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A kids bathroom requires a little more attention than a regular one, so pay attention to the following aspects!

Arranging a kids bathroom may seem quite easy and it is indeed, there’s nothing complicated about that, but what you need to take into account is the fact that you need to pay attention to a couple of other things than you would do when arranging a bathroom for yourself. If you’re curious to know which are these, read on some kids bathroom ideas!

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Colorful Design

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1. The practical aspect. As much as you tend to focus only on the visual part of the room, you should also think about the practical aspect. And by this we mean that you should adjust the furniture to the age of your kid/s. Given their height, you shouldn’t use regular furniture because that would stand in their way even when trying to do the smallest things. Look for adequate furniture items in the stores (there are plenty out there) or if not, you can buy a small ladder or a chair to help them reach the top shelves on their own.

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Adequate Furniture

2. Safety. Whatever style you choose for your kids bathroom, make safety your top priority. It doesn’t matter how it looks if it’s not safe for your kid, so be careful when choosing the right items in the room. Choose some light furniture, since voluminous and heavy items can be really dangerous in case they fall. Also, do not choose edgy furniture, or glass components. Glass can break easily and it’s better not to risk anything. Take care of the corners: if they are too sharp, you can find on the market useful rubber coverings for corners, edges or other places around. Remember: also integrate rubber rugs on the floor to avoid any kind of slipping that could lead to serious injuries.

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3. Colors. One of the coolest kids bathroom ideas is to decorate it in vivid colors. Kids generally don’t like dark or cold colors, so obviously you will have to make the room as pleasant as possible for them. Here you shouldn’t be afraid to combine different bright colors, since in a bathroom they are totally recommended. Place various colorful items: red, yellow, orange and whatever combinations you like! Kids don’t spend too much time in the bathroom, so the design will not be tiring. If, however, you don’t enjoy using a strong palette, you can go for pale and discreet tones: pale blue, pink, peach hues, or neutral ones: grey, beige, white combinations and so on.

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Funny Decorations

4. Decorations. Decorations are not to miss from a list of kids bathroom ideas! Since you have to make it more attractive and fun for the kid/s, make sure you know what their preferences are. Choose their favorite cartoons or characters and buy decorations based on that. Or even better, go shopping with them and let them choose what toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shower gel or stickers they like. The result will be even more satisfying for them if they contributed themselves to the design!

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Check out these great ideas and suggestions for towel designs and decorate your bathroom in a modern and creative way!

Towel Designs: Modern Design

Although they are usually overlooked, towels can definitely set the tone of a bathroom decor. They can really enhance a certain atmosphere or help you in reinforcing a pattern around the room. In the end, you will be happy to see that such a small detail can help in creating a great design! But let’s see some towel designs that can help you in figuring your bathroom out.

Towel Designs: Simple Designs

1. Dark colors. People in general prefer dark towels because they’re more practical and seem more elegant. Indeed, dark red or black towels are really a touch of elegance in any bathroom. You can either use them to continue the same colors you have already chosen for the room or to create a beautiful contrast, but in any case dark towels are a great idea.

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2. Light colors. Light towel designs are the most often found in people’s bathrooms, mostly because bathrooms in general are designed with such colors. From white to pale yellow, pink, blue, beige and so on, you can totally choose this if you want a light atmosphere for the room. Also, if you don’t have enough access to natural light, this is a good trick to improve this and to reflect the light you get, be it natural or not.

Towel Designs: Dark Colors

3. Quality. Of course, one of the most important principles when it comes to towel designs is quality. Price or color can vary and can even be overlooked sometimes, but the quality can’t be forgotten. Cotton is one of the best materials if you decide to follow this principle, but there are also other combinations of material out there on the market. We always recommend luxury items in your bathroom, but even if you can’t afford them, you should go for the best within your price range.

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4. Patterns. Towel designs offer you the freedom to use your imagination and creativity and combine various patterns. Modern designs usually tend to use geometric patterns, circles, spheres, squares and creative combinations with these, so there are virtually no rules regarding this. You can take advantage of this and create your own motif around the room: for instance, you can use circles in different colors on several items like the towels, the shower curtain, the toilet lid, the rugs and so on. Or you can play around with the colors: choose two main colors for the design and use several geometrical shapes that respect them.

Towel Designs: Light Colors

5. Trends. Our advice when it comes to towel designs is to always pay attention to the latest trends. And this is not such a difficult thing to achieve, given the fact that towels are changed pretty often, or in any case more often than other items in the room. That’s why you can easy change the design in the room and adapt the towels to any style you wish. Perhaps that’s the best advantage of this: the flexibility of the decor and the design you want!

