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A bedroom is complete only after you have the perfect bed!

Today we are going to concentrate on some of the most amazing and creative beds your eyes will ever encounter. Those who created these beds had a wild imagination which definitely managed to create something amazing.

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Private cloud bed: It is an enormous bed which will make your life easier and happier. This is surely not a normal bed, it is something that revolutionize every bedroom in the world. This bed can’t be installed in a small bedroom, you need a very large one and the experience offered by it, is unique.

cloud bed home caprice

Animi Causa bed: it is something you will adore instantly. The Feel seating system has a real unusual creative shape, inspired by a molecular structure. 120 sofa balls covered with elastic fabrics complete this bed. This is an ultimate bed created for playful persons.

feel-bed home caprice

Bookcase bed: This bed transforms into a bookcase, so you will have two of your favorite things in one. It is a perfect bed for small apartments or houses, helping you to maximize the space and color the walls.

bed_case home caprice

Hi-can bed: is an High Fidelity Canopy designed by an Italian designer Edoardo Carlino. This interesting elegant design allows you to play on the web, to watch your favorite movies, to play games and listen music while you are sitting comfortably in it. It is a high technology bed that reacts to your fingerprints from the moment you wake up.

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high-fidelity-canopy_bed home caprice

The Scoop bed: emphasizes innovation and originality, designed by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia. It is a bed intended to be sophisticated and unique combining the sofa function with the bed function. It has 2 semi-circular sides which can be separated into 2 new pieces of furniture.

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saba-italia-scoop-bed_home caprice

Hope you find these bed as interesting as I do. I love interior design,




Prepare your house for Halloween with some interesting hand made ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen I’ve expected this moment for so long. Not the Halloween itself but the pleasure of giving you some interesting  Halloween inside decoration ideas.

I like Halloween because it allows us to put our imagination at work and we create things we didn’t even know we can do them. This time of the year is the perfect occasion to become children again and to play with decorations, costumes, food with everything. Everywhere you will look, you will see Halloween.

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So let’s start with some impressive Halloween Inside Decoration Ideas that will rock this time and will make your house the most chic but spooky house in the neighbor.

First of all you need pumpkins. Pumpkins are the iconic decoration when Halloween arrives. With some many interesting shape pumpkins you can create an entire world of them. 

Design Glowing Lantern Pumpkin and forget about the usually lighting and used pumpkins instead.You just have to cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin and scoot out the pulp and seeds. Paint any image you want on the pumpkin to look even more creative.

lantern pumpkin halloween home caprice

Owl pumpkins are so lovely and they look so outlandish that is why you need them! Everyone will love a zombie pumpkin owl. Use 2 white pumpkins (lumina), to create the head and the body. For the eyes cut a small portion and then put some large buttons there and on the large button add another 2 small ones. Create its loops from a thin twig and tie in place with wax twine to create eyelashes shape.Take two large leaves and spray them white in order to leave the impression of wings. Dress it with a bow tie. It will look adorably spooky.

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owl pumpkin halloween gulf luxury

Ghost Living Room: the easiest Halloween Decoration Ideas is to create a ghost living room using the simplest accessories like white sheets for sheet-draped chairs because you want the room to get the feeling of a ruin. Use string cheesecloth cobweb across the items in the room and instead of flowers put curly branches in the vases. Isn’t it easy?

ghost living room home caprice halloween

Don’t forget about the BLACK CANDLES. Are an essential detail for a complete Halloween decoration.

black candles halloween home caprice

What I think would look remarkably Gothic and grim, are black paper roses like they would be dead for so long, or infected with something. Imagination goes wild when you see black roses.

black paper roses halloween home caprice

Witches are also iconic for Halloween so make their presence real in your house by suspending which hats from the ceiling and place a rustic broom near them. Everyone will think that witches live in your house.

