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See here what points you can't miss when visiting or living in Al Bandar!

Explore Al Bandar: Ornina View

Al Bandar, placed in the north of Al Raha area, is a great location to visit. It’s built on an artificial island and you can be sure that there are lots of things to see here, even though it has been developed quite recently. Stick with us to see what tour we prepared you if you want to explore Al Bandar!

If you want to make your taste buds extremely happy, you should not miss Ornina. It’s a fine dining Mediterranean restaurant which offers gourmet seafood. While you enjoy some smoked duck, beetroot or orange salad, you should admire the fascinating decor: there are wooden panels that recreate the aspect of a yacht, together with large windows and a sleek design.

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For those who live here or are simply interested in doing some exercise before or after they explore Al Bandar, we have to recommend Cobra Fitness. Here you can find everything you want when it comes to sports and fitness, from Muay Thai to boxing or mixed martial arts. Here you can take yoga or Pilates lessons, use the weights gym and swim in a 25 meters lap pool. The prices are 70 AED for one session, a subscription for 10 sessions costs 550 AED and a monthly one is 800 AED.

Hydro Marine Sports Dhow. An one-hour cruise in a traditional dhow is a perfect way to explore Al Bandar and discover new attractions and beautiful sights. On weekdays a ticket for an adult costs 50 AED, in weekends AED 60 and children below 10 have a special price of AED 30. If you want, you can rent the boat for a party. In this case, the first hour costs 1.200 AED, and each hour after that will cost 1.000 AED more. The bright side is that you can have 22 guests at the party!

Those who want to explore Al Bandar in a more high class way are invited to the Juli Music Institute. This music school offers various instrument lessons (piano or woodwind ones, for instance) or singing classes (from pop to classical). A 30-minute lesson costs 120 AED. For kids there are special ballet classes or jazz lessons for prices starting with 67 AED.

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Relax and explore Al Bandar by trying Afghani cuisine at Nolu’s Cafe. One of the most popular cafes around, here you can taste the true Afghani dishes, but with a Californian touch. Try out salads with more than ten different toppings or choose chapli kabob, which is a special mound or brown rice, combined with onions, jalapenos, coriander and minced beef. Enjoy!

Those who are not interested in trying exotic cuisines will be happy to know that in Al Bandar you can find an excellent Italian restaurant, Bricco Pasta & Pizza. Classic dishes are available here, from mozzarella pizza and spaghetti carbonara cooked with turkey bacon and egg. If you want to cook some Italian dishes yourself, you can find here also an Italian grocery shop with pasta, risotto, chocolate, cakes, olive oil or balsamic vinegar. For the chef in you!

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Whether a tourist or with business in Abu Dhabi, you certainly need some information on where to rent and what type of apartments would suit you better.

Short Term Accommodation in Abu Dhabi: Apartments with a view

Whether you’re a tourist or simply looking for a short term accommodation in Abu Dhabi, you certainly need some tips about the types of accommodation here and the prices. A hotel is sometimes the easiest and the most obvious solution when you need a place to stay a couple of days here, but did you know there are other types of lodgings? Check them out!

Serviced apartments, for instance,  are a  great alternative to hotels. Usually preferred by people who are waiting for the visa or by professionals who travel a lot and don’t need many facilities, these apartments offer the minimum comfort, plus some extra services. It comes fully furnished and most of time it has a kitchen and a living area, so that you can receive guests too.

If, however, you think the best solution for short term accommodation in Abu Dhabi is a hotel apartment, we have several suggestions for you. if you want to have a fully Arabian experience, you should try the Asfar Hotel Apartments. Here you can find studios starting from 350 AED per night or 9.000 AED per month. Placed in Al Zahia, they include a lounge and a kitchen with microwave oven, toaster, electric oven and a fridge.

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Another place to go if you need short term accommodation in Abu Dhabi are the Ramee Garden Hotel Apartments. They also include a kitchen with everything you need basically, from a fridge, toaster, utensils, microwave, but even more so, a dining table and a washing machine. The prices here start from 350 AED per night, but can reach 9.500 AED for one month.

