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If you're looking for an idea to redecorate your kids room, you've come to the right place! Get some inspiration and get to work!

Creative Kids Room Designs: Funny Bed

If you want to make a surprise to your kid, redecorate his/her room! Yes, creative kids room designs are quite hard to find, and in general interior designers’ ideas rarely match your own, so what’s to be done then? Think about some of the following creative kids room designs and get inspired for any other ideas that will fit your kid best!

One idea if your kid is passionate about pirates is to make him a pirate ship room. Although it requires some effort, it’s totally worth it! You will need some wood, to built a part of the ark. Here you can even incorporate the bed into a ship facade to save some space. If you want to take it to the extremes, you can even build a rope bridge from one corner of the room to another, which is a great idea for your kid to play.

Pop culture inspired another one of the creative kids room designs: the Narnia design. If you have another smaller room and you would like to make it a play room for your kid, you can hide the door inside a drawer. The smaller play room can be decorated just like the forest in the books/movie. You can simply paint the walls like this or you can even use real branches or plastic ones. Add a soft rug in the middle and bring all the toys in!

Get inspired from the Native Americans and build your kid his own teepee! This is one of those creative kids room designs that allows for a special space of storytelling, playing and even reading. Just install some wooden bars like you do for a tent and place a sheet above, nothing complicated! Fill it with cushions and blankets and let your kid have a great time there!

Spaceship design. Lots of kids are crazy about spaceships and cosmic stuff, so why not take advantage of this? You can use a control board with lots of buttons or you can even craft one yourself. Collect buttons from TV remotes or control panels that don’t work anymore and place them just like in a space station. Buy your kid an astronaut suit and fill the room with themed pictures.

Make a house in the kids room! Even though the design is not that popular, it is still one of the creative kids room designs which is loved by many kids. Simply craft a house facade and place a window next to the bed. For more kids you can even place the bunk bed inside and paint the facade just like a regular house would look.

Another great one of the creative kids room designs is the circus design. This is perhaps the easiest design to craft: simply gather as many striped materials as you can. Use the materials for curtains, sheets, pillows, cushions and anything else. Then use as many bright colors as possible. Red, yellow and blue are great options, but you can think of every combination you can! Next, place the toys all around and you’re set!

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Surprise your kid and redecorate his room by choosing one of these unusual kids beds ideas! He will absolutely love it!

Unusual kids beds: Rocket bed

Every kid wants to have an awesome room of his own. But the most difficult part for the parents is to make it unique, original and funny at the same time. Here are some ideas for unusual kids beds to brighten up their room and to make them more willing to go to sleep.

Princess house. A bed masked as a princess house is guaranteed to charm every little girl and to convince her to go to sleep faster. Not to mention that a small nap in the afternoon will suddenly seem magic and it will allow you as a parent to tell more captivating stories about nap time.

Fire truck bed. One of the most unusual kids beds for boys is the fire truck one. With a red cardboard cover and some imagination any parent can create a fire truck bed for his son (or sons!). It’s even easier if you have a bunk bed, so that you can design a bigger facade for them. Otherwise, you can inspire yourself from images online and to print them directly. There are, of course, some options already available on the market, but where’s the fun in that?

Ship bed. If your kid loves pirates and such games, you should think of buying or crafting yourself a ship bed. It’s not that complicated, you simply have to design the body of the ship around a normal bed and to stick them together. What’s even more interesting is that you can even ask your kid to help you in designing it. This way you will know that the result will be exactly as he wishes and you will have a little help when crafting it!

Tent bed. If you have a kid that loves outdoors and camping, a tent bed is great for him! Choose this one instead of other unusual kids beds and offer your kid a private space in his bed. More than that, kids love to hide or to cuddle, so a small space in bed is great for this.

House bed. By using some painted wood panels you can transform the bunk bed in your kids room in a realistic house. Make sure to paint the ladder in the same manner and voila, you have a one of the greatest and most unusual kids beds around! However, don’t forget about safety: don’t leave sharp corners or edges our for the kids to hurt themselves in them.

Hanging bed. The great advantage of a hanging bed is that your kid can relax and balance himself on it and swing himself to sleep without your help. You can even use some transparent material and surround the bed all around, just like a canopy, for a more Oriental look.

Rocket bed. Every boy is fascinated at some point in his life with science, rockets and space. Why not get him a bed that it’s designed like a rocket ship? You can be sure that his sleep will be cosmic!

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For a special touch on your rooms, you can opt for a wonderful wall mural that will completely change the look of the entire design and will be very attractive.

