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Read on to find out more about how you can create a feminine bedroom and manifest your finesse through interior design ideas!

Feminine Bedroom: Neutral White

Feminine style is generally characterized as a very delicate and beautiful one and the best part is that it’s not hard at all to obtain it for your own bedroom. And if you’re sharing the bedroom with your husband, don’t worry! You can make the bedroom look feminine and classy at the same time by using smart colors and decorations. Find out here how you can obtain an elegant feminine bedroom by using some clever tricks!

Perhaps the most important element in defining a feminine bedroom is the color. Pastel colors best reflect the delicate idea that resides behind such a style, and this varies from pastel blue to pink, beige and even more elegant colors like cream, pale purple and even silver and gold. Bright colors are not recommended since they will ruin the harmony of the room, but if you insist on using them, you can use small decorations here and there to underline the contrast.

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If you want to have a feminine bedroom that will not be totally oblivious of your husband’s style, you can choose neutral colors. White or black can also be used to show finesse and elegance, and you can even go for passion red or fresh hues, as long as you avoid pink at all costs! Use white but be careful and counterbalance its lack of personality by adding colorful decorations or by using colored bed sheets.

Another element which will help you in creating a feminine bedroom is the canopy. Bring a little mystery and elegance to your bedroom by setting up a discreet and magic canopy above the bed that will invite you to dream better and to relax. Choose a transparent and delicate material to complete the general idea of the design and make sure that its color matches the rest of the color scheme.

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And since women are great at decorating, you can be sure that a feminine bedroom includes lots of decorations. Intricate designs and patterns, they all have their place here, whether on the legs of the bed, furniture or on decorative items placed on the rest of the furniture. You can expect to find here lots of lace-like pictures or wooden sculptures into the furniture, along with ideas inspired from nature (leaves, flowers, little cute animals and so on).

The light is also an important element for a feminine bedroom. You have to choose lampshades that match the rest of the decor, preferably with lots of lace and feminine decorations on it. Alternatively, you can choose colorful light by using a red or blue light bulbs. They will create a truly intimate and charming atmosphere, suitable for a feminine bedroom! Dim light is a must for romantic nights in such a bedroom, so consider installing a lighting system that allows you to control its intensity. Another option would be to have a material similar to the one used for the canopy that you need to place over the colored lamp with the light bulb to create wonderful surroundings!

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If you are tired of classic and standard decorations in your home, get creative and make your own decorations using photos!

photo decoration ideas

Whether you want to make a room more personal or you simply can’t find the right wallpaper, photo decorations are a great idea. You can either you use your personal photos of yourself or pics with your family, but you can also choose beautiful pictures on the Internet. Moreover, you can use photos that represent your hobbies, like traveling, gardening, reading and so on.

One idea of how you can use photo decorations is to arrange them on a board. Pin them to a board and hang it on the wall if you’re not comfortable with gluing or sticking them directly on the wall. Alternatively, you can fix them on a rope and hang the rope around. Be creative and use colored small decorations on that rope or even apply them directly on the pictures.

However, if you don’t have any problem to putting the pictures directly on the walls, you can create wonderful designs for them. For instance, you can place them in the shape of a heart if you are romantic. Small circles or squares are also a good idea to arrange the photos.

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You can even form words using pictures. Place them in the shape of motivational messages, like “Live Laugh Love”, for instance, or your name. Your imagination is the only limit in photo decorations! Moreover, you can split a design on two walls, like half a heart on one wall and the other half on another.

If you have so many pictures that you can’t decide which ones to use for the decor and which not, you can simply use them all. Cover up an entire wall with your favorite photos and create one of the most customized photo decorations! If you choose a symmetrical and organized style for the pictures, the advantage is that the room will look tidier. If you decide on a random placement of the pictures on the wall, this design will look more personal and informal, so it’s best for the bedroom or kids room.

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Looking for a special effect on photo decorations? You can take a lighter and slightly burn the edges of the photos. You obtain a wonderful vintage effect that’s even more underlined if you choose to use black and white pictures. And since we’re talking about colors, you can thematically arrange the pictures: in one corner you can place black and white ones, somewhere else you can put seaside pictures and so on. Otherwise, you can place seaside pictures in the bathroom, relaxing ones in the bedroom and energetic ones in the living room.

