For those who want to live in Spain wherever they are, Spanish design is a great idea!

Spanish Interior Decor: Mediterranean Atmosphere

Many people love having a Spanish interior decor even though if they don’t live in Spain. And if you’re asking yourself why is that, you should know that this is an amazing blend of light decorations and elegance, not to mention the specific Spanish air that helps the room be a more relaxed surrounding. But let’s see what actually defines the Spanish interior decor style and how you can obtain it!

1. Light colors. As we said, the Spanish style is light and relaxed. Of course, it uses warm and light colors, like smooth yellows, warm browns, shades of red and pastel colors. Choose your favorite color and a soft shade and you can integrate it into a Spanish decor. Combine them with white or beige and you’ll have a perfect decor for a relaxing living room or bedroom.

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2. Use natural light. Pastel colors reflect best natural light, so for a great room in a Spanish style, make sure you have large windows or doors. This doesn’t only help you in creating that airy atmosphere typical for the Mediterranean, but it’s also very healthy and it saves you some money for the electricity bill.

3. Patterns. Spanish designs usually use lots of patterns to decorate surfaces. Whether we’re talking about wallpapers, cushions, rugs or any other thing you can think about in your room, you can safely use patterns. In general, they are very cute decorative ones and consist mainly in geometrical round shapes or natural elements, such as flowers. Big red flowers are a commonly encountered pattern in this type of design, so you might want to consider them.

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4. Furniture. The furniture has to continue the light idea of the rest of the design, so light wood is highly recommended. Here though, you can switch to darker colors to balance things a little bit. Black furniture can prove to be actually elegant, besides the warm brown ones. White furniture is also a good idea, or similar colors, but you have to make sure the overall aspect isn’t dull from all the light colors. One trick you can use is to place colorful accents here and there to balance the design.

5. Decorations. Spanish people love to decorate their homes! And thankfully, there are lots of options you can choose from when going for this type of interior design: paintings, sculptures, plants and basically anything you can think of. Whatever helps in making the design livelier, it’s perfect! However, make sure the design keeps some harmony and that you don’t ruin the balance by using different patterns that are strong visually.

6. Round shapes. Whether we’re talking about walls, arcades, windows or simply patterns on several items, the Spanish style is often based on round shapes which inspire a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Plus they’ re classic and you can’t fail if you use them in several spots around the room, so go for it!

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Working from home is a good idea for many people, but what do you do with the work space?

Home Office Ideas: Colorful Space

In the recent years there has been a rising trend of people working from home, so some needs started to appear when it comes to interior design. One of these issues or needs is the workplace at home. Everybody knows you can’t really be productive if you’re working from bed (or at least, most people can’t), so a great idea is to set up a workplace of your own. But if you imagine you need an entire room for this, think again! Here you have some useful home office ideas:

1. A small desk and a window are more than enough. It’s an excellent idea to orient your desk towards a window so that you can fully use natural light, especially if you need to write or read. However, if you mainly use a computer to work, it’s not advisable to place it against the window, since the combination between natural and artificial light is not beneficial for your health. Add a small bookcase nearby to store books or other materials you need to work and you’re ready to work from home!

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2. Improvise. You don’t need a standard desk to work properly, so if you have an armoire laying around, for instance, you can repurpose it and transform it into a customized desk. Make sure that you have enough space to properly work and you will be surprised to see how useful the drawers can turn out to be. Organize them according to your needs and voila! you have a great workspace just for you!

3. Use the wall. As surprising as it may seem, a wall can turn out to be very useful when designing a workplace. Just use some floating shelves and a small desk and that’s it! For a truly minimalistic design, you can even replace the desk with a larger board stuck to the wall. Add a comfy chair and some decorations and make it look more personal. Remember to match the colors in the design!

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4. Use bright colors. Regardless of the option you choose for your personal workplace, bright colors are a good idea. They can be pretty reinvigorating and energizing, which means they’re perfect for keeping you alert and making you focus on what you have to do. In contrast, if you use pastel colors or plain ones, the place may even look boring and not stimulate you at all, though it may prove to be relaxing.

5. Take advantage of the corners. Usually they are highly underappreciated and not used, which leads to a waste of space. Use small desks or, as we said, wood boards, and improvise an original workspace. It will be even more pleasant knowing that you designed it and that it didn’t take many effort as other home office ideas that involved sacrificing an entire room. However, always consider your needs regarding space and its organization for a better efficiency. Don’t forget about health issues and safety measures either!

