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If you're a romantic, Venice is the place to visit all year round. You will surely appreciate the Latino charm of the place, full of history and art, a true jewelry of Europe.

Sightseeing in Venice

Venice is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Full of history and charm, it is indeed a destination you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Whether you come alone, with your friends or family or with your lover, you will simply love this city that is totally special and unique.

What to do in Venice?

Depending on how long you want to stay, there are thousands of things to do in Venice. If you’re passionate about history, you have to visit Doge’s Palace in the San Marco Square. Here you can see Casanova’s jail and the 500 year old roof, among other fascinating things. Also, a must see is the Clock Tower, also in the San Marco Square, and the Bell Tower of St. Mark. For those passionate about religion, the St. Mark Basilica is also the perfect spot to see.

Otherwise, if you’re not interested in sightseeing, you really need to take some wonderful pictures with the bridges and the canal there. Sunset and sunrise are the best moments for that. You can also take the famous gondolas and listen to the local music, or take  one of the ships around for more sightseeing in different parts of the lagoon.

Culturally speaking, the place is full of museums. There is the Museum in St. Mark’s Square, the Jewish Museum, La Fenice Theater and even the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. Whichever museum you would visit, the place is full of art and history enough for everyone to soak in. This is a memorable place which will make you feel culturally richer after visiting it.

What to Eat?

Unfortunately, the reviews for most restaurants here are quite disappointing. It is even said that here you can find the worst pizza in Italy. However, for a pizza in an American style you can go to Quanta Basta, a place that serves a type of pizza familiar to you. However, if you look well enough, you can find some truly awesome eateries around. Other specialties you can try are polenta, a dish made with corn meal, or risotto with a side dish of cuttlefish ink sauce. Careful with the prices though, because it’s common to find that the dishes you have ordered cost much more than you have seen in the menu due to the quantity of the fish, pasta or whatever you ordered.

Night Life

If you want a crazy night life in Venice, Piazza san Marco is not the right place anymore. You can find two vivid areas in Campo Santa Margherita and Erbaria. But just to make sure you don’t ruin your night, check out the places you want to head to before, to be sure that they are open at the time you want to visit them. Also, it is advisable to have a specific budget before going out in the town just to prevent any kind of unpleasant incidents. If you go to places around the university, it is possibly to find special prices for students and therefore spend less money.

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Dubai is an absolutely fascinating location to visit, and when you get there, make sure you don't miss any important landmarks on our list!

Palm Islands Dubai

If you’re travelling to Dubai, for sure you don’t want to miss anything from what it has to offer you. For this, you need to be informed in advance and to make a list of all the important landmarks you really have to visit.

Burj Al Arab.

Probably the most famous landmark not only in Dubai, but also in the UAE. It’s the only seven star hotel in the world, the most extravagant and luxurious one. On the list of superlatives that surround it, you can also include the most sought after, the most popular destination in Dubai/UAE or the most expensive one. With all these superlatives, it’s hard to miss the most important of the Dubai landmarks.

Palm islands.

The technology has evolved in such a way that it is possible now for the people to create their own geographical shapes. This is how the Palm Islands have been created and this is one of the reasons for which you have to visit them. They are truly impressive, with a great landscape and marvelous beaches.

Ski resort.

Yes, Dubai is one of the hottest places to visit, but even so, the people there succeeded to create a ski resort. It’s placed inside the biggest mall in the world, made with artificial snow and a constant temperature around 3 degrees Celsius. Now you can say that it’s possible to try it all out in Dubai!

Burj Khalifa.

Talking about superlatives again, this is the tallest skyscraper in the entire world. It has a height of 2717 feet and it’s one of the most high class hotel in the world. If you can, it is recommended to stay a night there for a truly extraordinary experience in one of the most famous Dubai landmarks.

Dubai Marina.

Located in the New Dubai area, it’s actually a canal city and it’s a complex that covers anything you might ever need, from hotels, residential palaces, entertainment, casinos and everything your imagination can think about.

Sheikh Zayad Road.

This is the name of the longest road in Dubai that starts in Abu Dhabi and goes up to Ras Al Khaimah. Also called E11 in Dubai, the name comes from the Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It’s yet another proof of the great technology and evolution that Dubai has reached.

Al Bastakiya.

This is a special district in Dubai that is made up mostly in wind towers and narrow lanes. Built in 1890, it’s the oldest district around and it represents therefore the ancient structure and the old architecture of the place, long before the modern Dubai came into place.

Now that you have a small guide to the most important Dubai landmarks, you can go on and book a room at the Burj Al Arab and choose from the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai to try this fantastic cuisine that will spoil your taste!

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UAE is a fascinating country, which is why before going there as a tourist you will need to be informed about the must see places around. Here are the most popular UAE landmarks you simply have to visit!

Atlantis, Palm Dubai

UAE, this fascinating country full of extraordinary places, is a tourist destination you definitely have to try. It’s fabulous through its blend of old and new, oriental and occidental, modern and traditional. But what’s there really to be seen when you go as a tourist? Check the following list of UAE landmarks!

Dubai Museum. Found in the Al Fahidi Fort (built in 1787), the Dubai Museum shows how life on this territory looked before the discovery of oil. The fort looks interesting, with cannons and battlements, and it’s adorned with life-size dioramas. You can also find there archaeological exhibits from desert excavations, for the  fans of history.

Burj Al-Arab. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Burj Al-Arab is probably the most famous of the UAE landmarks. It’s the only seven-star hotel in the entire world and it caters every possible service you can think of. It has countless bars and restaurants, but you will need a reservation weeks in advance, if not months.

Jumeirah Mosque. It’s the only mosque in the UAE that is open to non-Muslim visitors. The purpose is to make visitors understand better the Islam and this culture. Also, you have to be accompanied by a registered guide who will explain everything to you.

Burj Khalifa. The tallest structure on the planet, Burj Khalifa is a total must on the list of tourist attractions. You have to visit yourself the entire 828 meters and more than 160 stories. At the 124th floor you can find an observation deck from where you can admire the Dubai and Arabian Gulf view or just stroll around the Burj Khalifa Park. Also, here you have the Dubai Mall, full of shops, a theme park and cinemas.

Abu Dhabi Corniche. If you’re looking for some beachside recreation, this is the perfect place for you. Stretched along the northwestern shore of the city, it includes walking paths, playgrounds, cafes and bicycle rental services. Here you can also find a beach and no matter where you go, you will see the marvelous Abu Dhabi skyline.

Saadiyat Island. Although the project is unfinished yet, you can visit Saadiyat Island and get a glimpse of how it’s going to look like when it will be finished. Also, in the Manarat Al Saadiyat, the visitor center, you can find an exhibit with the final version of it. It’s basically a leisure area, commercial and residential at the same time.

Bedouin Camp. The Bedouin people are the ethnic people who lived all throughout the Arabian peninsula. Even though most of them have moved to cities, there are still Bedouin camps among the dunes of the Dubai Desert.  For anyone who wants to experience a night in the wild, far from the modern development of the UAE, here you can find a barbecue dinner served while sitting on Arabian rugs, a belly dancer and a hookah. Also, you can spend the night here and you have also some other options: a camel safari and a sand boarding excursion.

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Everyone needs some spoiling every once in a while, so if you are interested in this and you have some money set aside for it, check out these 8 luxury spa treatments that you have to try at least once!

Hot stones massage

Who doesn’t want to spoil himself/herself every once in a while and indulge in the most attractive scents and the softest creams and foams? If you recognize yourself in this description, then you have to keep reading! Here you have some luxury spa treatments that will certainly entice you and determine you to try them.

Chocolate packages. Chocolate is delicious, right? But it’s even more benefic for your skin. Chocolate hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin, not to mention the relaxing feeling you will get afterwards. Although the price of such a treatment can be quite high, there are other treatments much more expensive.

Gold facial treatments and packages. When you say luxury, you definitely say gold. And what better way to have one of the  luxury spa treatments than spoiling your body with gold? Gold is great for the skin, removing the wrinkles and preserving the young appearance. It’s said that Cleopatra herself slept with a gold mask on her face to look forever young.

Hot stone massage. Although this spa treatment is not for everybody, it is a great experience you have to try for your own relaxation. Basically the therapist places hot stones on your body while massaging other parts. The stones also act as triggers for your energy, depending on where they are placed. However, not everybody resists to high temperatures, so if you feel the stones too hot, make sure to let the therapist know.

Seaweed gel. Many people find the smell of this treatment quite unattractive, but if you find out that it has rejuvenating and nourishing properties, it might start to smell nicer. This is quite a trend in the spa industry, but not all the spas have this service included.

Caviar conditioner and truffle-based shampoo. Another one of the luxury spa treatments rich people are looking for is the hair treatment with caviar conditioner and truffle-based shampoo. It preserves and enhances the natural color of the hair and it has a long lasting effect. One of the people who tried this treatment is the Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Evian Bath. Probably the most expensive bath in the world, the Evian bath is not accessible to everyone. For a price starting with $5000, one can indulge in an Evian bath filled with flowers, taste smoked salmon lollipops and caviar and relax without any other care in the world.

Rubies and diamonds. Indeed, there is a facial that costs $7,000 and it’s made from rubies and diamonds crushed and turned into a powder. The powder is then made into a paste and painted on the skin. It’s one of the luxury spa treatments full of antioxidants and it has a detoxification effect.

Blood facial treatment. Yes, you read that well and no, it’s not a vampire treatment. For this treatment, they extract some blood from your skin, the platelets are separated and then injected back into the skin. It appears that this technique helps in rejuvenating the blood and therefore the skin, for an everlasting young appearance!

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When in Dubai, you definitely have to try the Arabic food and its wonderful flavors. For this, you will need to go to the best restaurants around, so have a look at this top 10 best restaurants in Dubai for something that will make your holiday extraordinary.

Al Qasr surroundings

Dubai is a fascinating city, perhaps the jewel of the UAE. A cradle of luxury and fine living, Dubai is a great tourist attraction and a place you have to see at least once in your life. If you get to see it, you simply must try the Arabic cuisine, which is extremely tasty. In this case you will need to check this top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai, so that you can enjoy the best of your trip!

Al Qasr. Specialized mainly in Lebanese cuisine, this restaurant is great for trying out Arabic specialties too. You have to try the tender meat entrees and the appetizers or deserts here!

Al Basha. Here you will find not only Arabic cuisine, but also an Arabic atmosphere. Belly dancers, a great view, exceptional dining and what can you want more? Also, a must have here are the great meat entrees that everyone loves in the Arabic cuisine.

Awtar. Placed in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, this restaurant might be a little more expensive, but it’s totally worth it. It has a lovely interior and a very vast array of dishes to choose from, all according to the Arabic cuisine principles.

Cafe Arabesque. If you’re open to new things, this is the place to be. This restaurant deserves its place among the top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai with its extra salad bar and dessert bar. They are very rich and you have a great variety of options.

Olive House. This is another excellent restaurant here in Dubai that will certainly open your eyes on the Arabic cuisine. For sure that after you’ll taste the pita bread, the labneh, zaatar or baba ghanoush, you’ll become a fan of this type of cuisine.

XVA Cafe. Here, the great experience you’ll get from the food will only be equaled by the beautiful scenery around. Placed in a courtyard area, it’s surrounded by engaging galleries and bonus points: it caters also to vegetarian people. So if you’re a vegetarian, this is place to go for experimenting the Arabic cuisine.

Saj Express. If you’re on the go between two tourist attractions to visit, then you would perhaps prefer the Saj Express restaurant. It’s specialized in a fast service catering, not leaving aside the Arabic cuisine though. Among the most popular dishes here are the chicken shawarmas, the fattoush and the lamb sandwiches.

Ewaan. More than the food here, what’s fantastic about Ewaan is that it has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. You can dine away and see the Burj Dubai, or you can choose to stay inside. Either way, the highlights here are the beef and seafood dishes and the vast array of desserts.

Cafe Bateel. Arabic cuisine is excellent here, but what makes the restaurant worthy of the top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai are the excellent desserts there. Definitely, that’s not a place for those who are on a diet!

Now that you have an idea about the most popular Arabic restaurants in Dubai, it’s all up to you where you decide to spoil yourself with an Arabic meal.

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India is indeed everything you've ever heard of and everything you haven't. Both beauty and ugliness, richness and poverty, an unforgettable blend that will make you want to come back again and again.

discover india: kochi backwaters

When it comes to tourism, India is indeed a real life experience. Everyone has heard lots of things about it and probably most of them are true. India is life, it’s an unique combination of beauty and ugliness, of riches and poverty, of old and new. But what’s there to visit in India?

Kochi – a place, faraway for our imaginations.

Kochi is one of the biggest port-cities in India. It rests next to the Arabian Sea and it has a population of more than 600.000 inhabitants. It’s quite antique and it preserves and old world atmosphere, but it’s still part of the fascinating India. The downside would be that it’s quite dirty and crowded, but you will be willing to overlook this when you will discover the true essence of the people there. However, the traffic there will completely blow your mind! Although apparently there’s a complete chaos, nobody seems to be disturbed by that. Traffic signs are almost inexistent, nobody cares about giving you priority to cross, everybody is constantly using the car horns, sometimes you have to walk on the other side of the road and many, many other things. Still, accidents happen quite rarely because apparently there is some kind of order in that chaos.

Thekkady- an amazing wild place

Another beautiful city, another great stop in the fascinating India. It’s considered a heaven for natural spices, such as black pepper or cinnamon. It’s an oasis of greenness, with an extraordinary vegetation, clean, with welcoming and nice people. This is the iconic image of India: monkeys jumping on trees, deers in the forest and last but not least, elephants. You can have long walks in the nature but also enjoy the experience of a safari.

Mumbai/Bombay – unforgettable life experience

The biggest city in India, with a population of more than 20 million people, Mumbai is perhaps the most famous attraction in the country. It’s a colorful city, full of temples for all the gods, a melting pot of Hindu people, Christians, Muslims and many, many others. If you want to visit a Hindu temple, be careful, because only vegan people are allowed to enter. Whoever eats meat, vegetables or fruits and vegetables grown underground are forbidden to visit them. Like everywhere in India, there are a lot of contrasts: people sleeping on the streets vs. opulent commercials and stores. The downside of this city is that it’s very, very polluted and the smells around are hard to take. Here you have to visit Dhobi Ghat, one of the biggest laundry in the this part of world. Here you will see the real face of india, people who work most of the time for nothing, in a very rudimentary way to clean clothes which are bring here from the 5 stars hotels. Interesting to see, how

Food is an important thing when you visit India. Of course, people here usually eat very spicy, so careful if you’re not into this type of food or if you have any problems with your stomach. Also, pay much attention to the place where you’re going to eat. Choose clean and decent places, as much as you’d want to try out the local and rustic eateries. Here in Kochi, being a city located close to the sea, people eat a lot of fish or sea shells, which are very tasty and always fresh.

Advertisement: Do not drink water from the public places, even when you buy a bottle of water make sure that it s still sealed. Do not travel alone in the night and be aware all the time. It,s a fascinating crazy world!

Bottom line is that fascinating India is very attractive and, although it has its downsides, it’s a life experience that you’ll never forget and it will certainly change your perspective on certain things.

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