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Decorate your bedside table in such a manner you will always feel special.

Everybody waits all day long for that moment when they will put the pajamas on and comfort themselves in their beloved bed, that is why most of the people try their best with the bedroom decorations because the feeling inspired by the bedroom, influences our sleep.

An important piece of decoration in the bedroom is the bedside table. This piece of decoration, beside not being that important for others, it is the central point for many people so because this aspect is excruciating for an elegant bedroom, in this article we will take a look at several stylish ideas of decorating the bedside table.

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Some people take for granted the bedside table, filling it with books randomly placed or other object but the secret is that if you nicely decorate your bedside table, you will automatically feel a lot better when you are ready to relax and enjoy some quality time in your bed.

Look at this bedside table, beautifully decorated with a simple vase of white roses, which denote elegance and class, a feminine white lamp which has a simple pattern on it, a cup of tea, the small books are put above and the bigger ones are down. Everything looks neat and allows you to feel relaxed.

bedside table flowers home caprice

A vase with charming flowers is indispensable, making you feel more cozy and fancy. Of course if your bedroom is decorated in a more modern style, the bedside must also reflect this modernism of the chosen style. A pretty idea are two different sizes picture frames, a voguish glass bottle and of course the fantastic lamp.

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glass bedside table home caprice

If your lucky color is black than go black for the bedside table too. Black can never go wrong. It is elegant, classic,tasteful and luxurious if you know how to combine it. Choose a minimalist painting above the bedside table, an opulent lamp which denotes power and taste, place your favorite book on the bedside table and if it is anything else you believe it will look fashionable on it don’t be afraid to put it on.

stylish bedside tables homecaprice

If you enjoy seeing a lot of colors and you are a person who takes energy from jewelry and sparkling objects than a brilliant idea would be to keep boxes of jewelry on the bedside table, you can have two vases of different sizes, a tiny charming clock and of course the lamp which is maybe the most important item.

jewelry bedside table homecaprice

Of course  you can also place candles on the bedside table, your favorite perfumes, an elegant perfume is always bringing a stylish touch to the room and if you love sweats, a dandyish bowl of sweet would also look fabulous. 

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candle bedside table homecaprice

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Kids love to have their own bathroom especially when it's decorated in their style!

A big house will respect itself and the intimacy of every person living there including children, that is why children will have their own bathroom, designed in a particular way so they would feel safe and evert bath will be an adventure. Kids are excitied by the idea of having their own bathroom because they will feel respected and secured in there, especially when they will grow up.

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It is very important though to design and decorate the bathroom in a manner that will pitch they imagination and they will never refuze a shower, or brushing their teeth. Everything must be selected as you would be the child spending his/her time in there.

So today we are going to take a look at some kids shower curtains that will definitely beautify the bath in a great way.

If you were blessed with two children brother and sister, than take advantage of their relationship and search for a shower curtain that emphasize their bonding.For example this shower curtain presenting a boy and a girl on a swing is perfect for two brothers to feel connected.

kids shower curtain

When you have a girl, everything must be taked to a royal level, afterwards she is your princess and she is definitely the queen of her own bathroom, so choose a girly elegant shower curtain which reflects femininity and class. She will feel amazingly appreciated and important. Having her bathed will be like having a walk.

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girl shower curtain home caprice

If you have a boy who wants to go on a see adventure than you need a curtain that will give him the feeling that he navigates his own ship, searching  for a huge treasure that will make him famous. Yes, children see a chance of playing in everything so the bathroom will really become a center adventure focus.

ship shower curtain

You know that kids today are in loved with Minions and grown ups too believe me and because everyone is so crazy about they of course there have been created infinite accessories with the Minions theme and so were shower curtains which your child will definitely adore.

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minion shower curtain home caprice

Kids love animals so if you don’t have any brillian ideas just go for a shower curtain with cats or dogs printed on it they will be thrilled. Children are capable of seeing somethin spectacular in everything especially if it comes from their parents. They are just fantastic.

shower curtain home caprice

Waste no time and give your child the pleasure of having intimacy and his/her own space where she/he will feel respected and trustful. Create a bathroom that makes magic.

Discover these impressive remarkable bathroom gadgets and enjoy technology!

It seems that these days I have a thing for gadgets but after you see what I prepared for you today, you will understand why.

It is such a good thing that modernity comes with high technology we could never imagined it will happen. But here we are witnessing incredible gadgets that change our lives completely.

