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See here some of the most useful tools you can have in your kitchen and how much they help us!

Modern Kitchen Tools: Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are much more fun and easy to use than the old ones, mostly because technology has evolved a lot. That’s why we have been considering what small things really make your life and your cooking easier in the kitchen. But let’s see some of these useful, yet often overlooked modern kitchen tools!

Modern Kitchen Tools: Useful Tools

1. Silicone molds and tools. Silicone is a great invention that has been used for cooking. And no wonder, since it’s great: it washes quickly, it doesn’t stick and it adds a touch of color to the kitchen. Who hasn’t used silicone for some tools or at least for the molds? It helps you to be really creative when baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins or anything else you want.

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2. Non-sticking materials. We are very thankful for the modern kitchen tools made of non-sticking materials. Whether it’s silicone, like the above example, Teflon or other combinations, you don’t have to worry that whatever you’re cooking will stick to it.

Modern Kitchen Tools: Non-sticking Materials

3. Storing boxes and bags. It’s very annoying when lots of little things start to pile up in your kitchen and you can’t clean them up or store them away because, well, you need them all the time. That’s why storing boxes are one of the best modern inventions that help your kitchen look clean and tidy!

4. Useful machines. Technology offered us maybe the most useful discovery: the machine. How wonderful it is to have the comfort of a machine that does whatever you have to do, faster and more effective than you could ever do it? Whether we’re talking about mixers, robots, blenders or any of these combined, you have to admit that machines make our lives a whole lot easier!

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5. One-time plates and cutlery. This type of cutlery is especially useful when you need to throw a party and you don’t want to spend all day long washing dishes. Just use whatever plates and cutlery you need and simply throw them away afterwards. However, you should be responsible with the environment and not overuse them when you still can use normal dishes.

Modern Kitchen Tools: Colorful Items

6. Colorful items. Something specific to the modern kitchen tools is the variety of items around. If you look at a kitchen say, a hundred years ago, you could notice that they didn’t use very much color when decorating or when using items in there, mostly because they didn’t have that many materials to work with like we do today. The awesome part of living in today’s world is that you can always make your kitchen look like a piece of wonderland by using crazy colors!

7.Paper towels. The last of the greatest inventions we thought of being useful for the kitchen are the paper towels. Of course, many people still use cloths for cleaning up spilled liquids or other things, but paper towels are a lot easier to use and time-effective, since you don’t need to wash them after every use.

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See here some useful kitchen cabinet ideas for a great design!

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen

The cabinets have a major importance in the kitchen design, even though many people overlook them. They can further define or enhance an interior design or can simply destroy its harmony if you don’t choose the right color or style. That’s why it’s important to check out the next cool kitchen cabinet ideas we prepared for you!

1. Choose the right color. As we said, we cannot stress enough the importance of matching the color of the cabinets with the colors used in the rest of the design. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color, of course it’s sometimes impossible to nail the exact shade in every furniture set, but at least similar hues around the room will help for a harmonious decor.

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2. Think about the style. Of course, your kitchen has to have a homogeneous style. It is not generally recommended to have antique furniture and a futuristic style with cabinets, so you might want to think this ahead and decide for one specific style in your kitchen. Sure, if you’re willing to experiment or you want to try a more eclectic style, you can combine different types, but you have to know what you’re doing.

3. Placement. Yes, everybody knows cabinets are placed up, above the counters, but you can get a little more creative with that too. Try arranging them in a new way or in different corners around the kitchen. In this way you will avoid having the same classic and boring kitchen design, but you will also need to pay attention to the practical aspect of it, nobody wants to run miles from one cabinet to the other to have what they need.

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4. Aspect. Usually kitchen cabinets look very neat and don’t stand out, especially because they’re not the main focus of a kitchen design. However, if you choose a bright color for them, they might actually become the central element in a decor and rule the rest of the room through style and aspect. Depending on that, you can further add or take some of their aesthetical components.

5. Decorations. Decorations might be some unusual kitchen cabinet ideas, especially if you don’t want them to be the central point of the entire design. However, you can still decorate your cabinets. Whether it is in order to bring a new and fresh look to the room or you simply want to decorate them right from the beginning, you should consider some minor details before getting to actually ornate them. First of all you should look for some decorations that are practical: for instance, choose stickers or door handle fringes and tassels; they are easy to place and to remove and they are a nice addition to certain interior design styles. Secondly, if you don’t go for these options, make sure they are somehow removable, because at some point you will want to change them. Alternatively, stick to some wallpaper and you’ll be just fine.

