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A baby chandelier for a perfect nursery room is exactly what you need.

A house, that’s what you have now. Do you want to turn your house into a home ? Well the answer to this question is quite simple, you can turn your house into a home by having a baby. There’s nothing more charming in a home than the nursery room. Forget about the other rooms, this one has to be perfect. To be perfect it has to reflect the restful state in which you want your baby to stay. Nursery chandeliers, bring the touch you want in the room.

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Nursery chandeliers should be chosen with a high grade of caution. It’s the room where maybe, your little Peter Pan will say his first words.

Here are some ideas for your perfect nursery chandelier:

Peter pan nursery chandelier: I already said that maybe you see your baby as Peter Pan. But if she’s a girl you will maybe think about Tinker Bell. This fairy tale chandelier will bring color to your baby girl’s heart and give her the start of her own tale. You can decorate the rest of the room in the same theme.


nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

Flowers and stars nursery chandelier: This would be a nursery chandelier for a boy’s room. The closed flowers gives you a morning impression so your baby will always feel fresh like morning time. Stars falling from the chandelier, well that’s a picture I would like to have every morning. Make him dream that he can fly from the flowers to the stars.

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nursery chandeliers flower stars nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

Joyful nursery chandelier: Everyone knows that color is the center piece of every children’ universe. Go wild with colorful, joyful decorations and chose a real big and alive chandelier for your little miracle. Make him forge his dreams only in Happyland. He won’t wake you up in the middle of the night, he will be guarded by his new friends .It will also make you  more energetic and calmer.

nursery chandeliers joyful nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

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Stylish modern nursery chandelier: We live in an era of style and what better way to put this print in your child life ,even from the start, than a stylish nursery chandelier? Well organized, simple but yet complex, this nursery chandelier is the perfect kick star for your little gallant modern prince .

nursery chandeliers stylish nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

Princess nursery chandelier: It’s no surprise that everyone spoils their new born. Your little princess will feel exactly like she should: royalty. This nursery chandelier is the climax of comfort and luxury, the perfect gift to give to your daughter. Help her become the princess that she deserves to be.

nursery chandeliers princess like nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

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Your baby deserves the best crib and high chair. Treat him./her like a royal.

Today is all about what a baby deserves and the first major thing is that a baby deserves an elegant baby crib.

In today’s article I am going to give you some modern ideas of baby cribs which will beautify the baby’s room and they will make it happier. 

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Let’s take a look at some elegant stylish cribs and useful baby chairs.

modern baby crib home caprice

The Luna Crib is designed of sold materials having a modern unique silhouette. What is remarkable of this crib is that the side panels can become a footboard and head for a twin crib.

oeuf-classic-crib home caprice

The Oeuf Classic Crib comes with a platform that makes it easier for you to put or to pick up the baby from the crib. It is made in Latvia and the designer was concentrated in protecting the environment. It features a solid wood base made of walnut or birch with fixed rails for more safety.

angelina baby crib home caprice

If your new baby is a future queen you need a luxurious baby crib in French Vanilla like this Angelina Pearl Finish crib. You can choose it in French Vanilla or Pearl Finish. This crib is for sophisticated babies. It features hand-sculpted floral appliques, graceful cabriole legs and curved molding.

baby crib home caprice

Angelina Upholstered Crib Pearl Finish: a traditional crib having a graceful grey fabric is what your nursery room needs. It is also sweet and extravagant perfect for  girl and a boy.

baby cribs home caprice

Cristallo Colection reflects elegance and innovation. The cribs are designed with the highest quality and they are all about safety. You will never want to leave the nursery room again. It is created with sustainable wood, textured finish and the antique design blows your mind. The granite color helps your baby remain calm.

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Baby-Cot-of-Pure-Gold elegant baby cribs

Baby Cot of Pure Gold: this is the most expensive crib in the world which reflect only luxury. Ximo Talamantes the famous designer, created this baby marvel crib. 6 month were required to design this 188 kgs of pure gold. It includes a mattress, side pads and the highest-quality sheets for babies. The price of this amazing crib is $16.4 million.

A baby also need a high chair because you want to provide it comfort and safety when he/she eats too. 

high chair baby home capriceCiao! Baby Portable High Chair will help you keep the elegance of your house and most of all it is very easy to stash and it is portable so you can stop worrying about traveling.

highchair baby home caprice

Joovy Nook High Chair comes in a fabulous elegant color and your can take the seat cover off and wash it in the machine. Your baby will have the time of his life.

elegant baby chair home caprice

Tavo High Chair talks about elegance and it is specially created for sophisticated babies who want comfort to be their best serviced. When you combine leather with wood the result is something marvelous.

modern baby chair home caprice


BabyBjorn High Chair a modern futurist chair for ultra elegance and style. It is a great piece for a contemporary dining room. Your baby will feel royal.

high baby chair home caprice

Poppy Plus High Chair babies will adore this classic stylish chair which you can also convert. It can turn into a toddler chair with table included. It will look great in any room you decide to install it.