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Today is about remarkable bathroom gadgets that totally impressed me and I am more than sure they will impress you. After you see these you will struggle to find out from where you can procure them.

1.Boon Flo Water Deflector: it is made of plastic, it has the power to create a gentle waterfall, projects water away from faucet, it is perfect for children protecting them against injury, allows access to shower diverter, it is BpA free, Phthalate free and PVC free.

Flo-Water-Deflector bathroom gadgets home caprice2.Single handed Soap Dispenser: helps you keep the top of the pump cleaner and more hygienic, it is very easy to fill back, suitable for any kind of liquid hand soap.


Single-Handed-Soap-Dispenser bathroom gadgets home caprice3.Philips ShoqBox: it has bluetooth streaming, it swipes sensors to skip songs, has 2 pair shoqboxes into L-R speakers, it won’t break even if you splash it or drop it. It is built in lithium battery.

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Philips-Shoqbox bathroom gadgets home caprice4.Towel Spa Towel Warmer: Transform your towels in hot ones in just 2 minutes. It is compact in order to fit conveniently on the counter, it warms towels, blankets and robes so you will feel more comfortable than ever, it is very easy to use and the best thing is that is is small enough to put it anywhere.

Towel-Spa-Towel-Warmer bathroom gadgets home caprice5.Withings WiFi Body Scale: this is an ultra precise weigh and body fat measurement which has a position control. It measures heart rate when you step on the scale, measures the quality of indoor and outdoor air, it has an automatic upload of your measurements thanks to its WI-Fi and Bluetooth, a health mate application to visualize trends and improvements, scale interface is designed specially to help users to obtain accurate readings.

Withings-WiFi-Body-Scale bathroom gadgets home caprice6,LED Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet: this one is built to last longer than any gadget you know, it is high quality valaves. Thick brass bases and double bolt installations for years of stability. This gadget is found only at special retailers.

LED-Waterfall-Bathroom-Sink-Faucet bathroom gadgets home caprice

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Hope I gained your attention with these bathroom gadgets and you will start searching  for them.

A studio apartment can be fun and permits you to put your imagination at work.

studio apartmeny

Even though you’re living in a studio apartment that doesn’t mean you can’t set it up according to your visions and personality. Living in a studio apartment can be so much fun especially when you are creative and visionary.

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I used to live in a studio apartment before and I’ve always searched new ideas for how I should make the best from my space, so today I will give you some brilliant ideas for your studio apartment.

The easiest way to have intimacy is to PLACE A CURTAIN AROUND THE BED. It looks romantic, intimate and very cool. You will feel your place safe and calm.

You can use a curtain separator for kitchen too if you feel that you need private space in the kitchen and no one else see you what you are up to. Or you can also use an old window as a kitchen separator. Both could look good and both give you that impression of privacy.

Because you need space for your office work you need to take into consideration how important is that you have a desk inside the studio because if it’s not that important you can easily place your laptop on a shelf next to the bed, or you can improvise yourself a place where to put a small but comfortable desk, I would also put it at the bottom of the bed, or you can transform the coffee table both in a desk and a table for guests.

What I think it would be both creative and useful are sliding doors for wardrobes and bathrooms. These doors don’t require too much space so you will never have to trouble about how you open the door.

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The perfect furniture for a studio apartment is that that can transform into something smaller or bigger, like a sofa that can become a bed during the night and a comfortable coach during the day. It saves space and it is more then inventive.

ideas for studio

Because you also need entertainment you can use a window as a projector screen so you don’t need to worry how you will all see the movie without trouble.


If you don’t have space for a normal size table for eating, you don’t need to worry and improvise a smaller one, placed next to the wall. It looks lovely and there is plenty of space for two to eat or to enjoy a morning coffee. In this way you don’t occupy space in the kitchen and the space there remains for your movement.

small table

I would try to combine space with comfort and utility. Like a library bed. Yes, library beds exist and they look incredible, they offer you intimacy, privacy, comfort and they are ideal for studio apartments. They also have space for your books and not only, that is why they are called library beds.

studio bed

Take into consideration the fact that a studio apartment bathroom won’t be big so you need to find accessories that help you store as many things as you can. I would opt for tall but slim shelves that don’t occupy too much space but they are perfect for storing bathroom items. This is available for the shower too. Search for a shower that has shelves and you can keep your cleaning products there.Buy a cabinet that permits you to deposit all of your stuffs if there is not enough space for shelves and other items.