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Green is an excellent idea for a bedroom decor, because it can be fresh and relaxing at the same time!

Green Bedroom: Color Combinations

A green bedroom is not perhaps the first idea that comes to mind when decorating a home, but it’s definitely a cool one! You shouldn’t think too long about it when it comes to choosing a color for your bedroom, but if you’re still not sure whether to go for green or not, check out this list of ideas we made for you!

1. Choose one hue. If you decide to make your bedroom green, you should decide on using one hue all throughout the room. Of course, not everything needs to has that color, but you should mix it with a second color. Usually the second color is a neutral one, like white or black, but if you are creative you can try combining different hues or different colors, even opposites.

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2. Play around with various hues. Even if you choose a green bedroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with hues and various combinations. Don’t be afraid if you have lots of differently colored furniture items, decorations or wallpapers, for instance, they will create a harmonious design in the way that they all belong to the same color spectrum. Many people don’t want to try this because they think everything has to be the same color, but the truth is that this option is a more creative one!

3. Concentrate the color in only one spot. For instance, choose the bed or the bedroom sheet in bright green shades, and leave the rest of the decor in other colors. Of course, you can choose other points to be the main focus of the room, like a certain furniture item or the curtains. If you want to make the color more important in the room, you can complete the design with some small accents here and there around the room for a more homogeneous look.

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4. Use patterns. If you don’t want a totally green bedroom, you can work only with details. For instance, use regular bed sheets, but with green patterns, add a green vase near the window or a small green rug on the floor and that’s it! That’s just one of the countless options you have, and when it comes to choosing a certain pattern, you’re never out of options! From dots to stripes or even drawings to vegetal elements around (leaves, flowers, trees), anything can help you in creating a great green bedroom design!

5. Use your imagination! Of course, you have the option of inspiring yourself from existing green bedroom ideas or you can let your imagination run wild! Why is it a good idea to go for the last option? Because originality is another important aspect, not only for a certain room or color, but in general for an excellent interior design. For this, try picturing the room in as many ways as possible, and only then you can decide which version would you like to keep for a longer period of time. Good luck!

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See how important shape and size are when choosing the right desk for small spaces and how to choose wisely!

Modern Desks for Small Places: Simple and Elegant

Space is really an issue for many people who have small homes or don’t really know how to organize it. That’s why everybody would need some ideas or tips about modern desks for small spaces. Hoping that we will help you in choosing the perfect desk for you, where to work in peace and to take advantage of the resources you have, here we offer you some ideas on what desk is more appropriate for small spaces!

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1. Take the exact size. A custom made desk is always a great idea because you take advantage of the exact space you have. Make the right measurements for the room where you want to install it and think about integrating it in between other furniture items you plan to use or you already have. The more you plan it, the better it will fit in, so think it well ahead. The best part about having a custom-made desk is that you can create it however you want, with different edges or different styles, and you will have a beautiful unique item for your own home!

2. Style. Modern desks are usually very edgy, and the ones fitted for small spaces even more. They are usually very simple and minimalistic, so it’s great if you want to change the rest of the decor in the room every once in a while. Being that flexible in what concerns the interior design, it’s easy to match them and to mix the styles whenever you want without changing the furniture all the time.

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3. Colors. Given that the style is pretty modern and minimalist, and that desks are not quite the place to use bright colors, obviously some of the most popular colors for modern desks for small spaces are black and white. However, for the wooden ones there is a larger array of colors, such as light or dark browns. If you wish you can even choose shades of yellow or orange for a fresh and more modern look. Also, lighter colors are more recommended for a relaxing atmosphere and one that allows you to focus better on your work.

4. Material. Since we’re talking about a modern style, obviously one of the most used materials is glass. Glass is a great option if you want to obtain a light atmosphere and a stylish modern decor, but it can be quite hard to use, especially if you have children around. Of course, there is also the option of using Plexiglas just to prevent any accident by breaking the glass. Alternatively, you can think of other materials, like plastic, but this one is not so stylish and almost all the furniture you can find looks quite cheap. But if you find a type that doesn’t look cheap, you can use such modern desks for small spaces to make your interior design look lighter and more attractive.

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The wardrobe is important to the design of a bedroom, especially through size, color, shape and many more, so read here some ideas on how to choose it!

