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World is a huge design created by an even bigger designer. Discover Michael S. Smith interior designer.

We dedicate this splendid day to Michael S. Smith who is a famous American interior designer. This creative interior designer has managed to make himself notice with several particular creation especially for the interior designing of the White House, an iconic building for American society.

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Because of this huge success Michael, has become a valuable person and the projects which have occurred after designing the White House are also incredibly loved and appreciated around the world.

Today we are going to take a look at how Michael S. Smith reflected his visions when he designed the Tower Grove project.

tower-grove-project famoush interior designer home caprice

I must warn you, once you will see the interior of this fabulous house, you will be enchanted forever. It’s not only because it was designed by a world famous interior designer, but it is the atmosphere it reflects, the chosen decorations and every detail here is simply impressive.

This house is about tradition and classic. Once you enter inside you feel that cozy family feeling and every room has that welcoming air. Even if you are just a guest, you instantly feel like home and you want to drink hot chocolate and eat home baked cookies. There is no corner of which you can say something is not in order because everywhere you look you notice something lovely and full of style.

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A step in the living room is like a step in the luxury of a forever welcoming house. The dining table made of wood and the sculptured chairs denote only elegance and goof taste. The family porcelain which is full of history is beautiful placed in a cabinet which emphasize the history of the family. The chandelier is extravagant and eccentric and at the same time gives you the idea of something legendary.

After we relished our eyes with the astonishing living room of this house it’s time to move on to the bedroom which is simply an oasis of relaxation and comfort. The idea of open space is fully represented in the bedroom. No doors that will interrupt your view. A sumptuous, extravagant and opulent furniture gives you the impression of a royal bedroom. A vintage touch makes it simply perfect. With such a bedroom you can only feel powerful and stylish.

tower-grove-project6 bedroom famous interior designer home caprice

All in all the interior is sublime, but we learned that the first impression is born after you face the outdoor and the outdoor of this house is a fairy tale. Nature, glamour and elegance. I will be happy to sleep on these magnificent stairs.

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tower-grove-project5 outside famous interior designer home caprice

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A coffee table is more than a simple accessory. It is purely design.

In other posts I’ve shown you how to impress your guests right from the beginning, now let’s keep that good impression throughout the  whole visit. A good coffee can only be served on a wonderful coffee table. Make your guests fell the desire to come back. It will also make you feel more confident, give yourself an upgrade of style. Be elegant and creative at the same time.

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Drink your coffee like you really deserve it! Spoil yourself, don’t let anyone interrupt this moment of your day.  It’s your kingdom , act like a king, serve your coffee of a special coffee table.

Feast your eyes and imagination with these coffee tables:

Elegant crate design coffee table: Best things aren’t those you buy from a shop, are those created by you. Put a personal touch in the creation of your coffee table. It doesn’t take a lot of time and after you’re done you will be surprised of the result. Put together some thing that you thought were useless and push the start button to your creative side.

crate elegant coffee table home caprice

Unusual glass coffee table: I know I’ve said that the best things aren’t bought from a shop but if you can find a coffee table like this, by all means, buy it! Serve your coffee from this swirl of glass. Elegance at it’s highest level. Be careful though, as fancy and elegant it looks it is also fragile.

glass coffee tables home caprice

Living coffee table: What better feeling than drinking your morning coffee of a tropical forest? Combine elegance with a spark of life. This amazing coffee table will beautify your living room like no other. If you are a nature lover this is just the perfect coffee table for your visions.

forest coffee tables home caprice

Silver rock alike coffee table: Elegance is reflected in minimalist style. It’s simple, that’s what makes it so beautiful. Its curves will bring the futuristic style in your living room and it will make it more modern. Interior designers are always advising people to choose the idea of open space rooms and this coffee table will do the trick. Be that person who always thinks modern.