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I hope you will find my ideas useful and interesting so next time you are visiting a studio apartment, try to imagine how you would decorate it. The result will impress you. Have fun.

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Your bathroom is from now one more modern and special!

bathroom sink

I think you already know how passionate I am into modern interesting unusual interior design decorations, that is why today I decided to search for the most creative bathroom sinks which will really change the aspect of your bathroom.

Choosing a creative bathroom sink doesn’t just give character to your bathroom but also makes you feel better and more of a visionary person.

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In order to feel proud about your choices make sure you let yourself into the details of the house, that means that your desires, visions and dreams can be seen in the details.

Let’s find inspiration in these creative bathrooms sinks which are surely something unusual and special.

creative sink

Take a look at this beautiful unusual sink which has printed on it different important attractions around the world. I really think it’s very original and you can ask a interior designer to see where you can find a firm where they print any thing you’d desire on your sink.

creative sink

I really love this one. Makes me wanna play with the water and puts a big smile on my face. I couldn’t get bored of washing my hands all day on it. Don’t you think it is really interesting?

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creative sink

This one really made my day. I’ve never seen a bathroom sink like this one and I definitely want one for my own. Imagine how fun would be to have such a sink and if you own pets I just imagine how interested would be in it and how they would play with the water. I love it.

bathrooms sinks

This one is both modern and elegant. It brings creativity and elegance in one. Every morning would be more interesting and fun with this sink. Details definitely count and this one makes your entire bathroom look marvelous.

chic bathroom sink

Look at this one. Is unusual, elegant, graceful and impressive. What would ask for more? I simply adore it and every elegant bathroom would be proud to have it. I think I would look for million reasons just to enter in the bathroom and wash my hands in this sink.

modern bathroom sink

This sink is for modern visionary persons who want to mix modern with minimal design. It is also very strange but intriguing. I wonder how it feels when you wash your hands.

bathroom sinks

By far this is one of the most creative ones. It is so great and special. This sink definitely will make your bathroom the greatest bathrooms of all. Imagine having a cup sink like in your bathroom, it would be just the perfect reason for your guests to visit the entire house. I love it.

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Your Own Spa

bathrooms sinks

Rustic designer lovers will agree that this sink is the greatest they’ve ever seen. I think it’s the perfect sink for a chalet.

I hope you find these creative bathroom sinks perfect for your house and you will start being more playful with the interior design. Have fun!

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Redefine interior design with unique bathroom mirrors.

bathrooms mirrors

I don’t know about you but I am in love with bathroom mirrors. I don’t know if it is because they remind me of the famous story of Snow White or because they are simply beautiful and useful.

But in order to be enchanted by a mirror, it must have a unique feature and to make me feel special. The perfect mirror will make your bathroom look even more elegant than it already is.

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So what is the main secret in finding the perfect mirror? Well it should reflect you, well it already reflects your physically but your visions must somehow create the perfect mirror. This is how I choose my mirrors.

I will present you a unique model of mirror which is perfect for those innovative personas who want to be seen as persons of visions and creativity. So this mirror it is surely something you have to own for smiley mornings.


Next mirrors express femininity and grace. If you are a single woman or you have your own bathroom where no man is allowed, than this type of mirror really makes you feel beautiful and it is a real inspiration when it’s about make up. I am sure it will enchant you instantly.

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If you share the bathroom with your husband make sure he also feels comfortable and confident when he looks in the mirror. Try to find a middle way for choosing the mirror and can’t be that hard because there are many mirrors which express perfectly women touch and men features.


If you are a person of extravagance and luxury than reflect these attitudes in your bathroom especially your mirrors. If your mirrors are extravagant you will desire to be extravagant as well. If they express glamour your will feel the need to be glamorous as well. See? The secret stays in your mirror.


Choose to be modern. Today it is a trend to have a modern house so if you want to be one of those persons who want a modern home than do this with your bathroom by adding a modern fancy mirror and you will instantly feel the difference.

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Vintage is always on trend so if you feel that vintage is your style, transform your bathroom and make it look graceful and interesting. Take into consideration that bathrooms are an inspiration path so choose your mirror wisely.


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Bath from now one will have a taste of luxury!


