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I know it was a lot of fun eating all those delicious foods for Christmas, but now it's time to help your body feel healthy after Holidays!

I know that these days were full of delicious foods and the gourmands had given their best in the kitchen. All of us tried to cook the most fantastic dishes in the world. As we saw in a previous article, in some parts of the Europe meat is the jewel on the crown for the Christmas dinner and in other countries fish is the true “salad”.

After these rich in food days it’s time for some recovering because we want to prepare our body for the New Year’s diner. If we want to feel in a good shape, full of energy and relaxed we need to forget about heavy food for at least 3 days and to eat something healthier, easier and more fresh.

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Let’s take a look at what would be good for our stomach in the morning after we forgot about healthy food rules. Help your body feel healthy after Holidays!

  • Usually it is not recommended to wait until your hungry, but this time we will make an exception. Try not to eat until you feel hungry and avoid any meat. You need more light fibers because your digestive system needs to be activated. Try soft aromas like vanilla or cinnamon or maybe fruits flavors. These aromas will stimulate you but they will do it gently, exactly how your body needs it right now. Fruits are the secret after holidays. You need antioxidants and water. Fruits have them both and rehydration is extremely important.

healthy food after holidays homecaprice

  • Let’s not hide after the finger and recognize that most of us had one or two glasses of wine for Christmas, which is perfectly normal.In Christianity, wine symbolizes the blood of Christ, but the real wine drank in a high quantity of course harm our body, as everything that is consumed in high quantities. So what help us recover better? Food with high fructose content, like honey. Honey is the magic drug of the nature. It is used as an antibiotic, sugar substitute and so on. Honey helps your body fight and burn the lingering alcohol that wants to harm your body. As a snack between meals try to eat some yogurt with honey and fruits, for example clementines or oranges which are high in water and energy, proteins and vitamin B6.

healthy food after christmas home caprice

  • Make your breakfast a memorable healthy meal and cook some Chili Black-Bean. Going back to the idea of alcohol and what is good to regenerate your entire system after drinking maybe a little more it is important to know that alcohol drains your body of salt potassium, so in order to compensate these fact you need to start eating a little bit vegetarian food, like vegetarian chili. You need to take into consideration the fact that you ate a lot of fat food and now you need something more fresh and soft. Chili fights against the fat, comes with an enormous surplus of proteins and fibers taken from the black beans. What you need to know is that the spicy chili powder reduces the inflammation and the pain. At the end of the day you will feel brand new.

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healthy food after holidays home caprice

  • Personally for dinner I recommend you a simple fresh juice made from everything you want like fruits, vegetables and healthy seeds. You don’t need to have a rich dinner right now because you need to detoxify yourself first so try to get it easier. Avoid sodas, chips even chocolate. Wait until New Year’s dinner when you will feel sparkly fresh.

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healthy food after holiday homecaprice

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You know what would be amazing for Christmas? To have a dinner that combines traditional food around the world.

In the previous articles we saw several lovely ideas of outside or inside Christmas decorations along with fabulous ideas of Christmas cookies, because everyone in the entire world bakes cookies for Christmas. Today we are going to learn about what nations around the world cook as traditional Christmas food and maybe steal some ideas for our own Christmas dinner. There would be nothing more unique and nicer than have a mixed traditional food around the world, which would definitely impress everyone sitting at the table.

Having a Christmas dinner which combines different traditional Christmas food around the world will be absolutely something everyone will remember and you will become a master chef.

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Europe specially is famous for its Christmas dishes. The Christmas dinner takes place on 24 December and the tables are full of marvels.

In Italy for example, people have a real fish feast for Christmas. They cook 7 different species of fish: calamari, linguini with clams, shrimp scampi and many others. Italian are really serious about the Christmas dinner and they want to show their grattitude to Jesus in a fabulous manner.

traditional christmas food around the world home caprice

Gernany has its own feast with roast goose and red cabbage which are the stars of the Christmas dinner. Everything goes around an old legend that says that those persons who don’t have a great meal on Christmas Eve, demons will haunt them and Germans take this legend very serious so they cook in big style.

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traditional christmas food germany home caprice

Portugal is extremely inventive and colorful as always of course and they have a traiditonal egg cake which comes in the shape of sea lamprey. This is actually a luxurious dish which you will encounter in those wealthy families’ Christmas dinner. It tastes incredibly good and children adore it because it has a playful look.

traditional christmas food portugal home caprice

In Romania, people love soups. You will always find soup at someone’s house if you visit Romania and Christmas is no exception. Romanians make a fantastic Ciorpa de Perisoare soup. Perisoare are actually tasty meatballs and the vegetable delicious soup is fantastic. What else would make you feel better after you ate all the dishes before?

christmas food around the world ciorba de perisoare home caprice

Spain does it with style. It seems they really know how to make a Christmas dinner look elegant and full of style and grace. Their traditional Chirstmas food is turkey stuffed with truffles. It look phenomenal and the aromas are heavenly. Even Santa Claus will show his face for this meal because it is simply fantastic. You will adore it instantly,

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christmas traditional food turkey spain home caprice

Greece show its finece once again. At the main course Greeks serve Chicken Soup Avgolemono. Blend chicken, lemons, eggs and rice, a specific traditional soup, which has become world-wide famous for its incredible taste and flavous. I would definitely choose this for my main Christmas course.

traditional christmas food greece home caprice

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Dear ladies and gentlemen this year you have to over estimate your baking powers and prove yourself that you are a king or queen of Christmas cookies, because we are going to take a look at several brilliant Christmas Cookies Ideas for 2015.

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I will present you unique, interesting Christmas cookies ideas, that will impress everyone not only with their flavor but especially with their appearance because right now it’s about how the cookies will look on the plate and only after about their taste. But because we are ingenious talented people will combine both good looks and incredible taste and flavor.

These Christmas Cookies look fabulous and everyone who sees them wants to eat them of course or to keep them safety because they really look lovely and cute perfect for the Christmas spirit. They combine some of the most iconic symbols of Christmas with elegance and joy.

Sugar Cookies need:

1 c. butter (no substitutions)
½ c. sugar
1 large egg
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
3 c. all-purpose flour
½ tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. salt

sugar coockies home caprice christmas coockies

For cacao lovers, these Star Cacao Cookies are the perfect choice  for your Christmas Holiday. They are incredibly easy to make, the decor is even easier because  you can choose any white sweet ingredient like: powder sugar, coconut or everything else you wished for. Your family will adore them.

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For this Cacao Star cookies you will need:

¼ c. unsweetened cocoa
2 oz. bittersweet chocolate
2 tbsp. confectioners’ sugar

cacao Christmas cookies home caprice

Combine the most famous colors of Christmas white and red and create magic. If you love the perfume of vanilla in your house, this cookies will bring a festive flavor inside your entire house. Vanilla really smells beautifully especially when it is accompanied by carols and joyful spirits, beside this white and red cookies have a simple but elegant appearance.A big red plate will make them look even more fabulous.

For this Vanilla Cookies you will need:

3/4 c. (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted, plus more for the pan
3/4 c. granulated sugar
2/3 c. packed light brown sugar
3 large eggs, at room temperature
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1/4 tsp. pure peppermint extract
2 2/3 c. all-purpose flour, spooned and leveled
3/4 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. Kosher salt
1 1/2 c. coarsely chopped white chocolate
16 oz. cream cheese
1 c. confectioners’ sugar
3/4 c. peppermints, crushed

white Christmas Cookies ideas home caprice

If you want to spend a little time in the kitchen and more time with your family and friends these cookies are what you want to bake: easy and tasteful. These are chocolate cookies sprinkled with candies.

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Yes these cookies can be beautified with any kind of candies you enjoy and of course any color you prefer. You can play with the decor and create a result that will mesmerize everybody.

For these Chocolate Candy Cookies you will need:

1 cup unsalted butter, softened
1 cup, plus 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
pinch of salt
1 egg white, beaten
8 ounces candied orange

orange Christmas Cookies home caprice

The next cookies will be your children’ favorite because they come in animal shape. You can choose any animal you want, use natural cooking colorants and even what flavors you want them to have is on you. The beauty of this cookies is that besides the shape everything can be improvised so don’t worry about anything.

For this Animal Cookies you will need for example:

3½ c. all-purpose flour
1 tbsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. coriander
½ tsp. ground cloves
½ tsp. salt
1½ stick unsalted butter
⅔ c. light-brown sugar
½ c. dark corn syrup
¼ c. molasses

animal Christmas Cookies home caprice

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Fresh Juices are your perfect choice for a healthy life. Fight against germs!

In many parts of the world Winter is coming and it is important to immunize our body in order to protect it from Winter frequently diseases and what better way than a natural one which can be done in short time in our own kitchen?

I decided for today to relax our minds some tasty fresh juice recipes which will make our immunity invincible.

I adore home made fresh juices because they are very funny to prepare, they have a lot of vitamins and proteins and their taste is simply divine. So let’s take a look at some fresh juice recipes which we all need to learn not only to protect our immunity system but also for a healthy lifestyle.

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Healthy Green Juice: It is important to use organic fresh ingredients for a better result and make sure you mix the ingredients in the below order. Use a special juicer to avoid mess.

1/2 cup (4 ounces) fresh cucumber juice from about 1 medium cucumber
3 tablespoons (1 1/2 ounces) fresh kale juice from about 4 medium leaves kale
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon (2/3 ounce) fresh cilantro juice from about 1 packed cup cilantro leaves and stems
1/2 cup (4 ounces) fresh apple juice from about 1 large apple, cored and quartered
1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce) fresh ginger juice from a about 1 1/2-inch piece ginger
1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons (5/6 ounce) fresh lime juice from 1 to 2 limes, peeled
1/2 cup (4 ounces) fresh celery juice from about 3 medium celery stalks

green fresh huice home caprice

Spicy Ginger Juice: If you had never done a fresh juice in your life, this is a great one to start with. It is very easy to do, full of vitamins, the ingredients are very easy to find and you will have a great time preparing it. It would be wise to drink it as soon as you’ve done it in order to absorb all the vitamins.

1/2 cup (4 ounces) fresh kale juice (from about 3/4 pounds kale)
1/2 cup (4 ounces) fresh ginger juice (from about 5 ounces peeled ginger)
1/2 cup (4 ounces) fresh apple juice (from 2 large green apples or 4 small)
1/2 cup chilled coconut water

green-juice fresh juice home caprice

Pineapple Glamorous Fresh Juice: A soft creamy smooth fresh juice perfect for a cold morning or a hot afternoon. It will definitely clean your entire body and it will give you the energy needed for an entire day.

1/4 cup (2 ounces) parnsip juice from about 2 medium parsnips
1/2 cup (4 ounces) blood orange juice from about 1 1/2 blood oranges, juiced on a reamer
1 1/2 cups (6 ounces) fresh pineapple juice from about 2 cups cubed pineapple (about 10 ounces)

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pineaple fresh juice home caprice

Cucumber and WaterMelon Cute Fresh Juice: Put this two ingredients together and you the result is a bomb against germs and diseases so let’s start doing incredible fresh juices for your healthy! 

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2 cups (16 ounces) fresh watermelon juice from about 6 cups diced watermelon flesh
3/4 cup (6 ounces) fresh cucumber juice from about 1 large cucumber
1 1/2 teaspoons (1/4 ounce) fresh mint juice from about 15 mint leaves with stems
2 tablespoons (1 ounce) fresh lime juice from 1 to 2 limes
1 tablespoon sugar, optional

watermelon fresh juice home caprice

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Halloween is now sweater with these innovative desserts.

halloween cakes ideas

After we decorate our interior house and the exterior it’s time for something sweet so let’s start creating some lovely Halloween desserts.

Lucky you today I’m going to give you some creative ideas that will make you love Halloween even more.

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Jack-O’-Lantern Rice Krispie Treats


Non-stick baking spray
6 tbsp. butter, divided
1 drop green food coloring
6 c. Mini Marshmallows, divided
6 c. Rice Krispies
1 drop orange food coloring
Candy corn, for eyes
Melted chocolate, for mouths

-jack-o-lantern-rice-krispies-home caprice

Ghost dessert 


Graham Cracker Crust
8 large graham cracker planks
⅓ c. sugar
6 tbsp. melted butter
Chocolate Ganache
½ c. heavy cream
4 oz. bittersweet chocolate
Meringue Ghosts
1½ c. sugar
6 large egg whites
1 tsp. cocoa powder

ghost desserts home caprice

Chocolate Witches


⅓ c. cocoa powder
1 c. all-purpose flour
¾ tsp. baking soda
¾ tsp. fine sea salt
½ tsp. ground cinnamon
½ tsp. ground ginger
.13 tsp. ground allspice
1⅓ c. brown sugar
11 tbsp. unsalted butter
3 large eggs
¾ c. pumpkin puree
1 tsp. vanilla extract
Hazelnut Cream Cheese Frosting
6 oz. black candy melts
12 pointy sugar ice-cream cones
Black paper cupcake liners

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Hazelnut Cream Cheese Frosting:  All the ingredients must be put in a large bowl and beat them until light they are light and fluffy. 
1 package cream cheese
2 stick unsalted butter
1 c. confectioners’ sugar
¼ c. hazelnut chocolate cream spread
1 tsp. vanilla

witch cupcakes

Mummy dessert


8 straws or lollipop sticks
11 oz. chocolate, melted
8 Nutter Butters, opened
1 c. buttercream frosting (homemade or store bought)
Ready-made royal icing or Mini M&Ms, for decorating

mummy dessert home caprice

Spider Web Oreo


1/4 lb. semi-sweet chocolate, chopped
1/4 lb. white chocolate, chopped
18 Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies

spider web oreo home caprice


Dark Truffle


1 13-x-9″ pan fudgy brownie, baked and cooled
1/2 c. Chocolate frosting
7 Oreo cookies, halved and stuffing removed
11 oz. chocolate
2 c. black sanding sugars
28 royal icing eyes or red mini M&Ms

dark truffle home caprice

Caramel Apples


12 crisp apples
1⅓ c. dark corn syrup
1⅓ c. granulated sugar
1⅓ c. light brown sugar
1⅓ c. heavy cream
¼ tsp. salt
3 tbsp. butter
¾ tsp. vanilla extract

caramel apples

Monster desserts


1 box Rice Krispies Treats
1 can whipped fluffy white frosting
Green and yellow paste or gel food colors*
Chocolate mini M&M’s candies or M&M’s mini baking bits
Chocolate sprinkles (jimmies)
Lime Tic Tacs
¼ c. semisweet chocolate chips
1 tub red decorating gel

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monster desserts

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Nothing compares to a home made dinner!

With a brand new decorated kitchen which invites us to explore it and to inaugurate it, today I will present you some of the most famous traditional food from Dubai which you must experience in your new beautiful modern kitchen.

I bet you can’t wait to cook something which will perfume the entire house and your family will be all gathered in the kitchen to see what smells so incredible.

Make your new kitchen happy and your house happier and inaugurate the kitchen with traditional dishes from Dubai.

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I will start with the most famous dish in Dubai Stuffed Camel which is perfect for a family dinner. This dish is even mention in Guiness Book so you family will be thrilled to have such a special dinner dish. This is not only a special dish but a luxurious one too. Some people even think of it as a myth :). Roasted camel stuffed with chicken, eggs, fish and sheep. This food used to be served by royal people so make sure your family knows its history.

descărcare (1)

The next dish is perfect for an impressive lunch. It is often served in luxurious restaurants and people just love it. You should really try make it at home together with your children and have a fabulous time together.  Al Harees is the name of the next dish, being an iconic exotic taste of UAE, Its preparation takes a while so that is why it would be a good idea to prepare it together with your family. You must mix a pinch of salt in a pot, than you add meat and cook the mixture until it gains a smoothness of texture and taste. After that you must bake it for several hours and only after this it can be served.


Next dish is elegant and more than tasty. Falafel it is very famous among Arab East people. In Israel people eat it as a snack but everybody falls in love with its flavors. It is something between French fries with Arabic colorto. It is often served as a side dish in combination with chickpeas and various spices.


Everybody knows and everybody tried at least once Hummus. Made from chickpeas, olive oil, tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic and salt, served with pita bread. This is the perfect appetizer or snack but in any case it is fabulously tasty. You and your family really need to experience home made hummus which will be the reason for always cooking at home.

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Spanish Dishes



Shawarma is an Arab traditional food which now is international and everybody loves it. This is the most eaten food in Dubai and maybe in the entire world. Made from lamb or chicken meat, many colorful vegetables, fries, pickles, garlic sauce or mayo. We already know that the recipe can be made after your own visions and tastes.

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Enjoy the luxury of chocolate!


Everybody loves chocolate. Chocolate increases the level of endorphin  so we feel much happier. When we are happy we are more inventive and creative so we start seeing the world in a different way.

That is why today we will learn how to prepare an utmost chocolate cake which will revolutionize  our tastes and it will definitely change our expectations.


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chocolate cake

Let’s see what you need for this amazing chocolate cake: 

200 high quality dark chocolate, about 70 % cocoa solids

200g fine butter

1 tbsp instant coffee granules

85 g self-raising flour

85 g plain flour

1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

200 g fresh muscovado sugar

200 g golden caster sugar

25 g cocoa powder

3 eggs

75 ml buttermilk

grated chocolate for the decor


Preparation: First of all preheat the oven 140 C/ conventional 160C/ Gas. Take the dark chocolate and break it into medium pieces. The butter must be cut into pieces and mixed with the chocolate, then mix 1 tbsp coffee into 123 ml cold water and then pour into the pan. Everything must be melted but don’t overheat them. You can do this in a microwave. As the chocolate is melting you mix 85 g self-raising flour, 85 g plain flour, 1/4 bicarbonate of soda, 200 fresh sugar, 200 g golden sugar and 25 g cocoa powder everything in a large bowl. Take the eggs and beat them in another bowl and add 75 ml of buttermilk.

The melted chocolate and the egg mixture must be poured into the flour mixture you’ve just done, mix them until they are well blended and the consistency begins to be smooth. The mixture is put then in the tin. The process of baking must last 1 hour -25. A good idea would be if you put a skewer in the center. Leave it in the tin to cool and than take it off to coll completely.

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When the cake is entirely cold, cut it in an horizontal way into three pieces. The ganache will require 200 dark chocolate chopped in small pieces and added into a bowl,  you’ll pour 284 double cream into a pan and you have to add 2 tbsp golden sugar and heat them until they boil. Take it off and pour it all over the chocolate. Mix until the chocolate is melted and the entire mixture is creamy.

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Lunch Jar

The layers will be put together like in a sandwich and add just a little of the ganache. The rest of it will come over the cake and let it to fall down freely and help it with a palette to be smoother. Take the grated chocolate and decorate it as you wish.


Enjoy chocolate!

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Feeling hungry? Check out our great fruit recipes for this summer and not only!

Fruit Recipes: Fruit Salad

Ah, who doesn’t love summer and heat? Those long days at the beach or besides the pool, relaxing with a drink next to you and charging your batteries. However, this is the time where the heat pushes you to consume more fruits and remain hydrated all day long. But since fruits alone might be boring sometimes (especially after you eat them all summer long!), here we have some creative fruit recipes for you!

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1. Apricots with honey and spices. Although it’s not one of the most common recipes for fruits, we can guarantee you it’s absolutely delicious! You will only need some water, sugar, one cinnamon stick, apricots, lemon juice, orange zest and honey. Simply place them in a jar and let them soak. You can either consume it like this or use it for other crazy combinations: make your own fruity yogurt, froze it for an original type of ice-cream or use it for a cake.

Fruit Recipes: Raspberries and Chocolate

2. Grilled chicken with blackberries and pomegranate juice. The ordinary grilled chicken that is healthy and also helps with your diet can be spiced up and renewed with some pomegranate juice and blackberries. Quite an unusual (but tasty!) combination, it will require unsweetened juice, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, chicken breast, blackberries, molasses and some red pepper. Let yourself be surprised by one of the craziest fruit recipes this summer!

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3. Fruit pie. Initially we wanted to recommend you a peach pie, but then we thought again about it: why limit the options only to peaches? Any fruit is good for a delicious pie in the middle of the summer. Just like with any other pie, you should use crumbled biscuits, sugar, egg whites and butter for the crust. Then, add your favorite pudding flavor and decorate with some pieces of your favorite fruit. Extra tip: you can also add chocolate if you’re not on a diet!

Fruit Recipes: Nutritious Food

4. Colored Fruit Salad. Fruit salads are a great way of ensuring your nutrients for the day, while also eating as many fruits as possible. And if you need more arguments to try one of the greatest fruit recipes, it’s the fact that you can combine any fruits you want and any toppings. Just imagine a delicious combination between strawberries, blackberries, bananas and peaches, topped with honey and cinnamon or some melted chocolate. Are you craving it yet?

5. Watermelon and chocolate. Yes, any fruit with chocolate is excellent, but watermelons are even more, since they are juicier. Cut a watermelon in halves, scoop out the content and cut them into cubes. Pour chocolate over them and add other things if you like: whipped cream, other toppings, fruit spreads, honey or other spices. Enjoy!

Fruit Recipes: Colorful Dish


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If you want to get a taste of the Middle East, you should totally try these 9 recipes whether at home or when you're traveling!

9 Top Middle Eastern Dishes
9 Top Middle Eastern Dishes

Middle Eastern cuisine is a delicious one, even though not everybody truly appreciates it. However, recently more and more people incorporated Middle Eastern dishes into their diet, so let’s see the top Middle Eastern dishes people love!

1. Hummus. Hummus is very popular in the West, especially because it’s very healthy. More than that, you can find it almost anywhere and combine it with almost anything, so it’s versatile for a quick meal at any hour.

2. Manakeesh. If you haven’t tried this dish until now, it’s high time you did it! Similar to the pizza, but in an Arabic way, manakeesh is a round piece of bread that is served with cheese, ground meat or herbs on top. Usually it is served at breakfast or lunch and you can find lots of varieties both on street vendors and in high class restaurants if you happen to visit Middle East.

Top Middle Eastern Dishes: Delicious Food


3. Halloumi. Halloumi is a special type of cheese, and in its production no acid or bacteria is used, which is why it’s so delicious and amazing. This ingredient made of goat and sheep milk is perfect when grilled, and its chewy consistency and great taste is what made us include it in our top Middle Eastern dishes for you to try!


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4. Falafel. This one has become more and more popular recently in the menus of Western restaurants, especially in the fast food area. It seems that this combination of fried chickpeas and herbs is great for a snack on the go or to fill a pita with it.

5. Foul meddamas. This dish may not look so appetizing, but it’s one of our favorites when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s made of fava beans, parsley, olive oil, garlic, onion and lemon and it tastes fantastic!

Top Middle Eastern Dishes: Healthy Food


6. Tabouleh. Surprisingly enough, this dish is a favorite not only of vegetarians. Made of bulgur, parsley, onion, tomatoes and mint, it might seem like an odd combination, but we can guarantee you won’t regret trying it if you haven’t already!


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7. Fattoush. Another international success, fattoush is a type of salad that has won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Made of tasty crispy lettuce, crunchy pita, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, olive oil, lemon and mint, this salad is absolutely delicious!

Top Middle Eastern Dishes: Delicious cuisine

8. Shawarma. Although it is famous for its hangover curative qualities, shawarma is very nutritious and also tasty. Although the Western world knows it under different recipes, the original one is made with pieces of skewered chicken, salad and garlic puree, all put into a warm pita bread. Plus, it’s great when you’re on the go and want to eat something delicious!

9. Shish tawook. Yet another specialty from the Middle Eastern cuisine, shish tawook is also served with garlic paste, fries and pita bread. Also, it’s made with skewered chicken, and that could be an explanation as to why it is so popular and tasty.

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Today we want to delight you with some delicious traditional Spanish dishes in our Spanish week!

Traditional Spanish Recipes: Catalan Cream

Spanish cuisine is definitely one of the most delicious you can taste. Combining different tastes and an awesome background, we think it’s definitely worth a shot. That’s why we gathered some of the best traditional Spanish dishes to inspire you!

1. Churros and chocolate. We start off with a delicious dessert, perfect for those who love chocolate and sweets. Churros are basically fried dough and if you combine them with chocolate, they’re just excellent!

2. Paella. One of the dishes famous worldwide from the Spanish cuisine is paella, a delicious dish made with seafood, spices, rice and vegetables. If you get to Spain, you totally need to try this paella or more simply, visit a Spanish restaurant in your area!

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3. Gazpacho. Great for a cool summer recipe, gazpacho is a soup served cold. It’s made with vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, garlic, avocado and others, so no wonder it’s one of the freshest traditional Spanish dishes you’ll find! Even so, there are several variations of the recipe, so make sure you choose the one you love most!

4. Empanadas. This is a great recipe made with dough, potatoes and beef. Even though it may not sound so enticing, think about the fact that it also uses lots of spices and the flavors are simply delicious, or as the Spanish say, rico!

5. Spanish Ham. Many people mistakenly think that the Iberian or Spanish ham isn’t any more than a regular ham. It’s so much more and be ready to find out what makes it so unique! This amazing taste is due to the diet of the pata negra pigs. They are grown only with an all-acorn diet and they are let free to run as much as they want, which makes them more healthy. So next time you see Jamon Iberico written somewhere, make sure it’s authentic and enjoy its taste!

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6. Catalan cream. Moving on to another dessert, Catalan cream is the Spanish version of the creme brulee we all know. It’s basically a custard cream served with a layer or caramelized sugar on top. Of course, there are other various recipes, some of them including even ice-cream. It’s up to you which one you want to try!

7. Tortilla. The world-famous tortilla couldn’t miss a list of the best traditional Spanish dishes, so here it is! It’s made with four easy ingredients, like eggs, potatoes, olive oil and onions and it’s basically an omelet with added potatoes. The great thing is that you can also eat it cold or add other sauces, depending on your taste.

8. Bocadillos. Bocadillo is the name Spanish give to regular sandwiches. Although it might seem a little bit disappointing, you should try and make yourself one with Spanish ingredients. Use a crusty baguette, fresh tomatoes, Spanish ham, local cheese and cherry peppers. Of course, you can use anything you want, but for a special taste, we recommend you to try one while in Spain!

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Future Gadgets: Modern Kitchen

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Technology is being used more and more around the house, simplifying our lives and decorating our rooms. Many people invest in the latest trends...
Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen