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Autumn is the perfect season for a change.

autumn decorations for living room

Autumn is the perfect season to redecorate your living room. The beauty of this season is that it comes with warm colors and joyful details which you can play with in your living room. You have so many colors from which to pick: yellow, red, brown, ruddy and all of them reflect calmness and transform your house in a cosy place.

Autumn decorations for your living room will definitely give you a reason to come back home full of joy.

Just imagine watching how rain falls on the Earth cleaning its “skin” while you are sitting in your living room where it smells like fresh pears and apples and soft leafs are sitting quietly on your coffee table.

For a more rustic living room, a fireplace can’t miss. Choose to have white soft chairs with golden arms and put them near the fireplace. Enjoy a hot chocolate and a book while you hear the symphony of the rain. You can also pick a white fluffy carpet because white goes perfectly with a brown vintage furniture and offers more luminosity to your living room. If you want your living room more rustic try to transform a wall by making it from wood. It will definitely give a sophisticated tone to your precious room.


Let’s imagine how an elegant full of autumnal details  room would look like: modern meets Autumn. This is a perfect combination for romantic souls. Don’t be afraid to combine natural colors like the soft cast of an apricot or an orange and a light white. If you have large windows these will allow to beautify them with silk drapes which can only give you a feeling of peace. Try to pick a coach which can go perfectly with the colors you have chosen for your walls or drapes. You can also choose a white sofa and some elegant classy pillows in nuances of apricot. You must have a glass table on which you can put a stylish plate full of tasty fruits and graceful coffee set. Let your imagination run and put a large mirror on the wall and decorate it with a coronal made of leafs. A wood table in the back of your sofa on which your beloved books wait for you until you will explore them again.  All these details will make your living room greater than a spa.



Play with shades: they are full of energy as we all know. Combine white with shades of brown or orange and decorate your fireplace with autumnal flowers in a big simple vase. You can also pick branches or rusty leaves to show your fireplace that it is very important for you. Go simple and leave your walls white for more brightness but you can choose a dark carpet for contrast. You want to find peace in here and serenity. Make yourself comfortable with some reddish soft pillows and a furry blanket. Make yourself a pleasure and enjoy a delicate wine, because we know that Autumn is the season for perfect wines.


Candles can’t miss from your living room. Chose brown or yellow candles an make a magic corner for them. The light emanated from the candles, relaxes your body. Bring autumn inside and show it that you appreciate it by choosing a dark carpet with leafs details on it, with some shades of brown and gold.



Autumn is a perfect season for you to let your imagination run wild but still graceful. Don’t be afraid to play with details, after all this room is the place where you go to find relaxation and calmness.


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A coffee themed apartment is quite an original and unusual idea, so see here some ideas on how to obtain that special decor!

We all love a hot steamy cup of coffee in the morning or even in the afternoon, but what if we decorated our homes in the same way? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have a coffee themed apartment? Maybe it will not wake us up as effectively as the drink in the morning, but certainly we would be happy with such a wonderful design, so check out these ideas!

Coffee Themed Apartment: Sleek Design

1. Choose a related wallpaper. Wallpapers with coffee beans on them are very cool and look awesome, but most of all they create a relaxing and interesting atmosphere. This year large prints are very fashionable, so giant coffee beans are recommended. You can either choose a wallpaper filled with beans or just a few of them spread here and there, depending on your taste.

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2. Use themed decorations. There are lots of options out there if you want a coffee themed apartment. From cushions to rugs and drapes, you can find almost anything with coffee beans on them. You could use this as a harmonious pattern all over the room or the house, so that you can find an equilibrium between the elements everywhere. However, make sure you don’t overdo it, since a room filled with the same pattern all over the place would be tiring for the eyes and definitely unpleasant for an interior decor.

Coffee Themed Apartment: Black and White

3. Go for similar colors. However, if you want a coffee themed apartment, you don’t necessarily have to obsessively look for this pattern with the coffee beans. It is enough to use the pattern in only one place, for instance on one cushion or on one wall with a special wallpaper, and then continue the main theme only through the colors. Choose that specific shade of the beans and match it all around the room either with the furniture or with the rest of the decorations.

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4. Use tricks! There are also other ways in which to bring that coffee feeling in your home. One easy trick anyone can do is to use the coffee smell. There are various ways to do that: aromatic oils, scented candles or discreet perfumes, whichever suits you best. Also, there are different types of room odors that can make you feel just as relaxed as when you’re having a nice cup of coffee. And if you combine the scent with the surroundings in colors similar to that of coffee, you will have a wonderful design!

