ways of integrating Victorian home accessories into your interior decor is to use elegant rugs and cushions. Another characteristic for the Victorian style is the opulence and intricacy of the designs. So cushions and rugs in very elegant colors are very adequate, just like tassels and opulent colors: gold, silver and similar others. Place them around the room and don’t worry if they’re a little bit too much, because that’s what the Victorian style is all about! Bonus: for the bedroom you can also use a canopy or a baldaquin to make the design even more elegant and interesting!

3. Colors. As we said, you have to use elegant colors, but make sure you use plenty of such accessories. They have to be shiny or opulent, that’s why it’s better to use gold and silver. White and black can also be elegant decorations, but here you should think about glossy ones instead of simple. Also, burgundy red or warm browns are a good option, especially if you think about furniture.

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4. Furniture. And if we’re talking about furniture, you should consider placing your Victorian home accessories on a rather classy furniture than a modern one. Obviously, modern furniture does not suit a Victorian style, but you can play around with black and white furniture. This is a secret to combine both modern and Victorian style: use black and white furniture and add various home accessories in elegant colors, so as to recreate an old style, but also to introduce vintage items.

5. Materials. Since the style itself is so elegant, so have to be the Victorian home accessories. The materials must be high quality to reflect the high class. Satin, velvet or leather are great quality materials to reflect the Victorian era. And if you combine them, you’ll surely obtain a great style! Last but not least, you should think about using art in your decor. Art is a great way of adding elegance to a room, and also to make it look more Victorian, especially if you use pompous frames.

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Check out how cool a reused light bulb can look if you're simply creative!

Reuse Light Bulbs: Charming Necklace

In this era of speed, the tendency is to spend a lot of money on things you throw away afterwards. However, one good idea is to recycle things that are used or that you no longer use. This does not only help you in saving money, but it’s also a good chance to use your creativity and to customize the house in a new and original way. One of the examples in this way is to reuse light bulbs. We all have several light bulbs that don’t work anymore lying around in the house, so why not find new and interesting uses for them? See here some ideas to help you with this!

Since we’re talking about recycling and caring for the environment, you can use light bulbs to grow plants in them. And here you have many options, depending on your taste and the available space in the home. You can put a light bulb in a pot filled with soil and let a flower grow directly into it. It will have a special effect seeing the flowers inside it, and you can use them as decorations in the entire home. Otherwise, you can fill the light bulb with soil and plant the seeds there, replacing thus a normal pot. However, this solution is not viable for large plants, obviously, but smaller plants are cuter anyway!

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Paint them! Another great way to reuse light bulbs is to paint them in funny ways and use them as decorations. For instance, in the winter you can paint them white just like snowmen. Paint other with snowflakes and hang them together on the string. Similarly, you can choose other themes to paint them: flowers for the spring, leaves for autumn and so on. You can even fill them with glitter!

If you want them to be more personal, you can glue your own photos on them. Whether on the inside or the outside, the pics glued to the glass look really cool, plus they help in customizing any room where you place them. This is one way to reuse light bulbs in a personal and original manner without having to pay for special decorations!

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You can resort to other materials to decorate light bulbs. Use colored textile materials and create funny figures on them. Other options are to use string and tassels to hang them in different places around the house, depending on the effect you want to obtain. Elegant chains and glued pearls or shiny decorations can really help in making an exquisite item to adorn a more delicate room or a girl one.

To sum up, you should totally consider reusing light bulbs in order to save money and decorate your house in a more personal and original way. Remember to use your creativity and handiness at their fullest and to place them in a beautiful manner, so as to obtain a great design with awesome unique decorations!

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See here how easy it is to transform an interior design in just minutes by using only tape decorations!

Tape Decorations: Blue Design

Tape is one of the most common items you can find in a home and one important resource for decorating a room. If you’re wondering why, just use your creativity and you’ll find many ways in which to use tape decorations to change a little bit the aspect of your interior design. Here are some ideas to help you!

If you’re bored with the same old color of the walls, there is a way to make them have a new and original look by creating patterns with tape! Just imagine whatever pattern suits your taste and use pieces of tape to create it. Usually it’s easier to go for geometrical figures and shapes, or variations using them, but as long as it’s doable and not too complicated, you can do anything!

Another thing you can do to use tape decorations is to make photo or paintings frames. It is somewhat unconventional, but it create a pretty nice effect for your room. You can place them directly on the wall together with the photos or paintings you want to “hang”, but if you don’t want to damage the wall, you can also place them on a special board. Similarly, you can add more pictures to this panel and have a larger photo decoration on the wall.

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Choose colored tape and decorate your vases! Embellish your old vases by cutting funny or cute patterns from tape and sticking them on it. A dull blue vase, for instance, will look totally different with a colored flower made of tape on it. This idea is a great one and it can be used for lots of other stuff you have lying around, like storage boxes, mason jars around the kitchen, bottles or small closets. It will really make a difference, we promise!

Make creative tape decorations for your living room! Recycle old Christmas tree bulbs and use them currently as decorations. Add colored tape stripes in certain patterns or even randomly and place all of them in a big glass vase. It will be an original way to adorn any room without making it look cluttered at all.