Towels are an important detail in our lives because we use towels for different purposes and despite thinking they’re not so important for us, they actually have a huge importance.

The most tricky part is that we should all use high quality towels when we’re talking about bath towels because if you didn’t know until now, there are special bath towels each of them having a specific purpose.

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Bathroom towels

The Scents & Feel handmade Fouta Herringbone With Two Stripes expresses class, clean, and elegance it’s just perfect for the bathroom and for the beach being 6.5 feet long. For your kitchen try an Ariel Dearie floral arrangement towel.

What makes this towel so special is that it is the best for your hair. Designed with lightweight cotton/ linen, it is very smooth, striped side, and backed with white terry on the other side and believe me when I say that it is the most absorbent and fastest drying towel you will ever use. This home accessory was the reason why Japan has such a fine reputation for good design. You will be amazed to see that it weighs as much as a seaweed snack. So definitely this is the towel to use for your hair.



Discover the most amiable towel which is made 100% environmentally friendly and produced with organic cotton, Coyuchi’s Air Weight Bath Towel , it is something you really need in your house. It is specially designed to not accept footprints and to dry very fast in the dryer. This towel feel extremely good on your body and you will feel very spoiled.

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The next one is the towel! That towel which you will fall in love with and you’ll want to be with it forever. Frette’s Superb Bath Towel. A midweight towel which requires a single investment in your life time because this towel redefines high quality. A 100% cotton terry towel, your life will be made much more better having it. These towels are also encountered at the Carlyle, The Ritz and the Pierre.


Talking about luxurious towels the next brand will really impress you. The Restoration Hardware’s 802 Gram Turkish Bath Towel, is magic and simply magic. It is a glamorous towel which you’ll want to sleep on, eat next to it, and take walks with it. This is a dream towel which you extremely need in your house.


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So dear readers, you must take into consideration that there are specific towel for everything in the house. I will come back with some information about kitchen towel. Have a nice day shopping towels!

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For the love of Tile!

choose your bathroom color

There is an art even in choosing the colors for your bathroom and these must be chosen in order to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and pleased every time you enter in the bathroom because we saw in a previous article that the bathroom can be transformed in a personal spa, so we must choose carefully.

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When we are on our way to choose the tile color we might realize that it is a difficult stressful choice which really gives us headaches. Because we want something really special and with all the variety of shades, hues and designs we reach the point where we don’t know any longer what we want. So let’s see some tips that will help you choose your bathroom colors wisely.

First of all you must look what colors the walls have and what other decorations are in the bathroom or you might want to add and compare the color samples of these with potential tiles. It is very important to ensure that the decor you have now in the bathroom will match with the tile you are buying. We want no surprises after that.


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The second step is to decide either you want varied, complex or simple tiles or you are more of one-shaded tiles person. If you want a jolly bathroom you might take into consideration a multi-color tile which will draw attention and make you feel more dynamic and this type of tile makes the other things in the bathroom not that important because you will be focused on it and on the other hand a matching tile will make your eyes pay more attention at the furniture and decorations.

Next combine the style of your entire house and mix it with the choice of the tile. If you have a modern home than pick some vivid colors like black, white or golden purple, if your house is more vintage and classic than you might want to search for Terra cotta, rustic or pastel colors.


Now that you’ve done that, it is important to take a model of potential tile and bring it into the future bathroom to see how the light from here puts it in evidence, because the light from your bathroom is different from that from the store. Put the tile in different places and analyse how the light is making it look.

The last step is to know that for smaller, more compact rooms you should choose lighter and shades colors to make the room look more spacious and larger. If you choose dark shades like black or brown the room will appear smaller buy those overly large rooms will give you a feeling of cozyness and comfort.

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In what concerns the floor you can choose a floor tile that matches with the actual tile or you can be more creative and choose Modular Carpet which will give a modern look to your bathroom and it will make it feel more cozy. FLOR tiles is a new invention which really revolutionize the aspect of a bathroom. This FLOR it s a wide variety of modular carpet tile which can be easily installed by anyone.


“The FLOR tiles are great because any individual piece can be removed, cleaned, dried and then put right back into place with no trouble,” says Sheila. “Obviously, this is exactly what you want in a bathroom, where there’s a lot of moisture. Not just any wall-to-wall carpet would work as well as this does in my bathroom.” says Sheila Harris of Bowling Green, Ky.