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rock coffee tables home caprice

Rustic coffee table: Coming back to that rustic touch that makes your living room warmer and more cozy. Take a look at this wood coffee table that leaves the impression of a friendly full of love house. If you are a handy man you can even build it yourself. Accessorize it with unique details and your living room will be transformed immediately.

log coffee tables home caprice

Antique detail coffee table: Visit an antique store and search for unique items which you can use to build a marvelous coffee table that will impress you every time you look at it. The taste of coffee will change because details make the difference. Don’t be afraid of being unique.

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propeler coffee tables home caprice

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The beauty of a chalet is that it knows what you need in order to relax and stress out your mind

Personally when I think about a chalet I automatically relate the word chalet with vacation, relaxing weekend, hot chocolate, elegant fireplace, silence and comfort because to be honest that is why people choose to build their own chalets.

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If you already have a chalet you will agree that you can’t wait for that weekend when you decide to leave all your stress behind and go for a fresh air mini vacation, when you can put in order all your thoughts, cook something unusual and enjoy a fabulous book near the fireplace. Or even better you can build a chalet near the beach. Wood, sand and salt water are the perfect combination. Watching the Sunrise or the Sunset from your chalet porch must be magic and best of all you can decorate it exactly how you want, there aren’t so many rules.

So the question is which are the benefits of having your own chalet?

 Comfort: First of all think about the comfort and the intimacy you have in a modern warm cozy chalet. If it is designed proper to have everything you need you will want to stay there forever. If you build a chalet in mountains to be closer to skiing, what could be better than returning to your warmed chalet and rest in a comfortable soft armchair. A chalet can have a hot tub or a sauna which are exactly what you need. Your chalet is your second home, you will feel familiar with it and nothing will upset you. Forget about booking  room in a hotel, a chalet if the answer key.

Space: is the second best reason for having your personal chalet. You will be amazed by the space it gives you. To have your own space when you go skiing or if you want a take off weekend, hotels can be pretty stressful but the benefit of a chalet is that you have a lot of space only for you. It will allow you to walk around without problems. Chalets offer enough space for you and guests.

Privacy: and the thing you adore the most is privacy because when you run away from the real world you will want to be able to meditate, relax and find inner peace and you can’t do this without privacy. And if you want to hang out with your friends and no one to bother your a chalet is the answer.

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Let’s take a look at some fabulous chalet indoor ideas and instantly you’ll want to have your own beautiful chalet.

chalet-pearl-bedroom home caprice

Usually people choose a rustic scent with some wild details like this one. A combination of soft and puffy textures which inspire elegance and style, comfort and safety.

stunning-bedroom-oversized-lamps chalet home caprice

A chalet allows you to play with colors. Like I told you there are no certain rules. Look at this One Oak Chalet style which is definitely different from what you see. With a modern and sculptural decor and characteristic elements of a chalet like wooden walls and soft carpet.

Cozy-bedroom-that-keeps-things-simple-and-plush chalet home caprice

This one is my favorite. Large soft bed with colored pillows and those wood stairs look so romantic and elegant. Simplicity and style that is why this vintage chalet expresses. A bohemian interior but with simple details and very well emphasized details.

In term of living you have to be wild and rich in imagination and create the ultimate living room.

For example this next living room is absolutely sublime with the open ceiling idea. The experience of relaxing in your chalet will be heavenly. A fluffy soft carpet and leather chairs and furniture, this living room is absolutely amazing.

natural-chalet-living-room-designs-home caprice

If you want luxury combined with extravagance you need fur and leather and wood chairs. Of course, wood walls and a simple chic painting. Make sure sticks for your fireplace spread their perfume around.

natural-chalet-living-room-designs- home caprice

If you want a larger living room when you and your friends can sit comfortable and enjoy the weekend that take into consideration two sofas, an elegant fireplace, tall ceiling, a large wood table and typical chalet details. Decorate the living room with rustic lamps which will make the atmosphere more romantic.

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natural-chalet-living-room-designs home caprice

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Protect your furniture with these elegant pet covers.

Every pet lover must know that animals come with some risks that is why you need to protect your furniture because they use to destroy everything just for fun.

In order to protect your sofas, armchairs and other furniture buy some pet furniture covers and don’t worry about them being destroyed anymore.