Last but not least, some original ideas would be to make photo decorations along with lights or hanging stripes. You can place some Christmas lights and hang the photos on them or you can use some hanging colorful paper or cloth stripes. Simply hang them from the ceiling and fix the photos on them with glue or beautiful bows. Good luck decorating the rooms in a personal manner!

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When you need a nap, consider buying a nap chair to satisfy your needs instead of a sofa or a bed!

Why should you buy a nap chair: Round chairs

Everybody loves taking a nap. And it has been scientifically proven that a short nap in the middle of the day helps you to be more productive and more energetic. More than that, often times you don’t get enough rest at night, so 20-30 minutes of sleep are more than welcomed at noon. But still, why should you buy a nap chair?

Well, one of the main reasons is that it’s much more useful. A sofa or even the bed are too comfortable and they can trick you into sleeping much more than you actually need. And we all know how it feels when you oversleep and then you’re too lazy… That’s why a nap chair is great, it’s comfortable enough to let you sleep for half an hour or so, but it’s not that comfortable so as to sleep for hours in it!

Another great answer to why should you buy a nap chair is that you can also use it as a normal chair. You can place it in the living room or the bedroom and use it whenever you have company and you don’t have enough chairs. Even though it’s a little bit longer, it’s quite flexible as a furniture item and you will certainly love it!

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And talking about flexibility, you should be happy to know that there are lots of convertible furniture items on the market. What does that mean? That means you can buy a couch that shifts into a bed or a nap chair. And the best part is that it fits in any room you need. You need a lounge chair, a sofa for the living room, an extra bed for when you have somebody over, you name it!

Alternatively, if you want extreme comfort, you can try pillow chairs. They have a huge success with kids and maybe this will convince them to nap too! Made of soft, comfortable materials, you can be sure that you will feel like you’re sleeping on a heavenly cloud!

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However, many people who have found the answers to why should you buy a nap chair convincing bought round chairs for napping. Round armchairs are a great option because they let you curl up in fetal position, this being the most popular sleeping position. There are also special “secret” nap chairs that have special extensions and you can even nap at the office, if you want. But keep the secret!

The bottom line is that nap chairs are great for a moment of relaxation in the middle of a busy day, and the main reasons to why should you buy a nap chair are that they are very comfortable, flexible and a good investment in your rest. Be careful and choose quality materials that will guarantee you a relaxing nap and a great time spent in the nap chair. Also, think about buying your kid a nap chair to convince him easier to sleep at noon!

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If you never thought about choosing a black bedroom design, this is the moment! Read on to see why you should do that!

Black Bedroom Design: Elegant look

Generally, many people avoid black when imagining interior designs. However, recent trends show that black is a great idea for bedroom designs and you should be considering using this color, too. Read on to see what advantages you have if you go for black bedroom design!

One of the first things a black bedroom design brings in your home is elegance. Black has always been the color of elegance and no matter what kind of surface you choose (matte wood or shiny light one) it’s definitely going to bring you a fresh touch around. However, make sure you don’t use too much of it or else you will have a room that is too dark!

Another reason for which you should totally choose a black bedroom design is that it’s practical. And by practical we mean easy to clean. Did your kid spill soda or milk on the bed? No problem, you can just wipe it off without any worries that it will be stained. You can now relax and bring some food into the bedroom when you want to watch a great movie without any worries about the furniture!

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Who doesn’t want a totally new bedroom that will impress even the most pretentious visitors or interior designers? And it’s not even hard to achieve the luxury of a black bedroom design! Once you see how great it is, you just have to decide on a furniture model and see how you can fit it in your own home. Also, note that ideally, the furniture should be a set, not different patterns and models, even if they are all black.

You might say that a black bedroom design brings a negative atmosphere. And it’s totally okay if you don’t want a dark, ominous bedroom. But you can use some smart tricks and tips. For instance, you can simply choose the details to be black, like curtains, rugs or sheets, and choose another color to complete the design. Otherwise, you can reduce even more the amount of black, using only some details or decorations: black statuettes, black wall design, or the bed frame, chairs and so on.