Sahara Hotel Apartments 9 is yet another place to go for some quality lodging. There are smaller prices here, starting from 477 AED per night, up to the usual 9.500 AED monthly. You can find these apartments on the corner of Najda (6th) with Zayed the First Streets, and take into account the fact that they have a kitchen with the necessary facilities and laundry services.

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For those who are looking for a more high-class short term accommodation in Abu Dhabi, know that Grand Millennium Hotel also offers apartments. These ones though have two bedrooms, large living areas and kitchen with everything you need. Of course, the prices are also higher: one night for a one-bedroom apartment costs 1.400 AED, while a two-bedroom apartment costs 1.650 AED. And if you’re interested, you can find the hotel right next to the Al Wahda Mall.

Aparthotel Adagio Al Bustan is another place you should put on your accommodation list. Here the prices are quite low, starting from 600 AED per night for a studio and 800 AED for a one-bedroom apartment per night. The apartments come with a kitchen with decent utilities and laundry facilities. You can find this hotel on the Airport Road, right across the American International School. Good luck with finding the right accommodation for you and don’t forget to find the proper information!

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Since it's almost the time when people plan their holidays, some packing hacks can't do anything but good when you're getting all enthusiastic about leaving!

Packing Hacks: Matching luggage
  1. When packing shoes for going away keep them in a plastic bag so that you won’t get the rest of your clothes dirty before even having a chance to wear them.
  2. Tired of arriving at your destination with wrinkled clothes? If you don’t have a special place in your luggage where to keep shirts and other clothes that can easy wrinkle, try rolling the clothes instead of folding them. Although it will take up more space, you can be sure they won’t look bad when you’ll wear them.
  3. Organize your suitcase! One of the most important and often overlooked of the packing hacks is that you need to organize your suitcase. Many people just throw in there all the things they need for traveling and don’t consider a better organization of the space. Since it is already limited, you should plan ahead where to put each item so as not to leave empty spaces around them. The less empty spaces you have, the more you can pack!
  4. Pack your jewelry in pill holders. What more than a series of small closed containers do you need to keep your jewelry safe and untangled? You can also try pill bottles for small earrings that you don’t want to lose or pendants.
  5. If you’re carrying a razor with you, you might want to be sure that it’s not going to cut or slice your clothes in there while you travel. For this, one of the most useful packing hacks is to use a binder clip and secure the end of the razor.
  6. Store wisely your underwear! Remember what we were saying earlier about the empty spaces around clothes in your bag? Fill it with your underwear. It’s small and it doesn’t wrinkle, so you can stuff it around to save some space. You can use these packing hacks also for small handbags that still have some space in them.
  7. Use a table cloth or a towel to keep longer necklaces from tangling or making knots. Place the necklaces in the towel and then roll it. This way you can make sure that no necklace will be harmed during your travels and you will look brilliant!
  8. Use underwear bags. Use smartly the underwear bags to separate clear from dirty underwear and to remain organized.
  9. To keep clutter at bay, you should consider packing the hair dryer in a separate bag. It’s much easier to keep the cord untangled and the device safe with one of these packing hacks!
  10. Attach pairs of earrings to buttons. Whether the button is attached to your jacket or you store it in a safe place, it is ideal to store small pairs of earrings attached to buttons. In this way you make sure they won’t get lost or separated one from the other and you will know at any point where they are. More than that, if you need more pairs, you can organize them around the buttons.

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The skyline of a city says a lot about it, especially about its economic development and size. Check out these skylines of world famous cities and successful tourist destinations!

Skylines of the world: Dallas

In the era of speed, the world is changing really fast. You can see the differences in your own hometown or country, but you have to know that some countries have developed really fast in the last 10 or 20 years. The industry, the development of technology and changes in lifestyle of urban people have led to the creation of new skylines of the world, some of them almost unrecognizable if you think of how the places looked decades ago.

Among the places who have changed a lot is of course, Dubai. Probably the most representative change when talking about skylines of the world, Dubai has had a stunning development in 20-30 years. The economic development was the resort that led to the building of numerous sky scrapers, not to mention the famous Burj Khalifa and the Burj al Arab. More than that, the landscape has been totally changed with the apparition of the man-made island and the huge highways that connect Dubai to other cities.

