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For those looking to rent a house in Dubai, check out what the prices are for the most popular areas!

Rent in Dubai in 2015: Real Estate Apartment

Attention, everybody who wants to rent in Dubai in 2015! We have good news: after the last year, which was quite scary in what concerns the rents, this year prices will stabilize. And the specialists expect this trend to continue all through 2015. And now that you’re a little bit less worried about rents, let’s see what are the most popular areas to rent in Dubai in 2015.

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Downtown Dubai. Perfect for bachelors or people who regularly travel a lot, downtown Dubai is the area around Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. One of the most high end real estate pieces in the world, it’s surely a destination you don’t want to miss if you’re looking to rent in Dubai in 2015. Of course, the prices match the prestige, so here you have studios starting from 70.000 to 80.000 AED in a year. More space means more money, so a three-bedroom apartment will cost you 280.000 AED, not to mention the apartments in Burj Khalifa which cost way more than that. Generally, expats are the ones looking to rent here, mainly because they can quickly access interest points like the Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai International Financial Centre or the Business Bay.

Palm Jumeirah. An extremely successful rent destination and an amazing development in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is another famous area with high prices. However, specialists expect the prices to go down a bit this year because new real estate developments will appear in the area. If you’re curious about the prices when you seek to rent in Dubai in 2015, you should know that they vary between 180.000 to 230.000 AED per year for a two-bedroom apartment. If you’re actually looking for a villa, a four-bedroom one can cost you up to 500.000 AED.

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The Springs. Switching the information a bit, maybe there are some families who are looking to rent in Dubai in 2015. For them, the Springs is a great area. It’s one of the most popular villa communities and this is one of the reasons for which many families want to live here. Here the rents are quite stable, which means that in general a villa with two-bedrooms costs somewhere between 120.000 and 135.000 AED. If you’re looking for a three-bedroom property, find out that it can cost you around 200.000 AED.

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. These two areas are also very popular when it comes to rent in Dubai in 2015. Although statistics say that rents here are expected to rise this year, it is still a great area to live in. If you’re a singleton or a couple without children, it’s better to choose Dubai Marina over Jumeirah Beach Residence, since the latter would be more appropriate for families with more children. For instance, a two-bedroom property in Dubai Marina costs from 140.000 to 190.000 AED, but the price is totally worth it. The sea views are wonderful and the high-rise living will definitely satisfy even the most exigent tastes!

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