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Reversible Flannel and Sherpa Chair Furniture Cover in Loden: Your lovely sofa will be well protected with this flannel and your pet can lie without stress on it. It is also very beautiful and elegant. Made of micro suede captures loose hair and protects furniture from dirt and digging claws.

sofa flannel pet home caprice

Memory Foam Quilted Chair Furniture Cover in Burgundy: Paws and pet hair will now be allowed on your furniture anymore. It is a removable memory-foam pad and diamond-pattern quilting. It is a luxurious item which offers high-class comfort. It includes convenient pockets on the arms to store remotes and more.

armchair protect against pet hair home caprice

Deluxe Pet Burgundy Furniture Loveseat Throw Cover:  This is an easy pet cover which will protect your furniture against dogs, cats, pet fur and stains. It is very easy to install: you just simply drape over your furniture and that’s it.

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sofa pet cover home caprice

Posh Faux Fur Pet Blanket in Brown: this machine-washable with a soft faux fur brown cover and a white sherpa inside. You can use it as a warm spot on the floor or in a crate for your pet. It protects furniture from paws.

paws cover home caprice

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Take these for your house and protect your beloved furniture with these elegant covers. Your pet will be comfortable on them, your furniture happy and yourself relaxed.

Prepare your house for Halloween with some interesting hand made ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen I’ve expected this moment for so long. Not the Halloween itself but the pleasure of giving you some interesting  Halloween inside decoration ideas.

I like Halloween because it allows us to put our imagination at work and we create things we didn’t even know we can do them. This time of the year is the perfect occasion to become children again and to play with decorations, costumes, food with everything. Everywhere you will look, you will see Halloween.

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So let’s start with some impressive Halloween Inside Decoration Ideas that will rock this time and will make your house the most chic but spooky house in the neighbor.

First of all you need pumpkins. Pumpkins are the iconic decoration when Halloween arrives. With some many interesting shape pumpkins you can create an entire world of them. 

Design Glowing Lantern Pumpkin and forget about the usually lighting and used pumpkins instead.You just have to cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin and scoot out the pulp and seeds. Paint any image you want on the pumpkin to look even more creative.

lantern pumpkin halloween home caprice

Owl pumpkins are so lovely and they look so outlandish that is why you need them! Everyone will love a zombie pumpkin owl. Use 2 white pumpkins (lumina), to create the head and the body. For the eyes cut a small portion and then put some large buttons there and on the large button add another 2 small ones. Create its loops from a thin twig and tie in place with wax twine to create eyelashes shape.Take two large leaves and spray them white in order to leave the impression of wings. Dress it with a bow tie. It will look adorably spooky.

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owl pumpkin halloween gulf luxury

Ghost Living Room: the easiest Halloween Decoration Ideas is to create a ghost living room using the simplest accessories like white sheets for sheet-draped chairs because you want the room to get the feeling of a ruin. Use string cheesecloth cobweb across the items in the room and instead of flowers put curly branches in the vases. Isn’t it easy?

ghost living room home caprice halloween

Don’t forget about the BLACK CANDLES. Are an essential detail for a complete Halloween decoration.

black candles halloween home caprice

What I think would look remarkably Gothic and grim, are black paper roses like they would be dead for so long, or infected with something. Imagination goes wild when you see black roses.

black paper roses halloween home caprice

Witches are also iconic for Halloween so make their presence real in your house by suspending which hats from the ceiling and place a rustic broom near them. Everyone will think that witches live in your house.

Use your empty jars and make them look like mummies. You will need dollar store gauze and googly eyes to look more dreadful.

spooky jars halloween home caprice

Halloween is nothing with floating ghost that come to possess your body. So take some mannequin heads from a store which no longer needs them and create your frightening ghosts.

ghosts halloween home caprice

For your magic potions used sprayed bottles of wine and add labels on them. Put candles in them and place the potions on a silver pan.

potions halloween home caprice

You need a tremendous mirror with an interesting design and if you can’t find it black, spray it black. Add inside the mirror a big enough spooky picture to give the impression of a monster inside the mirror.

halloween mirror home caprice

Transform the frame photographs of your beloved ones in paranormal portraits by transforming the pictures in typical Halloween ones.