Coffee Themed Apartment: Coffee Colors

5. Artistic items. There are countless modern art items that relate to coffee and that could complete the design of a relaxing room. Paintings and even sculptures can bring a more refined air to your room and even an elegant touch if you choose such colors. You might think that art items don’t reflect much of a certain idea or design, but you will be surprised to see how interesting the final result will look!

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Check out these awesome ideas for your windowsill!

Part of imagining a great interior design for a room or even for a home is the smart use of the available space. And sometimes the most surprising space solutions come from places you wouldn’t have expected, like small corners or the windowsill. We prepared you a list of windowsill ideas for a better organization of your home and a better interior décor!

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1. Store books and magazines. There will always be some spare books and magazines that you can’t decide to throw away, but you’re not constantly using them either. So instead of keeping them all around and occupying useful space, you might as well take advantage of the windowsill and store place them there. If it’s big enough, you can even keep them organized, ready to be used at any time!

Windowsill Ideas: Plants Spot

2. Keep plants there. Plants are a great way of keeping a home healthy and beautiful, so it’s always a good idea to place them on the windowsill. Chances are they will have better light and air there than in any other place around the house, so it’s all for the best. However, if you have sensitive plants, make sure they don’t stay in too much sun or, on the contrary, not enough of it. Whatever you do, remember that their health is more important than any type of design and any space-saving idea!

3. Loved items. One of the best windowsill ideas is to populate it with your loved items. Whether these are pictures of your loved ones, drawings of your kids, flower vases, decorations crafted by you or your friends, souvenirs from your travels around the world or any other decorations you like. It is not recommendable though to place tall or large items there, since it will block the light that gets into the room. Go instead for smaller and more practical items.

Windowsill Ideas: Relaxing Corner

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4. Transform it into a bench! One of the most relaxing windowsill ideas is to transform it into a bench. Whether you want to stay there with an open window during summer or to drink a hot cup of tea and watch the snow outside in the winter, a window bench is perfect for all that. Plus it doesn’t require much effort from your side: you simply have to buy or craft yourself a pillow for extra comfort and match it to the size of the windowsill.

5. Make it a reading spot. For those of you who love reading, the windowsill may truly be a treasure when it comes to relaxation space. Bring several cushions and/or a comfy armchair, your favorite books and a cup of tea or some lemonade. It’s your choice whether you want to sit on the windowsill or just store the books there, but anyway it’s a great spot for reading, since you benefit the best light in the room, right next to the window. Enjoy your reading!

Windowsill Ideas: Reading Corner

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If you care about your health and productivity at the desk, you should totally read our tips on how to choose your desk chair!

Choose Your Desk Chair: Official Desk

The desk chair may not be such a challenge from the point of view of the design, but it’s definitely an important decision when it comes to your health and other practical aspects. Don’t make the mistake many people do: they just choose whatever chair they like in the store, totally neglecting other properties they should look for when making this decision. That’s why we come to your help today with some advice on how to choose your desk chair!

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1. Height. Height can be very important for the comfort of your chair and furthermore for your productivity. Make sure you adjust the height according to your own and to the desk. If it’s not properly adjusted, your position might be incorrect and could affect your health. Not only your spine could be affected, but also the eyes and you could suffer from a number of other affections you have never thought of.

Choose Your Desk Chair: Simple Chair

2. Back support. You lower back region needs the same support as the rest of the body, so make sure it has an ergonomic construction. Choose your desk chair to match the shape of your back or at least to be adjustable to it. Also, for extra comfort you should be able to lean on your back whenever you want to take a break from work and relax. If you are not sure what rules you should follow, it’s best to ask a specialist doctor to advise you for that.

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3. Massage function. If you already suffer from back problems, and even if you’re not, you should consider the option of buying a chair with incorporated massage. It is extremely relaxing and healthy and it can even improve your productivity. The effect is not only felt in the back, but your entire body will be relaxed. More than that, your mindset will be more positive, especially if you take into account the long term effects.

Choose Your Desk Chair: Elegant Design

4. Material. Choose as much as possible natural materials that allow your skin to breathe. Artificial materials are not at all healthy for you and can even create the proper environment for the development of bacteria and other unpleasant issues might appear. More than that, it has to be soft so that you can sink in it for extra comfort. For people who have back issues, solid chairs might be recommended, but for this you will need to ask the opinion of a specialist.

