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A dream house is what we all need in order to find simple happiness.

Everyone dreams for a tree house, especially when they are children. There is nothing more adventurous and fun then a tree house, it’s like you have you own fairy land for yourself. Imagine how your child would react if you decide to create him/her a dream tree house and imagine how would you feel to have your own dream tree house. You will be able to feel happiness in every reaction.

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If you want to be a modern loving parent give this pleasure to your children and start building a dream tree house for them and decorate it nicely. But, a dream tree house it’s not only for children. If you had this dream when you were a kid and your parents couldn’t build you a tree house, build one for yourself. Your personal relax zone where nobody can disturb you.

Let’s see some ideas of tree houses that are perfect for relaxation, meditation and intimacy:

Beautiful isn’t it? And when you think people sub estimate tree houses.This one looks so elegant and comfortable with perfect matching furniture, romantic lightning and a fabulous tall ceiling.My favorite detail are the windows because they permit you to enjoy the magic views of the surroundings.

tree house home caprice

Prepare yourself to see real art. The person who design this tree house really had some imagination and exquisite vision. Personally I would never go back in the real house if I had this fabulous outlandish tree house. The bath tub is the focus point of this marvel and everything expresses comfort and calmness.

tree house magic homecaprice

Next tree house takes everything to another level. Elegance, extravagance even luxury. It was designed by Bart Prince and it is located in Columbus Ohio. The indoor, as you will notice, it is decorated with tropical plants and everything invites you to have the time of your life. It is a large tree house perfect for a unique romantic experience.

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tree house columbus home caprice

A chic tree house for you and your girls? Yes that sounds perfect so what are you waiting for? Your secret place where you and your friends gather together and have the time of your lives with no one to disturb you. I would join the group immediately. Look at this tree house decorations, with stylish fancy furniture chosen to make you feel alive and full of energy.

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chic tree house home caprice

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A baby chandelier for a perfect nursery room is exactly what you need.

A house, that’s what you have now. Do you want to turn your house into a home ? Well the answer to this question is quite simple, you can turn your house into a home by having a baby. There’s nothing more charming in a home than the nursery room. Forget about the other rooms, this one has to be perfect. To be perfect it has to reflect the restful state in which you want your baby to stay. Nursery chandeliers, bring the touch you want in the room.

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Nursery chandeliers should be chosen with a high grade of caution. It’s the room where maybe, your little Peter Pan will say his first words.

Here are some ideas for your perfect nursery chandelier:

Peter pan nursery chandelier: I already said that maybe you see your baby as Peter Pan. But if she’s a girl you will maybe think about Tinker Bell. This fairy tale chandelier will bring color to your baby girl’s heart and give her the start of her own tale. You can decorate the rest of the room in the same theme.


nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

Flowers and stars nursery chandelier: This would be a nursery chandelier for a boy’s room. The closed flowers gives you a morning impression so your baby will always feel fresh like morning time. Stars falling from the chandelier, well that’s a picture I would like to have every morning. Make him dream that he can fly from the flowers to the stars.

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nursery chandeliers flower stars nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

Joyful nursery chandelier: Everyone knows that color is the center piece of every children’ universe. Go wild with colorful, joyful decorations and chose a real big and alive chandelier for your little miracle. Make him forge his dreams only in Happyland. He won’t wake you up in the middle of the night, he will be guarded by his new friends .It will also make you  more energetic and calmer.

nursery chandeliers joyful nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

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Stylish modern nursery chandelier: We live in an era of style and what better way to put this print in your child life ,even from the start, than a stylish nursery chandelier? Well organized, simple but yet complex, this nursery chandelier is the perfect kick star for your little gallant modern prince .

nursery chandeliers stylish nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

Princess nursery chandelier: It’s no surprise that everyone spoils their new born. Your little princess will feel exactly like she should: royalty. This nursery chandelier is the climax of comfort and luxury, the perfect gift to give to your daughter. Help her become the princess that she deserves to be.

nursery chandeliers princess like nursery chandeliers flower home caprice

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Your kitchen must be beautified with the right curtains. Think wisely!

In order to have a completely beautiful kitchen design you have to think about the last element you choose for the kitchen and that is: Kitchen Curtains and Draperies. It seems that people feel more free and comfortable in their personal kitchen that is why this detail is very important. Combine your taste and visions with the size and the location of the windows and of course think if they would match with the other elements of the kitchen.

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First thing you should have in mind is what style is your kitchen and what style kitchen curtains should be.  Don’t opt for what you think is very beautiful or modern, take into consideration the furniture you have in the kitchen and the rest of the decorations. If your kitchen is vintage furnished you can’t go for modern minimal curtains, if it is more of a rustic here we go again. If you want a classical look I recommend you window treatments that have tab tops, they will bring a lighter look. People are more and more interested in casual fresh styles and for this to happen you need short length window curtains.If your dining table is located in the kitchen and you placed it near the windows, then you need full length kitchen curtains because dinner requires privacy.

How to choose the color of kitchen curtains: Depending on what impression do you want to create, the color of your kitchen curtains must be chosen wisely. There are people who want to shock with they interior design and if you are that king of person use a rich colored drape which is in total contrast with the walls. For a more elegant kitchen you should opt for neutral colors and you can even play with luxurious curtains. If you are a person full of energy and you are happy all the time go for solid colored curtains or even patterned ones.

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Style checked, color checked it’s time for the fabric which is also of a big importance. If you don’t want the sun to disturb you, then search for a dark heavy material kitchen curtain but pay attention to the fact that these kind of curtains will make you feel that the kitchen is smaller but on the other hand light, bright alive colors give the impression of space and are easily to clean.

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Any modern house deserves a beautiful innovative fruit bowl!

Fruits are an important element in our lives not only because they are a surplus of energy and vitamins but they also look very good in any room you would place the fruit bowl and because of this you should play a little bit with the design of the room you choose to put the fruit bowl and opt for an innovative fruit bowl which will only make the room brighter and more modern.

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Choose any fruits you like and then search for the most creative fruit bowl you can get, of course choose one that represents you. Let’s take a loot at some innovative unusual fruit bowls.

I love this one which look like a fan and permits you to make it smaller in case you don’t have any fruits. It was designed by Leijh Basten, a young Dutch designer in Bleijh Concept & Design who wanted to create something unique and multi effective. I personally love it and I know it would look lovely in any kitchen.

fruit bowl home caprice

We are continuing in the minimalist modern touch with a simple bowl which can give the impression you have a different one any time you want depending on how you would like to position it. Perfect for a living room too.

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fruit bowls home caprice

A very useful and space saver is the next fruit bowl which can be also used for vegetables. It looks very interesting and beautifies any kitchen. A very practical helper.

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fruit or vegetable bowl home caprice

Accessorize your living room in such a way people will be amazed and you will feel grateful every time you enter on it. The next fruit bowl is something I’ve never seen and I think it’s spectacular. Any living room would be happy to have this fruit bowl.

living room fruit bowl home caprice

Opulent extravagant living rooms or dining rooms have place for their fruit bowl too you only have to choose the most impressive one that matches perfectly with the decorations.

fruit bowl opulent home caprice

Elegance is best emphasized in simplicity and good taste so you don’t have to over react with its craziness. Go simple and you won’t fail.

simple fruit bowl home caprice

I also like those fruit bowls which express femininity and class. They are such a beautiful accessory for any room in the house. They are simply lovely and fancy.

fruit-bowl home caprice

Beautify your house and life with glass ceilings and the entire aspect of the house will be changed.

I know that some time ago you were given some interesting information about how to design your ceiling. Well, today we are going to see some creative ideas of glass ceiling which are perfect for an elegant house where you create open space idea.

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Of course a glass ceiling is also great for natural lighting and the feeling of belonging to the nature.

We will begin with the idea of a glass ceiling in the bedroom, this time a modern bedroom, with a tall ceiling leaving the impression of incredible large space. Look how impressive does this simple bedroom looks like because of the idea of a glass ceiling. A lot of natural light, tickling your skin, watching the drops of rain having the feeling that it will touch you but at the same time you feel protected and the leaves which fall on the glass give a certain color to the room.

glass ceiling bedroom home caprice

Moving on to the living room, this next glass design will surely make you wish you build a new house all made by glass.This living room design receives a majestic touch with the tall glass ceiling and even the “walls” made by glass. The fact that you are surrounded by plants and nature and you are able to enjoy them at their most beautiful view, is what everyone should experience. I definitely love this living room.

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glass ceiling living room

If you have an attic, waste no time and create the perfect relaxation place where you can spend some quality time with yourself and the marvelous view surrounding you. Choose to build a glass ceiling because you want an accurate landscape adventure and nothing compares to some cold days spent in the warmth of your impressive attic.

glass ceiling home caprice

Your dining room deserves a glass ceiling because when I say nothing compares to a dinner accompanied by the stars, I am not joking. With stars watching over you and  your family, dinner becomes your favorite moment of the day.

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glass ceiling dining room gulf luxury

Your game room, or your personal cinema room transforms in an extravagant place if you add that glass ceiling detail. Imagine watching a movie with your friends and the sparkling stars seem to enjoy it too. It is simply magic and fabulous.

cinema room glass ceiling home caprice

Dear interior design lovers don’t forget anything is possible in art, and interior design is a truly art that can be played with in infinitely ways you just have to discover your inner designer.

World is a huge design created by an even bigger designer. Discover Michael S. Smith interior designer.

We dedicate this splendid day to Michael S. Smith who is a famous American interior designer. This creative interior designer has managed to make himself notice with several particular creation especially for the interior designing of the White House, an iconic building for American society.

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Because of this huge success Michael, has become a valuable person and the projects which have occurred after designing the White House are also incredibly loved and appreciated around the world.

Today we are going to take a look at how Michael S. Smith reflected his visions when he designed the Tower Grove project.

tower-grove-project famoush interior designer home caprice

I must warn you, once you will see the interior of this fabulous house, you will be enchanted forever. It’s not only because it was designed by a world famous interior designer, but it is the atmosphere it reflects, the chosen decorations and every detail here is simply impressive.

This house is about tradition and classic. Once you enter inside you feel that cozy family feeling and every room has that welcoming air. Even if you are just a guest, you instantly feel like home and you want to drink hot chocolate and eat home baked cookies. There is no corner of which you can say something is not in order because everywhere you look you notice something lovely and full of style.

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A step in the living room is like a step in the luxury of a forever welcoming house. The dining table made of wood and the sculptured chairs denote only elegance and goof taste. The family porcelain which is full of history is beautiful placed in a cabinet which emphasize the history of the family. The chandelier is extravagant and eccentric and at the same time gives you the idea of something legendary.

After we relished our eyes with the astonishing living room of this house it’s time to move on to the bedroom which is simply an oasis of relaxation and comfort. The idea of open space is fully represented in the bedroom. No doors that will interrupt your view. A sumptuous, extravagant and opulent furniture gives you the impression of a royal bedroom. A vintage touch makes it simply perfect. With such a bedroom you can only feel powerful and stylish.

tower-grove-project6 bedroom famous interior designer home caprice

All in all the interior is sublime, but we learned that the first impression is born after you face the outdoor and the outdoor of this house is a fairy tale. Nature, glamour and elegance. I will be happy to sleep on these magnificent stairs.

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tower-grove-project5 outside famous interior designer home caprice

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A coffee table is more than a simple accessory. It is purely design.

In other posts I’ve shown you how to impress your guests right from the beginning, now let’s keep that good impression throughout the  whole visit. A good coffee can only be served on a wonderful coffee table. Make your guests fell the desire to come back. It will also make you feel more confident, give yourself an upgrade of style. Be elegant and creative at the same time.

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Drink your coffee like you really deserve it! Spoil yourself, don’t let anyone interrupt this moment of your day.  It’s your kingdom , act like a king, serve your coffee of a special coffee table.

Feast your eyes and imagination with these coffee tables:

Elegant crate design coffee table: Best things aren’t those you buy from a shop, are those created by you. Put a personal touch in the creation of your coffee table. It doesn’t take a lot of time and after you’re done you will be surprised of the result. Put together some thing that you thought were useless and push the start button to your creative side.

crate elegant coffee table home caprice

Unusual glass coffee table: I know I’ve said that the best things aren’t bought from a shop but if you can find a coffee table like this, by all means, buy it! Serve your coffee from this swirl of glass. Elegance at it’s highest level. Be careful though, as fancy and elegant it looks it is also fragile.

glass coffee tables home caprice

Living coffee table: What better feeling than drinking your morning coffee of a tropical forest? Combine elegance with a spark of life. This amazing coffee table will beautify your living room like no other. If you are a nature lover this is just the perfect coffee table for your visions.

forest coffee tables home caprice

Silver rock alike coffee table: Elegance is reflected in minimalist style. It’s simple, that’s what makes it so beautiful. Its curves will bring the futuristic style in your living room and it will make it more modern. Interior designers are always advising people to choose the idea of open space rooms and this coffee table will do the trick. Be that person who always thinks modern.

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rock coffee tables home caprice

Rustic coffee table: Coming back to that rustic touch that makes your living room warmer and more cozy. Take a look at this wood coffee table that leaves the impression of a friendly full of love house. If you are a handy man you can even build it yourself. Accessorize it with unique details and your living room will be transformed immediately.

log coffee tables home caprice

Antique detail coffee table: Visit an antique store and search for unique items which you can use to build a marvelous coffee table that will impress you every time you look at it. The taste of coffee will change because details make the difference. Don’t be afraid of being unique.

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propeler coffee tables home caprice

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The beauty of a chalet is that it knows what you need in order to relax and stress out your mind

Personally when I think about a chalet I automatically relate the word chalet with vacation, relaxing weekend, hot chocolate, elegant fireplace, silence and comfort because to be honest that is why people choose to build their own chalets.

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If you already have a chalet you will agree that you can’t wait for that weekend when you decide to leave all your stress behind and go for a fresh air mini vacation, when you can put in order all your thoughts, cook something unusual and enjoy a fabulous book near the fireplace. Or even better you can build a chalet near the beach. Wood, sand and salt water are the perfect combination. Watching the Sunrise or the Sunset from your chalet porch must be magic and best of all you can decorate it exactly how you want, there aren’t so many rules.

So the question is which are the benefits of having your own chalet?

 Comfort: First of all think about the comfort and the intimacy you have in a modern warm cozy chalet. If it is designed proper to have everything you need you will want to stay there forever. If you build a chalet in mountains to be closer to skiing, what could be better than returning to your warmed chalet and rest in a comfortable soft armchair. A chalet can have a hot tub or a sauna which are exactly what you need. Your chalet is your second home, you will feel familiar with it and nothing will upset you. Forget about booking  room in a hotel, a chalet if the answer key.

Space: is the second best reason for having your personal chalet. You will be amazed by the space it gives you. To have your own space when you go skiing or if you want a take off weekend, hotels can be pretty stressful but the benefit of a chalet is that you have a lot of space only for you. It will allow you to walk around without problems. Chalets offer enough space for you and guests.

Privacy: and the thing you adore the most is privacy because when you run away from the real world you will want to be able to meditate, relax and find inner peace and you can’t do this without privacy. And if you want to hang out with your friends and no one to bother your a chalet is the answer.

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Let’s take a look at some fabulous chalet indoor ideas and instantly you’ll want to have your own beautiful chalet.

chalet-pearl-bedroom home caprice

Usually people choose a rustic scent with some wild details like this one. A combination of soft and puffy textures which inspire elegance and style, comfort and safety.

stunning-bedroom-oversized-lamps chalet home caprice

A chalet allows you to play with colors. Like I told you there are no certain rules. Look at this One Oak Chalet style which is definitely different from what you see. With a modern and sculptural decor and characteristic elements of a chalet like wooden walls and soft carpet.

Cozy-bedroom-that-keeps-things-simple-and-plush chalet home caprice

This one is my favorite. Large soft bed with colored pillows and those wood stairs look so romantic and elegant. Simplicity and style that is why this vintage chalet expresses. A bohemian interior but with simple details and very well emphasized details.

In term of living you have to be wild and rich in imagination and create the ultimate living room.

For example this next living room is absolutely sublime with the open ceiling idea. The experience of relaxing in your chalet will be heavenly. A fluffy soft carpet and leather chairs and furniture, this living room is absolutely amazing.

natural-chalet-living-room-designs-home caprice

If you want luxury combined with extravagance you need fur and leather and wood chairs. Of course, wood walls and a simple chic painting. Make sure sticks for your fireplace spread their perfume around.

natural-chalet-living-room-designs- home caprice

If you want a larger living room when you and your friends can sit comfortable and enjoy the weekend that take into consideration two sofas, an elegant fireplace, tall ceiling, a large wood table and typical chalet details. Decorate the living room with rustic lamps which will make the atmosphere more romantic.

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natural-chalet-living-room-designs home caprice

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Your guests are special so your guest room must be even more special.

Today we dedicate our time and imagination to our future guests whom we want to welcome in our house with our hearts open and rooms perfumed. Because we already learnt that in order for us to feel great in our homes we need to feel that our guests feel fabulous and that is why it is very important to have a cozy elegant guest room that will comfort your beloved guests and they will return with joy and love.

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You must be aware of the fact that your guests don’t expect hotel room services but do your best and offer them an extraordinary experience at your house.

First of all and maybe the most important thing is to prepare clean perfumed sheets, if it’s possible sheets that were never used again and a lot of pillows.Pillows are great if they want to read in a comfortable position and they are also perfect to cuddle if they sleep alone.

And because we referred to reading, your guest room should contain a small book shelf on which interesting, funny, dramatic, fresh book wait to be read. Books help you relax and many people have problems sleeping when they are far away from home. So make them feel more safe and more relaxed.

bookshelf guest room home caprice

A guest room should have a great lighting and lamps near the bed. Guests can get nervous if they are far away from home so maybe they would like more light to feel more comfortable and distressed.

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A chic guest room has a small cabinet where guests can sit and dry their hair, make up. It is more comfortable than doing these in the bathroom and more cozy. Leave the impression of home. Place an elegant desk or dresser with a mirror close to natural light.

guest house cabinet home caprice

Place a tray near the bed where your guests can put they jewelry, watches and other valuable items, avoiding loosing them or anything else. They will feel more appreciated and secured.

tray guest room

Make sure your guest room has an alarm clock despite everyone having cell phones. It also looks lovely and gives you a feeling of order.

Provide the guest room with universal chargers in case your guests forgot about theirs. People panic with no reason when they realize they forgot their charger. Calm down your guests with an universal charger.

Always keep a bottle of water and nice glasses. Guests can feel ashamed of coming down at night for water.

You also need a box  of tissues.

box of tissue guest room

Put stylish warm soft towels in the bathroom bot for face and for body.

Go for an armoire. They provide enough space for clothes and with the vintage look make you feel chic.

elegant armoire guest room home caprice

Have extra hangers. You don’t know how many clothes your guests have.

Provide the room with desk supplies like pens, paper, rubber and things like this.

You can even consider put snacks for your guests. Distance from home can make you really hungry.

guest room snacks

Beautify the room with flowers. They clean the oxygen, perfume the room and look lovely.

guest room flowers home caprice

Extra toilet paper is very important. Don’t forget about this detail.

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In case it is getting cold provide the room with extra bedding.

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Your baby deserves the best crib and high chair. Treat him./her like a royal.

Today is all about what a baby deserves and the first major thing is that a baby deserves an elegant baby crib.

In today’s article I am going to give you some modern ideas of baby cribs which will beautify the baby’s room and they will make it happier. 

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Let’s take a look at some elegant stylish cribs and useful baby chairs.

modern baby crib home caprice

The Luna Crib is designed of sold materials having a modern unique silhouette. What is remarkable of this crib is that the side panels can become a footboard and head for a twin crib.

oeuf-classic-crib home caprice

The Oeuf Classic Crib comes with a platform that makes it easier for you to put or to pick up the baby from the crib. It is made in Latvia and the designer was concentrated in protecting the environment. It features a solid wood base made of walnut or birch with fixed rails for more safety.

angelina baby crib home caprice

If your new baby is a future queen you need a luxurious baby crib in French Vanilla like this Angelina Pearl Finish crib. You can choose it in French Vanilla or Pearl Finish. This crib is for sophisticated babies. It features hand-sculpted floral appliques, graceful cabriole legs and curved molding.

baby crib home caprice

Angelina Upholstered Crib Pearl Finish: a traditional crib having a graceful grey fabric is what your nursery room needs. It is also sweet and extravagant perfect for  girl and a boy.

baby cribs home caprice

Cristallo Colection reflects elegance and innovation. The cribs are designed with the highest quality and they are all about safety. You will never want to leave the nursery room again. It is created with sustainable wood, textured finish and the antique design blows your mind. The granite color helps your baby remain calm.

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Baby-Cot-of-Pure-Gold elegant baby cribs

Baby Cot of Pure Gold: this is the most expensive crib in the world which reflect only luxury. Ximo Talamantes the famous designer, created this baby marvel crib. 6 month were required to design this 188 kgs of pure gold. It includes a mattress, side pads and the highest-quality sheets for babies. The price of this amazing crib is $16.4 million.

A baby also need a high chair because you want to provide it comfort and safety when he/she eats too. 

high chair baby home capriceCiao! Baby Portable High Chair will help you keep the elegance of your house and most of all it is very easy to stash and it is portable so you can stop worrying about traveling.

highchair baby home caprice

Joovy Nook High Chair comes in a fabulous elegant color and your can take the seat cover off and wash it in the machine. Your baby will have the time of his life.

elegant baby chair home caprice

Tavo High Chair talks about elegance and it is specially created for sophisticated babies who want comfort to be their best serviced. When you combine leather with wood the result is something marvelous.

modern baby chair home caprice


BabyBjorn High Chair a modern futurist chair for ultra elegance and style. It is a great piece for a contemporary dining room. Your baby will feel royal.

high baby chair home caprice

Poppy Plus High Chair babies will adore this classic stylish chair which you can also convert. It can turn into a toddler chair with table included. It will look great in any room you decide to install it.

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Dear parents when you decide to procure a baby chair or a baby crib for your little marvels, make sure you choose an item that won’t harm his/her back or it hasn’t has any risks that can harm your precious. Instead of looking for cheap items invest in a more expensive one which you will know for sure it will only offer your baby comfort and elegance.


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