What other skyline is more famous than the New York one? All of us who have grew watching American movies or T.V. series are very familiar with the New York skyline, perhaps one of the most romantic ones ever. But even this one has changed once with the economic development and the building of hundreds of skyscrapers and office buildings.

Paris, city of lights and lovers, has not been forgiven by time and technology either. If in the 1900s you could find small streets with low houses that created the perfect background for the imposing Eiffel Tower, nowadays its tallness is challenged by the skyscrapers and industrial buildings that have emerged in this city.

London, another popular tourist destination and one of the most beautiful skylines of the world, is perhaps the city you’d expect to have changed a lot, given it has been greatly transformed by the industrial revolution. Glass buildings have replaced the concrete and even the wooden ones, so the general image of it has changed significantly. Still, a landmark you should visit remains the Eye of London.

Singapore has not remained the same either. Although it had tall buildings before too, they have morphed into huge blocks of flats and the city has been enriched with a building with an original design, the Marina Bay Sands. However, people there know that they need nature too, so you can find all throughout the city lots of green spaces, parks and gardens just perfect for a stroll.

One city that has not changed too much though is Venice. People there tried really hard to maintain that special romantic atmosphere and the famous architecture in the city, so a trip there feels like time traveling. What has been developed though is the tourist industry and the canals there, a great opportunity to enjoy a trip in a gondola.

Athens, a great destination for a seaside holiday and one of the great skylines of the world, hasn’t expended vertically, as you might expect after seeing the other examples, but horizontally. The population of the city grew more and more and so, thousands of new homes appeared, not forgetting the typical white construction, though.

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When in Dubai, you surely don't want to miss the best accommodation conditions or the sunny beaches with smooth sand where you can relax all day long, so check out the most popular luxury beaches in Dubai!

amazing beaches in Dubai

If you go and visit Dubai, that’s a great opportunity to spoil yourself and to sunbathe on the luxury beaches in Dubai right next to your hotel. What’s more convenient and pleasurable than to step right outside of the hotel and find yourself on a fine sand beach, with the waves whispering next to you and a bright sun on the clear sky? If you want to enjoy such a beautiful experience, read on to find out which are the most popular luxury beaches in Dubai!

  1. Jebel Ali Hotel. Placed right on the beach, the Jebel Ali Hotel is the most popular one of the beach hotels. It offers one of the most beautiful luxury beaches in Dubai and its five stars guarantee you the best conditions you can find, well, with the exception of Burj al Arab. It has a wonderful view and it’s close to many tourist attraction points, but what’s best is that you can be at the beach or back to your room in 2 minutes tops. More than that, it’s very close to Palm Jumeirah too.
  2. The Palace at One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai. Another great recommendation when you’re looking for luxury beaches in Dubai is this hotel. Placed almost right on the beach, this one is also a five-star hotel, with the best conditions you can imagine, from spacious rooms, air conditioner, access to spa, sauna and high quality items all around. However, one problem here would be that the hotel is so big, you will really need a bicycle to go from one wing to the other. Pay attention when checking in so that you won’t get lost in the hotel.
  3. Dubai Marine Resort and Spa. Also a five-star hotel, the Dubai Marine Resort and Spa is another one of the most popular luxury beaches in Dubai. Besides the luxury conditions you’ll find here, you can also enjoy the fact that it is close to many shops and a private beach where you can spoil yourself with a fancy cocktail while laying in the sun. Moreover, you can enjoy a wonderful nightlife, since here you can find 3-4 nightclubs on the hotel’s territory which are open until 3-4 A.M. so that you can party all night! The clubs are a great opportunity to meet up other tourists from around the beaches and to tie new friendships.
  4. Dar al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah. This five-star hotel is the Travelers’ Choice 2015 award winner on several specialized websites online. It offers luxury conditions and a definitely romantic view for the rooms with a seaview, so your trip will be an amazing one and you won’t regret paying all you need to in order to enjoy what’s best in Dubai. It has excellent reviews, mainly for its best service offered to customers, but it has also won many prizes for the luxury conditions you find there. So if you’re looking for luxury beaches in Dubai, don’t forget to put Dar al Masyaf on your list or even to book a room there!

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When you're planning a visit in the U.S., you should make a list of the most important tourist landmarks you should see. Check out this list!