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How beautiful can a blue kitchen be? See here ideas and suggestions for a little bit of diversity in your life!

Blue Kitchen: Fresh Design

Blue has always been one of the most popular colors in interior design. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the fact that it has a calming and soothing effect on your mood, and people usually look to relax in the kitchen. However, some hues and shades of blue can even be fresh or tiring for the eyes, especially the darker ones. But let’s see some ideas and suggestions for your blue kitchen!

1. Strong color. If you want to have an impressive blue kitchen, one option would be to go for a strong color right from the beginning. In this way you will obtain a colder and fresher kitchen that can help you wake up faster in the morning. More than that, it will be a statement kitchen and it will certainly impress everybody who will see it.

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2. Mixing shades. If you don’t want to get up to such strong colors, there are lots of different hues you can find for your kitchen. Pale blue is one of the most relaxing colors that can help you meditate and unwind while you eat or cook. Even more so since they say your mood and mindset can influence the quality of the food you’re cooking! So you should think twice before choosing the design of your kitchen.

3. Play around with colors. If you can’t decide on only one shade of blue, no problem! You can let your imagination run wild and combine several different hues in the same room. However, try not to choose them as opposite as possible, but look for some who offer a certain equilibrium to the room and that blend well together. You can place them in different parts of the room for more diversity or keep them for certain things. For instance, you can choose light blue for the furniture, and complete the design with dark blue accessories or other decorations.

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4. Less is more. Sometimes the details matter the most in an interior design, so why not take advantage of this? Choose different colors for the rest of the decor, let’s say white and green, and complete the aspect with beautiful blue accessories. The result will not only be harmonious from an aesthetic point of view, but you will also obtain a blue kitchen more original than anything you have seen!

5. One element. Sometimes it’s better to place all your bets on one element in the room. The brighter its color, the more it will brighten up the entire atmosphere in the room! However, it would be better to choose rather neutral background colors for this one, like for instance black and white, and add the central element. This element can be virtually anything in the room, but it’s important to be quite central and not forgotten in a corner. A blue central table or one chair can be really creative and can transform a dull kitchen into an awesome one!

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Cutlery is a very important part of a kitchen, and luxury one is especially pretentious, which is why you need some special information on how to choose and to take care of it!

Luxury Cutlery: Gold Cutlery

In a great home design, even the smallest things are important. And when we’re talking about kitchen, cutlery is something you shouldn’t overlook. Today we did a little research just to show you some useful ideas about luxury cutlery and why it would be a great idea to use it for your kitchen. Read on and learn more!

1. Choose silver or gold. For a truly luxurious experience in your kitchen, you should go for the best, and that means cutlery made of silver and gold. Silver is one of the most popular option when it comes to quality cutlery and you can find lots of sets inherited from generation to generation. And this says a lot about this, since it’s very resistant and it looks beautifully. Gold on the other hand is the epitome of luxury and class, so you cannot fail with this option.

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2. If you can’t use silver or gold, at least make it look like it. If you don’t afford using actual silver and gold cutlery, you can go for some options that are cheaper. For instance, one of the ways to have luxury cutlery in your kitchen without spending too much is to use gold-plated types. They look just like the most luxurious sets you can find, but they will cost you significantly less. And you can even hope that they will last for a long period of time, though not as long as the true gold ones.

3. Combine! There are lots of luxurious materials that can be combined to obtain a gold and silver appearance and also a play on colors. These colors are by themselves very elegant and stylish, and if you combine them you will obtain an even more impressive effect. Moreover, you can use them to match different other decorations in your kitchen and even furniture by adding similarly colored accents.

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4. Models and patterns. Thankfully, the luxury cutlery market is full of various and beautiful models and patterns from where to choose. Intricate patterns, natural elements such as leaves, flowers and such, they are available on the market, so your choice is really easy. More than that, you can customize your own set of cutlery by engraving your initials or whatever message you want. In that way, you can be sure that your cutlery is unique and will impress any guests you may have for dinner! Alternatively, you can go for simple sets, without any patterns.

5. Keep them in a good state. No matter if they’re gold, silver or anything else, one important rule is to keep them in good state. There are special substances on the market that help in maintaining the good looks of luxury cutlery. Keep them in proper places, not in high humidity and be well informed about the proper conditions of storing the cutlery when you are not using it. In this way you will have the most beautiful cutlery you can think of!

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What if you chose turquoise for your dining room? Quite an unusual choice indeed, but very beautiful!

