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The modern design that is so popular these days has started to spread in the kitchen too. Read these amazingly simple steps to turn your kitchen into a modernly designed one!

Bright colors

Modernizing your kitchen is not only a matter of taste, but also it helps you organizing your stuff around and save a lot of time when looking for objects, cleaning and even cooking. It makes sense: if it’s easier to clean the surfaces, you won’t waste time doing this; if you know exactly where is each object, you won’t waste time looking for it. In this way a modern kitchen design will also help you cut down the time you spend in the kitchen.

Use proper lighting. Beautiful furniture items and materials are best highlighted when using proper lighting, so don’t be afraid to invest in a new lighting system or in new light bulbs. Also, modern means economic and environmentally friendly, so you may want to choose such types of lighting (for instance, economic light bulbs, LED light etc).

Shiny surfaces. Try to use shiny surfaces, because they are the definition of modern design. More than that, they are easy to clean and maintain and look gorgeous! Plus they will reflect the light better and you will have a much more bright atmosphere.

Metallic touches. Don’t forget to add some metallic touches to your modern kitchen design. They will add a completely new element to the rest of your design and will embellish an old wooden kitchen furniture for instance, in the case you want to redecorate using your old furniture.

Flat furniture. The flat design is getting more and more popular, especially when it comes to modern decorating. The time of the fully adorned furniture is long gone, and the heavy aspect is totally undesirable in a modern kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use simple-looking chairs, counters or bars, since the color is the one that will give a sophisticated air.

Bright colors. Modern design is all about living your life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it, so there’s no room for pale or dusty colors here! Go for the brightest colors you like and don’t be afraid to experiment with them!

Modern appliances. Of course, you can’t have a modern kitchen design if you still keep old-fashioned appliances. Don’t be afraid to renew all the devices around, whether it’s the fridge or the old oven. Such an investment will pay off in time, because new appliances will consume less electrical power and will be more environmentally friendly.

Resistant materials. When you redecorate your kitchen, you will certainly want to have resistant knives, pots or any other tools you use around. Nobody wants to buy things that will break in two or three days, so be careful with that. Also, if you want to have a totally modern kitchen design, you should also buy modern looking plates, knives, kitchen towels, rugs and any other complementary items you use to decorate your kitchen.

With these simple and easy steps anyone can transform their kitchen and adopt a modern kitchen design with little effort and investment. All you need to do after that is to relax and enjoy a modern air in your own kitchen.


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A modern bathroom design can totally change the aspect of your house, making your friends think you redecorated the entire home. More than that, a modern design is also very easy and fast to maintain clean and it will look really good!

Color combination

If you modernize and fill the rest of the house with tech stuff and modern decor you can also opt for a great modern bathroom design. It is as easy to make a bathroom modern as it is for the rest of the house, or even easier, since you have less furniture and objects to take into consideration. Check the following tips on how to have a modern bathroom design!

Use glass. Modern designs are usually based on a light atmosphere and lots of light indoor, so use glass or plexiglass to create an aerated look. However, you should be very careful in the future, since glass can be really dangerous if broken. If you don’t want to use glass too much, you can strategically place mirrors in order to create the illusion of space.

Plants. In order to obtain the same fresh modern air, you can always decorate the bathroom with some plants. You should choose wisely the plants, because with all the steam and heat that’s in there, they might die sooner than you think. So careful with the type of plants you choose to keep in the bathroom, because it might get in the way of a modern bathroom design really fast.

Lighting. A modern bathroom design requires a good and bright lighting. But since modern design means also bright light and light colors, you really need to set up a good lighting system. Economic light bulbs or LED lighting are the latest trends when it comes to it, so you might do your homework before redecorating the bathroom.

Bright colors. Modern design is always about bright colors juxtaposed with nude or neutral tones. The brighter the main color is, the more spectacular the effect.

Easy to clean surfaces. Modern times are all about time-effectiveness, so for sure you’ll want to use some easy to clean surfaces, that look modern and are also almost self-cleaning. More than that, this will not help only in design, but it will generally ease you life, since you will keep the bathroom clean in virtually no time.

Square figures. Modernity means minimalism and more often than not, minimalism means square figures. So for a modern bathroom design, don’t hesitate to choose square furniture or edgy mirrors, for instance. Usually, round furniture and overly adorned one is associated with past centuries, now is the moment for “aggressive” pieces of furniture.

Quality materials. Choose for your towels, curtains and rugs quality materials to match the surrounding bathroom design. Remember that a cheap looking towel will for sure ruin all the appearance you worked so hard for. More than that, it is always recommendable to choose quality materials if you want the result to be a spectacular one and not to be obligated to invest some more in other decorations later on.

As you can see, it’s not hard at all to have a modern bathroom design, even by rethinking the already existing one and adding some smartly placed modern elements here and there.

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For those of you who are tired of the classical decorations, it is time to try some original Christmas decorations this year. Whether made from wood, candy or glass, they are truly unique and impressive.

christmas decoration

If you are tired of all the classic decorations everybody uses this time of the year, you might want to think about some original Christmas decorations that will not only embellish the house and the tree, but they will also challenge your imagination and impress your guests. Have a look at the following suggestions and decide which ones will make their way into your home this winter!

Candy canes. Yes, they are really good, but you can also use them as decorations in your Christmas tree or in a vase. The effect will be unusual, but also beautiful.

Pinecones. Why buy expensive and kitsch decorations, when you can creatively use pinecones, which you can find almost anywhere? Use them to give a more natural air to your Christmas tree, to decorate the dinner table or simply your house.

Lighted willow branches. Either if you buy them or make them yourself, they can easily decorate any corner of your house and you will be happy knowing that you have original Christmas decorations around.

Gift pillows. Give a new air to your decorative pillows this winter by wrapping them in a colorful sweater and adding ribbons to them, just like you do with presents. They are really original and fun.

Kids’ toys. Whether you have children or not, you may use toys as decorations. Small Santa Clauses can really cheer up a room and bring about the spirit of the holidays. Their colors are great and they will totally be an effective way to make original Christmas decorations.

Fruit Decorations. You can buy them made of ceramic, or you can really dry fruits and hang them in your Christmas tree. An orange slice, for instance, will nicely decorate your tree but it will also leave a nice smell in the room.

Real logs. Yes, you can use real logs for decorating. Besides placing them in your fireplace, you can place a big log on your table. Also, sculpt it so that you can place candles in small places all over it.

Lantern filled with balls. Try filling a lantern with Christmas balls in one color or more. The effect is really nice and the effort is very little for original Christmas decorations.

Paper and clothespins. Use combinations of paper and clothespins to create round garlands to hang around. Paint them in a nice color and no one will notice what they’re made of.

Mirrors. Use mirrors to decorate the Christmas dinner table and place candles on them. The candle light will be reflected all around the table and the other colorful decorations will be highlighted better.

Nuts. Use nuts to shape a nice Christmas star. If you fix them into place, you can hang the stars on your front door for a really original Christmas decoration.

Wooden decorations. Wooden stars, for instance, are really interesting, especially if you choose a reddish or beige shade of wood. They are really elegant and bring an element of novelty in your Christmas tree. Add some glitter and you’re good to go!

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For whoever loves a piece of the Orient, an Egyptian style bedroom is always a good idea for a change in your home. Decorating a bedroom in an Egyptian style is easier than you might think, thanks to these useful tips!

Egyptian paintings

Egyptian style is fascinating indeed. A lot of people love this exotic culture and the market of decorative objects that represent symbols in the Egyptian culture is continuously growing. If you’re not fully decided to have an Egyptian style bedroom, you might want to consider just adding some elements that will make a nice blend with the style you already have.

Luxurious fabrics. Quality and elegance are the key words when it comes to making an Egyptian style bedroom, so be careful with choosing the materials for the room. You can at all times buy an elegant bed set and it will completely change the atmosphere in the room. Add quality curtains and rugs and voila! Don’t forget to match the curtains to the bed linens for a full effect.

Low bed. A low to the floor bed or with tall posts will help in creating a canopy for instance. More than that, since the bed is the main element in the room, pay extra attention to choosing it and its decorations. You can choose side tables with Egyptian decorations or simply bed linens with this kind of patterns.

Since we mentioned it, a canopy is perhaps the most effective way to have an Egyptian style bedroom. Not only that it’s gorgeous, but it also creates a magical atmosphere so that you can have your very own piece of the Orient in your bedroom. Remember to choose quality materials and dark, elegant colors.

Egyptian art. Don’t be afraid to use Egyptian art in the bedroom, even if you’re not a fan of it. You can use paintings, papyrus scrolls or even statues. You can be creative and adorn the walls with hieroglyphs, whether you choose a wallpaper already printed as such or you draw them yourself over the existing layer of paint. Also, choose some special, elegant colors for them. Sure, you can go for black, but gold or silver are really impressive.

Accessories. Don’t be afraid to place Egyptian accessories all around the room, for a full effect. Choose statues, busts, reliefs or ceramic vases, for instance. Other options are gold statues (careful so that they will not look kitsch!) or floor plants. A clever trick is to place a black framed mirror on one of the walls for a dramatic effect. However, you should pay attention to the way in which you arrange them, you don’t want your room to look cluttered. Place them strategically, so that they will attract your eye one after the other.

These tips are a clever shortcut to transforming you room into an Egyptian style bedroom with little effort and time. And what’s best is that you can use all your imagination to decorate and place patterns around the room. Still, as excited as you can be, remember the limit and don’t clutter the room. A cluttered room will never look cozy or stylish and it would be a shame to spoil the wonderful effect of Egyptian decors and patterns.

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Unique modern Arabic kitchen design it's now closer to you! The Arabic kitchen is a great place for experimenting and playing with different styles like modern and Arabic interior design trends.

Different materials blend

Unique modern Arabic kitchen design is now closer to you!

Recently in the home decor tendencies in the UAE it can be noticed a certain blend between the classic Arabic style and modern nuances. Surprisingly or not, people in the UAE have accepted the intrusion of western and modern elements into their homes, and the result is quite unique. You would be impressed to see how well certain elements can nicely mix, creating an ever more pleasant aspect than it would have been if they were used separately.

Mosaic patterns are one of the examples. Used either for stairs or the walls, mosaic patterns are a sure way to bring an element of the Orient in your kitchen. Morning coffee can taste better surrounded by the wonderful motifs of the Arabians and if you don’t believe it, you should try it yourself!

Hard wood is definitely a mark of Arabic style. Either if you choose to use it for the furniture or for floors, for instance, it will bring that special oriental air into your kitchen. However, beware that hard wood requires special care if you want it to look beautifully on the long run.

Perhaps the easiest way to bring a piece of the Orient into your modern kitchen is to use Oriental dishes. They are not that hard to find, plus you can choose to combine whatever colors you like. One suggestion would be a bright intense blue color for the plates, for instance, with white Arabic patterns.

A useful trick for creating an Arabic atmosphere into a modern kitchen is the yellow lighting. Yellow lighting creates a nice atmosphere that resembles the intimacy and elegance in an Arabic house. Moreover, the shades of the rest of the furniture, cushions and other objects in the kitchen will appear much more darker, adding to the idea of mystery.

If you haven’t considered adding curtains to the decor in your kitchen, you might want to think again. They are a clever solution for a modern Arabic kitchen decor, plus they are really useful. If you decide to go for curtains, make sure that their shade matches the rest of the decorations there and that it’s a color you like, so that you will enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen.

The colors you choose can also change the look of the kitchen. The furniture for instance may not be in an Arabic style, but if you choose for the kitchen elegant colors such as pearly white, gold, silver or any other variations.

Last but not least, perhaps the most important element that can transform your kitchen into an Arabic one is the food. Once you choose to cook a specific Arabian dish, the flavors that will slowly come from the stove will definitely teleport you into the magical world in the UAE.

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Lately the most recent trends show that more and more people tend to blend in their Oriental-decorated homes modern elements through furniture, rugs, curtains and many others.

Royal bed

Arabic style is indeed fascinating, but a home decor needs to adapt and change according to the times. That does not mean that you can’t have a nice modern Arabic decor that would combine elements from both sides. However hard that may appear, it is quite easy to obtain. Moreover, it is a nice challenge to play around with different elements and to find a way to fit them together in the same house.

Play around with edges and corners! Usually, round shapes and corners are typically Arabic, and edgy furniture and objects are related to modern interior designs. Combining them can result in a nice blend of eastern and western styles. For instance, you can choose square furniture and combine it with round rugs or towels and curtains with round patterns, or the other way around.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! You can try keeping the old tiles in kitchen or bathroom with an Arabic pattern, for instance, but combine them with modern minimalist furniture, very spacious and in light colors. Also, you can try eliminating the patterns on the tiles and transferring them to the towels, curtains or rugs, to make a nice combination between the two styles.

Colors are also very important. Elegant colors can be a meeting point between the Arabic decor and modern one, so you can use for instance pearly white, light blue, light green or different shades of gray for each one of the elements you decorate your home with.

Another trick that can be used to make a modern Arabic decor in your house is lighting. Lampshades can really change the overall aspect of an interior design, so choose wisely. A darker shade of the lampshade can create a more mysterious atmosphere,  more intimate, while a strong, bright light will make the surroundings look more modern and it will be more practical. If you are on the fence and you would like to keep both, go for an adjustable light that will suit your needs at all times.

Quality materials. You can’t have an Arabic style around your house with poor quality materials, so for whatever textiles you use, make sure they are good quality. The advantage is that good quality materials will keep their color in time and they will look much more elegant, keeping the precious appearance.

Elegance is another important thing to think about when combining Arabic and modern elements in your home. Even if you have minimalist furniture, you can add elegant lampshades, decorations or rugs, and you will see how the entire atmosphere changes instantly. Vases and lighting elements are clever points to use for switching the styles and if you don’t believe that, try focusing on each of the two ways to decorate in two different rooms. The difference will be obvious even for someone who is not good with interior design.

Using these tricks, almost anyone can redecorate their homes in a nice and simple way, keeping the old Arabic style, but also adding a touch of modernity. This is a clear way to make your home a unique blend of the two styles which will definitely impress everyone!

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If your kids love the Arabian Nights story, they will certainly be very happy to have their own room decorated as if from a fairytale.

arabic kids room

A nice way to make a surprise for your kid and redecorate his or her room is to bring Arabic decor accents. Maybe you want to create a special room on an Arabian nights theme or you want to blend in modern accents and Arabian elements, but either way, how can a kid not be happy with a new room?

A baldaquin is perhaps the most simple way to make the room look totally different. You actually bring a piece of the EAU to your kids’ room by placing a nice quality material over the bed. Choose the color your kid likes and decorate the material with golden stars or Arabic accents and patterns for a full effect. The kids will certainly love it and don’t forget about the practical part of this idea: it protects the kids from mosquitoes, bugs and other “dangers”.

Bright colors. Use bright colors for decorating the kids’ room for a more oriental air. Bright pink, blue or red are great colors to choose for curtains, cushions or rugs, especially if they are decorated with Arabic patterns in silver or gold. The contrast is really beautiful and elegant, plus it reminds you of the home designs in UAE.

An Arabic pattern wallpaper can also do a great job in redecorating a room, plus it can nicely fit in with some modern furniture. The square edges of modern furniture can blend in wonderfully with the round and snaky patterns on the wall, creating an unique style just for your kid’s room.

Another great idea for bringing the air of the UAE homes into your own home is to hang some lanterns. Whether you prefer them all to be in the same color or to pick different colors for them, lanterns create a dim light that matches the mysterious air in the Emirates, specific to the Oriental style. Add some patterns on the lampshades around and watch how your kid is taken to a fairytale world!

Arabic pattern sheets. Don’t forget to change the sheets to match the general new decor. Again, the Arabic decor accents can do wonders, plus it will remind the children about Arabian nights and make them fall asleep much easier. That is, if you read them a bedtime story that will match their decor.

Strategically place rugs all over the room. Not only you can choose Arabic patterns for a redecoration, but you can also make sure the kids have warm feet at all times and they will also like it. More important, if you do a good job in making an Arabic kids’ room, they will feel like they enter a completely different world whenever they step into their room. You can even make special storytelling nights, lighting some candles and telling Oriental stories, which will be a definitely special experience for the children.

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Having an Arabic bathroom design is easier than you think, plus you don't need to start decorating all over again.

If you’re passionate about the Arabic world, but you think it’s hard to decorate your bathroom in this style, you might want to think again. Having an Arabic bathroom design is easier than you think, plus you don’t need to start decorating all over again. More than that, the effect will be a relaxing and exotic one, so that you can enjoy every moment you spend there.

One easy trick to give an oriental air to your bathroom is to choose specially theme tiles. Choose tiles with Arabic patterns and you can even combine different types or colors. Usually, colors like beige, grey, gold and pearl white are ideal for this kind of decoration and give the bathroom a special exquisite air.

Another way to change the general appearance of the bathroom is to choose darker colors. If, for instance, for a modern bathroom people go for colors like white, light blue, light green and so on, for an Arabic bathroom design it is recommended to choose shades of brown, grey, beige and other variations. It might not seem much, but the overall aspect will definitely change.

Don’t forget about the furniture! Besides the fact that its colors have to match the walls and the tiles, it is generally recommended to choose sinks or tubs with round edges. Round edges are not so aggressive and offer you an extra feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Towels and curtains. Of course, for an Arabic style, you will need to accessorize the bathroom with towels
and/or curtains in this style. Choose quality materials and whatever colors you like, but be aware that they must match the rest of the ambiance. Who doesn’t love a nice soft quality towel to caress their skin? Especially when the whole bathroom brings the air of Arabian styles and exotic places right into your home.

Ornate models. Even if we’re talking about the towels, curtains, tiles or furniture, you will need to find ornate objects. Golden ornaments are the most sought in this style of decoration, but if you want to try something new, you can go for modern patterns with blue or white lines twisting and twirling all around the bathroom.

Go for a big mirror! Definitely one of the elements that must be in an Arabic bathroom is the mirror. The bigger (and adorned) the mirror, the more space and light it creates, giving a fresh air among all the decorations. For the most daring ones, there are mirrors the size of walls, beautifully adorned around the edges.

A final extra touch if you want a truly special bathroom after you decorated it in an Arabic style are the candles. Light up small candles and place them strategically around the entire room. The dim light will perfectly complement the rest of the decorations, making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy a long bath. If you add some aromatic oils or scented candles, you can be sure that you will instantly be carried to the Oriental world.


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The best-buys of this time of the year are amazing wallpapers with precious, metallic finishes as they give an instant, high-class feel to the living room or bedroom.

Want a simple but stylish way to redecorate your living? Sometimes all you have to do is changing a few pieces of furniture, to buy some colorful accessories or an artistic wallpaper with a unique pattern to give to this special room of the house a fresh new face.

Some of the best-buys of this time of the year are wallpapers with precious, metallic finishes as they give an instant, high-class feel to the living room or bedroom – depends on where one plans to place it. We’ve seen some incredible wallpapers at Andrew Martin, a go-to brand for luxurious living. Recently, this brand released a new, stunning collection of amazing wallpapers called Attic. The prints feature breathtaking motifs and noble, neutral shades that remind us of the plain simplicity of the classics.

Among the most interesting designs are:

–         Paintbox – a pattern made of an Artist’s brushes and painting materials arranged on shelves;

–         Columbus – a classic Pineapple motif for a warm and welcoming atmosphere;

–         Basket – which is an industrial wallpaper that features shelves of wired basket and comes in two vintage colors: oxidised metal and brushed steel;

–         Augustus – was inspired by 16th Century Roman and Greek architecture and has a range of three, soft colors.

You can purchase all of these amazing wallpapers online or from the brand’s showroom from Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

If you wish for something more romantic, with warm, summertime colors, then you should check Fromental’s shop. These incredible handmade wallpapers will make your living room look stunning with so little effort. They go well with precious natural wood flooring in blue-grey shades and matte finishes.

In case you want more sophisticated colors, innovative designs and audacious prints, then you should consider checking out GCC contemporary wall coverings and Muraspec wallpapers – with simple, yet classy appearance.

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