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See here some ideas for a great feminine bathroom and a delicate design!

Dear ladies, whether you live alone or have your own bathroom, different from your partner’s, perhaps you want to have your own style when decorating it. Although it may sound easy to decorate it however you wish, for a special effect you should read our feminine bathroom ideas we prepared just for you!

1. Choose feminine colors. Of course, a feminine bathroom shouldn’t be all pink or pale blue, but dark colors do not actually reflect the delicate side of such a design. However, you can use your imagination: play around with pastel and neutral colors. For instance, you can combine peach shades with white accents or even turquoise details.

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2. Go for delicate accents. If you’re not a fan of feminine and delicate colors, you can use some smart tricks in order to still recreate this style. Choose dark or “serious” colors and complete them with delicate accents. For instance, if you would like a black bathroom because it’s definitely more elegant, you can combine it with pastel or even brightly-colored ribbons, large patterns and any decorations you can think of.

Feminine Bathroom Ideas: Mirror Tips

3. Use mirrors. Mirrors are a great way of establishing the style of a room, and this is perhaps one of the easiest feminine bathroom ideas for a decor. They can be a smart way of playing with the light in the bathroom, which is great if you don’t have large windows, but you can also use them as decorations. Choose one with intricate or elegant decorations on the edges and you’ll see how fast your bathroom can go from a dull room to a very feminine one. Pro tip: you can use small mirrors placed strategically around the bathroom to obtain the desired effect.

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4. Don’t be afraid to use lace. Usually people avoid lace because it looks too delicate or elegant, but in this case, if you want to enjoy the best feminine bathroom ideas, you should totally go for lace. Of course, you shouldn’t overuse it, but some lace around the mirror or decorative towels with such adornments are perfect. You can even use some thin curtains or something similar for the windows if you want to truly use the lace effect to the maximum.

Feminine Bathroom Ideas: Mirror Tips

5. Choose feminine patterns. Flowers, polka dots, delicate patterns are all great ideas for wallpapers and not only. Right from the start, the wallpaper counts a lot for the final image of the design, so you might want to think well about the pattern you intend to use. Further on, you can continue that pattern in other decorations in the bathroom: rugs, shower curtain etc. Some people even use the same pattern for other objects in the bathroom, like lids, for instance. Last but not least, what’s really important is to find your own style and your own kind of femininity so that the bathroom could reflect your personality the best: some women have a more aggressive style, while others prefer more peaceful decorations, so it’s all up to you!

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Feminine Bathroom Ideas: White Decor

Whether you plan to have a smart house or you already own one, you must know what are the latest bathroom gadgets and how you can use them!

Tech bathroom gadgets: Modern Home

Just like any other part of our lives, taking care of yourself is a domain that has been more and more intertwined with technology and with modern advancements. At the same time, the market is full of interesting and very useful gadgets that not only make your life easier, but also look very futuristic in your bathroom. Read on to see some ideas for tech bathroom gadgets.

1. Programmable shower. What if you could program your shower, how long will the water run and how hot it will be? Instead of arranging the faucet here and there and thinking whether you should stay longer in the shower, now you can decide right from the beginning how long or short your shower should be, how hot the water should be, what music you will listen while in there and what lighting will accompany you, all with just one simple gadget!

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2. Sound system tub. This is one of the most amazing tech bathroom gadgets, because it’s not a bath tub that has a sound system incorporated in it, it IS a sound system in itself! When it’s empty, the sound can be heard in the entire bathroom, and when it’s full, the sound waves will be transmitted through the water. And what can be more relaxing than having a long bath and listening to your favorite music at the same time?

3. Cabinet speakers. Among the most useful tech bathroom gadgets you can find the cabinet speakers that can smoothly blend in. They are not visible and are specially conceived so as not to let the sound be reflected by other surfaces usually found in the bathroom: glass, shiny surfaces etc. More than that, they are discreet and allow you to listen to your favorite music without occupying extra space.

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4. LED Temperature control. This new and futuristic way of controlling the temperature is great not only for the modern and innovative design, but also for the practical part. It helps you adjust the temperature and pressure with a smooth move of the hand. The LED indicates how cool or how hot the water is, so you can adjust it just as you wish in no time. Also, it comes in a futuristic fluid shape, and you can decide if you want it in a matte or shiny version.

5. RainBrain gadget. Probably the most useful bathroom gadget you will find, the Rain Brain helps you control absolutely everything you want in a shower. Unlike other gadgets, it helps you customize even the water stream, the temperature, the pressure, the music and many more. Moreover, you can set different programs for up to four users, so everybody in the family can enjoy their own customized type of shower.