Turquoise Dining Room: One Wall Painted

Turquoise is a very beautiful color, quite unique since it’s a combination between blue and green. Even though it’s so beautiful, it’s not often encountered in interior decor, except for various decorations around the room. Today, however, we have to present you great ways to use turquoise to decorate your dining room. Being such a warm and pleasant color, it’s very appropriate for this room, because it doesn’t distract you from eating and it’s not tiring at all, creating a relaxing environment.

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A turquoise dining room can create a great atmosphere if you choose to paint the walls like this. Given that it’s not a tiring color, as we said, you can use it to cover all the walls, without feeling that it’s too much. If however you only want to temper down another color in the room, you can choose only one wall to paint it turquoise.

Another option for a turquoise dining room is to have furniture in this color. It’s true, furniture items like this are quite hard to find, but the effect is truly exquisite. In case you don’t find anywhere tables and chairs in this shade, you can make them yourself with some paint. If you feel creative enough, buy blue and green paint and mix them together in whatever quantity you wish, for an original decor.

Turquoise makes for a great neutral color. Although it’s quite colorful and lively, it can serve as a base for adding brighter colors in your interior decor. For instance, you can use bright green decorations in the room to contrast it with a pale turquoise on the walls or on the furniture. Other colors you can use are red, dark blue, marine shades or even black and white for a more powerful contrast.

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Art is another trick having a turquoise dining room. It helps in adding small touches here and there that create a harmonious and equally distributed color throughout the room. A blue statuette or a marine painting can replace a uniform turquoise color on the walls or on the furniture. Make sure you match it with some other decorations like cushions, rugs or even cutlery if you want to be truly original.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your turquoise dining room! You can combine different hues of turquoise and blues for a more original design. For instance, you can have dark blue furniture items matched with washed blue and some pale green vases around the room and still obtain a homogeneous and harmonious decor for your dining room.

Finally, it’s a good idea to have a turquoise dining room for various reasons. It’s a relaxing color, therefore it’s perfect for a calm environment when you’re eating, plus it’s very beautiful and not tiring for your eyes. However, be careful when you combine various shades or hues of blue, because the main aim is to have a equilibrate design without being too cluttered or heavy.

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If you want to make your life easier, you should read more about the following kitchen gadgets. They're truly useful and very funny to have in your kitchen!

Kitchen Gadgets: Steak Helper

In general, people tend to think there’s nothing new to be invented in the kitchen. Technology unfolded lots and lots of devices that help us a lot in cooking and doing other chores, so what is more to be discovered? We tell you what you need to discover more for your kitchen: simple kitchen gadgets! Stick with us to find out more!

You can’t really say that separating eggs is the most difficult task in the kitchen, but people invented lots of stuff to make it easier. Colored bottles, silicone molds and other creative gadgets are really fun to use in the kitchen and help you separate the egg yolk in virtually no time. Plus, they’re very cheap in general and brings a touch of color to any kitchen!

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Other task that is really easy when you think about is cutting stuff around. There are lots of kitchen gadgets that help out when you need to cut big quantities of ingredients, besides kitchen robot devices. Grid cutters, graters, special patterns for different shapes and many more await you if you want to make your life in the kitchen easier. Who doesn’t love wavy French fries, carrots or cucumbers for beautiful dishes? And even though they help a lot in decorating, you can be sure they’re even tastier when they look good! Also here, you can buy slicers that instantly slice eggs, potatoes or similar foods.

Removing the kernels from fruits and vegetables is indeed a boring and annoying job sometimes. Thankfully, there are kitchen gadgets that help a lot in removing the kernel from an avocado, for instance, or from cherries, sour cherries, apples, peppers, strawberries etc.

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Among the most interesting kitchen gadgets you can find there’s also a special butter knife. It is heated and it toasts the bread while you’re spreading the butter on it. Talk about time efficiency, huh?! And what’s great is that it melts the butter on the toast too, just so you can enjoy a lovely breakfast in no time. And to make it even easier, you can buy for your kitchen a self-stirring mug, so that you won’t have to make the effort of stirring your coffee and tea.

Do you have a carrot sharpener? If not, you should consider buying one, because it’s one of the coolest kitchen gadgets ever! Of course, it doesn’t actually sharpen the carrot like it does with a pencil, but it cleans the outer layer and makes them ready for cooking! Last but not least, you should totally buy yourself a gadget that helps you decorating your coffee or your cappuccino! It’s a special device that you fill up with cream and which helps you in creating 3D designs in your cup. Kittens, smiley faces or even letters that form a message, anything can be achieved in one coffee cup if you’re creative enough! So just relax and make your life easier and beautiful with these original and creative kitchen designs!

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See here how easy it is to transform an interior design in just minutes by using only tape decorations!

Tape Decorations: Blue Design

Tape is one of the most common items you can find in a home and one important resource for decorating a room. If you’re wondering why, just use your creativity and you’ll find many ways in which to use tape decorations to change a little bit the aspect of your interior design. Here are some ideas to help you!

If you’re bored with the same old color of the walls, there is a way to make them have a new and original look by creating patterns with tape! Just imagine whatever pattern suits your taste and use pieces of tape to create it. Usually it’s easier to go for geometrical figures and shapes, or variations using them, but as long as it’s doable and not too complicated, you can do anything!

Another thing you can do to use tape decorations is to make photo or paintings frames. It is somewhat unconventional, but it create a pretty nice effect for your room. You can place them directly on the wall together with the photos or paintings you want to “hang”, but if you don’t want to damage the wall, you can also place them on a special board. Similarly, you can add more pictures to this panel and have a larger photo decoration on the wall.

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Choose colored tape and decorate your vases! Embellish your old vases by cutting funny or cute patterns from tape and sticking them on it. A dull blue vase, for instance, will look totally different with a colored flower made of tape on it. This idea is a great one and it can be used for lots of other stuff you have lying around, like storage boxes, mason jars around the kitchen, bottles or small closets. It will really make a difference, we promise!

Make creative tape decorations for your living room! Recycle old Christmas tree bulbs and use them currently as decorations. Add colored tape stripes in certain patterns or even randomly and place all of them in a big glass vase. It will be an original way to adorn any room without making it look cluttered at all.

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Thankfully, there are lots of ideas to help you when wanting to redecorate easily with whatever you have within reach around the house. And since using tape is the simplest thing in the world, you should think about incorporating some natural elements into your decor too. Around Halloween and not only, you can take huge pumpkins (filled or empty) and wrap them altogether in tape. You will be surprised to see how good they look and how interesting this type of decorating is!

Of course, these tape decorations vary from home to home, since they’re based on your creativity and unique view of the design. As a general rule, try to match the colors of the tape to those already existing in your home decor for a harmonious look. Other than that, there is virtually no restriction in redecorating some rooms and giving them an entire new look with minimum effort!

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African home decor is unfortunately often overlooked, although it has a special and mysterious beauty.

African Home Decor: Modern African Design

It’s weird how often such an interesting design like the African home decor is overlooked. Usually people tend to decorate their homes according to the area in which they live, but you have to admit that sometimes a change is more than welcome. Let’s see how you can easily obtain an African home decor right into your own home!

One of the basic models of African home decor is nature. Since the African civilization has tight connections with nature, it is easy to understand why when decorating their homes, people still choose to get their inspiration from there. Therefore, if you follow this concept, it should be pretty easy to have your own African home decor. But what does inspiring from nature mean?

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Decorations are extremely important when recreating such a design. Natural elements like wood and cotton are preferred, although you can incorporate some modern-looking furniture items in  the room too. Choose animal print decorations, curtains, rugs and cushions! Especially if you’re using rugs, there is a variety of animal-like or fur-like ones which you can totally buy for this purpose. Also, you can use wooden and painted stools to make it look like you’re in a jungle or savannah, if you’re creative enough.

The colors used in the African home decor are also essential. Warm tones of browns, yellows and variations are recommended, because after all, Africa is a warm continent. You can use white shades if you want to vary the color scheme in the room. And since we were talking about natural inspiration, you can go for shades of green too, although green looks fresh and live and it might ruin the mysterious and elegant aspect of the African design.

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Flowers and plants are another tip that can help you recreate the African atmosphere in your own home. Use dried flowers or leaves and place them in vases in warm colors around the room. Green plants are welcomed too, just like brightly colored flowers. Don’t be afraid to go for yellow or red big flowers, since the African continent has enough of them. If you don’t want to use them, or don’t have where to get them, you can make a replacement and simply draw flowers, zebras, trees on the walls, especially if you want to decorate your kids’ room in such a manner.

Finally, remember to choose furniture that has pretty much round edges. Square ones are more aggressive and don’t continue the idea of a warm and relaxing design, and you should respect this principle if you want to obtain a harmonious African home decor. Other than that, feel free to use decorations like colorful rocks, rock arrangements in flower pots, seashells if you have or any other natural elements you can think of. Bamboo is a great tip for integrating the natural elements into a comfortable and relaxing home decor, without distracting the attention from the main principle. Make sure that the lighting maintains a mysterious aspect and place it strategically in the room!

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Red, the color of passion, is a great color for your kitchen. It helps in waking you up and it's one of the most beautiful colors!

Red Kitchen Design: Clean Aspect

Red is a wonderful color, live and optimistic, even though studies show that it makes people nervous and agitated. Even so, it remains the color of love, and in the right amounts, it can make a room original and beautiful. Such is the case with a red kitchen design, quite an unpopular option, but with results out of the ordinary!

If you want to have yourself a red kitchen design, there are some simple steps to follow. One of the most important things you should note is that you should control the amount of the color in the room. As much as you’d love red and the effect it has on your mood or on the aspect of the interior design, you should keep an equilibrium. Choose a neutral second color and use them in approximately equal amounts throughout the room. Most people go for combinations like red and white, red and black, but be creative and think of original combinations. Some suggestions would be red and beige, cream, yellow and basically anything you like.

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An extra tip if you want to have a glamorous kitchen design is to choose shiny furniture. There are beautiful kitchen closets in a bright red shade, so these would be perfect for your kitchen. Also, you can match red chairs and tables, but make sure that the shades are pretty close, so that there is a certain harmony throughout the room.

Decorations are also essential when trying to obtain an interesting red kitchen design. They can best underline the presence of this color into the room without making it look heavy and overdone. Choose red decorations like cushions, towels, rugs, curtains or other such things and place them strategically around the room. Make sure you don’t place them all in one corner and leave the rest without a bit of color!

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You can also follow the less is more principle and choose only one item in the room to be red. The central attraction of the room can be a bar in the middle of the kitchen or one of the closets, for instance. Even the table can make a beautiful red kitchen design simply by knowing how to choose the right shade and how to match it to the rest of the home decor.

Aesthetically speaking, red is one of the best options for a kitchen. It helps in waking you up in the morning and it creates the perfect atmosphere for a special romantic dinner with your partner, if you want to surprise them. However, many people don’t think it through and choose many furniture items in a bright red color, therefore making the room heavy and unpleasant for the eyes. Another mistake is to choose different shades of red. Unless you know very well which shades go well together, don’t buy lots of decorations or furniture items in different hues, because the room will appear cluttered and rather a random mix of elements instead of a well-thought red kitchen design.

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Brighten up your kitchen by trying a purple design for those days when you need something to wake you up together with your coffee!

Purple Kitchen Design: Purple and Lime

Purple, the color of royalty, is a wonderful idea for a kitchen design. Don’t be afraid to use it simply because it’s too bright, because your kitchen can be very fresh and it has to be helpful in waking you up in the morning. More than that, a bright color makes you more interested in what you’re eating, so it’s not at all a bad idea to choose a purple kitchen design.

An important thing you should know before choosing a purple kitchen design is to not overdo it. This color can be very energizing, but if you exaggerate in using it, it can become really tiring for the eyes. Therefore, it is advisable to combine it with other hues, more neutral or at least less bright. Create a nice blend using your imagination! In this sense, purple and white make for a wonderful combination, a lighter one, while the mix between purple and black might be a little too elegant for the kitchen.

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Of course, for those of you want a home decor statement in the kitchen, you can combine purple with any other color you want. There are also kitchen designs with purple and lime green, although it’s a very bright mix. Even so, the result may be  very beautiful as long as you respect some norms, such as don’t use more than two-three shades or balance the decorations and the furniture.

A complete purple kitchen design is nicely complemented by the lights. If you use normal white light, you might want to place some purple neon lights around the kitchen. Although during the day you will need the usual light, the special purple one can be used in the evening, for a romantic dinner or when you feel like having a more mysterious atmosphere in your home. Who wouldn’t want to spoil his/her lover with a special dinner in a romantic atmosphere?

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Otherwise, if you’re really a fan of this color, you can make a purple kitchen design with only purple shades. Instead of white or another neutral color, you can use a very pale purple hue that merges well with other bright shades. This option gives you more freedom, since you can basically choose lots of shades for the furniture and decorations, without worrying about having one certain color.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to textures too. If you want to go for shiny surfaces, you should make sure that this element is found equally throughout the kitchen. That means that you can’t combine wooden furniture with glossy furniture, unless you know very well that they work together. Likewise, you can’t place furniture items from different sets in a purple kitchen design because you would ruin the entire harmony and beauty of that room. Remember not to clutter the room, otherwise it will eclipse the aspect of the design you put so much effort into it. Good luck in achieving a wonderful decor with purple shades!

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