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Indoor swings are a great opportunity to play with your child while still maintaining the appearance of a grown up!

Indoor Swings: Creative lounge

Indoor swings are not necessarily for kids. For those who haven’t forgot how wonderful it is to be a child again, indoor swings are already available on the market and they can be placed basically in any room you prefer. In general, people prefer to place them in their living room, so read on for more ideas on having an indoor swing.

You must know that installing an indoor swing bring some fun even in the darkest of rooms. It’s great not only for swinging, but also for spending time in it reading, watching TV and even simply chatting with your family. The best part about them is that they have different designs, which you can customize and match to the rest of your interior arrangement. Another advantage is that you can place it almost anywhere where you have a ceiling and even move it afterwards, if for instance you want to make your kids happy and install it in their own room.

An alternative to buying an indoor swing is to craft your own hanging furniture. Yes, furniture, not just swings. Take a couch for instance and hang it from the ceiling. Or your bed. Just imagine how awesome it would be to have your own hanging bed! Even a small bench and a cushion can replace one of the commercial indoor swings.

There are lots of options when it comes to the design of the swing. As we stated, you can simply choose a bench and hang it and call it a swing. But if you want extra comfort, you can upgrade it a little bit. Choose an egg-shaped armchair or a round design. Round designs usually inspire relaxation and comfort, especially if you add some cushions around. Alternatively, for more aggressive designs you can try a square-shaped swing.

The colors are also very important. First of all, they have to match your color scheme for the specific room where you want to install it. If you plan to change its location over time, you can choose neutral colors like white, black or shades of gray. Otherwise, the more colorful the swing, the better, since we’re talking about being a kid again, right? You can even make crazy combinations, blue and green, orange and pink, since you don’t have to abide to any rules.

The last and the most important thing is to make sure that your ceiling can support the weight of such indoor swings. If the swing is quite small, there shouldn’t be any problem, although you still have to consult a specialist to assist you with installing it and testing the resistance of the structure. If there is a bigger swing for several people, like a couch or even the bed we were talking about earlier, then you should really ask yourself if you should install it. Nobody wants to destroy his/her house structure, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Change your living room by adopting an innovating ceiling design and see how your room transforms instantly!

Living Room Ceiling Ideas: Elegant Chandelier

The living room is the room where we spend most of our time and, more important, the place where we like to spend time with our family and friends. This is why every detail here matters, including the ceiling. You might ask why is the ceiling so important in a room. But when you lie down to relax, the first thing to see is the ceiling. And nobody wants an ugly ceiling, since it would spoil the beauty in the rest of the room too. Check out these great living room ceiling ideas and read our suggestions for it!

An impressive chandelier is what makes the difference between a dull ceiling and a wonderful one that your guests will admire long time! Depending on the rest of your living room design, you should choose one that is really amazing, whether in size or in decorations. Modern crystal chandeliers are trending right now, especially those who have hanging crystals. Not only that it looks absolutely elegant, but it also helps in reflecting light and making your living room more airy and well lit.

Although fake ceilings were out of trend for a while, you can still use them when inspiring for living room ceiling designs. They are great for hiding LED lights inside them and creating a special atmosphere. Of course, you have to be careful with the colors and models you choose so as not to contrast (too bad) with the rest of the living room. You can even create several layers of wavy fake ceiling sheets that will look very special and elegant. Add to it a great ceiling and voila!

The great part about choosing one of the living room ceiling designs is that you can play around with the colors. In general, people prefer to go for neutral or elegant colors for their living room ceilings, but you can’t deny that a combination between white and bright red wouldn’t look very nice. Also, the variety of combinations is basically infinite, but one golden rule you have to stick to is to respect the color scheme. If you’re not sure how to do that, perhaps it would be better to call a specialist.

Geometrical shapes in your (fake) ceiling are also another great design idea. You can match a modern or minimalistic design of the room with cut-out geometrical shapes in your fake ceiling. Or if you feel adventurous, you can even cut out your real ceiling, although it’s not recommendable. Moreover, you can play around with the sources of light and create nice effects by juxtaposing the sources and the geometrical shapes. Also, you don’t need to throw away the material that remains after cutting the spaces, you can paint it in your second color in the color scheme and place it around for a more inspired look. Take a step forward and choose the furniture and the details in the room (cushions, rugs, works of art) in similar colors or simply use just two colors for the entire room.

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Are you bored with your old home styling? Why don’t you try a new home decorating style that will help your house look spectacular and ready for holidays?

pop art style living room

Are you bored with your old home styling? Why don’t you try a new home decorating style that will help your house look spectacular and ready for holidays?

The end of the year is a perfect moment for home owners to experiment and to add a touch of character and personality to their “cribs” following simple decorating tips.

One of the most appreciated decorating style of the moment is the retro pop one that lights up a classic, mono-colored home. The pop deco trend brings a touch of boldness to your home; it can be easily brought to life by means of a few techniques and accessories, such as placing Andy Warhol-like paintings on the walls of your bathroom – we’ve seen this technique at Ions Design – one of the best home decorating companies of United Arabian Emirates.

Give your home a pop feeling by putting into practice one or more of the following tips and tricks:

– invest in old furniture, that will give a retro style to the whole environment. But choose good looking and functional pieces even handcrafted by talented artists. Another great option would be to let your walls painted by decorating professionals who work with eco-friendly products and are able to provide you with stunning, artistic decorations. Stay tuned, as in our next blog posts we’ll let you know more about some talented mural artists and firms worth contracting.

–  although a bit classic, white is the most preferred non-color for home decorating. Even for a pop-wannabe home. Why is that? Because white it’s timeless and can be easily mixed with pop, bright colors such as fuchsia, for a top, high-class result. In 2014 we’ve seen white combined with different textures such as natural wood. Try this time to mix it with bold colors, as the above mentioned fuchsia or bright green, navy or yellow. Ask a professional to gentle mix the bright color with the pure white space, for a classy finish, if you don’t think or don’t have the time to rethink the space by yourself. The key is to find a perfect balance between the vivid details and the white space in which they emerge.

– invest in vintage accessories and details, like a piece of distressed wood used for encompassing flawless art pieces. Another nice idea would be to buy decorative pieces with unique, vintage designs such as an elegant fish vase, bowls or candle holders with golden, precious finishes. Don’t be afraid to buy the pieces that reflect your character as the pop culture and home decorating trend is all about being natural yet pretentious and stylish.

– consider blending masculine and feminine components into your home design, such as a black flooring and flower wall patterns. Brought together in a minimalist style, these components could add a perfect high-class touch to a boresome design.

–  try metallic finishes and accents, especially if you own a contemporary house. These eye-catching details will make the space look wider, nobler and feel complete. Consider buying antiqued mirrors to add instant glamour to your house and give your home a pop feeling all the time, not only on New Year’s occasion.




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A party is not a real party until you get some balloons and make them roll around! And who doesn't like to play around with balloons?

Balloon Decoration Ideas: Rainbow Arches

When you have a party, what’s more appropriate for decorating than balloons? They’re fun, easy to inflate, easy to arrange and if you really don’t feel like it, you can simply throw them around for the kids (and not only!) to play with them. Check out the next balloon decoration ideas and see which ones fit your party most!

Balloon Arches. They are the most adorable balloon decorations and the best part is that you can buy or rent them already done, without too much fuss. Plus you can choose whatever combination of colors you want and match the rest of the party decorations to the arch.

Balloon Flowers. These ones are really fun and they come in whatever size you wish for your party, not to mention about the colors. Still, it is advisable either to buy or rent them as such or to call some specialized help in order to help you with assembling them.

Ceiling Balloon Decorations. Among the most impressive balloon decoration ideas you can find are the ceiling decorations. They can go perfectly well in every room, but they are more suitable for events like a wedding, not so much for a regular party, unless you want an extravagant one.

Balloon Characters. You can be sure that your kid will be absolutely thrilled when he will see Mickey and Minnie Mouse made from balloons at his own birthday party! More than that, you can have any character he likes made out of balloons. Even more impressive would be to leave your kid to imagine himself/herself an original character and to have it made of balloons. That’s an interesting party!

Spirals. Spirals are quite common in balloon decoration ideas, so why not use them for your party? Most often they combine the rainbow colors, but you can choose whatever combination you like, given that it matches the rest of the party colors.

Hearts. The balloon hearts are not uncommon at all, on the contrary, they are still the cutest balloon decoration ideas you can try for your house on a party. You can even take a highlighter and write on them whatever you want, or even have your guests write their messages on the balloons instead of happy birthday cards.

Ice Cream Cones. Quite an unusual choice for balloon decoration ideas, but a very funny one are the ice cream cones made of balloons. Kids will adore them and they will probably ask for real life ice cream, which is perfect on a sunny day.

Transparent Balloons. Though they’re not so popular, they’re much more appropriate for a serious party, like a wedding or an anniversary, rather than a normal birthday for the kids. More than that, you can always improvise and fill them with colored confetti for a nice contrast and even decorate them on the outside with bows or ribbons. Usually, for a more elegant look, you can try some silver or gold decorations, but be careful with the rest of the decorations.

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If you like to spend nights together with your family, you should think of decorating the living room in such a way to suit your needs for evenings spent together dancing, singing or playing board games.

Family Design Living Room: Modern Design

The living room is a very important part of our home. It’s probably the place where you spend most of your time when you’re at home, so it’s very important to decorate it well. At the same time, everybody wants to spend more time with their family, and a specially conceived interior design may facilitate this in one way or another. This is why you have to create a family design living room, with a relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to communicate easily, to listen together to music or even to play some board games on a family evening.

Corner Sofas.

A corner sofa is a great idea for a family design living room. It allows for many people to sit together, plus it’s very useful when you want to use the space efficiently. Add a coffee table and you have a comfy corner to spend with your entire family, no matter how big it is.

Pair Together Couches and Armchairs.

If you think two sets of couches and armchairs look too uniform and make you lose the nice aspect of the rest of the interior design, you can combine two of them. For instance, if you want a neutral design, you can choose one set black and one set white and intercalate them around. Then you can build the rest of the design on this contrast.

Stools and Big Pillows.

If you want the room to be very flexible and in case you need extra space, to be able to space it up very quickly, you need to quit the sofas and armchairs. A great alternative for a family design living room is to go for stools and big special filled pillows. They can be easily moved, stored away or reused whenever needed, let’s say if you’re throwing a party or have some relative over for a night or two. Plus they’re much more fun than the normal armchairs and couches.


A family design living room needs to be intimate and cozy, so a fireplace must not miss from it. It offers the room a great atmosphere and it substitutes a campfire for a storytelling night. The kids will love it! But more important it’s to know that there are several types of fireplace you can use: there are electrical ones and even fake ones that use light instead of actual fire, so there are safer options if you’re of afraid of potential accidents.

Bigger Storage Spaces.

Whether you’re spending time there to read, to talk or simply to play board games together, you need a storage space for the games, for cups of tea or coffee and for extra blankets, so think it ahead and include some closets or shelves for depositing this. Plus, it’s much easier to have it all close to you than to make tens of trips to the kitchen to bring this or that.

No matter what type of design you choose and how you place the furniture, it’s compulsory to have a great time with your family and to do it as often as possible!

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If you don't know how to decorate your living room and you're under the pressure of Christmas, check out the following list of suggestions for decoration styles.

Fireplace Christmas decoration

Christmas is almost here, so you might want to try some new ideas of how to decorate your living room this Christmas. The following list can prove really helpful, especially if you have no new ideas (or no ideas at all) on this subject. Have a look and see what suits you and your living room!

Bows and ribbons. As old-fashioned as it may seem, bows and ribbons are the safe bet when it comes to decorating your living room. They add the little extra that you need for the Christmas atmosphere, especially if you choose them to be in a red color.

Several Christmas trees. If you like Christmas trees, you can place several of different sizes all around the living room. You can even choose different colors: some regular green, some white or some with lights incorporated, that is, if you choose artificial ones, which is recommendable.

Pine garland. A small detail, but effective in learning how to decorate your living room this Christmas, the pine garland is very practical. You can hang it wherever you want, by the doors, near the fireplace (careful with this though!), along the walls or windows. Extra advantage: you will have a fresh air and a nice scent all the time in the living room.

Bold colors. Maybe you’re not the stereotypical person who uses only red, green or white to decorate for Christmas, don’t be afraid to experiment. Use bright pink, yellow or any other funny colors!

Blue rocks! Blue is the latest trendy color for decorating not only the Christmas tree, but also your living room. The best part about using blue decorations is that you can choose whatever shade of blue you want and therefore make the room warmer or cooler.

Cascades. A great idea for decorating is cascading garlands or ribbons. If you already used this technique for decorating the Christmas tree, you can still use it for the rest of the room. Arrange colorful ribbons all along the curtains and your room will be much more cheerful.

Candy cane design. Another great idea for how to decorate your living room this Christmas is to use candy canes. Use them as Christmas tree decorations and get inspired from the combination of white and red to use stripes in these colors for the rest of the room.

Use nature to decorate. For a fresh touch in the living room, you can use pinecones, pine branches and any other natural element you can think of. It will give you a nice break from the over adorned surroundings and will bring a bit of the outside world.

Snow all the way! If you want to bring nature in, you can use lots of fake snow to decorate your living room. Fill up the Christmas tree with snow, and scatter some on the furniture around too for a truly special effect!

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