Use your empty jars and make them look like mummies. You will need dollar store gauze and googly eyes to look more dreadful.

spooky jars halloween home caprice

Halloween is nothing with floating ghost that come to possess your body. So take some mannequin heads from a store which no longer needs them and create your frightening ghosts.

ghosts halloween home caprice

For your magic potions used sprayed bottles of wine and add labels on them. Put candles in them and place the potions on a silver pan.

potions halloween home caprice

You need a tremendous mirror with an interesting design and if you can’t find it black, spray it black. Add inside the mirror a big enough spooky picture to give the impression of a monster inside the mirror.

halloween mirror home caprice

Transform the frame photographs of your beloved ones in paranormal portraits by transforming the pictures in typical Halloween ones.

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halloween pictures home caprice

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A painting is a very important accessory for your bedroom which must be chosen with much care and attention.

We all love our bedroom don’t we? And more then love we want it to offer us the perfect background for peace and comfort.

We want to beautify the bedroom with interesting accessories that once again reflect our visions and passions. Of course any painting will be chosen regarding your personal taste but I recommend you to also be careful at the colors and the combinations in the bedroom. You have to have in mind the style of the painting, the furniture and all the decorations in the bedroom. A professional decorator will tell you that harmony is the secret of a perfect room. You choose the paintings for bedroom taking into consideration the details

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A professional decorator will tell you that for a calm ambiance the greatest painting will be one with a landscape no matter the style of the technique used. Don’t over exaggerate and search for paintings with nice and fresh colors. If you choose this kind of painting you will automatically feel more relaxed and you will rest better. If you have a bedroom that expresses fun and passion go for a painting with lavish colors, or black and white. These are very fancy and modern.

zen-bedroom-painting- homecaprice

Avoid paintings that express too dynamic images or events like volcanic eruptions, wild waterfall or severe storms. These are paintings for hallways or living rooms. These kind of paintings do not reflect relaxation or calmness so you won’t have a restful sleep because your subconscious will see these like a threat. You need peaceful landscapes. You’d like a painting with a stream in the wood with water lilies, trees bending, calm rivers. Don’t go for paintings that display stagnation. You need alive paintings that make you feel fresh.

painting-landscape-bedroom-home caprice

I love Venetian landscapes because they add a lot of charm and a contemporary bedroom will be complete.

green painting homecaprice

I adore bedrooms designed with gentle colors, especially a calm green color which invites you to decorate it with paintings with flowers.

painting-animal-art-bedroom-home caprice

Animal paintings are always a great choice especially for animal lovers.

painting-classic-bedroom-home caprice

If you are a person of luxury and eccentric style, you can go for a painting that reproduces retro style. It will look incredible.

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retro-pop-art-paintings-bedroom-home caprice

A retro bedroom will need pop-art fresh paintings. I think this is more of a teenage design but I love it.

paintings-dark-bedroom-furniture home caprice

If your furniture is black go for black paintings. They are the perfect combination and you will really feel cozy and safe.

modern-art-painting-elegant-bedroom-interior-home caprice

Luxurious modern bedrooms need modern paintings like those in the above picture. You won’t fail with this one.

classic-interior-bedroom-painting home caprice

Because I insisted in realistic paintings this one is a remarkable example of one painting you really need to have in your bedroom.

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So these are some examples of what paintings your bedroom needs so next time you buy a painting make sure you remember everything I told you. Choose the perfect paintings for bedroom with attention and dedication.

A studio apartment can be fun and permits you to put your imagination at work.

studio apartmeny

Even though you’re living in a studio apartment that doesn’t mean you can’t set it up according to your visions and personality. Living in a studio apartment can be so much fun especially when you are creative and visionary.

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I used to live in a studio apartment before and I’ve always searched new ideas for how I should make the best from my space, so today I will give you some brilliant ideas for your studio apartment.

The easiest way to have intimacy is to PLACE A CURTAIN AROUND THE BED. It looks romantic, intimate and very cool. You will feel your place safe and calm.