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No better way for a quick relaxation time than in your own bathroom!

spa in your bathroon

It is very important to dedicate time for yourself in order to feel more confident, refreshed and more beautiful so why wouldn’t you create your own spa in your bathroom ?

Before play time, make sure you clean your bathroom extraordinary well because everything must be spotless because if a room is cleaned, you are already more relaxed. You don’t want to have meaningless things in your own spa.

Now it is time for the set. Lights are an important key for relaxation. Hide the sun light and buy some tea-lights or some relaxing candles. You really need to find that calm glow which will invite your body to relaxation.

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Everything that is disturbing you, must go. Buy elegant, graceful products, try some organic products or some lavender vanilla scents. Flowers have a gorgeous impact on your mood. Buy as many flowers as you can.

Find the most suitable music for a perfect mood. Create your own playlist with some soothing melodies and forget about DJs and radio.

Comfort must be the most precious detail on you personal spa. Search for a soft carpet, a comfy neck pillow and you will already feel happier. You need to assure the temperature so it wouldn’t be chill when you want to start your relaxation package. Put the towels on the radiator so they will warm you up when you finish your bubble bath.

You need essential oils because your skin needs to feel refreshed and younger. Lavender oils are the best and they relax your cells, rose oils are as well very relaxing.

Make your own facial treatment. Do yourself a face mask from eggs, olive oils and cucumbers and I assure you that it will make you feel extraordinary.

You need soft fluffy towels because you want to feel pampered. A cute tip is that to add drops of your beloved essential oil put them on a handkerchief and add it in the dryer with your towels, they will smell like Spring. If you want a real spa experience, you need robes so invest in the most cosy ones.

You don’t have a full treatment without moisture after finishing your bath. A fabulous idea is cocoa butter which hydrates your skin, gives it a special brightness and softens.



These are the easiest steps for having your own spa in your own bathroom and I am sure your bathrooms can’t wait to dedicate your relaxing time to them. Start feeling refreshed and new! 



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Although a typical bathroom look and a rustic design seem to have nothing in common, a blend between the two is awesome!

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Elegant Look

Rustic style is an everlasting and very beautiful one, even if it’s not very popular. Although there are people who associate it with mountain chalets and cold areas, you should know that if you like it, you can always use it for your home wherever you are. It is mostly associated with living rooms or bedrooms, but for some reason less with the bathroom. And, honestly, it’s really a shame, because the result is impressive, as you can see in our rustic bathroom ideas!

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1. A natural and relaxed atmosphere. If you want to combine the porcelain look of a normal bathroom with the charm of a rustic style, look for natural elements. This can be a common ground to build your style on, so make sure you have plants or wooden decorations around. They match perfectly the general rustic idea, plus they don’t get in the way of the bathroom utility. Also, for a more relaxed atmosphere, you can always add some candles or dim light.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Natural Look

2. Natural materials. Natural does not only refer to style, but also to the materials you use. Try to incorporate as many rock and wood items as you can in the room. Thankfully, there are plenty out there on the market: you can find wooden soap recipients, bamboo decorations or rugs or even real large stones you can place here and there if you have enough space for this. If you can’t really find such elements for your interior décor, it’s okay if you use similar ones or other materials that resemble these.

3. Use textures. Some of the best rustic bathroom ideas is to play around with textures. Generally, any rustic design is based on them, so you should get some inspiration from here. You can either play around with smooth surfaces like the porcelain from the bath tub, but at the same time to integrate rough textures from natural stones placed here and there. Another useful idea would be to choose textured wallpapers instead of real items.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Warm Light

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4. Light. Since you are following natural principles, no wonder it is recommended to use natural light in a rustic bathroom. Ideally, you should have large windows to let natural light in, but that’s not always possible, so you should be careful with what type of lighting you choose. Blue light usually goes better in a bathroom, but as we said, rustic style is about warmth and relaxation, so it’s recommended to choose yellow light or even darker shades. You can find lots of colored light bulbs on the market.

5. Creativity. Creativity is perhaps one of the best rustic bathroom ideas you can have! No matter the material, the style or the size of the room, what’s really important is to use your creativity. This is the key to finding the balance between the neat look of a bathroom and the magical charm of a rustic interior décor style.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Wood Texture

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Future Gadgets: Modern Kitchen

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Technology is being used more and more around the house, simplifying our lives and decorating our rooms. Many people invest in the latest trends...
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