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Dear parents when you decide to procure a baby chair or a baby crib for your little marvels, make sure you choose an item that won’t harm his/her back or it hasn’t has any risks that can harm your precious. Instead of looking for cheap items invest in a more expensive one which you will know for sure it will only offer your baby comfort and elegance.

Transform work in fun and play with you children!

kids room

Kids are kids and they are full of energy and they live in a different world of ours. They can fly, they are pirates, or queens or animals anyway they are full of energy and they do make a lot of mess.

Well children must learn that their room is a special place where magic can happen so they must keep it clean and you don’t have to clean it for them, you must teach them how to maintain it clean.

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Let’s see some tips about this process of cleaning a kid’s room and see how we should make it a team work. Tips for organizing your kids room.

See your children’ room from their eyes: 


Start analyzing your kid’s room from his/her level. Take a look at the space, storage, furniture and possessions from his or her position. It is another view, believe me. Avoid any type of adult furniture because small hands can’t manage them. Avoid closet hanging rods because they don’t fit smaller clothing. I think traditional toy boxes are out of fashion.

Any solution you find make sure it fits with your child. If they are younger, you don’t need closet doors at all. Invest in lower clothing rods and child-sizes hangers. Replace traditional toy boxes with floor-level open containers for toys, and you might want to take into consideration plastic baskets for socks and underwear.

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If I were you I would to a daily checklist for maintenance.

Involve your child in every action you do:

Of course it would be much easier to do everything by yourself but your kid needs to learn how to organize his/her  room and what means to do an effort. You must teach your child what are the organization skills and maintenance methods.

This can be really fun, you just have to focus on the child. You are your child organizational consultant from now on. Ask your child what is good in his/ her room what is not, what it is important to him/her, what is not, what is causing problems and what is not, and why it is important for him/her to learn how to be organized. You can make this look like  a very interesting game.

With two brains on the process the organization scheme and system will be much easier to make. If you involve your children active in this process they will understand better the organizational logic and they will maintain their room organized and clean.

Simplify everything:


It can’t be that hard because children’s rooms are smaller but anyway they contain outgrown clothing, surplus toys, household overflow from other rooms, you can find anything in a kid’s room and it would be impossible to a child to stay organized when everything is crammed, the drawers are full of thing and the toys are everywhere.

So take your kid’s hand and start sorting, storing everything together. First thing clothes. Store them by seasons. Think if every t-shirt is worn about your child and if don’t make some room for others.

An interesting detail would be a toy library if your kid has too many toys. You can use a large lidded plastic storage container, large boxes, or plastic garbage bags and bring the toys to the toy library. Store them somewhere else not in the same room.

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When your child is bored bring the toy library and rediscover them together.  Older kid can have a higher closet shelves for storing their belongings.

So dear mothers and fathers from now on make this task a play task and everything will be easier.


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The nursery room is a magic place where you need to find marvels.

A baby is always a bless and everybody expects babies full of joy and excitement because we know that they are going to change our lives completely.

Babies need to be welcomed in a fabulous way. For 9 months we create and recreate the perfect space where he or she will dream for unicorns and kingdoms. Everything must be as perfect as he or she will be.

So what will make a baby’s room magic? 

 First of all we need to think for a baby bed because maybe this is going to be the first thing which  he or she interacts with. The bed must be tall enough so when he/she grows a little bigger not to be able to fall down. It is recommended to be made of wood because it keeps warmth inside. Choose a soft blanket of a neutral color, maybe green, in case you don’t know if is a she or a he, make sure its material doesn’t leave fluffs. For an original aspect you can write your baby’s name on the wall using large and tall letters from wood, painted in the same color as your baby’s bed is. Take a look:



Second most important in a nursery room are walls colors. You need to pick soft, relaxing colors in order for your baby to feel always calm and happy. But you can still keep it cool and stylish. For example you can combine gray with white or yellow. These two colors are perfect for both genders and it will definitely look impressive.



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For a magic design you can create a sparking ceiling for your baby and in this way his or her little eyes will be amazed by the star’s beauty and will also calm him or her down. You will also feel more relaxed. You really need to try what effect on your disposition have stars which sparkle in dark.


Create shelves: It is very important to add your own personality on your baby’s room and to keep always jolly and colorful, that is why shelves give you the possibility to play with accessories like toys, photos, you can put flowers or anything you think it will keep your baby’s attention always active because they have distributive attention.


You baby’s closet is very important. It must be ordered before you bring the baby home and everything must be put in a logic way because you won’t have time to find the proper things once the baby is here. Always make sure you iron your baby’s clothes because in this way germ die instantly.



These are five of the most important thing a nursery room should contain. After you checked all this you can let you imagination play with details and create a marvelous room.


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See here some useful tips on choosing or building a bed for your children of any age!

kids bedroom design

Whether you need a bed for a toddler or simply want to replace the bed for your older child, you should know some things about choosing and maintaining a bed for your kids. That’s why we bring you today some children bed tips.

Children Bed Tips: Colorful Furniture

1. Measure carefully. The children bed needs to be properly fit into the room, so make sure the size is right for your design or placement of the furniture in the house. If you want some special sizes, other than the standard ones you can find in the store, perhaps it would be a better idea to have a customized one.

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2. Think about the decorations. Many people tend to overdecorate the children’s bed because there are lots of cute toys out there and they simply can’t choose just one. But that, besides being not that healthy or useful for the child (especially when it’s young), it’s not helpful for your design either. Too many colorful toys can ruin the harmony of a beautiful design, so be careful with the decorations.

Children Bed Tips: Comfortable Bed

3. Check the quality. This is perhaps the most useful children bed tips: always check the quality of the bed you’re buying! It’s the best idea to pay a little more for some wood that is more resistant than to choose the looks over safety. Make sure that the bolts and the hinges are in good state, especially if you decide to reuse an old bed or want to build one yourself. If at any point you notice any cracks or holes in the structure, try and fix the bed immediately.

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4. Choose the style. In general, one of the most useful children bed tips is to go for a simple design. And that’s because you can always adorn a simple bed and match it to your current interior décor. It’s not hard to turn a simple furniture item into an elegant one by using tricks such as small falling curtains, a canopy or other intricate patterns and decorations, while if you choose from the start an elegant one, you could not turn it into a simple or a sport one, for instance.

Children Bed Tips: Beautiful Design

5. Place the bed in a well-lit spot. Children need enough light during the day and more than that, their body needs to adjust to the natural cycle of day and night, so placing the bed near the window or at least pretty close to it will help the internal rhythm of sleep of the child. Waking up in the morning with the help of sunshine is better than waking up in a forced manner, so it’s healthier this way.

6. Choose a funny design. For older children who already have favorite cartoons or characters, a customized bed is always a great idea. Who would refuse to go to sleep in an awesome red car bed or a princess one? Such a bed can help you make bed time a pleasant activity and not a difficult goal to achieve every night.

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See here how you can turn white, a not-so-popular option when it comes to interior design as a main color, to a perfect background color for your kids room!

White kids room furniture: Dream-like Decor

White is generally avoided as a main color in interior design, probably because it is quite cold and some find it inexpressive. However, it is quite popular as a secondary color, because it matches well with almost anything and it creates an awesome background for other bright colors to make their appearance. When it comes to kids room though, even more people are afraid of using it because it gets dirty quickly and children are sometimes a little bit too creative. But let’s see here how you can use white kids room furniture without making it look nasty or cold!

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1. Let just the furniture be white. White won’t be overwhelming if you contain yourself and choose only the furniture to be white. Bed sheets, decorations, textiles and toys can definitely receive the bright colors in the room, leaving thus more space for the neutral white kids room furniture. If you also have white walls, it’s not recommended to add even more white decorations or accessories. In moderate quantities, a white room looks neat and clean, but if you overdo it, it might resemble a hospital room.

2. Customize your white furniture. If you’re brave enough, you can let your own kids decide the future design of their furniture! Otherwise, there are plenty of ideas that can stimulate your imagination and make you find new ways of customizing it. You can use colored duct tape to create stripes on it, stickers or even random colored paper to bring some color. Newspaper cuts are also awesome or, depending on your kids’ preferences, you can go for cartoons and famous characters that they enjoy most.

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3. Take advantage and make an elegant room! If you’ve decided to use white after all for the kids room, you might as well make this a starting point for creating a truly fairy tale land! It’s mainly an idea for girls, since you’ll be using lots of lace and other fancy decorations which boys generally despise. Choose some princess bed sheets and improvise by adding lace to other things around the room, such as the curtains, the rugs or whatever you plan on adding next. You can be sure your girl won’t regret it!

4. White is a versatile color. Which means that you can change the aspect of a room with minimum effort and with keeping the same furniture set. For instance, if when the baby is young you tend to use rather pale and pastel colors that work perfectly with white kids room furniture, when they grow up you can make the room look a little bit more serious to encourage them to study. From peach and pale blue you can move on to darker shades, marine blue or teal, dark green shades and so on. You can even play along with some black element in the room, but make sure you don’t use too much of it, since in the end it’s still a kids room and it doesn’t need to be black.

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See how amazing black and white designs can be, even if you don't use more than two colors!

Black and White Designs: Modern Design

Perhaps one of the most controversial combination between two (non)colors, black and white still remains quite a popular choice. Probably the best part about such a design is the fact that you can create whatever style you want only by using these two colors. But let’s see more about black and white designs!

Some people say that it is too boring to choose only these two colors to complete a design. But the best part is that by doing this, you are determined to use your creativity to the fullest, instead of simply letting other bright colors to do their job. Also, since you’re using only black and white, there is no way you can fail in creating a great design for your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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The most popular style where black and white designs are used is the modern one. Perhaps due to its sleek aspect, it incorporates well technology items, which are mostly found in these two colors. Black TVs, audio systems or computers are predominant, so you can base your design on these instead of planning ahead the elements in the room. The best part about such a design is that you can use both colors in different amounts throughout the room and it won’t look bad. It doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetric or to have a certain equilibrium, the design will look good even if you randomly place the furniture items.

If, however, you are afraid that black and white designs can look dull or not interesting at all, you can try some tips for brightening it up. One such hint is to use colored light. LED lights or neon ones are great in bringing just enough color as needed to a room in black and white. Of course, the more original the combination, the better, but if you’re stuck and don’t know what to choose, we would recommend you to go for very bright and daring colors, like orange, purple or green. The contrast will be amazing! Another option is to choose only one colored decoration (a rug, the curtains, cushions etc), though in this case you risk distracting the attention from the main idea of the design.

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A great advantage of black and white designs is the elegance. Just like when you’re dressing up for a fancy party, sometimes it’s better to choose the classic colors. If you want to obtain an elegant design, you should choose expensive or quality materials for the furniture or decorations. Just imagine how beautiful would a black satin curtain look on white surroundings! Or what an impressive contrast black silk cushions would make on a white leather couch.

In the end, it’s all up to you if you want to have a modern sleek design or an elegant one, what’s truly important is that black and white designs offer you the freedom of changing the entire style of an entire room simply by using these two colors and removing any other restrictions some colors might impose on your interior decor.

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Change your kids room design with a bold statement through a green colored decor!

Green Kids Room Ideas: White and Green

Studies show that green is one of the most suitable colors to decorate your kids room. It’s relaxing, it has a positive effect and it stimulates their creativity. Not to mention that it has been proven that green is the best color for the health of kids’ eyes. And if you need another argument for this, think about how beautiful it is! See here some green kids room ideas and tips!

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The most effective way to create a green design for a room is to paint the walls this way. Since they cover up the most surface in the room, the effect will be bright, positive and dominant over the rest of the colors in the room. You can play around with various different shades, from light green to dark or lime, depending on the atmosphere you want the room to have. The darker the shades you will use, the more serious the room will be. And although in general kids room should be as light and funny as possible, if you have an older kid that needs to do homework and to focus, a more serious room can be quite useful.

Alternatively, if you don’t want the entire room to be green, you can simply paint only one wall in this wonderful color and the others in more neutral or not so bright colors to counter the effect. However, you can use original green kids room ideas and not paint the walls in green at all. Simply choose bed sheets, carpets and rugs and furniture in similar shades of green and you will obtain the same beautiful effect without even changing the color of the walls.

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One of the most popular color that complements green kids room ideas in general is blue. Though they’re both cold colors, there are still some really warm shades that make a nice contrast when used together. You can have a fresh atmosphere simply by using these two colors in different amounts all throughout the kids room. For instance, you can choose green furniture, but blue decorations, like cushions, rugs or curtains. Of course, both of them can be mixed (together or separately) with white touches here and there. Sometimes it’s impossible to have only these two colors in the room, since some people have white walls, white floors and so on. Another option would be to mix the two of them with black shades for a more interesting interior design.

One last advice would be to make sure that your kid loves this color before starting making plans for the interior design you want to see. Green kids room ideas may sound very enticing to you, but if it’s not you boy/girl’s favorite color, he/she might not enjoy it as much as you’d expect. Bottom line: it’s always better to ask them directly if they want their room in one way or another because, after all, they will be the ones who spend most time there!

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Find some inspiration for your kids room with these excellent ideas for wallpapers!

Kids Room Wallpaper Ideas: Creative Design

The wallpaper is a very important part of a design, mostly because it dictates the atmosphere and it greatly influences the rest of the colors in the room. And if we’re talking about kids room, it’s even more important! Although most kids have their own preferences when it comes to decorating their room, you can also use some general guidelines for kids room wallpaper ideas.

Green is an excellent idea when choosing a wallpaper for kids room. It is said to be the most relaxing color for the eyes, but more than that, it has an energetic effect on kids and it makes the room look happy and jolly, being a great place to play. If you don’t want to have a plain green wallpaper, you can play around with black decorations like stick figures or even your kid’s favorite photos.

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Of course, since it’s a kids room, you can’t expect it to contain only one or two colors. Therefore, one of the best kids room wallpaper ideas is to use your creativity and combine lots of colors. You can simply blend them randomly or let your kid paint the walls as he wishes, for instance, but you can also choose a wallpaper that depicts thematic designs: a zoo, a park, a playground, a sea ship, a train stations etc, depending on your kid’s preferences and taste. Don’t forget to ask him for an opinion if he’s old enough because in the end he is the one who will spend the most time in that room and not you.

Nature is another one of kids room wallpaper ideas that’s worth a thought. As we said, green is a popular option indeed, but you can resort to relaxing and fun landscapes: a desert, a savannah, a jungle or anything that can stimulate your kid’s creativity. More than that, perhaps a natural setting in his room will make it love the outdoors more and spend more time outside than indoors playing all day long with different devices.

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Bright colors in excess are not normally recommended for kids room. Although they are happy and fresh, they will not help the kid relax and might even affect his sleep and other activities. The best option would be to go for pastel colors, and in this area you can choose from pale yellow, light pink, washed green, blue and other variations, but you can also use the classics black, white, grey etc.

Or you can even try combinations in different geometrical patterns. For instance, dots are one of the most popular kids room wallpaper ideas because they offer you the freedom to choose up to 3 or even 4 different colors to combine on the wall. More than that, you can get creative and go for a wallpaper with overlapped dots of different sizes and colors that will create a nice ambient, perfect for playing or sleeping. Add some cartoon characters around and you can bet that your kid will love his room!

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If you think a rug is great for your kids room, check out these suggestions for choosing the right one!

Kids Room Rugs: Safe Rug

An attractive kids room rug will definitely complete your room design and will make your kid very enthusiastic about spending time in his room and playing around. Although many people overlook this detail and don’t give it much importance, kids room rugs are great because they can help you achieve a certain tone of your design and allow your child to play safely on the floor.

Thankfully, nowadays you can find lots of modern rugs, for instance. Modern ones include interactive rugs, like the ones that teach your kid how to dance by lighting one small square at a time. Others let him play some music, exactly like a giant piano. You can even find some that allow him to draw on them and customize it himself. Another option you have is to choose kids room rugs that already have games drawn on them: for instance, you can find on the market rugs that have highways on them for boys to play with their cars on.

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For those who are more conservative regarding kids room rugs, you can still go for classic designs and colors. What’s truly important when choosing kids room rugs is that you respect the color scheme you have chosen for the room. That means that the entire design must be fluid and go along the lines of one or two main colors. Even though in the kids room you’re free to use as many colors you like, it’s not recommended to create a tiresome design with overlapping bright colors. However, you can play around with patterns and designs. An easy way out is to choose kids room rugs with characters from their favorite TV shows or cartoons, but you can also choose a specific pattern and place it on the rugs, sheets or curtains, for instance.

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Simple is always the easiest way of doing things, so decide for plain kids room rugs for a tidy effect. Of course, light colors are not that practical since they can get easily dirty, but they’re better for creating an airy atmosphere and a light room. Dark colors however are not generally recommended, but you can use them if you want a more masculine bedroom for a little boy. If a plain design looks too dull for you, try buying rugs in funny shapes, animal shapes or geometrical ones.

Last but not least, pay attention to the material of the rug. Since young kids tend to spend a lot of time on the floor, playing and running around, you will need to get a qualitative and thick rug to protect them. Generally, the floor is colder than the rest of the room, so if you get a chance, you should ideally install some heated floors. Be careful with the material too. Some children are more sensitive than others and some kids room rugs can harm their delicate skin and even trigger or aggravate some allergies. Moreover, use special detergents when cleaning the rugs and floors and everything will be okay!

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