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An open bathroom design is becoming more and more popular these days, so you might want to see why.

Open Bathroom Design: Beautiful Bathroom

Recently more and more people tend to choose an open bathroom design rather than the classical closed option. The advantages for such a bathroom and at the same time the reasons for which you should think about going for it in your own home are countless, but here you have some points that may help you in making a decision!

1. More space. One of the most convincing arguments when it comes to choosing an open bathroom design is the space. Of course, this type of bathroom requires lots of space from the beginning, but at the same time it’s much more convenient. It gives you the freedom of installing the size you want for showers or bath tubs. Also, it’s recommended to choose walk-in showers for an extra feeling of freedom.

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2. Freedom to decorate. You can even integrate an open bathroom into a greater bedroom if you want to obtain a wonderful relaxation room just for yourself, for instance. Or you could arrange an outdoor open bathroom design and even include plants or similar elements into the decor. This allows you to use lots of relaxing elements in the comfort of your own bathroom and even cross the line between bathroom and other rooms.

3. Redecorate anytime. Having so much space means that you can arrange and rearrange all the furniture as you wish. Besides the fixed elements, obviously, you can choose a different color for the rugs or the mirror or you can simply change the furniture as often as you wish, without worrying about the size of the objects. More than that, given that you use a larger space, bright colors or clusters are not annoying or disturbing, so you can take advantage of that. Or you can use several bright colors in different corners without them interfering in any way in your interior decor.

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4. Better use of lighting. If you choose a larger space for an open bathroom design, you will not need many artificial lighting sources, since you can use the windows or other natural sources more efficiently. More than that, it will also help you to reduce the maintenance costs in this aspect, even more than a regular closed bathroom design. Also, you will have one less concern when choosing the design, that of the lighting system and how to integrate it in the color scheme and the general style of the room.

5. Modern style. If you want to take advantage of the characteristics and facilities of a modern interior decor style, an open bathroom design is the right choice for you. It offers a greater freedom for choosing minimalistic or futuristic designs for furniture and other decorations, as well as for the colors and patterns you intend to use. Actually, a modern decor style is based on simple colors and furniture, so you might want to think of that since you have that much space to express your ideas.

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Choose yellow to decorate your bathroom if you want to brighten up your home and your life!

Yellow Bathroom Design: Yellow Walls

Most people avoid yellow when designing the home decor for their own homes because, well, it looks good in pictures, but why have such a tiring color in your home? Truth is that yellow does not necessary have to be tiring for the eyes, if used in a smart way. That’s why it’s a perfect color for a bathroom, because you don’t spend a lot of time there and you don’t have contact with the color too much. Let’s see some yellow bathroom design ideas and how you can use this color!

One option if you decide that you want a yellow bathroom design is to paint it all yellow! Depending on the hue you choose, it can turn out to be a pretty warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxing showers. More than that, it reminds you of holidays, of sunny days and beaches, which is great, especially if you live in a not so sunny area. But what’s more important is that it will brighten up the entire room and make you feel more positive!

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Alternatively, if you don’t want to excessively use the color, you can use smart decorations here and there to make the color more dominant in the room. For instance, you can choose white as the other color in the room and complete the design with yellow rugs, towels or drawers. However, make sure that they have pretty much a similar shade, because totally different shades will make the design uneven and not at all harmonious.

Art is another way through which you can obtain a yellow bathroom design. Choose paintings or statuettes to embellish your bathroom in yellow shades. Remember to make sure that they resist at high temperatures and high levels of humidity, since we are still talking about the bathroom. However, this is a sure way to make your bathroom very beautiful and unique.

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You can also use some tricks to make the bathroom appear yellow. For instance, use large mirrors and place colored decorations throughout the room to reflect in them. Also, a clever placement of them near windows or in more visible places will underline the color everywhere in the structure of the design. Another smart solution is to choose a second color which is more neutral. For instance, grey makes a great pair with yellow and it tones it down a little bit, making it even more beautiful by contrast.

Last but not least, remember that lighting is extremely important when you want to have a bright yellow bathroom design. A dark room with poor lighting will not show it as bright as it is, so it’s better to make sure there is enough light in the bathroom. Another trick you can use is to place different light bulbs in the room, preferably ones in a yellow light. They have an important role in creating the proper atmosphere and can turn a fresh design by day into a romantic and very relaxing one at night, not to mention if you add some yellow candles too!