You can use a curtain separator for kitchen too if you feel that you need private space in the kitchen and no one else see you what you are up to. Or you can also use an old window as a kitchen separator. Both could look good and both give you that impression of privacy.

Because you need space for your office work you need to take into consideration how important is that you have a desk inside the studio because if it’s not that important you can easily place your laptop on a shelf next to the bed, or you can improvise yourself a place where to put a small but comfortable desk, I would also put it at the bottom of the bed, or you can transform the coffee table both in a desk and a table for guests.

What I think it would be both creative and useful are sliding doors for wardrobes and bathrooms. These doors don’t require too much space so you will never have to trouble about how you open the door.

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The perfect furniture for a studio apartment is that that can transform into something smaller or bigger, like a sofa that can become a bed during the night and a comfortable coach during the day. It saves space and it is more then inventive.

ideas for studio

Because you also need entertainment you can use a window as a projector screen so you don’t need to worry how you will all see the movie without trouble.


If you don’t have space for a normal size table for eating, you don’t need to worry and improvise a smaller one, placed next to the wall. It looks lovely and there is plenty of space for two to eat or to enjoy a morning coffee. In this way you don’t occupy space in the kitchen and the space there remains for your movement.

small table

I would try to combine space with comfort and utility. Like a library bed. Yes, library beds exist and they look incredible, they offer you intimacy, privacy, comfort and they are ideal for studio apartments. They also have space for your books and not only, that is why they are called library beds.

studio bed

Take into consideration the fact that a studio apartment bathroom won’t be big so you need to find accessories that help you store as many things as you can. I would opt for tall but slim shelves that don’t occupy too much space but they are perfect for storing bathroom items. This is available for the shower too. Search for a shower that has shelves and you can keep your cleaning products there.Buy a cabinet that permits you to deposit all of your stuffs if there is not enough space for shelves and other items.

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I hope you will find my ideas useful and interesting so next time you are visiting a studio apartment, try to imagine how you would decorate it. The result will impress you. Have fun.

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Your house needs a little romanticism!


Romanticism mustn’t be celebrated only on February because love needs to be expressed everyday.

If you want to do some original for you beloved one prepare a romantic night for him/her and decorate your bedroom with some romantic decorations which will make him/her to appreciate you even more than before.

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Flowers are forever romantic and nothing expresses more romanticism than magnolias. It gives a marvelous aspect to the room especially when you put it in an elegant bowl. The famous interior designer Hal Williamson says that a magnolia is a flower of those who love passionately.


For a magnificent design which reflects your feminine and graceful visions you should opt for an elegant etched Venetian mirror and a perfect commode which goes whit it. Your house will express and feel love.


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Living room Tips

Chairs must always be chosen to make you feel comfortable and ready to love, that is why you can’t pick any ordinary chair but a romantic designed one which only makes you envy it for being so sublime. A marvelous chair requires a phenomenal table on which you can arrange a romantic dinner with some special dishes.


Go for vintage romanticism and live your own fairy tale. I would definitely like to sit on an antique Biedermeier armchair which makes me feel safe and romantic. A 1950’s Italian cabinet is a must for a romantic atmosphere.


You definitely need a romantic bedroom because that is where all the magic happens. Soft sheets, fluffy but elegant pillows, a large bed and a glamorous chandelier is what gives the room life. This style expresses sophistication and class.


Because you want to enjoy a romantic cup of tea along with your beloved one or your friends, you need to beautify your house with a splendid cups of tea set which will show how feminine and elegant are you and will make the tea taste even more sweet.


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Bed Sheet Dictionary

Assure yourself a splendid LOGGIA. Better than this make it luxurious and enjoy a glass of exquisite wine next to your love. You should opt for a Jordan furniture, from no one other than the Venetian Collection. Don’t mind to make it look perfect, itself is already perfect. Everything will look harmonious and ready to be savored. I would choose some pillows from Crate and Barrels and maybe some lanterns from Period Furniture Hardware. Magic.