Wardrobe Designs: Neutral Colors

When choosing a wardrobe, it is not important not to overlook the design. Although many people tend to focus more on functionality or other material, design is definitely one of the things you have to think about when choosing your wardrobe. But let’s see some great ideas about wardrobe designs that could help you make a decision about your own interior design!

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1. Size. Though it doesn’t really fit into the design ideas category, size is certainly important when it comes to choosing your wardrobe. More than that, a bigger surface can offer space for other decorations or aesthetic additions, such as stickers and other customizing ideas you might have. People generally tend to choose bigger and bigger wardrobes, and it’s easy to understand why since space is a big problem (especially for small homes), but the best option would be to choose a reasonably sized wardrobe and to organize the contents. Also, not storing unnecessary items there can lead to a better usage of space.

2. Color. Wardrobe designs are not very complicated or extravagant in general, so it’s easier to go for more neutral accents and colors. More than that, it is unusual to make the wardrobe the center of attention in the bedroom, for instance, where the bed is the king. That’s why it is recommendable to choose neutral shades, like black, white, gray, beige and other variations and combinations. This isn’t a good idea only because it is easy to find such options, but also because if you decide for a makeover of the room or the house, you can totally keep the wardrobe, since it’s neutral colors will integrate in almost any color scheme.

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3. Functionality. A good wardrobe design must include also functionality. What use is a beautiful wardrobe that can’t really help you with storing away big coats, for instance? That’s why a good design might even help you organize better. And if you’re not convinced, just imagine how easy it is to see where you can find what you need just through a glimpse through a glass door. Totally different than losing time looking for what you need, especially in a bigger wardrobe, right?

4. Style. Speaking of flexibility or adaptability of the furniture to eventual changes of decor, you have to think well before choosing the style of your wardrobe design. Of course, the most important thing is to fit the rest of the interior design, but it also has to be pleasant to the eye. Modern styles are among the most popular options, but if you have a more pretentious and elegant design, you can go for last century’s style, more adorned and fancy.

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Interior design is not entirely about furniture and colors, but also about lighting. Check out these accent lighting ideas!

Bedroom Accent Lighting: Surrounding Light

Lighting is quite an important part of the bedroom, besides the actual interior decor. Even more so, it can be used to emphasize certain aspects of it and even to highlight the best parts, thus counting for a great way of tricking anyone with your design. But let’s see some ideas and tips for bedroom accent lighting.

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1. Accent lighting can be used smartly. It’s great for emphasizing certain parts of the room or of the decor. For instance, if you want to attract the attention to a special corner or a special color mix-up, you should place some discreet lighting there. In this way, when the lights go out, you will have ambient delicate lighting pointing out a bright color in a semi-dark atmosphere.

2. Mysterious atmosphere. Nothing makes a bedroom more relaxing and mysterious rather than the perfect lighting. Whether you go for LED lights or lamps, bedroom accent lighting is essential for a great outcome. You can choose to place a row of lights on one wall and keep the rest of the room in semi-darkness, or simply randomly place small lights around the room.

3. Colors. Colors are also an important part of the bedroom accent lighting. They can totally define the atmosphere in the room and turn it from fresh to relaxing or romantic in just an instance. If you could use a lighting system that allows you to change the color instantly or at least with small effort, that is great. Otherwise, you can install several rows of colored LEDs and use them according to your mood and the atmosphere you want to obtain in the bedroom.

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4. Be smart and reuse Christmas lights! They can be a great on the spot solution for when you want to improvise or you simply don’t have the patience to design intricate lighting systems for your bedroom. And here, the limit is only your imagination, since they are very flexible and can be used virtually in any manner. Place them above the bed instead (or even on) the canopy and enjoy a magical dream-like atmosphere! Other things you can do include mounting them on the walls in different shapes according to your own preferences, and here you can also use several of these, even one on every wall if you prefer so.

5. Play around with patterns! A beautiful bedroom accent lighting can be obtained by placing a normal light source behind a panel with an interesting decorative pattern carved in it. For instance, place a normal light bulb (or colored, if you want) behind a plywood that has holes in it or flowers, or other plants and basically anything else! The best part is that you can create such thing yourself by crafting certain patterns or shapes in any plywood or wooden panel you have. It’s easy and it saves you some money, while at the same time challenging your creativity. Whatever option you choose, make sure it’s suitable for your bedroom and enjoy the special light!

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We prepared you 5 tips to help you in the fight against clutter and lack of organization, so read on and get ready to organize!

How to organize your closet: Easy Access

One of the most popular problem people encounter when decorating or redecorating their homes is organizing. The more space and things you have, especially in the bedroom, the harder it is to keep track of everything and to keep them organized. That’s why we offer you today some great useful tips on how to organize your closet and to have an easier life!

1. Take everything out! The first step when you start cleaning and organizing stuff is to take everything out and throw them in a bunch, especially if we’re talking about clothes. Although it might seem like it’s not helping at all, in this way you can see everything you need to include in the closet and think about their place and also their importance. Pro tip: in this phase it’s easy to notice things you don’t use anymore or that you have been keeping around for quite a while for no purpose.

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2. Organize properly! Now it’s time to sort everything into categories and level of importance. For this, use boxes or plastic containers. Place small things aside, like toy soldiers, small clothing items etc so as not to interfere with the rest of your organizing process. For clothes, you can now divide them into spring clothes, summer clothes and so on, or by types: skirts, sweaters, pants etc. For those who want to have a very cool closet, you can also organize them by colors or materials!

3. Place items where they belong. If you want to learn how to organize your closet properly, you should know each object’s place. One of the most encountered sources of bad organization is placing objects who do not belong there. During this phase, if you find things that should be anywhere else but in the closet, make sure you remove them and keep them in their assigned spots. Don’t keep toys in the clothes closet, for instance.

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4. Place tags on items. Use post-its to help you clean up the things you no longer use. Even though the general tendency is not to throw away anything, using post-its makes you think clearer about it and ask questions. For instance, ask yourself if you would really wear that shirt you keep in the closet for a couple of years, or if that size still fits you. Tastes change, and your closet should reflect that!

5. Clean the closet itself! Though it might seem an obvious part of how to organize your closet process, many people overlook it. The closet itself needs some cleaning from time to time, so wipe it, wash it, vacuum it and even paint it, if needed. You might find a lot of receipts, tags or things you didn’t even know they were there, so a good cleaning will sort this out. Plus the final aspect will be even more nice when you have a clean closet together with an organized interior!

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The bedroom ceiling also plays an important role in enhancing your design, so make sure you know how it's better to arrange it!

Bedroom Ceiling Design: Colored Light

A great part of the design of the bedroom is the ceiling. As simple as it may seem, the ceiling can be a great place to use your creativity and to introduce new and original elements to the interior design of your own bedroom. Therefore, we thought of some useful ideas to help you see the possibilities of decorating your ceiling.

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1. Use your own skills. Nothing compares with a drawing or a painting you made yourself. It brings the entire design a whole different atmosphere and it makes it unique, not to mention that you will also feel more attached to that specific design more than if you had used someone else to paint it. In this matter, you can be as creative as you wish, using any source of inspiration, from personal imagination to nature, traveling, books, movies and virtually anything. For a sense of equilibrium though, it would be better to continue the main idea of the design (for instance, if you have a blue design, you can paint marine themed images).

2. Fake ceilings. Using a fake ceiling is a growing trend in the last years, so you might consider it for your bedroom ceiling design as well. Thankfully, this can prove to be very creative too. You can shape the fake ceiling in various ways, from geometrical patterns to delicate or even daring ones. The best part about fake ceilings is that you can color them differently than the rest of the walls. Pro tip: if you want to create an awesome effect in the bedroom, try placing colored lights in between the actual and the fake ceiling.

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3. Use an impressive chandelier. Who says that an impressive chandelier can be used only in the living room or dining room, for instance? Use an elegant or a modern one in your bedroom too for an amazing home and a great interior decor! Of course, you have to adapt the design to the rest of the room, so make sure the style of the chandelier isn’t so different so as to spoil the harmony of the entire decor. More than that, check that the material is appropriate for the room: a glass chandelier might be a little too elegant for a casual or industrial bedroom.

4. Use canopies. A canopy is a great way of decorating the ceiling in a bedroom when you want an Oriental bedroom ceiling design. Choose a quality material if you want an exquisite look or simply use more material to hang from the ceiling. You can further adorn the canopy with small crystals, flowers or choose a patterned fabric in the case you want to brighten up an interior decor made up with only solid colors. Last but not least, if you choose a canopy, you can complement the textile appearance of the bedroom with similar fabric used for the curtains and the rugs. All you have to do after that is to relax in a wonderful bedroom!

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Useful tips and ideas for the moment when you have to choose the curtains for the bedroom for the color, length or material!