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Another reason for which you should choose black for your bedroom design is that it allows you to use several other colors in beautiful combinations. For instance, you can easily integrate silver in a black bedroom design, while in different styles and other colors it’s harder.

Last but not least, after you see that black is not a color you should be afraid of, you will see how easy it is to create an original and interesting and probably this is the reason which gains more and more adepts of this style. Generally, it’s recommended to combine them with your favorite colors, even bright yellow or orange for instance, but probably you would like to have more relaxing surroundings, so go for silver, beige, cream, warm red or gold for absolute elegance. Either way, it’s easy to choose the color scheme for a black bedroom design!

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If you too are struggling with the lack of space, check out these tips and ideas for small bedrooms to help you out!

Small Bedrooms: Separating wall

As wonderful a home as someone might have, there comes inevitably the problem of space. Many people are very often confronted with this issue of space. Want to buy new furniture? No space. Want to stack your magazines or display your collections? No space. And bedrooms are not excluded either. How many people you know that complain about small bedrooms? If you’re one of them, read on and find out more about how to organize your bedroom so as to take advantage of the available space!

Use the space under the bed. The space under the bed is most of the time overlooked and it’s a shame, since in small bedrooms it’s so valuable! You can simply use it as it is or you can install some wooden boards around, so that you have a huge drawer where to store things. Alternatively, you can also find bed frames which have already integrated different drawers, big or small, depending on your needs.

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Another great idea which you can use for small bedrooms are the storage boxes. You can find matching sets on the market, in different sizes. Use bigger ones for storing cushions or pillows away, toys or books, for instance. The smaller ones can be kept for jewelry, buttons or needles that you may need around and it’s better to know that you keep them in a certain place.

Don’t forget about the window sill! This is also an important place that people usually keep for plants instead of using it for essential things. Indeed, small bedrooms also need plants for beauty and health reasons, but you should consider using some wall-mounted ones instead of pots that occupy your window sill. Otherwise, you can make nice arrangements of overlapped flower pots which will take some space vertically instead of horizontally.

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Use hidden storage spaces. You can place some stools or ottomans in small bedrooms and hollow them, so that you can hide there the small nothings that occupy lots of space and make the room look untidy. Also, use small niches to install boxes or corner shelves to save some space. Alternatively, you can use an entire wall to place only one huge closet for anything you need: clothes, sheets, etc.

Remember to leave space in the center of the room. As much as you’d want to put in all the furniture you like and even large drawers in the idea that it will save you space, it’s better to plan smartly. Small bedrooms need to be free in the middle, so that you can have the illusion of space. Try to organize the rest of the furniture near the walls to free some space.

Also, don’t forget about the lighting, which is very important if you want to create the illusion of space. Always maintain a tidy room and don’t clutter it. Use white tones to spread the light into the room and don’t cover up any windows that might let it in!

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Your bedroom needs a make-over? Try choosing an industrial design for it and you won't regret it!

Industrial Bedroom Design: Classic Brick Wall

In general, people choose for their bedrooms more cozy and delicately-looking designs. However, there is a not so popular style, but very interesting, the industrial bedroom design. It is indeed more masculine and aggressive, but that does not mean that it does not deserve a place among the interior design in your home. Check out these industrial bedroom designs and read about how you can create your own room in this style!

Remember to always use a brick wall when creating an industrial bedroom design. Bricks express the exact raw nature of such a design and it helps in creating an interesting room. If you don’t like the way normal bricks look, you can try to paint them in white or gray as an alternative. These neutral colors help in harmonizing the other colors in the room and allow you to use some brightly colored points of attraction throughout the room (cushions, rugs, etc).

Another important element in designing an industrial bedroom is the art. Even though it might seem paradoxical in the context, an oversized art piece can reinforce the raw, unfinished design. It can be a painting or a big statue or, basically, anything you like. The best part here is that you can choose nonconformist works of art or modernist and abstract ones, because they fit perfectly the rest of the decor.