Tourist Destinations in the U.S.: Horseshoe Bend

When you visit the U.S., you might want to think of places to visit there. Although their number is overwhelming and most people don’t have the resources to visit the entire country in one trip, you should make a list with tourist destination in the U.S.A. Check out the following attractions and see which one attracts you most!

  1. Mendenhall Glacier Caves (Alaska). For those of you who are curious about feeling the real cold, you should go and visit Alaska. Here you can find the Mendenhall Glacier Caves, a natural wonder of ice and rock. The blue light filtered through the ice makes an awesome atmosphere and an unforgettable adventure, even though you have to put more layers of clothes than usual.
  2. Antelope Canyon (Arizona). Crossing the U.S. you can get to a hotter region, which is Arizona. Here, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S.A. is the Antelope Canyon, which features wonderful colors that will amaze you! It’s indeed very shocking in the beginning, but slowly you will get used to it and will appreciate the variations of colors.
  3. Oneonta Gorge (Oregon). If you’re looking for a true fairytale place in the U.S.A., then Oregon is the right place. Visit Oneonta Gorge and you’ll feel just as if you have been moved to a fairytale. The ancient gorge features impressive rocks and mosses and ferns that make the place look magical!
  4. Skagit Valley Tulip Fields (Washington). Going to Washington, you simply have to make a stop in this wonderful tulip field. If you want to see all of them in bloom, make sure you come here in April, to take advantage of all the gorgeous colors they have. You can drive around for as much as you want, and remember to take lots of pics!
  5. Marroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness (Colorado). Although this area is amazing all year round, it’s extremely impressive if you come here in the winter. This is another one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S.A. and you will surely regret it if you don’t come here when you plan a trip in America.
  6. Dry Tortugas National Park (Florida). A good destination to chill and forget about technology, the Dry Tortugas National Park is placed outside Key West, in the Gulf of Mexico, and you can reach it only by boat or seaplane, which makes it the perfect destination for forgetting about all the stress and worries.
  7. Whitaker Point (Arkansas). In the Buffalo River county you will find this absolutely gorgeous place. Though not one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S.A., it’s excellent for proposals, beautiful pics and overall an unforgettable experience. It’s really worth the trip and the climbing, since you feel like you stand on the edge of the world.
  8. Horseshoe Bend (Arizona). Since we’re talking about wonderful views, you should have a look at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona too. It’s a great place to have a view over the Colorado River and to take some cool pictures, especially at dawn or dusk.

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If you don't know what's your next destination, you might want to have a look at these wonderful, but often overlooked U.S. cities.

Cities in the U.S. you have to see: Philadelphia at day

The U.S. is indeed a fascinating country, especially for a tourist. Leaving aside the usual attractions and destinations everybody wants to visit, there are some cities in the U.S. you have to visit, even though they are not so famous. Give them a chance and you won’t be disappointed!

Philadelphia. Although it’s not such a famous tourist attraction, Philadelphia is still a beautiful city and one of the cities in the U.S. you have to visit. You can see here the Liberty Bell, enjoy a mini-golf game in Franklin Square and have a delicious meal at Philly Cheesesteak. More than that, here you can find an amazing array of Irish pubs with specific beer.

Madison, Wisconsin. A relatively small town placed between two huge lakes, Madison has a shoreline and a seaside that are absolutely gorgeous! Also called the cheese state, it has hundreds of eateries, bars, restaurants and clubs and a flourishing night life you will certainly enjoy! Also, if you happen to be here around Halloween, there is a monstrous party going on every year!

Berkeley, California. Besides the University here and the high level education, there are lots of things to visit in Berkeley, one of the cities in the U.S. you have to visit. It’s a sophisticated place, mostly through their food, climate and delicious wines. More than that, you have an easy access to places like San Francisco and Tahoe.

Cleveland, Ohio. A blooming city full of life, Cleveland is famous for its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the biggest grilled cheese in the world at Melt Bar & Grilled. Also, here you can visit the original house in “A Christmas Story” and you can find three major sports teams.

Duluth, Minnesota. A very cold city with lots of snow, Duluth is a great place for outdoor sports and activities. If you’re a fan of hiking, fishing and spending lots of time in the nature, this is a place that can’t be overlooked. However, there’s no agitation here, so if you’re looking for a great nightlife, it would probably be better to choose a different destination.