Bedroom Curtains Design: Elegant Curtains

Curtains are a very important part in any room’s decor, not only for the aesthetic value, but also for the practical one: they protect your room from the sun when you need some darkness or from the cold. That’s why there are some aspects you should totally take into account when choosing the bedroom curtains design, especially since you need some special environment there for proper rest and relaxation.

1. Think about the thickness. Most people use curtains so that they can make dark in their room whenever they want, so it’s very important to think about the thickness. If you think you won’t need darkness in the room, you can simply keep them as decorative, and so you can choose a lighter material. Silk or tulle are sometimes used for more elegant decors.

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2. Materials. And since we’re talking about materials, here what matters most is the style you want to use for the room. As we said, thicker materials don’t usually bring that elegant and high class atmosphere as the thinner ones, so the choice is mostly determined by the general style. However, if you look well, there are some special thick and elegant materials too out on the market.

3. Colors. In what concerns colors, things are pretty customizable. You can choose whatever colors you want, according to your color scheme, but remember to match them properly! However, in general, given the material, the curtains are usually darker than the rest of the room, mainly for practical reasons. You can choose only one color for the entire bedroom, let’s say blue, and then you can play along these lines: pale blue walls, dark blue curtains and so on and so forth.

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4. Decorations and patterns. Most people choose solid colors or bedroom curtains design, but there are also lots of options with decorations or different patterns. One way of making your curtains more creative is to add differently colored patches to the curtains. Lace or similar materials can be a nice addition to a dull-looking curtain, so you might want to consider that as well. Regarding patterns, it is recommendable to complement the rest of the design through the curtains. If the entire design uses solid colors, you might want to brighten it up with some polka dots or geometrical patterns on the curtains. On the contrary, if there are too many patterns on the decorations in the room, the bedroom curtains design should be simple.

5. How to arrange them. Usually it is recommended to place them 6 inches higher than the window, to give the impression that a room is taller. Also, curtains that puddle on the floor have a nice effect and make the room look cozier. Most people prefer their length to be just as they reach the floor, so it all depends on the effect you want to have in the room. However, it’s recommended to have them a little bit longer or wider, so that you can be sure no ray of light creeps in just when you want to sleep more!

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Learn here how to choose the best bed sheets and how to make your bedroom a perfect relaxing room!

How to choose your bed sheets: Neutral Colors

Bed sheets are as important as the bed or the mattress itself. Although some overlook their importance when it comes to making a bed more comfortable, bed sheets are the ones that spoil your skin and make you feel like you’re in heaven after a long day at work. And guess what makes a Sunday morning so relaxing? Bed sheets again! So see here how to choose your bed sheets so that they will be the best for you!

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1. How to choose your bed sheets according to the fabric. Fabric is extremely important when you have to choose the bed sheets, because they are in touch with your skin most of the time. Cotton is generally recommended, because it’s the healthiest option available, and for this, the highest quality version is the 100% Egyptian cotton, famous worldwide. Generally, you can rely on the thread count for the fabric you’re choosing if you want to make sure it’s the best one available. The higher the thread count, the better, but the type of cotton is sometimes more important. Other fabrics, like silk or sateen, are more elegant and make for a more beautiful interior design.

2. For the kids. If you carefully choose the bed sheets for your own bed, you should pay even more attention when choosing them for your kids’ room. There is a recent trend among new parents which consists in choosing antibacterial clothes and sheets for the newborns. Although it might seem like a good idea, it’s not, because as soon as the child grows and takes contact with the germs in real life, he won’t be prepared to fight them and therefore, he will be more likely to be sick.

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3. How to choose your bed sheets depending on the length. If you have a standard bed, this shouldn’t be a problem for you, since you can find perfect sized sheets. If, however, you have a custom-made bed, you should consider having some custom-made sheets too. The right size of the sheets is quite important, since it has an important role in your comfort. Nobody likes sheets that are too short and keep slipping overnight, or some that are too long and hang around the bed, maybe even causing you to trip and fall when getting out of bed.

4. Depending on the pattern. Usually the bed sheets shouldn’t have heavy patterns or prints, but if you love certain themes or your room is built around a central point (like that of the kids, for instance) you can make an exception. Equilibrium is the best option for your bedroom, for instance, if you have solid colors around the room, you can choose a daring pattern for the sheets or the other way around. But make sure you don’t overdo it, since the design has to be pleasant to the eye. Other than that, sleep tight!

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