Don’t forget to use texture! Texture is very important in an industrial bedroom design. Simply because it’s industrial, it has to look somehow unfinished or unrefined. Along with the brick walls, you should use unpolished metallic decorations or furniture, unfinished wooden boards or even bed frames and an original idea is to use chairs made from logs. Log furniture is actually a great plus to this kind of design and it’s not so hard to craft it yourself if you like it.

Pipes are another element that adds to an industrial bedroom design. Even if you don’t have pipes that go through your bedroom, it’s not a bad idea to buy some and to place them here and there. They might look weird placed there, but you can actually disguise them and use them as stools, instead of armchairs, or you can design some shelves that resemble pipes. If you’re lacking inspiration, don’t worry! There are lots of industrial sets out there on the market and they will certainly create the effect you want.

Perhaps the main characteristic of this style is simplicity. Don’t overdo things and try to keep colored or bulky wallpapers, sheets or designs away from the industrial bedroom design. This means that if you have a metallic raw look around, don’t choose sheets with sunflowers and smiles on them. Always remember to stick to the main idea of the style and don’t ruin it! Thankfully, there has been a boom on the market with urban designs on cushions, works of art, sheets, furniture and so on. Take advantage of this or even create your own decorations if you feel that they match better your room. Good luck!

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Tired of the old boring pillows and sheets? Check out these creative pillows and see which ones do you like.

Creative pillows: Couple pillow

The bedroom is probably the room where you spend most of your time home. And the pillow is the most important part of your sleep, so it’s important to be comfortable and qualitative. But more than that, some pillows are so cute that you’ll never want to leave the bed! Check out these creative pillows for your bedroom and inspire yourself for your own pillows!

Couple pillows. The couple pillows are probably the cutest ever. Whether they have a design with “thinking about you” or with drawings and cartoons, they are a great option for newlyweds or married couples and can even bring an element of fun into the bedroom.

Rock pillows. They are so much fun and look very cozy. More than that, you can even use them outdoors in your lounge or by the pool for an extra of comfort and design. It fits perfectly an industrial design and you can even customize them with some colors.

Ostrich pillow. The ostrich pillow is one example of creative pillows that find their place not only in the bedroom. It’s specially designed for traveling and it helps you take a nap even in the most unusual places: in the airport, train or even at the office.

Side pillows. Everyone who loves sleeping on one side knows how annoying it is that you don’t know what to do with the arm that’s under you. People who design creative pillows thought of that and designed one with a special place where to stretch your arm for a better sleep.

Body pillow. On the same principle, you can find available a body pillow. It’s perfect for those who love to cuddle but can’t or for those who enjoy hugging the blanket. Plus it’s huge and as long as your body, so that you can fully enjoy it.

Clouds, clouds everywhere! If you’re the kind of person with his/her head in the clouds, this is the right pillow for you. Soft and comfy, the cloud pillow feels like the seventh sky!

Blood pillow. Reminding you of a crime scene, the blood pillow is perhaps one of the most creative pillows you can buy! Although it might scare your parents or friends when they come over, it’s still a good investment and a funny thing to have in your bedroom.

Boombox set. For those who are nostalgic of the ’80s-’90s time, this boombox pillow set is awesome! It reminds you of that culture and you might even be reluctant to actually use it as a pillow.

Boyfriend pillow. A great replacement of the creative pillows for when your lover is away is the boyfriend pillow. It looks like half of a body and you can sleep comfortably in the arms of it, you can hug it and even carry it around!

Emoticon pillows. Since we’re living in the era of technology, you might want to bring your pillows to the 21st century too! Choose the emoticon ones and use them to express your emotions even in the bedroom.

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When you want to redecorate but you feel no inspiration, read this article and prepare to get inspired!

Amazing Bedroom Designs: One Color

The bedroom is probably the room where you spend most of the time when you’re at home. Since this is the place where you charge your batteries and relax, it is very important to have a proper room that can facilitate your good sleep. The ambient is the main concern in a bedroom, and for this you might want to have a look at these color ideas for your bedroom design for further inspiration.

  1. Elegant Colors. If you want to have a room where you can relax and enjoy a beautiful decor, it is better to choose elegant or neutral colors. For instance, you can choose a burgundy red or a warm chocolate shade and combine it with white or beige for a contrasting effect.
  2. Fake Ceiling. Recently there has been an entire trend going on with the fake ceilings made of plaster. Indeed, if you choose a special shape and color it by matching the colors of the room, you will have one of the most amazing bedroom designs. More than that, you can even consider adding adornments and other decorations if you find it suitable for your design.
  3. Fresh Colors. If you want to focus more on the getting up part in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to use fresh and bright colors, like light green, strong blue or combinations between them. However, these colors are more suitable for a modern or Mediterranean style of design, so check if this would match the rest of your house.
  4. Black and White. What can be more elegant and classic than the old combination of black and white? Modern trends are going back to basics, so current amazing bedroom designs often include variations and plays upon these two colors. If you find them too simple, you can always choose a third color for certain details around the room: stickers, cushions, rugs etc.
  5. Special Lighting. The bedroom needs to have a quiet and even mysterious atmosphere, so you might want to place the lighting carefully around the room. You don’t need strong light anyway in the bedroom, so go for dim lights that help you relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the day.
  6. Delicate colors. If you want a more feminine bedroom or simply you like the delicate shades, using delicate colors in the bedroom is not a bad idea at all. A royal purple or subtle shades of pink, peach, light oranges and even grays can be a perfect match for a relaxed, airy bedroom. On the same note, you can also try golden notes and if you’re daring enough, even golden wallpapers, lighter or darker, depending on the rest of your color scheme. Indeed, golden is a very elegant color, but it can become also modern in combination with black or white.
  7. One Color. Yes, you can decorate your bedroom using one color in two different shades. You can play around all throughout the room with, let’s say, light purple and dark purple, and the effect will be truly amazing!

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For whoever loves a piece of the Orient, an Egyptian style bedroom is always a good idea for a change in your home. Decorating a bedroom in an Egyptian style is easier than you might think, thanks to these useful tips!

Egyptian paintings

Egyptian style is fascinating indeed. A lot of people love this exotic culture and the market of decorative objects that represent symbols in the Egyptian culture is continuously growing. If you’re not fully decided to have an Egyptian style bedroom, you might want to consider just adding some elements that will make a nice blend with the style you already have.

Luxurious fabrics. Quality and elegance are the key words when it comes to making an Egyptian style bedroom, so be careful with choosing the materials for the room. You can at all times buy an elegant bed set and it will completely change the atmosphere in the room. Add quality curtains and rugs and voila! Don’t forget to match the curtains to the bed linens for a full effect.

Low bed. A low to the floor bed or with tall posts will help in creating a canopy for instance. More than that, since the bed is the main element in the room, pay extra attention to choosing it and its decorations. You can choose side tables with Egyptian decorations or simply bed linens with this kind of patterns.

Since we mentioned it, a canopy is perhaps the most effective way to have an Egyptian style bedroom. Not only that it’s gorgeous, but it also creates a magical atmosphere so that you can have your very own piece of the Orient in your bedroom. Remember to choose quality materials and dark, elegant colors.

Egyptian art. Don’t be afraid to use Egyptian art in the bedroom, even if you’re not a fan of it. You can use paintings, papyrus scrolls or even statues. You can be creative and adorn the walls with hieroglyphs, whether you choose a wallpaper already printed as such or you draw them yourself over the existing layer of paint. Also, choose some special, elegant colors for them. Sure, you can go for black, but gold or silver are really impressive.

Accessories. Don’t be afraid to place Egyptian accessories all around the room, for a full effect. Choose statues, busts, reliefs or ceramic vases, for instance. Other options are gold statues (careful so that they will not look kitsch!) or floor plants. A clever trick is to place a black framed mirror on one of the walls for a dramatic effect. However, you should pay attention to the way in which you arrange them, you don’t want your room to look cluttered. Place them strategically, so that they will attract your eye one after the other.

These tips are a clever shortcut to transforming you room into an Egyptian style bedroom with little effort and time. And what’s best is that you can use all your imagination to decorate and place patterns around the room. Still, as excited as you can be, remember the limit and don’t clutter the room. A cluttered room will never look cozy or stylish and it would be a shame to spoil the wonderful effect of Egyptian decors and patterns.

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