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halloween pictures home caprice

A studio apartment can be fun and permits you to put your imagination at work.

studio apartmeny

Even though you’re living in a studio apartment that doesn’t mean you can’t set it up according to your visions and personality. Living in a studio apartment can be so much fun especially when you are creative and visionary.

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I used to live in a studio apartment before and I’ve always searched new ideas for how I should make the best from my space, so today I will give you some brilliant ideas for your studio apartment.

The easiest way to have intimacy is to PLACE A CURTAIN AROUND THE BED. It looks romantic, intimate and very cool. You will feel your place safe and calm.

You can use a curtain separator for kitchen too if you feel that you need private space in the kitchen and no one else see you what you are up to. Or you can also use an old window as a kitchen separator. Both could look good and both give you that impression of privacy.

Because you need space for your office work you need to take into consideration how important is that you have a desk inside the studio because if it’s not that important you can easily place your laptop on a shelf next to the bed, or you can improvise yourself a place where to put a small but comfortable desk, I would also put it at the bottom of the bed, or you can transform the coffee table both in a desk and a table for guests.

What I think it would be both creative and useful are sliding doors for wardrobes and bathrooms. These doors don’t require too much space so you will never have to trouble about how you open the door.

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The perfect furniture for a studio apartment is that that can transform into something smaller or bigger, like a sofa that can become a bed during the night and a comfortable coach during the day. It saves space and it is more then inventive.

ideas for studio

Because you also need entertainment you can use a window as a projector screen so you don’t need to worry how you will all see the movie without trouble.


If you don’t have space for a normal size table for eating, you don’t need to worry and improvise a smaller one, placed next to the wall. It looks lovely and there is plenty of space for two to eat or to enjoy a morning coffee. In this way you don’t occupy space in the kitchen and the space there remains for your movement.

small table

I would try to combine space with comfort and utility. Like a library bed. Yes, library beds exist and they look incredible, they offer you intimacy, privacy, comfort and they are ideal for studio apartments. They also have space for your books and not only, that is why they are called library beds.

studio bed

Take into consideration the fact that a studio apartment bathroom won’t be big so you need to find accessories that help you store as many things as you can. I would opt for tall but slim shelves that don’t occupy too much space but they are perfect for storing bathroom items. This is available for the shower too. Search for a shower that has shelves and you can keep your cleaning products there.Buy a cabinet that permits you to deposit all of your stuffs if there is not enough space for shelves and other items.

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I hope you will find my ideas useful and interesting so next time you are visiting a studio apartment, try to imagine how you would decorate it. The result will impress you. Have fun.

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These halls are an inspiration for your future modern hall!

modern hall

When you first enter inside your house what do you want to feel? Well, personally I want to feel proud of my beautiful house, I want to feel that I am part of it and more then this I want to feel my house modern and elegant.

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The first look of your house is the hall which is the entrance in a house designed with your visions and desires that is why you need an impressive hall that will lead you into the elegance of your home.

Today I will guide you into the art of modern halls and after we inspired ourselves from these halls you will realize that your hall has never been more modern.

A modern hall must always been maintained because it is the first impression and we are very aware of the fact that the first impression counts the most. After you take care of the exterior of the house, your next job is to create a remarkable hall. It is extremely important for your own happiness to have a modern and lovely hall design which encapsulates the elegance of the entire home.

Let’s take a look at some of the most modern and luxurious halls that have been created with a touch of futuristic vision.

modern hall

What would you feel when you enter in a house with such a design? A red door which moves on rails, extremely tall and large, with silver arms which increase its elegance. This rolling door is the focus point of the entrance hall and you can notice the elegant grey floor tile which fits perfectly with the red majestic door, followed by the bright floor tile from inside the house. This is what I call modern.