5. Colors. Last but not least, colors are also important if you want to match it to the rest of the design in your room. Most people usually go for black, since it’s the easiest option to match to virtually any kind of decor, but if you want to be a little creative, you can go for actual colors. There are lots of options on the market if you want to choose your desk chair, from bright red to pink and so on. Even if you don’t find your favorite color, you can use a special covering to decorate it. 3-desks

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Small living rooms don't need to be forgotten when it comes to style, especially if you follow our tips!

Even if your living room is quite small, that doesn’t mean you should pay less attention to its design. On the contrary, small rooms require more attention to the details and even some tricks to make the space appear bigger or to manipulate the existing light there. We come to your help with an useful list of small living room tips to make the best of what you’ve got!

Small Living Room Tips: Modular Furniture

1. Use white and other light colors. Light colors help in reflecting light, instead of absorbing it, so the room will appear brighter and more spacious in this way. However, an entirely white room can have a hospital-like air, so try to tone it down with other light or elegant colors, like beige, pale yellow, pale pink, peach etc. Also, you can add here and there darker touches, but not too many and mostly as accents.

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2. Use mirrors and glass surfaces. For the same reason you should be using light colors you can use mirrors and glass surfaces too. They make an entire room appear bigger and the atmosphere can be more airy than usual. If you want to use large pieces of furniture, it is recommended to choose ones that have glass doors or glass decorations on them. Similarly, one of the best small living room tips is to go for large wall mirrors as much as possible.

Small Living Room Tips: Elegant Colors

3. Take advantage of natural light. Use it as much as you can during the day! It makes the room look more natural and it enhances the design touches you have here and there. Artificial light can totally ruin the way your interior décor looks, plus it’s healthier, so you should use it less. Make sure you don’t use furniture that blocks sunlight or that you don’t place other things in front of the windows.

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4. Use smart furniture. Modular furniture is certainly one of the best small living room tips we can give you, since it can be easily rearranged. More than that, it can be fit to the available space you have and will not get in your way when you try to move around. Another advantage of this type of furniture is that it can be repurposed; for instance, you can use a piece as a coffee table, nightstand, bookcase and so on, depending on your own needs.

Small Living Room Tips: Necessary Things Only

5. Only include necessary things. Since you don’t have all that space available, it’s time to think well what do you want to keep in your room and what to store elsewhere. Keep only what you will use, some magazines, books, small decorations (if at all) and place unnecessary items outside of the living room. Many people tend to clutter the room in the attempt of having it all handy, but that’s a total no-no if you have a small living room, so think well before planning your design!

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Tired of putting your magazines wherever you can? Or not finding them when you need an information? Learn to organize them!

storage your magazines

Whether you’re into gardening, crocheting, architecture, history or simply reading, and you don’t have enough space in your home, you need some ideas on how to store your magazines. More often than not, your bookcase has become insufficient, so you need other solutions to store them. For this we prepared a list of ideas to free up your space!

How to Store Your Magazines: Shelves

1. Under the desk. Many people don’t really need the leg space under the desk, whether because of the position of the chair or other reasons. That’s why it would be a shame not to repurpose it and to fill up the space: and magazines are perfect for this! You can make different stashes and organize them on domains or chronologically, without occupying useful space in your house. More than that, they’re easily accessible, which is great if you need them for your work.

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2. Add shelves in a corner. We’re sure that there are lots of corners in your house that you don’t use, so why waste good space when you could repurpose it? Improvise some shelves or buy some adequate furniture to store in a proper manner the magazines. Even the small corners you would have thought never to be used can be valued and used to store away magazines.

How to Store Your Magazines: Unusual bookshelves

3. Choose an unusual bookshelf. Sometimes the regular bookshelf doesn’t use the space adequately for the magazines you want to store, so an unusual shape might prove to be more useful. Those built in angles or in round shapes, depending on the sizes of the magazines you own, might be even better in organizing your home than the classic rectangular furniture items. If you can’t find one, perhaps you can craft it yourself if you’re a fan of do-it-yourself projects.

4. Take advantage of the windowsill. Many people overlook this space in their homes, but it’s a great idea if you want to know how to store your magazines. Unless you have pots there, you can perfectly take advantage of them and stack the piles there, totally out of your way and not using other important spaces. More than that, it doesn’t get in your way when you don’t need it and it’s easily accessible.

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5. Baskets are good not only for storing away small things, but also for your magazines. If you have that many magazines, you can organize them in different baskets according to the brand, the year or anything else. In this way, you’ll know exactly where to find them when you want to read.

How to Store Your Magazines: On the wall

6. Fake fireplace. Fake fireplaces are a great design idea, offering a really interesting look in a room. But if you’re sick of using it only for the design, a good option is to store away your magazines. You can be sure to find them at the exact same place and they won’t look unnatural placed there. However, for this you would have to sacrifice the impeccable look of the faux fireplace, so think well.