Wall Mural Ideas: waves

Sometimes a simple wallpaper does not satisfy your need for a beautiful room or it happens that you can’t find the exact pattern you’re looking for. This is when you need some wall mural ideas to rethink your interior design and to embellish any dull room. Modern design is a rising trend in 2015, so modern patterns are very sought in what concerns wall mural ideas.

This is why there are a lot of urban-inspired patterns. Blocks of flats, city skylines, over-the-top views above the metropolis and many, many other have found a way into many people’s homes. Also, on the same note, there are colors that match this general principle, such as black & white templates, shades of gray, cold blues or greens and generally speaking, cold and dark shades.

On the opposite side you can find natural and vegetal themes and motifs for wall mural ideas. From motifs such as fishes, shells and marine themed patterns to vegetal wall mural ideas like leaves, flowers or even trees. A rocky pattern is nevertheless forgotten and the best part in such a design is that you can choose either a warm and welcoming pattern or a cold and tough one, depending on the atmosphere you want to create in the room.

Another direction of the wall mural ideas that is adopted by more and more people is the colorful one. Regardless of the pattern, many people look to make their room more vivid and bright, for a positive effect on their health and mood. Indeed, many scientists believe that the colors you choose for your home can really affect your mood and health on the long term.

If you’re running out of ideas on how to (re)decorate your kids room, you can always try a cosmic pattern. Some images with astronauts, planets or blue skies will prove to be very exciting for your kid and will brighten up the room instantly. Otherwise, you can always go for their favorite characters and movies, not to mention bands and artists when they are older. 3D murals are also an option that is very popular among kids and teenagers.

Of course, you can always choose one of the wall mural ideas according to your own hobbies and favorite things. If you like traveling, you can find available a number of exotic wall murals, ranging from the far-away savanna all throughout the dangerous jungle and desert. On the same topic, you can always choose a map to cover an entire wall. Moreover, you can even combine several maps and be creative about them. In this case, it is recommended to use the motif of the map in the entire room: on furniture, mugs and other decorations.

Last but not least, an easy way out of choosing one of the complex wall mural ideas is to go for a nice landscape. Who doesn’t want to get lost in the beauty of an exotic landscape, a relaxing beach image or a chilly mountain picture? Sweet dreams!

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When a child appears in the family, it's necessary to make some changes when it comes to the house arrangements: furniture needs to be childproofed, same as windows, doors and so on. Read the following list of tips on how to childproof your home!

As much as you want to decorate your house in a certain way, when a child gets involved in the discussion, you simply have to take all the precautions needed to prevent any accidents. The best idea is to childproof your home and not to leave pointy objects, sharp edges or dangerous objects anywhere where the kid might reach. Read on for more tips and tricks on how to childproof your home.

Safety latches and locks.

Cabinets and drawer in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere else need to be closed for good for the kids not to have access to medicine, knives, scissors or household cleaners, for instance. The more complicated the latch or lock, the better and anyway, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Safety gates.

Probably the most popular solution when you childproof your home, the safety gates are a great investment in your child’s safety. There have been countless incidents reported with kids that fell down the stairs and injured themselves. Although they may seem to incommodate you, think about the greater purpose of them. Look for stairs that are pretty resistant, since the child can pull, push or try to dismember them.

Door knob covers and door locks.

These are quite useful in preventing the children to enter a certain room. When you’re having a party for instance, you can store in a certain room all the dangerous elements around and use a door knob cover or a door lock to keep children away. It’s one of the most popular solutions to childproof your home. Again, make sure that it’s solid enough not to be destroyed by a child.

Anti-scald devices.

Even a moment of not paying attention from the parents can leave a kid free to go the bathroom or kitchen and turn on a faucet. Burns are some of the most often encountered issues with children, so an anti-scald device is perfect. You can set the maximum temperature for the water so that you can prevent any dangerous situations.

Smoke detectors.

Not only for children, but also for your own safety, you should consider installing some smoke detectors. Unfortunately, so many fires that could have been prevented have been reported and they could all be avoided by using a simple device like a smoke detector.

Window guards and safety nets.

If you have many windows, balconies or decks, you should definitely use window guards or safety nets to childproof your home. Windows screens are not very effective in preventing children from falling, so you need to add extra protection to that. Make sure to check every once in a while that they are properly installed and maintained, so that you can prevent any kind of surprises.

Corner and edge bumpers.

Last but not least, corner and edge bumpers are great when you want to childproof your home. Many furniture items are square and have sharp edges or pointy sides, and unfortunately there are the ones children use when they start to walk or to play. Corner and edge bumpers are great in preventing any kind of wounds or bruises that may appear.