Flagstaff, Arizona. Also an outdoor destination, here you can enjoy activities like hiking, skiing, camping, but you can also enjoy a wonderful night life, especially in the old bars along Route 66. It has all four seasons, so your experience here can vary depending on the moment you choose to visit it. An activity that is preferred by many people including the locals is drinking beer, so if you’re a fan of that, you will have a nice trip for sure.

Spokane, Washington. Talking about alcohol, all you need to know about Spokane in order to be convinced to go there is that it has eight hometown breweries, the first craft liquor distillery in Washington and 36 bars around. But of course, that’s not why it’s one of the cities in the U.S. you have to visit. You can also come here for rafting, golfing, hiking or going to the top of the mountains. The beautiful forests around offer a great environment for long relaxing walks. More than that, it seems paradoxical that such a quiet and small city has a bustling nightlife and it’s so rich in alcoholic beverages.

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There are lots of amazing places to live in out there in the world, you have to look for them and ake sure you get there at least once in your life!

Amazing places to live in: Bungalow in Bora Bora

Every area where people live has its good and bad parts. Some have a beautiful landscape, but are too secluded and it’s hard to reach them. Others don’t have a beautiful panorama at all, but are greatly decorated and designed. However, there are though some amazing places to live in scattered all around the world. And those who are passionate about fabulous living, interior design and decorations will certainly appreciate the following locations.

  1. The Clock Tower Apartment. Found in Brooklyn, New York, this apartment is probably one of the most amazing places to live in. It’s very original because it’s place, as you can tell, in a clock tower. Sounds really exciting and the view is great, but what do you do with the sounds of the clock?
  2. The Yellowstone Club. If you go to Montana, you simply have to see this amazing place. It has a magnificent view, especially in winter, and the interior is very cozy and attractive, just like in the movies. What’s more dreamy than going out for ski and coming back inside for a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace?
  3. The Firefly Ski Chalet. Switzerland is anyway a wonderful place to be, and especially for skiing and snow. This chalet is one of the most amazing places to live in, with its wonderful interior design and the extraordinary view you have from the window. A real snowy paradise!
  4. Resort in St. Lucia. A great place with wonderful surroundings, full of peace and quietness, a place where you can truly find yourself.
  5. Chalet Brickell. This great chalet can be found in the Rhone-Alpes, in France, and it’s indeed a fairy-tale house. It brings forth a nice combination between modern and classic ways of design and it uses both wood and glass. The atmosphere here really makes you think you’re in a fairytale, which is why this one is one of the most amazing places to live in.
  6. Over Water Bungalow. Bora Bora is a popular destination anyway, but if you have the chance to go there, you should totally rent an over water bungalow. Le Meridien is a good place for this, so you might want to take it into consideration next time.
  7. Igloo Village. You can find it in Finland and you can bet that the view is amazing! Just imagine seeing the northern sky and the stars at night surrounded by a great interior design. It’s wonderful because it makes you feel like you are really sleeping outside.
  8. Underwater Bedroom. What’s more amazing than to be surrounded by water and marine creatures? An underwater bedroom is an experience you have to try in this life when you go to the Maldives. The view is amazing, you can watch the fishes swim and live in their natural habitat, and you can even study some unusual marine creatures that live there. More than that, imagine how relaxing must be to go to bed and see the soothing move and sound of the water all around you.

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Holland is indeed a fascinating country, and even more so through its wonderful landscapes and great activities you have to do when you get there!

Visiting Holland: Windmills

A special destination for many people, Holland is generally known as the country of tulips and wooden shoes. But for those who dare to take an adventure and go far more than that, there are lots of others interesting things when visiting Holland and you can say that it’s indeed a life-changing experience.


If you’re talking about attractions when visiting Holland, you won’t regret a thing. You can see for yourself the wonderful fields of colorful tulips that you have seen for so long on TV or in the movies. Besides that, you can enjoy long walks in the parks everywhere or boat rides on the canals. And if you’re looking for some fun, this is the right place to be: you have lots of zoos around (Blijdorp, Dolfinarium Safaripark Beekse Bergen or the Apenhaul), not to mention the fun-parks (Madurodam, Duinrell and the Efteling). More than that, you can find there lots of water sports facilities for those who are passionate about sports.

Cities to See

Of course, the number one on this list is Amsterdam, the famous city of guilty pleasures. For those of you who have never heard of Amsterdam, here you can find the famous Red District, full of pleasures, and lots of shops who sell drugs which are legal there. Next on the list you have Rotterdam, a great port where you can’t miss the zoo and the market hall, which is awesome! When visiting Holland, you should make sure to go to the Hague too, where you need to visit the market and the royal picture gallery.


There are lots of options for accommodation here, besides the classic hotels. For those who are on a budget when visiting Holland, you can always choose a hostel or a bed & breakfast option. Alternatively, you can choose to rent an apartment for as long as you stay or to check-in at a guesthouse, but the best options are holiday homes and holiday parks. Besides offering you the needed facilities, they also keep the picturesque air and the specific of the place, making you feel like you’re really a Dutch man. The prices for each and every accommodation type differ from season to season and from area to area, so it would be advisable to be well informed before visiting Holland.


In what concerns the quality of food in Holland, you have to know that this country receives more and more Michelin stars every year for its great restaurants. Don’t mix up the French of Belgian cuisine for the Dutch one, because there are different dishes that reflect the local taste. Probably the best advantage of the Dutch cuisine is that it uses fresh ingredients that are grown locally depending on the season. If you’re in Amsterdam, for instance, and you want to try one of the best restaurants there, you have to choose between Ciel Bleu, Bord’eau, Lastage or La Rive. Of course, there are many, many others which have received lots of Michelin stars. Enjoy!

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Maybe you need some inspiration for your (future) pool, or maybe you want to see how far can a beautiful pool go. In any case, you might want to have a look at the most amazing pools in the world!

Stunning Pools Around the World: Laucala Resort

A pool is great whenever you need to cool down from the scorching sun here in the UAE, but it’s also a great way to relax and to have fun. Who doesn’t love a swim or a pool party late at night? But some people really took this to a whole other level and imagined the most stunning pools around the world. Check out which are these and you perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for your own pool!

  1. Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Located in Singapore, this hotel has overcome every expectation you might have when it comes to a pool. Water running over the edge and a great view over the city, what can you ask more?
  2. Arena Badeschiff Pool. This little Berlin wonder is the epitome of relaxation and modernity. Placed in a very urban setting, this thing instead of taking away of its magic, it makes it even more interesting!
  3. Hotel Fasano Pool. One of the most stunning pools around the world can be found in Rio de Janeiro, at Hotel Fasano. With an amazing landscape around and glass walls, this pool is a place worth visiting at least once in your life.
  4. Hard Rock. This Las Vegas wonder is an exotic pool in the middle of an urban metropolis. It has cool water and even palm trees, for a splash of extra fun.
  5. Hanging Gardens. In Ubud, Indonesia, you will find an awesome pool, hidden between old trees and a fresh air, great for a relaxing vacation.
  6. San Alfonso del Mar. Chile comes with a great surprise in San Alfonso del Mar. Right next to the ocean you have a wonderful pool with blue waters, bathed in sunlight all day long and with a wonderful view to the ocean.
  7. St Regis Lhasa Resort. If you happen to travel to Tibet, don’t miss the gold energy pool in this resort. It’s said to have a positive effect on your energy and health, plus it’s golden, which makes it even more interesting.
  8. Laucala Island Resort. A fantastic pool is waiting for you in Fiji, in the Laucala Island Resort. Talking about stunning pools around the world, this is a great combination of water, rocks and palm trees, a true pampering of the senses.
  9. Amangiri Resort. This resort found in Utah resembles a lot the Grand Canion, so it offers you an incredible experience making you think that you can bathe in a pool surrounded by this awesome landmark.
  10. Huvafen Fushi. An extraordinary resort found in Maldives, it features one of the most stunning pools around the world, right next to the ocean, with romantic lights near it and a great surrounding for a romantic dinner with your loved one. At night, the landscape is truly impressive and a bath will be an experience you will never forget from your trip to Maldives.

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Technology is being used more and more around the house, simplifying our lives and decorating our rooms. Many people invest in the latest trends...
Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen