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Choose your desk chair in such a way you will never feel tired again!

First of all when we think about a desk chair we need to focus on comfort, healthy and than elegance.

A desk chair must be chosen in terms of health first of all but lucky us designer know this and they have created elegant, stylish desk chairs that will make your office look spectacularly clean and powerful.

So let’s see what do you have to have into consideration when you choose your desk chair.

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Office chairs are not a simply item on which you sit on, they are part of the decor and you might not notice but you spend mostly the entire day sitting on it. But I repeat, do no choose your desk chair in terms of good looking because the health influences of a wrong chair are very bad. Above everything else, think about the design of an ergonomic chair.

recliner-chairs-leather desk chair

1)Lumbar Support

Always take into consideration the support for the lower back. If you want the best chair, you will notice that high-quality desk chairs have an adjustable lumbar support that allows you to fit the chair to your lower back.This prevents back strain that can become sciatica.


All desk chairs should have a height and arm adjustment, but these are not the most important details. You should look for those desk chairs that have at least 5 adjustments which also have another 14 different adjustments.Search for: lumbar support, arm width and height, seat back width and height, seat and back angle and tension control.

3)Wheel Base

If your office has carpet you need to search for wheels specifically made for carpets and many people ignore this aspect. Why is important rolling? Because prevents strain due to reaching across a desk.

4)Swivel Base

Make sure your chair swivel freely in order to allow you an easier access to various parts of the desk. If it doesn’t do this, you can have arm fatigue.


Brethable fabric that keeps the chair from becoming hot or uncomfortable after you sit hours on it. It has to have enough cushion to support anyone without feeling the base of the chair.

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Having a high-quality chair desk comes with many benefits including less back strain. Good desk chairs prevent fatigue and discomfort which are a result of siting in the same chair too much. If you feel comfortable your will be more productive and more positive.

desk chair home caprice

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I would also add that if designer created these chairs in a way that would suit in every kind of room. If your desk is located in your bedroom a fine black leather chair would look fantastic. Don’t worry about this detail anymore.

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Protect your furniture with these elegant pet covers.

Every pet lover must know that animals come with some risks that is why you need to protect your furniture because they use to destroy everything just for fun.

In order to protect your sofas, armchairs and other furniture buy some pet furniture covers and don’t worry about them being destroyed anymore.

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Reversible Flannel and Sherpa Chair Furniture Cover in Loden: Your lovely sofa will be well protected with this flannel and your pet can lie without stress on it. It is also very beautiful and elegant. Made of micro suede captures loose hair and protects furniture from dirt and digging claws.

sofa flannel pet home caprice

Memory Foam Quilted Chair Furniture Cover in Burgundy: Paws and pet hair will now be allowed on your furniture anymore. It is a removable memory-foam pad and diamond-pattern quilting. It is a luxurious item which offers high-class comfort. It includes convenient pockets on the arms to store remotes and more.

armchair protect against pet hair home caprice

Deluxe Pet Burgundy Furniture Loveseat Throw Cover:  This is an easy pet cover which will protect your furniture against dogs, cats, pet fur and stains. It is very easy to install: you just simply drape over your furniture and that’s it.

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sofa pet cover home caprice

Posh Faux Fur Pet Blanket in Brown: this machine-washable with a soft faux fur brown cover and a white sherpa inside. You can use it as a warm spot on the floor or in a crate for your pet. It protects furniture from paws.

paws cover home caprice

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Take these for your house and protect your beloved furniture with these elegant covers. Your pet will be comfortable on them, your furniture happy and yourself relaxed.

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A bedroom is complete only after you have the perfect bed!

Today we are going to concentrate on some of the most amazing and creative beds your eyes will ever encounter. Those who created these beds had a wild imagination which definitely managed to create something amazing.

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Private cloud bed: It is an enormous bed which will make your life easier and happier. This is surely not a normal bed, it is something that revolutionize every bedroom in the world. This bed can’t be installed in a small bedroom, you need a very large one and the experience offered by it, is unique.

cloud bed home caprice

Animi Causa bed: it is something you will adore instantly. The Feel seating system has a real unusual creative shape, inspired by a molecular structure. 120 sofa balls covered with elastic fabrics complete this bed. This is an ultimate bed created for playful persons.

feel-bed home caprice

Bookcase bed: This bed transforms into a bookcase, so you will have two of your favorite things in one. It is a perfect bed for small apartments or houses, helping you to maximize the space and color the walls.

bed_case home caprice

Hi-can bed: is an High Fidelity Canopy designed by an Italian designer Edoardo Carlino. This interesting elegant design allows you to play on the web, to watch your favorite movies, to play games and listen music while you are sitting comfortably in it. It is a high technology bed that reacts to your fingerprints from the moment you wake up.

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high-fidelity-canopy_bed home caprice

The Scoop bed: emphasizes innovation and originality, designed by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia. It is a bed intended to be sophisticated and unique combining the sofa function with the bed function. It has 2 semi-circular sides which can be separated into 2 new pieces of furniture.

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saba-italia-scoop-bed_home caprice

Hope you find these bed as interesting as I do. I love interior design,




Prepare your house for Halloween with some interesting hand made ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen I’ve expected this moment for so long. Not the Halloween itself but the pleasure of giving you some interesting  Halloween inside decoration ideas.

I like Halloween because it allows us to put our imagination at work and we create things we didn’t even know we can do them. This time of the year is the perfect occasion to become children again and to play with decorations, costumes, food with everything. Everywhere you will look, you will see Halloween.

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So let’s start with some impressive Halloween Inside Decoration Ideas that will rock this time and will make your house the most chic but spooky house in the neighbor.

First of all you need pumpkins. Pumpkins are the iconic decoration when Halloween arrives. With some many interesting shape pumpkins you can create an entire world of them. 

Design Glowing Lantern Pumpkin and forget about the usually lighting and used pumpkins instead.You just have to cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin and scoot out the pulp and seeds. Paint any image you want on the pumpkin to look even more creative.

lantern pumpkin halloween home caprice

Owl pumpkins are so lovely and they look so outlandish that is why you need them! Everyone will love a zombie pumpkin owl. Use 2 white pumpkins (lumina), to create the head and the body. For the eyes cut a small portion and then put some large buttons there and on the large button add another 2 small ones. Create its loops from a thin twig and tie in place with wax twine to create eyelashes shape.Take two large leaves and spray them white in order to leave the impression of wings. Dress it with a bow tie. It will look adorably spooky.

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owl pumpkin halloween gulf luxury

Ghost Living Room: the easiest Halloween Decoration Ideas is to create a ghost living room using the simplest accessories like white sheets for sheet-draped chairs because you want the room to get the feeling of a ruin. Use string cheesecloth cobweb across the items in the room and instead of flowers put curly branches in the vases. Isn’t it easy?

ghost living room home caprice halloween

Don’t forget about the BLACK CANDLES. Are an essential detail for a complete Halloween decoration.

black candles halloween home caprice

What I think would look remarkably Gothic and grim, are black paper roses like they would be dead for so long, or infected with something. Imagination goes wild when you see black roses.

black paper roses halloween home caprice

Witches are also iconic for Halloween so make their presence real in your house by suspending which hats from the ceiling and place a rustic broom near them. Everyone will think that witches live in your house.

Use your empty jars and make them look like mummies. You will need dollar store gauze and googly eyes to look more dreadful.

spooky jars halloween home caprice

Halloween is nothing with floating ghost that come to possess your body. So take some mannequin heads from a store which no longer needs them and create your frightening ghosts.

ghosts halloween home caprice

For your magic potions used sprayed bottles of wine and add labels on them. Put candles in them and place the potions on a silver pan.

potions halloween home caprice

You need a tremendous mirror with an interesting design and if you can’t find it black, spray it black. Add inside the mirror a big enough spooky picture to give the impression of a monster inside the mirror.

halloween mirror home caprice

Transform the frame photographs of your beloved ones in paranormal portraits by transforming the pictures in typical Halloween ones.

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halloween pictures home caprice

Discover these impressive remarkable bathroom gadgets and enjoy technology!

It seems that these days I have a thing for gadgets but after you see what I prepared for you today, you will understand why.

It is such a good thing that modernity comes with high technology we could never imagined it will happen. But here we are witnessing incredible gadgets that change our lives completely.

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Today is about remarkable bathroom gadgets that totally impressed me and I am more than sure they will impress you. After you see these you will struggle to find out from where you can procure them.

1.Boon Flo Water Deflector: it is made of plastic, it has the power to create a gentle waterfall, projects water away from faucet, it is perfect for children protecting them against injury, allows access to shower diverter, it is BpA free, Phthalate free and PVC free.

Flo-Water-Deflector bathroom gadgets home caprice2.Single handed Soap Dispenser: helps you keep the top of the pump cleaner and more hygienic, it is very easy to fill back, suitable for any kind of liquid hand soap.


Single-Handed-Soap-Dispenser bathroom gadgets home caprice3.Philips ShoqBox: it has bluetooth streaming, it swipes sensors to skip songs, has 2 pair shoqboxes into L-R speakers, it won’t break even if you splash it or drop it. It is built in lithium battery.

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Philips-Shoqbox bathroom gadgets home caprice4.Towel Spa Towel Warmer: Transform your towels in hot ones in just 2 minutes. It is compact in order to fit conveniently on the counter, it warms towels, blankets and robes so you will feel more comfortable than ever, it is very easy to use and the best thing is that is is small enough to put it anywhere.

Towel-Spa-Towel-Warmer bathroom gadgets home caprice5.Withings WiFi Body Scale: this is an ultra precise weigh and body fat measurement which has a position control. It measures heart rate when you step on the scale, measures the quality of indoor and outdoor air, it has an automatic upload of your measurements thanks to its WI-Fi and Bluetooth, a health mate application to visualize trends and improvements, scale interface is designed specially to help users to obtain accurate readings.

Withings-WiFi-Body-Scale bathroom gadgets home caprice6,LED Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet: this one is built to last longer than any gadget you know, it is high quality valaves. Thick brass bases and double bolt installations for years of stability. This gadget is found only at special retailers.

LED-Waterfall-Bathroom-Sink-Faucet bathroom gadgets home caprice

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Hope I gained your attention with these bathroom gadgets and you will start searching  for them.

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Meet the most innovative kitchen gadgets that will change your life completely!

We spend a significant time in a kitchen. Some of us serve coffee there, tea, snacks beside breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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But what if our time spent in the kitchen will be from now on changed forever by some unique incredible kitchen gadgets that are purely innovative. If you never heard of them before, now it’s high time to find out from where you can procure them.

  • Blade Herb Scissors by Kitchen Basics, helps you cut herbs five time faster. You just have to snip the herbs over your saute pan or directly on the salad. Forget about the cutting board or the knife, you can cut them directly into the dish you’re preparing.

kitchen gadget home caprice

  • Kitchen Pizza Scissors. If you are into pizza and you want to serve it perfectly you need this gadget immediately. An ingenious gadget cutting pizza which can be handled very easy. You just have to cut the pizza with it and serve it with the serving part.

Kitchen-Pizza-Scissors gadget home caprice

  • ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker. Beside being very ingenious, this gadget also is environmentally friendly manual espresso maker created with durable engine-grade metal guaranteed to last more than 10 years. It comes with a stainless steel frothier which produces rich milk great for lattes, cappucino or macchiato and the best thing is that you won’t use electricity at all.

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ROK-Presso-Manual-Espresso-Maker gadgets home caprice

  • Automatic Wine Opener with Foil Cutter. This is definitely that wine opener we all need and the only one we need! It operates easy and removes natural or synthetic corks. It can’t be lost or misplaces.You can recharge it and has the capacity to recharge 50 bottles on a single charge. The illuminated LED light shows you if it’s charging correctly.

Automatic-Wine-Opener gadgets home caprice

  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System. Because we want our food always fresh and healthy this gadget helps us keep it fresh five times longer. It combines form and function with a sleek, compact design and easy-to-use manual operation. Your kitchen really needs it!

FoodSaver-Vacuum-Sealing-System gadgets home caprice

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These gadgets are specially created to ease your work and to make time spent in the kitchen more interesting and nice. The above gadgets will change your life completely! 


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A world without an interior designer is a world without visions.

A world without an interior designer is a world without passion, without sparkles without magic.

I don’t know how but these amazing people are able to create things that go beyond our imagination and transform an ordinary house in something spectacular.

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Today we will meet the famous interior designer Thierry W. Despont a famous designer, popular in the entire world. He is a designer, an artist and an architect and his signature is old school. Born in France, he has that specific magic in his art. He traveled all around the world, having many exhibits in New York specially.

Thierry-W.-Despont home caprice

He has even been decorated for his majestic work. He is one of the members of the team who reconditioned the Statue of Liberty so if until now you didn’t remember him now it is surely ringing a bell.

Thierry W. Despont works only with clients from high society and of course his demands are equalizing this.

” Mr. Despont and his office have completed several very high end hotel projects.”

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For today we are going to let ourselves amazed by a Swiss chalet designed entirely by him, which you will simply adore. It is a signature work and express all his talent and visions. The project is fabulous.

The chalet is well hidden among trees in the Alps and you can’t imagine how elegant and stylish is inside. When you step into it you have the impression that you belong there forever and a day. Every detail, every corner is carefully decorated and the airy design leaves the impression of a huge building.

The ground floor is made of stone and the upper floor is entirely made of wood, something typical for mountain chalets in particular. The chalet impresses with enormous rooms each of them offering a remarkable view over the mountains and what makes them so perfect is that you can admire the views from the comfortable and large sofas places in the living room. Both the walls and the ceiling are covered with dark wooden panels and this make them look larger and bring more elegance. You’ll also notice luxurious carpets which cover the floors and the lighting is simply perfect.

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The fact that the architecture is so simple and the details like the heavy chandeliers and opulent coffee tables make them seem outlandish. Everything is made with good taste. The presence of a fire place is indispensable, an indoor pool is a must and the comfort is the key. This chalet has even a cinema hall decorated with expensive materials.

Thierry W. Despont is brilliant.

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A painting is a very important accessory for your bedroom which must be chosen with much care and attention.

We all love our bedroom don’t we? And more then love we want it to offer us the perfect background for peace and comfort.

We want to beautify the bedroom with interesting accessories that once again reflect our visions and passions. Of course any painting will be chosen regarding your personal taste but I recommend you to also be careful at the colors and the combinations in the bedroom. You have to have in mind the style of the painting, the furniture and all the decorations in the bedroom. A professional decorator will tell you that harmony is the secret of a perfect room. You choose the paintings for bedroom taking into consideration the details

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A professional decorator will tell you that for a calm ambiance the greatest painting will be one with a landscape no matter the style of the technique used. Don’t over exaggerate and search for paintings with nice and fresh colors. If you choose this kind of painting you will automatically feel more relaxed and you will rest better. If you have a bedroom that expresses fun and passion go for a painting with lavish colors, or black and white. These are very fancy and modern.

zen-bedroom-painting- homecaprice

Avoid paintings that express too dynamic images or events like volcanic eruptions, wild waterfall or severe storms. These are paintings for hallways or living rooms. These kind of paintings do not reflect relaxation or calmness so you won’t have a restful sleep because your subconscious will see these like a threat. You need peaceful landscapes. You’d like a painting with a stream in the wood with water lilies, trees bending, calm rivers. Don’t go for paintings that display stagnation. You need alive paintings that make you feel fresh.

painting-landscape-bedroom-home caprice

I love Venetian landscapes because they add a lot of charm and a contemporary bedroom will be complete.

green painting homecaprice

I adore bedrooms designed with gentle colors, especially a calm green color which invites you to decorate it with paintings with flowers.

painting-animal-art-bedroom-home caprice

Animal paintings are always a great choice especially for animal lovers.

painting-classic-bedroom-home caprice

If you are a person of luxury and eccentric style, you can go for a painting that reproduces retro style. It will look incredible.

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retro-pop-art-paintings-bedroom-home caprice

A retro bedroom will need pop-art fresh paintings. I think this is more of a teenage design but I love it.

paintings-dark-bedroom-furniture home caprice

If your furniture is black go for black paintings. They are the perfect combination and you will really feel cozy and safe.

modern-art-painting-elegant-bedroom-interior-home caprice

Luxurious modern bedrooms need modern paintings like those in the above picture. You won’t fail with this one.

classic-interior-bedroom-painting home caprice

Because I insisted in realistic paintings this one is a remarkable example of one painting you really need to have in your bedroom.

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So these are some examples of what paintings your bedroom needs so next time you buy a painting make sure you remember everything I told you. Choose the perfect paintings for bedroom with attention and dedication.

A studio apartment can be fun and permits you to put your imagination at work.

studio apartmeny

Even though you’re living in a studio apartment that doesn’t mean you can’t set it up according to your visions and personality. Living in a studio apartment can be so much fun especially when you are creative and visionary.

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I used to live in a studio apartment before and I’ve always searched new ideas for how I should make the best from my space, so today I will give you some brilliant ideas for your studio apartment.

The easiest way to have intimacy is to PLACE A CURTAIN AROUND THE BED. It looks romantic, intimate and very cool. You will feel your place safe and calm.

You can use a curtain separator for kitchen too if you feel that you need private space in the kitchen and no one else see you what you are up to. Or you can also use an old window as a kitchen separator. Both could look good and both give you that impression of privacy.

Because you need space for your office work you need to take into consideration how important is that you have a desk inside the studio because if it’s not that important you can easily place your laptop on a shelf next to the bed, or you can improvise yourself a place where to put a small but comfortable desk, I would also put it at the bottom of the bed, or you can transform the coffee table both in a desk and a table for guests.

What I think it would be both creative and useful are sliding doors for wardrobes and bathrooms. These doors don’t require too much space so you will never have to trouble about how you open the door.

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The perfect furniture for a studio apartment is that that can transform into something smaller or bigger, like a sofa that can become a bed during the night and a comfortable coach during the day. It saves space and it is more then inventive.

ideas for studio

Because you also need entertainment you can use a window as a projector screen so you don’t need to worry how you will all see the movie without trouble.


If you don’t have space for a normal size table for eating, you don’t need to worry and improvise a smaller one, placed next to the wall. It looks lovely and there is plenty of space for two to eat or to enjoy a morning coffee. In this way you don’t occupy space in the kitchen and the space there remains for your movement.

small table

I would try to combine space with comfort and utility. Like a library bed. Yes, library beds exist and they look incredible, they offer you intimacy, privacy, comfort and they are ideal for studio apartments. They also have space for your books and not only, that is why they are called library beds.

studio bed

Take into consideration the fact that a studio apartment bathroom won’t be big so you need to find accessories that help you store as many things as you can. I would opt for tall but slim shelves that don’t occupy too much space but they are perfect for storing bathroom items. This is available for the shower too. Search for a shower that has shelves and you can keep your cleaning products there.Buy a cabinet that permits you to deposit all of your stuffs if there is not enough space for shelves and other items.

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I hope you will find my ideas useful and interesting so next time you are visiting a studio apartment, try to imagine how you would decorate it. The result will impress you. Have fun.

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Your bathroom is from now one more modern and special!

bathroom sink

I think you already know how passionate I am into modern interesting unusual interior design decorations, that is why today I decided to search for the most creative bathroom sinks which will really change the aspect of your bathroom.

Choosing a creative bathroom sink doesn’t just give character to your bathroom but also makes you feel better and more of a visionary person.

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In order to feel proud about your choices make sure you let yourself into the details of the house, that means that your desires, visions and dreams can be seen in the details.

Let’s find inspiration in these creative bathrooms sinks which are surely something unusual and special.

creative sink

Take a look at this beautiful unusual sink which has printed on it different important attractions around the world. I really think it’s very original and you can ask a interior designer to see where you can find a firm where they print any thing you’d desire on your sink.

creative sink

I really love this one. Makes me wanna play with the water and puts a big smile on my face. I couldn’t get bored of washing my hands all day on it. Don’t you think it is really interesting?

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creative sink

This one really made my day. I’ve never seen a bathroom sink like this one and I definitely want one for my own. Imagine how fun would be to have such a sink and if you own pets I just imagine how interested would be in it and how they would play with the water. I love it.

bathrooms sinks

This one is both modern and elegant. It brings creativity and elegance in one. Every morning would be more interesting and fun with this sink. Details definitely count and this one makes your entire bathroom look marvelous.

chic bathroom sink

Look at this one. Is unusual, elegant, graceful and impressive. What would ask for more? I simply adore it and every elegant bathroom would be proud to have it. I think I would look for million reasons just to enter in the bathroom and wash my hands in this sink.

modern bathroom sink

This sink is for modern visionary persons who want to mix modern with minimal design. It is also very strange but intriguing. I wonder how it feels when you wash your hands.

bathroom sinks

By far this is one of the most creative ones. It is so great and special. This sink definitely will make your bathroom the greatest bathrooms of all. Imagine having a cup sink like in your bathroom, it would be just the perfect reason for your guests to visit the entire house. I love it.

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bathrooms sinks

Rustic designer lovers will agree that this sink is the greatest they’ve ever seen. I think it’s the perfect sink for a chalet.

I hope you find these creative bathroom sinks perfect for your house and you will start being more playful with the interior design. Have fun!


Future Gadgets: Modern Kitchen

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Technology is being used more and more around the house, simplifying our lives and decorating our rooms. Many people invest in the latest trends...
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