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Are you troubled by the fact that you have to design your living room? Check out our useful tips!

Living Room Decorating Tips: Modern Look

Decorating a living room is not such an easy task as it seems, especially if you want to obtain an exquisite design and a great room for relaxation. That’s why we prepared for you some useful living room decorating tips, to make this task easier for you!

1. Lighten up the room. If you have a small room or if you don’t get enough natural light, lighten and brighten it up by using white. It doesn’t matter if you choose white for pillows, rugs or walls, the effect will be lighter and classier.

Living Room Decorating Tips: Light Up

2. Mix styles. Usually living rooms that respect only one style are quite boring, so we would recommend you to mix several styles. Of course, you should be careful with keeping the harmony throughout the room, but this gives you the freedom of combining several furniture items and decorations that don’t belong to the same style.

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3. Divide the room. Use the walls, ceiling and other decorations to separate several areas in the living room, or even the living room itself from other spaces if you have open rooms. You can separate them for different purposes (e.g., one reading area, playing area etc) or just for design reasons: a red area, yellow one and so on.

Living Room Decorating Tips:  Layered Colors

4. Layer neutral colors. In order to avoid the plain boring look of an aesthetically neutral living room, you should layer them throughout the living room. For instance, use white for furniture items, but go for more elegant neutral colors for decorations: beige, cream, pale pink and so on. Placing a pastel colored cushion on a white sofa will create a truly special effect.

5. Fake your own art gallery. One of the smartest living room decorating tips is to fake an art gallery in your own home. You don’t need to have expensive paintings for this (although if you do, that’s even better!), you just need to hang all the paintings you have on just one wall. It will look beautifully and make your home much more sophisticated.

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6. Use historic elements. Why buy a new coffee table when you can improvise? Take grandma’s old trunk from the attic and put it to good use by replacing the modern coffee table! Not only you will have something that has sentimental value, but you will also spare the money and effort of buying a new one.

Living Room Decorating Tips: Colorful Room

7. Pull the furniture away from the walls. Although you might think that this helps in making the room look lighter or would use the space better, you might be surprised to find out that one of the most clever living room decorating tips is to pull it away from the walls. It creates extra space and the impression that the room is larger, plus it is more creative.

8. Use surprises! In order to make it look newer and more original, you can use surprising materials. For instance, think out of the box and choose an unusual fireplace or coffee table to bring an element of surprise!

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For those who want to live in Spain wherever they are, Spanish design is a great idea!

Spanish Interior Decor: Mediterranean Atmosphere

Many people love having a Spanish interior decor even though if they don’t live in Spain. And if you’re asking yourself why is that, you should know that this is an amazing blend of light decorations and elegance, not to mention the specific Spanish air that helps the room be a more relaxed surrounding. But let’s see what actually defines the Spanish interior decor style and how you can obtain it!

1. Light colors. As we said, the Spanish style is light and relaxed. Of course, it uses warm and light colors, like smooth yellows, warm browns, shades of red and pastel colors. Choose your favorite color and a soft shade and you can integrate it into a Spanish decor. Combine them with white or beige and you’ll have a perfect decor for a relaxing living room or bedroom.

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2. Use natural light. Pastel colors reflect best natural light, so for a great room in a Spanish style, make sure you have large windows or doors. This doesn’t only help you in creating that airy atmosphere typical for the Mediterranean, but it’s also very healthy and it saves you some money for the electricity bill.

3. Patterns. Spanish designs usually use lots of patterns to decorate surfaces. Whether we’re talking about wallpapers, cushions, rugs or any other thing you can think about in your room, you can safely use patterns. In general, they are very cute decorative ones and consist mainly in geometrical round shapes or natural elements, such as flowers. Big red flowers are a commonly encountered pattern in this type of design, so you might want to consider them.

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4. Furniture. The furniture has to continue the light idea of the rest of the design, so light wood is highly recommended. Here though, you can switch to darker colors to balance things a little bit. Black furniture can prove to be actually elegant, besides the warm brown ones. White furniture is also a good idea, or similar colors, but you have to make sure the overall aspect isn’t dull from all the light colors. One trick you can use is to place colorful accents here and there to balance the design.

5. Decorations. Spanish people love to decorate their homes! And thankfully, there are lots of options you can choose from when going for this type of interior design: paintings, sculptures, plants and basically anything you can think of. Whatever helps in making the design livelier, it’s perfect! However, make sure the design keeps some harmony and that you don’t ruin the balance by using different patterns that are strong visually.