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It's time to surprise your kid and make him feel unique among his friends with these funny and unusual kids toys. Have a look over our list and decide which ones will be the gift!

Mini stamps for kids

Usually all the kids receive more or less the same toys. Cars, dolls, wooden blocks and so on. However, you might want to think about some unusual kids toys for your kid, to make him enjoy some creative toys that are more special than those of the other kids.

Magnetic Putty. Just as the name says, this putty is special because it’s magnetic. You can create special shapes with it, small humans for instance, and keep them attached to your fridge or just make them turn upside down with other magnets you may have around. It is indeed one of the most interesting unusual kids toys, one that will certainly surprise your kid!

Glow-in-the-dark putty. Another version of the regular boring putty is the glow-in-the-dark one. Not only that the kids can make animals or small figurines that will light up their room at night, but you can also stick it to the walls instead of those decorations you have to buy in the shops. This is something that will stimulate their imagination for sure!

Sock Puppets. When you don’t know what to give to your kid as a present, go back to basics! Sock puppets (either bought or made by yourself) are great and they empower the child much more than the regular toys. Now they have the power of creating themselves a story, assigning roles of good and bad characters and develop his own sense of inventing new things. Of course, for this he might need you to play along with the puppets, but that’s a good occasion to remember how good it is to play without stress.

Mini stamps. Although you might wake up to all your walls stamped and re-stamped, this is one example of unusual kids toys that doesn’t require much effort, but it will prove to be so much fun to your kid. They will be happy to pretend they have to stamp and sign important documents, and even more so if you ask them for autographs or play different games with it. Alternatively, you can ask the kid to design a stamp that he wants and you can have it customized for yourself at a specialized shop. What greater joy can one kid have than creating his own toy?

3D coloring books. Thanks to the advance of technology, nowadays you can make a truly special and unusual gift: 3D coloring books for your kid. If he or she is tired of normal coloring books, the kind everyone has, this is a good way to revive his wish to fill in with colors all day long. More than that, it’s a safe occupation that will keep him/her busy without you having to keep a close eye all the time.

Wall stickers. Perhaps one of the most unusual kids toys for kids room, wall stickers are considered by many not a toy. But have you seen how excited kids are when you ask them to decorate their own room themselves? Try and you’ll see! Moreover, they will learn in this way to take responsibility and well-thought decisions, because they will have to stay in their room exactly as they decorated it. Well, you might need to help them a little bit with this one!

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Technology is catching up more and more, and who else is already ready to use it and play with it more than our kids? Spoil them with these new smart toys for their room and not only!

Playing with Ubooly

Sphero 2.0. This robotic ball is the new trend for kids interested in technology. It swims and glows, you can throw it under the furniture, launch it on ramps or use it as a game controller. It’s smartphone controlled, so you can even play augmented reality or mixed-reality games using it. Even more than that, children can learn how to code by using one of the most successful smart toys for kids room and it costs around $130.

LittleBits. These are smart blocks, similar to legos, which you can use to create machines, blocks or any other things you want to build. More than that, for the price of up to $199 you can attach them to regular day to day objects and create nice things with it. For instance, you can attach a block to Christmas hat and it will project images of Santa or sing carols.

Ubooly. Ubooly is a one of the most recent smart toys for kids room that your kids will simply love! It’s like a normal plush toy, except that you can store your iPhone or iPod into it. Install the app and Ubooly’s face appears on the screen. You can play with it, it listens and responds or falls asleep if you ignore it. More than that, it can be updated with new jokes, stories, games or songs, so that you can adapt it to your kid’s needs as he grows older. While the app is free, the toy costs around $60.

Sparkup Reader. Yes, it’s nice to read stories to your kids, but not when they ask you to read it to them thousands of times. Thankfully, there are smart toys for kids room that help you in this situation. Sparkup Reader can be turned on before reading a story and it records your voice reading every page from a certain book. Then, you or your kids can replay it and you are spared the effort of reading the same thing over and over again. It costs $60.

The smallest helicopter. A very interesting toy is the smallest helicopter in the world (according to Guinness Book of Records). It weighs 11 grams, has a range of 5 meters and can fly continuously for 5 minutes. It’s remotely controlled but it’s recommendable only to children over the age of 6. It costs $50.

RoboMe. This robotic avatar can be a kid’s best friend. You can use your iPhone or iPod Touch in order to draw a face for one of the best smart toys for kids room. You can program it to react differently to some stimuli (for instance when you shake hands with it, it can start to dance) and it’s so smart that it can walk by itself in a room and not crash with objects around. If you’re asking how can this help you, then you might need to hear the following: you can pair it with another iPhone and you can hear and see whatever he sees, even though you’re not near it. Fascinating, huh?

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If you modernize your entire home, don't forget about the kids room. There are specially conceived gadgets for your kid and for his room that can be really helpful in what concerns his entertainment, but also his safety.

Activity motivator

Technology seems to be everywhere these days, and it does not exclude the children. As much as you’d want to delay as much as possible their first smartphone, tablet or any kind of gadget, statistics show that the age when a child gets his first gadget is lower and lower. However, if you think about it, gadgets can really make your life easier as a parent too. You can have the children under your watch easier and you can communicate with them more often. Here are some ideas of kids room gadgets to give you some inspiration.

Activity Tracker. It’s not a smartwatch, nor a smartphone, but it can surely keep you in touch with your kid. This solution is perfect if you don’t want to get your kid a smart gadget yet, but you still want to have the advantages of technological communication. This way you can keep track of him when he’s in a crowded place, or when he’s not at home, basically all the time.

Animated Toys. As much as you’d like to cling to the old toys, you have to admit that the little ones now have far more interesting toys than other generations had. For instance, animated toys are one of the most loved kids room gadgets. They can talk, laugh, tell stories, in a word, entertain the children all the time. But what’s even better is that you can always place a surveillance camera in it, for example if your kid is supervised by a nanny, to check how she is treating him.

Activity Motivator. You can place in the kids’ room or give the kid to wear an activity motivator. Through a really clever system, it determines children to achieve several milestones. It encourages them by using positive remarks and suggestions and it has been proven that can be really useful and motivating on the long run.

Chameleon Vision Goggles. These goggles are specially built so that you can have a 360 degree vision and so, to detect anything around you. They will be very loved by the children, who can select which angle they want to see, and they can even see behind them thanks to the hidden mirrors inside.

Special teddy bear that helps the children learn how to read. Yes, one of the kids room gadgets you totally need to buy is the teddy bear that helps them learn how to read. Quite a great invention actually, and pretty useful too. It uses simple games and sounds to help the children associate each letter with a sound and then to be able to read by themselves.

However, as useful as these gadgets may seem and as easier as they will make your job, don’t forget that at the end of the day no gadget can actually replace the love of a parent. Human interaction is something that is less and less valued these days, but it’s perhaps the most important resource a child can get from his parents.

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If your kids love the Arabian Nights story, they will certainly be very happy to have their own room decorated as if from a fairytale.

arabic kids room

A nice way to make a surprise for your kid and redecorate his or her room is to bring Arabic decor accents. Maybe you want to create a special room on an Arabian nights theme or you want to blend in modern accents and Arabian elements, but either way, how can a kid not be happy with a new room?

A baldaquin is perhaps the most simple way to make the room look totally different. You actually bring a piece of the EAU to your kids’ room by placing a nice quality material over the bed. Choose the color your kid likes and decorate the material with golden stars or Arabic accents and patterns for a full effect. The kids will certainly love it and don’t forget about the practical part of this idea: it protects the kids from mosquitoes, bugs and other “dangers”.

Bright colors. Use bright colors for decorating the kids’ room for a more oriental air. Bright pink, blue or red are great colors to choose for curtains, cushions or rugs, especially if they are decorated with Arabic patterns in silver or gold. The contrast is really beautiful and elegant, plus it reminds you of the home designs in UAE.

An Arabic pattern wallpaper can also do a great job in redecorating a room, plus it can nicely fit in with some modern furniture. The square edges of modern furniture can blend in wonderfully with the round and snaky patterns on the wall, creating an unique style just for your kid’s room.

Another great idea for bringing the air of the UAE homes into your own home is to hang some lanterns. Whether you prefer them all to be in the same color or to pick different colors for them, lanterns create a dim light that matches the mysterious air in the Emirates, specific to the Oriental style. Add some patterns on the lampshades around and watch how your kid is taken to a fairytale world!

Arabic pattern sheets. Don’t forget to change the sheets to match the general new decor. Again, the Arabic decor accents can do wonders, plus it will remind the children about Arabian nights and make them fall asleep much easier. That is, if you read them a bedtime story that will match their decor.

Strategically place rugs all over the room. Not only you can choose Arabic patterns for a redecoration, but you can also make sure the kids have warm feet at all times and they will also like it. More important, if you do a good job in making an Arabic kids’ room, they will feel like they enter a completely different world whenever they step into their room. You can even make special storytelling nights, lighting some candles and telling Oriental stories, which will be a definitely special experience for the children.

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