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A double sink is something very useful, even though it's quite a new trend and many people are reluctant about it. Read on to see why you should install a double sink in your bathroom!

Double Sink: White counter vanity

Recently, the double sink has started to gain more and more popularity for various reasons. We know that you’re used to your old good sink, which might be very beautiful, but even if you haven’t thought of installing a double one, you should seriously take it into consideration. If you’re still undecided about choosing a double sink, read on for reasons to go for one and find your old sink a new partner!

One of the reasons for which people choose to install a double sink in their bathrooms is that it saves them a lot of time. It might seem unusual to think of this when it comes to a simple sink, but think of the time you waste waiting for your partner to finish using the bathroom. More than that, it’s really fun to brush your teeth together and a good laughter in the morning never hurt anyone!

You might think it’s a waste of money and energy to buy and install a double sink. It’s definitely not  a waste, but a good investment in the future. Whether you have kids or not, they will get along much better if they don’t have to argue over who uses the sink first in the morning and who’s last. What’s even more interesting is that you can make a customized sink for each of them and convince them to brush their teeth more often, for instance.

Although this is not such an important reason, many people choose to install a double sink because it’s fashionable. Indeed, that is the trend nowadays, but most people who choose to use such a sink really need it because of family reasons. Alternatively, there are bachelors who share an apartment and find it very useful and practical.

Double sinks are a great opportunity for you to use your creativity and imagination and to develop your designer skills. A popular choice would be to choose two sinks which look identical, but why not go for more? Choose different colors or patterns, like one sink red and one black, or one sink in stripes and the other one with polka dots. The possibilities are practically endless! However, remember to respect the interior design rules and not to mix and match wrongly the patterns or colors. In the end, nobody wants a striking sink right in the middle of the bathroom.

One last reason for which you should really choose to install a double sink is that you can find inspiration almost anywhere. It can actually enhance the design of your bathroom and if you’re not that creative, you can search online for thousands of decor ideas that start around the central element of a double sink. Of course, not all of them will match the interior design style you have chosen for your bathroom, but you can also adapt or recreate them. What’s even more interesting is that the array of double sinks you find on the market is very vast and handy for anyone to use!

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Use wisely the space in the attic and place there an attic bathroom. It's an original idea and it requires your organizing skills!

Attic Bathroom: Warm Colors

If you want to save some space, it’s a great idea to place your bathroom in the attic. An attic bathroom is not only convenient from the point of view of the space, but it’s also much easier to fit in than a regular room or even a bedroom. Read on for some ideas on making an attic bathroom!

One important thing when making an attic bathroom is to remember to place the shower or the tub in the point where the ceiling is the lowest. In this way you can take advantage of the rest of the space and use closets, mirrors or whatever else you may need. Since the space is already limited, think of using smartly compartmented shelves and cabinets for a greater area of storage.

Another tip that might be useful when decorating an attic bathroom is to organize the furniture along the walls. This creates more space for you to move around and it helps in giving the room a more airy look. You can also try and use a furniture item that covers an entire wall, thing that allows you to leave the rest of the walls uncovered and free for drawings or other decorations you want to use.

Use skylights. Why not take advantage of the fact that you’re in the attic and use the natural light? It has been proven that it’s better to maximize the use of natural light as much as possible, it’s better for your organism and it’s useful when putting on make-up, for instance. Make an effort and place 2-3 panels of glass in the roof structure above the bathroom.

Think of light colors. An attic bathroom is already small and quite dark, so if you use dark colors it will be a suffocating and unpleasant room. Instead, opt for light and bright colors. White is the most popular option, although it’s not a compulsory one. Choose white for the floors or walls and complement it by using brightly colored mats, towels or even pieces of furniture. This way you create a nice balance, plus the illusion of more space and a more airy room.

Who says you can’t use wallpapers in a small space? However, don’t overdo it and choose a wallpaper that doesn’t make the room look cluttered and suffocating. Go for small patterns or light, chill colors. Although it’s recommended to use some bright colors in the bathroom, who would like to see bright yellow everywhere?!

Last but not least, don’t forget about safety measures. Before doing anything else, consult a contractor and ask him if it would be okay to design an attic bathroom in your home. There are lots of factors to take into consideration: the weight of the furniture, of the tub, the placement of fixtures and pipes and so on. After all, you don’t want to end up destroying your house or that wonderful design you keep thinking of!

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These creative bathroom gadgets will definitely make your life easier and even help you prevent some accidents around the bathroom!

Bathroom Gadgets: Floating Bath Plug

If we take advantage and use technology to make our lives easier every day, why not use some interesting and funny bathroom gadgets too? Here are some clever ideas that will make your bathroom funnier!

Faucet extender. If you have kids or simply need to fill various containers with water for your garden, let’s say, you should think of using a faucet extender. It’s not one of the most complicated bathroom gadgets, but it’s a smart trick to bring water closer to what you need to fill.

Bubble bath dispenser. A fun add to your regular faucet is the bubble bath dispenser. You don’t need to worry about making your own bubbles with soap or special gel and you can be sure that your kids will definitely have a great time in the bathroom!

Bath spout cover. Also for your kids, it’s very safe to use a bath spout cover, simply because you never know how your kid can accidentally hurt himself on the faucet. It’s simple, easy to use and adds a touch of color in the bathroom.

Mirror clearer. Borrowing the idea from the windshield, one of the most useful bathroom gadgets is the mirror clearer. We all know how annoying it is that after you take a bath or a hot shower you can’t use the mirror anymore since it’s steamed and you can’t see yourself properly. But what if you had a mirror clearer to make your mirror usable again in just one slide of the hand? Well, now you can!

Toothpaste roller. If you struggle to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube when it’s not so much left there, this is the solution for you! The toothpaste roller can easily be fixed on any kind of toothpaste tube and it takes just a gesture of the hand to release all the toothpaste that is left there.

Funny bath plugs. Make any bath funnier by using interesting bath plugs. These special ones have funny figurines attached to them, so you can always use them when your kid is bathing and not only!

Thermometer spout cover. This is very useful when you want to take a bath at a certain temperature. Maybe this does not happen to you very often, but this is one of the bathroom gadgets that are very useful when you have a child and want to avoid unpleasant accidents.

Funny toilet paper holders. They’re an interesting way to decorate your bathroom and to make your guests a pleasant surprise! You can choose from a variety of designs, from funny puppies to men lifting weights, hanging chords for toilet paper and basically anything you can think of.

Shaving pedestal. For the ladies and not only, one of the most useful bathroom gadgets is the shaving pedestal. It’s basically a ceramic stand that can be fixed on the wall and helps support your leg when shaving. It doesn’t chip and it makes shaving easier and safer. It can also be used by people with different conditions or affections that could make the act of having a bath harder.

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If you have a small bathroom, there's no need to panic. Follow these tips to maximize the advantages of your bathroom and to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Small Bathroom Tips: Color Explosions

When you have a small bathroom, you need to use all the tricks you can think of, not only to maximize the space you can use there, but also to create the illusion of more light and a more airy room. Read on for more small bathroom tips to help you reinvent and redecorate your bathroom.

  1. Use a warm and light palette. It is generally known that dark colors create the illusion of closeness and small spaces, so using a warm and light palette is a great idea for a small bathroom. Soothing colors make you feel relaxed no matter how small the bathroom is, so don’t be afraid to use pastel colors, whites, beiges and creams, in any combination you want.
  2. Add a decorative row of tiles. If you want to create the illusion that the bathroom is taller, you can add a row of colorful tiles right in the middle, all around the room. Besides that, it’s one of the small bathroom tips that help in making the room to appear brighter, especially if you have followed the first tip and have used only light colors.
  3. Keep the floor free. Stop storing things on the bathroom floor and start organizing better. An important thing for this is to use a wall-mount sink, which may not free much space, but at least gives the impression of a larger room. Otherwise, you can find available on the market lots of drawers, racks, shelves and other intelligent solutions to store away all the things you need in a bathroom.
  4. Use texture. Textured furniture or rugs will divert attention from the small space and it’s an easy way out of decorating a bathroom without taking up much space. More than that, it creates a relaxed and airy atmosphere.
  5. Color pops. If you don’t want to have a dull pastel bathroom, one of the most useful small bathroom tips is to go for color pops. After you have chosen your color scheme, you can buy brightly colored decorations in stronger shades than the ones you use, or you can simply choose an outstanding color among pale ones.
  6. Lively decorations. Choose funny and lively decorations, like hand towel holders, original and unusual light bulbs and any other funny stuff you can think of. There are lots and lots of bathroom funny decorations you can find on the market, and if you’re not satisfied with them, you can always make your own towel holders and soap dispensers.
  7. Use as much wall space as you can. Equally distributing wall shelves around the bathroom makes you free the floor and store everything you need in an organized way. It is very important to properly organize your cosmetics, towels and other necessities because nothing looks worse in a small bathroom than an irreparable mess. This is why most of the small bathroom tips you can find are based on how to organize better and how to keep everything in its place.

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