6. Round shapes. Whether we’re talking about walls, arcades, windows or simply patterns on several items, the Spanish style is often based on round shapes which inspire a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Plus they’ re classic and you can’t fail if you use them in several spots around the room, so go for it!

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Check out these great ideas for storing books away without using bookcases!

How to Store Your Books: Batman Shelf

Dear book lovers, we all know the struggle of storing your books away, especially if you have a small home. Of course, many use bookcases, but are they enough? Sometimes they’re not, and then you have to find creative ways of keeping them. And this is where we come and help you with some useful ideas on how to store your books!

1. Use the very books as shelves. Using a smart trick, you can sacrifice one big book and fix it to the wall and then place several other books on it. Simply use L-shaped metal tools and fix them on several walls throughout the house. Don’t forget the safety measures though! Then place colored books on top of each other and enjoy your creative way of storing your books!

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2. Replace furniture with books. You can obtain a nice and customized night stand or coffee table if you creatively use the stacks of books you have lying around. You can use a frame or simply cover them with a sheet of glass so that you can further use them. It will be a little more complicated when you want to take out a book and re-read it, but with a little bit of effort you’re going to manage.

3. Hide them where you can. Though this option may not seem suitable for the integrity of books, many people choose to hide them and place them wherever you can, basically. Under the bed or in between furniture items are just some of the ideas. It is not quite recommendable because it might ruin the aspect of your interior decor, but on the other hand it can prove to be quite useful and a space saver. In the end, the choice of how to store your books is yours!

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4. Take advantage of the unused space in your home. We’re sure there are some dead places in your home that you haven’t found a use for yet. There are lots of corners people don’t usually use. But there are also special pieces of furniture suitable for small and edgy spaces. Take advantage of them and use them to store the books! You’d be surprised to see how much space you have been wasting until now!

5. Get creative! If you have an industrial bedroom or living room, it’s time to put to good use those pipes you have there, whether they’re real or not. Either stack the books on them as such, or place some additional support to make sure they don’t fall. It will be a nice addition for an industrial decor! Otherwise, if you don’t have such elements in your home, you can use what you have: some baskets turned horizontally and fixed to the wall can be just great for keeping away lots of books, for example. Regardless of the solution you choose, it’s important to use your creativity and your practical sense when deciding on how to store your books without a bookcase!

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Everybody has a TV, right? But how do you choose the perfect TV for you? See here!

How to Choose Your TV: Balanced Decor

The TV has recently become perhaps one of the most important pieces of “furniture” in the house. Many people feel connected to the world when watching TV, plus it’s a great and constant source of fun. And with the recent developments, TVs are smarter and smarter, allowing you to do more and more things with it. But let’s see some advices on how to choose your TV!

1. Pay attention to the size. Of course, the recent trends make people buy the biggest TV they can find, usually flat screen. But it’s even more important to choose the TV according to the size of your home or the room where you intend to place it. A gigantic screen would be tiring for your eyes and you wouldn’t enjoy properly the image, so go for a smaller one if you have a small home and space issues.

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2. Choose the latest technology. We don’t want to make you spend the last cent on the latest technology, but more recent devices really have more advantages than the older ones. Perhaps one of the most important advantage is the fact that they protect your eyes much more, and this thanks to the recent LCD or flat screen devices. Besides that, newer devices are multifunctional and offer you much more fun alternatives.

3. Check their features. As we were saying, newer TVs have more and more features, and it’s important to know all of them, otherwise you waste a lot of money and don’t use what you bought. Now that smart TVs can be connected to Internet, your fun time expanded a lot! You can install apps directly on the TV, play music online, see movies, record them and basically, use the TV as a substitute for a computer, only with a cooler screen! Of course, it’s useless to buy a device with hundreds of options if you don’t plan of fully use them or if you don’t really need them. Which leads us to…

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4. See what type of TV is suitable for you. Our needs differ according to lots of factors: if we live alone or with our families, if we have friends who come over often, if we love watching movies or sports and so on. Not only the size is important here, but also the quality, the type, the brand, the price and so on. As helpful as the consultants in the store may be, they can’t possibly know all your wishes or needs, so the best when you want to know how to choose your TV is to start with knowing yourself!

5. Match it with the rest of the room! Yes, usually they come in two colors: white or black, but this is also part of the decor, so you should think of the rest of the room before choosing it. If you have an interior design based on light colors, you should choose a white TV, while if you have a darker room, a black one.

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