Start decorating your house in a romantic tone!

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Make sure you know what kind of pillows you need!

choosing pillows

Comfort is something we all desire and we put a lot of effort in having the most beautiful and comfortable rooms because we need to find relaxation and peace in our house.

Every detail counts as we already know so when we’re talking about choosing the perfect pillow we really need to know ourselves because we don’t wan’t to fail.

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Bed Sheets

You need to choose your pillows having in mind many aspects because choosing the wrong one will make you feel stressed and tired.

Fillings pillows are the best. You might want to know that there are three types of fillings: the ones that make you feel cradled, and than you might want to choose a malleable goose down of feather filling. These materials are perfect because keep warmth inside and you feel really safe at night. When you choose your pillow search for the indicator named fill power, which shows you how much filling is in the pillow. Those who have allergies can buy hypoallergenic pillows which can’t harm you.


The second aspect when you choose a pillow is to know what is your type of sleeping. You need to have a pillow that supports your level and to align your head with your neck and spine.

So if you sleep on front that you have to search for a soft pillow the one which is low-fill. If you use to sleep on your back than you need a medium thickness pillow: high-fill down pillow or even better an orthopedic memory foam pillow.

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Greek Bedroom


Those who sleep on aside need a medium-high thickness pillow, high-fill down pillow or a memory foam pillow and even a medium-high density synthetic pillow. And if you are a more special person and you mix your types of sleep than choose a thickness pillow, high-fill down pillow or a medium synthetic pillow. Put a soft, low-density pillow between your knees because really helps align your upper hip properly and you will feel more comfortable.

 I know style it’s very important for you but don’t worry. Choose these pillows only for sleep and during the day choose some more stylish ones which can go perfectly with your drapes or with your furniture.

You don’t need to buy pillows of the same color as your furniture in fact this year designers encourage you to explore the world of colors and style and to be more unique and special. So your pillows can become the  centered point in your room if you choose them carefully.


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Are you familiar with all the names different types of sheets have? Test your knowledge here!

Bed Sheet Dictionary: Stylish Bedroom

Although the title may sound strange to you, we’re sure there were lots of situations when the bed sheet terminology can be quite confusing, with all these sheets that come on top or under or…. Who knows where. But no worries, we’re here to help! Check out or bed sheet dictionary and you’ll know everything you need to know!

1. Bed skirt – decorative piece that is found between the box springs and the mattress. It reaches the floor and it is used to hide the box spring and to decorate the room.

Bed Sheet Dictionary: Stylish Bedding

2. Pillow sham – it resembles a pillowcase, but without the opening on one side. It just has a piece of extra material that is sewn. It is mostly used for decorating and most of the times it has countless decorations on it.

3. Pillowcase – although everybody knows what this means, we should clarify it. It’s the cover used for a sleeping pillow, but it can also be used for decorative pillows. It is generally rectangular and it has one opening on an end through which you can insert the pillow.

4. Bolster pillow – a special type of pillow that is designed for lumbar support. However, most of the times it’s used decoratively, mainly as an accent pillow. It can be very small, but also very large, some even can be as large as the bed where they are placed.

5. Decorative pillow – also called an accent pillow, it refers to a pillow that can have any shape, color and size and it has a purely decorative role, without being used for anything. They can be customized and matched to the rest of the décor.

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6. Sleeping pillow – the most basic term in the bed sheet dictionary, the sleeping pillow is the regular pillow we use to sleep on it. Most of the times it’s rectangular and it comes in medium size. Depending on the bed, you can also find queen/king sized pillows or even smaller ones.

7. Euro pillow – also called a Continental pillow, it is basically a large square pillow which is placed against the headboard to support the head.

8. Duvet cover – it’s placed above a comforter or duvet and it has an opening where you can place it. It also has buttons and it’s generally a decorative cover.

Bed Sheet Dictionary: Types of Sheets

9. Top sheet – also called a flat sheet, it refers to the sheet placed on the top of the bed that separates you from the comforter/duvet.

10. Bottom sheet – named also a fitted sheet, it is characterized by an elastic edge that is used to be fixed onto your mattress.

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11. Coverlet – simply decorative, its length does not reach the floor and does not cover the pillows either. Quilts can also be placed in this category.

Bed Sheet Dictionary: Flower Design

12. Bedspread – similar to the coverlet, also only decorative, except that this one touches the floors and covers the whole bed.

13. Blanket – also named a throw, a blanket is placed at the foot of the bed and it serves for decoration purposes or for extra warmth at night.

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Feng Shui can be a really life changer if you know how to use it properly, so learn here how to arrange your bedroom in a balanced way!

Bedroom Feng Shui: Warm Colors

There are more and more people who have discovered the ancient belief of Feng Shui and who want to bring this harmony into their homes as well. Even though it sounds quite complicated, we will help you obtain a correct bedroom Feng Shui that will keep positive energy in your home and keep bad one away.

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1. Choose a good headboard. Yes, it might seem a little strange to start off with this advice, but truth is that it matters for a good sleep and for a positive energy. During sleep our body repairs itself on several levels, so it’s important to have solid support for the head. That’s why it’s recommendable to choose a solid wooden headboard or even the entire bed. Upholstered ones can do as well, so you have where to choose from.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Balanced Design

2. Keep free space under the bed. The bed is the central piece in the room and it has to have a proper height and free space underneath. Good Feng Shui energy needs to flow freely under the bed, and this is not possible if you fill up the space with boxes or if you choose beds with built-in drawers. Anything that’s under the bed will block this good energy and the results will be visible.

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3. Keep the bed away from the door. Proper bedroom Feng Shui never allows for the bed to be close to any door. Whether we’re talking about the door of the room or those from the closet, the bed should never be aligned with them, because negative chi will flow towards it. Being too close to the door may distract you and surprise you, forgetting your purpose, and that’s an important reason to follow this advice.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Proper colors

4. Don’t sleep near the window. The window is a great thief of personal energy over time, so sleeping next to it may weaken you over the years. Instead, a solid wall will add even more stability to your sleep and to your position, just like a good headboard does. Combine the two of them and you’ll have a perfect bedroom Feng Shui!

5. Balance the design. The design is a very important part in the energy of your room, so when planning on using the furniture, you should make sure there is some balance around. For instance, if you want to use nightstands, make sure they are similar and placed quite in the same place alongside the bed. This makes for the equilibrium necessary for a good night’s sleep and it balances the design!

Bedroom Feng Shui: Positive energy

6. Avoid the next items in your bedroom. A good bedroom Feng Shui never contains the following: mirrors that reflect the bed or closed doors, fish tanks or paintings with water (oceans, seas), plants (they have too much yang), television, computer or other electronics (they bring bad energy into the room) and books (too many can be overwhelming). Remember to use the right colors and your bedroom is prepared to bring you the energy you need in your life!

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See here some useful tips on choosing or building a bed for your children of any age!

kids bedroom design

Whether you need a bed for a toddler or simply want to replace the bed for your older child, you should know some things about choosing and maintaining a bed for your kids. That’s why we bring you today some children bed tips.

Children Bed Tips: Colorful Furniture

1. Measure carefully. The children bed needs to be properly fit into the room, so make sure the size is right for your design or placement of the furniture in the house. If you want some special sizes, other than the standard ones you can find in the store, perhaps it would be a better idea to have a customized one.

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2. Think about the decorations. Many people tend to overdecorate the children’s bed because there are lots of cute toys out there and they simply can’t choose just one. But that, besides being not that healthy or useful for the child (especially when it’s young), it’s not helpful for your design either. Too many colorful toys can ruin the harmony of a beautiful design, so be careful with the decorations.