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Thankfully, there are lots of ideas to help you when wanting to redecorate easily with whatever you have within reach around the house. And since using tape is the simplest thing in the world, you should think about incorporating some natural elements into your decor too. Around Halloween and not only, you can take huge pumpkins (filled or empty) and wrap them altogether in tape. You will be surprised to see how good they look and how interesting this type of decorating is!

Of course, these tape decorations vary from home to home, since they’re based on your creativity and unique view of the design. As a general rule, try to match the colors of the tape to those already existing in your home decor for a harmonious look. Other than that, there is virtually no restriction in redecorating some rooms and giving them an entire new look with minimum effort!

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See how some vintage home accessories can totally change the aspect of your interior design, making it more interesting and beautiful!

Vintage Home Accessories: Vintage Decorations

A new and original way of embellishing your home is to use vintage home accessories. Not only that you use something old to create a new look, but it also helps you to repurpose whatever objects you might have lying around, which you never considered throwing away. However, you need some creativity in order to obtain a beautiful decor using vintage home accessories, but here is where we can help! Read on and see how you can introduce vintage home accessories in your home.

One good common point to start adding vintage home accessories in your interior design is the material. If you have a room full with heavy wooden furniture, you can also use other wooden decorations you might have received from parents, grandparents and so on. A vintage beauty table with mirrors can find its place perfectly in a cozy and feminine bedroom, especially if you already have a delicate design around.

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Even though no one would think that suitcases could ever count as vintage home accessories, if you are creative enough you can make them complement a beautiful interior design. Paint them in crazy colors, stack them together in a corner and you have a great way to store away small things or stuff you don’t need very often. Moreover, you can further decorate them with photos or bows, for instance, depending on the final look you want to obtain in the room.

Matching colors are a sure way of making two different styles blend together. Some of the specific colors for vintage home accessories are pale blue or copper shades, for example, and you can take advantage of this. But how to match them? Choose a similar blue color for the walls in one room, so that you can use that very old blue suitcase as a decoration! Or you can choose metallic coppery decorations throughout one room, regardless of the rest of the colors: clocks, trays, office supplies and so on.

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Think about refinishing old furniture! You know that old chair from your grandma’s? If you add a new cushion to it and reinforce the wooden (or metal) structure, it’s as good as new, but with an extra quality: it will have a very special look, not to mention the sentimental value it will bring to your entire interior decor. This thing can apply to bigger furniture items too. A massive old bed can be refinished by blending new and old materials, and the result will be a unique bedroom!

Finally, another important thing you should know about the vintage home decorations is that you don’t need to panic if you don’t have such items lying around in your home. You can easily buy them from antique shops or directly from people who sell them on all kinds of websites. Alternatively, you can buy new items that are made on purpose to look like vintage ones, and the effect will be pretty much the same, minus the emotional value.

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If you're the original type who doesn't want to decorate his/her own with the same commercial accessories, do it yourself home accessories are the solution!

Do It Yourself Home Accessories: Wall Decorations

Nothing brings a more personal touch to your home more than do it yourself home accessories. Even though it might sound like you need to do a lot of work and to stress out for this, you will be surprised to find out how easy it is to craft your own home accessories. And the best part is that you can easily integrate them into your existing design or change it by bringing new touches.

One great idea to do if you’re a creative person and don’t want to spend money on commercial home accessories is doing your own artwork. Instead of buying kitsch paintings or pictures to hang on the walls, you can draw yourself some beautiful landscapes or even portraits of your loved ones. If you’re not that talented, you can simply choose some pictures on the Internet, print them and frame them. A good note to self is to make sure that the colors of the painting match in a way that of the wall or the rest of the design. More than that, choose the best pictures you took in your travels around the world and frame them! Not only you will have some great do it yourself home accessories, but you will also feel relaxed and happy when remembering about the holidays and travels.

Use stencils! If you’re thinking that beautiful stencils are hard to find in stores, you are very wrong! Of course you can find some patterns in stores, but if you’re not happy with them, you know the solution: do it yourself! You can simply find online patterns or simply drawings, print them, cut around them and voila, you have a stencil of your own. What you need to do next is to take some paint or a paint spray and decorate as you wish the trays, the vases or whatever you wish to, including the walls!

Create an useful and original tablet stand by repurposing an old picture frame! Use the frame to mask the actual stand for your tablet. Make sure it is thick enough not to break and it is preferable to craft it from wood similar to that of the frame. Remember the best part about do it yourself home accessories? You can customize them as you want, so if vintage wood does not really suit your interior design, go for a metallic picture frame that will bring up a modern touch.

Another idea for your do it yourself home accessories are the lampshades. Use a simple bleach pen and some brightly colored material to create nice doodles or even intricate patterns if you’re good at it! Go around the lampshade and design whatever you want. You can respect the theme of the room (for a kids room, for instance) or if you’re born an artist, you can doodle portraits and mini-landscapes on it. The alternatives are various: Choose some black paint or a lampshade made of several patches for a crazier effect!

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