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entrance hall

I really have a thing for rolling doors, I find them very modern and chic, leave the impression of power and style and when it’s a door with a glass window through which you can see inside or outside the house, looks even more stylish and modern. As you enter in the hall you can see a bright floor tile which leave the impression of more space. It is recommended not to decorate the hall with many items. Leave it fresh and aired because in this way the first look inside the house will be even more spectacular. What I like about this hall is the fact that as you step more inside you enter directly in the living room which is really a great idea of open space.

modern hall

Look at this elegant hall. Inspires cozyness and comfort. My favorite detail is the lighting which puts in evidence the rest of the details like the paintings which were perfectly chosen and arranged to leave the impression of modern. That yellow elegant bench is the focus point of the hall because of its bright cast. An elegant comfortable bench or chair is very important in a hall, in this way you automatically can rest as you enter inside and take off your shoes. Another detail which I adore is the carpet. Looks soft and elegant, brings a warm atmosphere to the first impression of the house.

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entrance hall

When you enter inside the house you need a place for your things to put, while you take off your clothes, shoes and so on. Wall stickers are a phenomenal idea if you want your house to be more jolly and dynamic, they don’t just give the impression you are a creative person they also add character to your home. I personally think a wall clock is a splendid detail for a hall.

open space hallAnd we are now to my favorite modern hall which impresses with its simplicity and open space vision. I simply adore the idea of large tall windows which allow seeing the marvelous view and the chosen tile was perfectly picked to match with the other details. I would add to this hall 2 comfortable soft armchairs.

I hope I helped you with some starting ideas for your new hall. In a future article we will see how we can fancy decorate our halls. Enjoy!

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Your house needs a little romanticism!


Romanticism mustn’t be celebrated only on February because love needs to be expressed everyday.

If you want to do some original for you beloved one prepare a romantic night for him/her and decorate your bedroom with some romantic decorations which will make him/her to appreciate you even more than before.

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Flowers are forever romantic and nothing expresses more romanticism than magnolias. It gives a marvelous aspect to the room especially when you put it in an elegant bowl. The famous interior designer Hal Williamson says that a magnolia is a flower of those who love passionately.


For a magnificent design which reflects your feminine and graceful visions you should opt for an elegant etched Venetian mirror and a perfect commode which goes whit it. Your house will express and feel love.


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Chairs must always be chosen to make you feel comfortable and ready to love, that is why you can’t pick any ordinary chair but a romantic designed one which only makes you envy it for being so sublime. A marvelous chair requires a phenomenal table on which you can arrange a romantic dinner with some special dishes.


Go for vintage romanticism and live your own fairy tale. I would definitely like to sit on an antique Biedermeier armchair which makes me feel safe and romantic. A 1950’s Italian cabinet is a must for a romantic atmosphere.


You definitely need a romantic bedroom because that is where all the magic happens. Soft sheets, fluffy but elegant pillows, a large bed and a glamorous chandelier is what gives the room life. This style expresses sophistication and class.


Because you want to enjoy a romantic cup of tea along with your beloved one or your friends, you need to beautify your house with a splendid cups of tea set which will show how feminine and elegant are you and will make the tea taste even more sweet.


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Assure yourself a splendid LOGGIA. Better than this make it luxurious and enjoy a glass of exquisite wine next to your love. You should opt for a Jordan furniture, from no one other than the Venetian Collection. Don’t mind to make it look perfect, itself is already perfect. Everything will look harmonious and ready to be savored. I would choose some pillows from Crate and Barrels and maybe some lanterns from Period Furniture Hardware. Magic.


Start decorating your house in a romantic tone!

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Lighting really makes a difference!


We already agreed that our home is the greatest place where our mind and body find relaxation and peace and that is why every detail is important no matter how big or small it is.

Lighting is another aspect which must be discussed in order for us to mix everything in a perfect ” smooth” result. 

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In what concerns me I really prefer natural light because doesn’t affect our eyes and natural light has the properties of relaxing and emanates energy vibrations. But of course natural light doesn’t last all day and because of that we need to take into consideration what kind of lighting is more suitable for our house.

Well we need to choose our lightning in such a manner that it will always give us a good mood and never feel that we are irritated by the light because if this happens that the light we chose is wrong. Let’s take a look at some lighting ideas for your living room.

I would start with light layers which we usually choose because we want to give a little more energy to the room without having corners with no illumination. This layers are a great idea if you have a large living room with many details you want to be noticed.


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My favorite lightning remain chandeliers: You can choose a chandelier which will really go perfectly with the furniture, or only with an item from the room, you can choose chandeliers that reflect your personality ( extravagant, eccentric, more classic, simple, jolly). Chandeliers are really a detail that makes an enormous difference. In case you have an Italian design living room, you need to take into consideration that you need a glamorous chandelier not a simple one.



But if you have a fresh living room which reflects energy and nature you can easily chose a chandelier which shows your love for nature and bright colors.



If your lovely living room has a fireplace than you really must lighten it and make it feel loved and appreciated. Choose elegant scones which usually are attached to the wall so the light falls perfectly on the item you want to be lighten. Sconces are often equipped with shades or glass diffusers which can make the light softer. You might take into consideration to install a pair of sconces. The light given by the sconces is a relaxing, often romantic one which really makes you feel safe.


Some people want their rooms to be fully lighten and to assure themselves that they see everything without struggling that is why many people appeal to Recessed Lighting which because to halogen, incandescent or compact florescent bulb the light can be positioned exactly on the spot you want to be lighten.





For those persons who want they entire house to inspire love and romance than they must choose fire lights which resonate perfectly with grace, romance and love. They will lead you to a cozy feeling and they will melt your heard. So arrange some candles on a tray suspended from the ceiling and you made 80% of the romantic atmosphere. This lightning will invite you to nostalgia and to always warm your soul feelings. I would personally choose this type of lightning for a chalet or a beach house where we go in holiday.


These types of lightning are especially created for different types of living rooms. You can inspire yourself with my ideas and create your own special way of lighten your living room. Everything starts with a sparkle!

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Lighting ideas come from inside your soul!


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Here are some unique ideas for your beloved living room!


We are already on the same side that our living room must be an oasis of relaxation and peace. For some persons the living room is the most important room in the house, and why it wouldn’t be? Here you come to relax your body after a long day at work, you want to enjoy your gardens sitting on  a comfy sofa, you want to tickle your toes on a soft carpet or drink a fine tea in your beloved living room while you’re watching TV or your read an interesting book.

In order to find all these pleasure your living room must look astonishing and for that you need to accessorize it.

Don’t be afraid of playing with your imagination and start making magic.

If you live near the beach, bring the beach inside your living room. If you have some interesting elegant bottles, fill them with sand or shells, beautify them with a stylish bow and put them on your shelves. They will really give some life to your living room.


Your drapes give a phenomenal atmosphere to your living room so you must be very careful when you choose them. They must be in tone with your furniture, preferably a high-quality silk. What would make your living room happier are some flowers which you can put on your drapes or maybe some butterflies, depends on your expectations.


Nautical fireplace mantel: again if you are in loved with the sea you can bring this landscape into your living room by always reminding you that your greatest love waits for you. Use some miniature boats, some tall candles and you already have a unique spot in the living room.


Use as a terrarium or a lantern on your furniture or coffee table and you will be amazed of what incredible vibration gives to you when you want to really find comfort and besides that it really looks chic and interesting.



Choose a Swedish style and opt for a vintage wooden horse which really puts a smile on your face and make you want  go for a ride. This accessory is full of positive touch and it will look marvelous in your living room.




Round wood & iron mirror will always be a perfect secret for a peaceful and elegant living room. You really need to combine your personality with what you want from this room where probably you will spend a lot of time, so be careful at the details because they really make a difference.


Inspired-sunburst-mirror-in-Living-Room-Traditional-with-Mirror-Groupings-next-to-Mirror-Behind-Couch-alongside-Yellow-Couch-andGray-Gold- (1)




These are some interesting and unique ideas for your living room which will really make a difference and you will start feeling more comfortable and special in this amazing room. Play with details and you won’t fail. I will come back with more ideas. Have fun!


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