Children Bed Tips: Comfortable Bed

3. Check the quality. This is perhaps the most useful children bed tips: always check the quality of the bed you’re buying! It’s the best idea to pay a little more for some wood that is more resistant than to choose the looks over safety. Make sure that the bolts and the hinges are in good state, especially if you decide to reuse an old bed or want to build one yourself. If at any point you notice any cracks or holes in the structure, try and fix the bed immediately.

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4. Choose the style. In general, one of the most useful children bed tips is to go for a simple design. And that’s because you can always adorn a simple bed and match it to your current interior décor. It’s not hard to turn a simple furniture item into an elegant one by using tricks such as small falling curtains, a canopy or other intricate patterns and decorations, while if you choose from the start an elegant one, you could not turn it into a simple or a sport one, for instance.

Children Bed Tips: Beautiful Design

5. Place the bed in a well-lit spot. Children need enough light during the day and more than that, their body needs to adjust to the natural cycle of day and night, so placing the bed near the window or at least pretty close to it will help the internal rhythm of sleep of the child. Waking up in the morning with the help of sunshine is better than waking up in a forced manner, so it’s healthier this way.

6. Choose a funny design. For older children who already have favorite cartoons or characters, a customized bed is always a great idea. Who would refuse to go to sleep in an awesome red car bed or a princess one? Such a bed can help you make bed time a pleasant activity and not a difficult goal to achieve every night.

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Greek style is a wonderful type of decor that will make your bedroom feel like a vacation!

Greek Bedroom: Light Colors

Greek style is definitely one of the most stylish and relaxed one. It reminds you of holidays and it helps your mind and eyes relax. But what makes it so popular and fun? Let’s see a short guide on how to obtain a special Greek bedroom!

1. Choose light colors. Perhaps the most representative colors for a Greek room are white and blue. Any combination between the two of them is guaranteed to complete such a design and to make everything look more relaxed. However, this doesn’t mean you can limit yourself only to these two options. White can, of course, be combined with almost anything, but what can you replace blue with? Technically, with anything else, but it is recommended to go for pastel colors: pale pink, purple, peach etc.

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2. Light materials. Apparently the keyword when it comes to Greek bedroom decor is light, so you will also need to choose appropriate materials. Although heavy furniture is accepted and can be easily integrated in such a beautiful bedroom, it is recommended to choose lightweight one, since it will fit better the entire concept of relaxation and airy atmosphere. And since we’re talking about this, make sure the bed sheets are the best quality, to transform your bedroom into a great room!

Greek Bedroom: Canopy

3. Elegant decorations. Even though this style may seem not serious at all, if you want a good result, you should totally follow some rules when it comes to decorating it. Greek bedroom decor is not only about the sun, sea and summer, but it is also an elegant way to create an interior design. Don’t be afraid to use intricate patterns and adornments. And since we’re talking about this, a great idea to use for your Greek bedroom is to use a canopy. Of course, it’s not compulsory, but it recreates better this Mediterranean atmosphere.

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4. Natural light. Greeks usually have large windows in their homes, and for a good reason: it has been scientifically proven that natural light is the best for your health. And even if it may not seem much of a deal for an interior decor, you should know that light may enhance some parts of your design and hide those that you don’t like. More than that, colors can be seen better like this, compared to artificial light.

 Greek Bedroom: Light Design

5. Marine accents. Since this style is a Mediterranean one, one easy way to complete your bedroom and maintain a harmonious design is to use marine accents. And by this we mean anything connected to the sea: you can buy thematic decorations such as marine pillows, cushions, rugs, anchor patterns, sea shells, sand bottles and so on. More than that, you can use your own souvenirs from sea holidays, and that includes pictures, marine jewelry, special frames for paintings or your own pictures, garlands and anything you can think of.

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 Greek Bedroom: Natural Light


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Technology is being used more and more around the house, simplifying our lives and decorating our rooms. Many people invest in the latest trends...
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