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For those looking to rent a house in Dubai, check out what the prices are for the most popular areas!

Rent in Dubai in 2015: Real Estate Apartment

Attention, everybody who wants to rent in Dubai in 2015! We have good news: after the last year, which was quite scary in what concerns the rents, this year prices will stabilize. And the specialists expect this trend to continue all through 2015. And now that you’re a little bit less worried about rents, let’s see what are the most popular areas to rent in Dubai in 2015.

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Downtown Dubai. Perfect for bachelors or people who regularly travel a lot, downtown Dubai is the area around Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. One of the most high end real estate pieces in the world, it’s surely a destination you don’t want to miss if you’re looking to rent in Dubai in 2015. Of course, the prices match the prestige, so here you have studios starting from 70.000 to 80.000 AED in a year. More space means more money, so a three-bedroom apartment will cost you 280.000 AED, not to mention the apartments in Burj Khalifa which cost way more than that. Generally, expats are the ones looking to rent here, mainly because they can quickly access interest points like the Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai International Financial Centre or the Business Bay.

Palm Jumeirah. An extremely successful rent destination and an amazing development in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is another famous area with high prices. However, specialists expect the prices to go down a bit this year because new real estate developments will appear in the area. If you’re curious about the prices when you seek to rent in Dubai in 2015, you should know that they vary between 180.000 to 230.000 AED per year for a two-bedroom apartment. If you’re actually looking for a villa, a four-bedroom one can cost you up to 500.000 AED.

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The Springs. Switching the information a bit, maybe there are some families who are looking to rent in Dubai in 2015. For them, the Springs is a great area. It’s one of the most popular villa communities and this is one of the reasons for which many families want to live here. Here the rents are quite stable, which means that in general a villa with two-bedrooms costs somewhere between 120.000 and 135.000 AED. If you’re looking for a three-bedroom property, find out that it can cost you around 200.000 AED.

Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. These two areas are also very popular when it comes to rent in Dubai in 2015. Although statistics say that rents here are expected to rise this year, it is still a great area to live in. If you’re a singleton or a couple without children, it’s better to choose Dubai Marina over Jumeirah Beach Residence, since the latter would be more appropriate for families with more children. For instance, a two-bedroom property in Dubai Marina costs from 140.000 to 190.000 AED, but the price is totally worth it. The sea views are wonderful and the high-rise living will definitely satisfy even the most exigent tastes!

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If you want to move and to rent in Saadiyat Island, read on and find out what are the most recent prices in this popular location in Abu Dhabi.

Rent in Saadiyat Island: Luxury Apartments

Saadiyat Island is the most luxurious place you can find to rent a beautiful home and to spoil yourself in every possible way. There is no wish you can’t fulfill to yourself here in Saadiyat, and that applies to your living quality too. This is for sure a living place for those who are not on a budget and who want to get the best in life!

For bachelors, a great idea is to rent a studio. The yearly rent in Saadiyat Island is around 110.000 AED for a studio, and that includes sharing facilities, a multipurpose court, parking places, gym, wardrobes and even a barbecue area. For one bedroom apartments, you can find prices starting from 145.000 AED per year, up to 150.000 AED. There are apartments with one bedroom and one or two bathrooms, open kitchen and wonderful views, it all depends on how much you choose to pay for this.

Two bedroom apartments are great for families with kids who look to rent in Saadiyat Island. The cheapest ones start from 170.000 AED per year and may reach even 190.000 AED, for the ones with 3 bathrooms and an area of 1.500 square feet. For numerous families, it’s time to find out what are the prices for three-bedroom apartments. The yearly rent for such an apartment starts from 220.000 AED and goes as far as 240.000 AED, varying between 4 or 5 bathrooms, access to spa, sauna, gym or parking spots and even beach view. Even so, everybody here has a quick access to the beach, offering you the possibility to go to the beach every time you want. Alternatively, you can always look for an apartment building which offers pool access all day long.

For those who are looking for more space, villas are perfect. The ones with 4 bedrooms can cost around 1.200.000 AED per year. There are also villas with 6 bedrooms, great for very large families or even several bachelors who want to share a villa. The yearly rent for such a villa starts from 600.000 – 650.000 AED and go as much as 800.000 – 850.000 AED. Almost all of the villas with 6 bedrooms have minimum 6 bathrooms, and some of them even 8. The prices might seem very high, but in fact the costs split between all those who want to live there. And in the end, the facilities and the place of the villa have a sure impact on the final price.

However, what’s more important when choosing a place to rent in Saadiyat Island is to be very well informed before signing any contract or deciding upon an apartment or villa. Try to verify the prices you see with various sources and remember that if a price looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Once you find the perfect spot for you, relax and spoil yourself in this wonderful luxury location that will leave with an excellent impression, mostly due to its location, view and life style.

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Sharjah is a great place to live and many people choose to live here. Read on and find out more about why it's a popular location and what are the prices here.

Rent a property in Sharjah: wonderful pools

Sharjah is the third largest city in the UAE. It’s placed near the Persian Gulf and it has a population of 800.000 residents. It’s a great place to live in, since it’s especially rich in cultural monuments and museums. Here you can find museums in the domains of archaeology, natural history, arts, science, heritage, Islamic art and culture and many more. Here you can find a wonderful view, complete with elegant and beautiful mosques, but also many ways to have fun and to have a moment of peace in the numerous parks and areas around. For all this and much, it’s a good idea to rent a property in Sharjah.

For bachelors, probably the best option to rent a property in Sharjah is a studio. The lowest prices for a studio here vary around 23.000 AED and the highest ones can reach 35.000 for an entire year. If you want a monthly rent, generally it will cost you 5.000 AED. Another option for those who want to rent a property in Sharjah is to go for an apartment with 1 bedroom. An yearly rent here goes from 40.000 to 50.000 AED, while a monthly one varies from 4.000 AED to 6.000 AED. Of course, you can find all kinds of facilities here, and even some of the most luxurious ones, with spa, sauna, gym and pool.

A more spacious option when you want to rent a property in Sharjah is an apartment with 2 bedrooms. You can find to rent such an apartment for a year for as less as 45.000 AED and as much as 90.000 AED. It all depends on the facilities you want to have, the most expensive ones have canal view, balconies, luxurious set up and can come fully furnished. For a month, the rent for such an apartment amounts around 8.000 AED.

More than that, you can also find 3-bedroom apartments if you want to rent a property in Sharjah. For a year, such an apartment costs from 70.000 AED to more than 100.000 AED, again, depending on the facilities you wish to have. Due to the economic boom, many of these apartments are found in modern residential buildings and are placed very close to many centers of attraction. Four-bedroom apartments generally cost around 150.000 AED per year and are very spacious, suitable for larger numbers of people who wish to live together. Penthouses have a renting price per year of about 100.000 AED.

Either way, regardless of the option you choose to rent a property in Sharjah, it’s a fascinating area and it’s conveniently close to other important cities in the country. It’s only 15 km away from Dubai and many people choose to visit it every weekend. Also, it’s relatively close to the capital city Abu Dhabi too, being a distance of about 170 km until there. The wonderful beaches to the gulf and the night life are also a great attraction and a reason to stay in Sharjah.

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When thinking of moving in Ras al-Khaimah you might want to know what are the rent prices for every type of apartment you can find.

Rent a property in Ras al-Khaimah: sea view

Ras al-Khaimah is an area that combines both modern and antique lifestyles. Culturally speaking, you can find lots of landmarks to visit here: museums, forts, ruins of antique palaces and artisan shops create a wonderful atmosphere and give you a hint for the fascinating Oriental world. At the same time, the real estate part has evolved in an outstanding way and numerous residential areas, commercial buildings and offices has been constructed here, which is why many people seek to rent a property in Ras al-Khaimah. More than that, the area is very popular as a touristic destination too, meaning that the economy is flourishing. There are lots of events that attract many people and offer you an active city life.

Probably the cheapest option if you want to rent a property in Ras al-Khaimah is to choose a studio. The prices for an yearly rent go from 35.000 AED up to 55.000 AED, depending on the area, the facilities and so on. A monthly rent for a studio goes from 3.500 AED to 4.500 AED. If you want to rent a 1-bedroom apartment, you should know that the lowest prices start from 24.000 AED and can go up to 60.000 AED for a year. The most expensive apartments come fully furnished and with lots of other facilities such as wonderful views, access to spa, sauna and pool.

For those who seek more space and want to rent a property in Ras al-Khaimah, a 2-bedroom apartment is a great idea. For an amount between 35.000 and 70.000 AED, you can have your own 2-bedroom apartment for a year. The more stunning the sea view and the bigger the apartment, the higher the price. Of course, you can always choose to have it fully furnished or to bring your own furniture.

Three-bedroom apartments are a great idea for more space and more people who want to share the expenses, for instance. The cheapest ones start from 38.000 AED a year, with a surface of roughly 1.500 square feet. For those who want to have all the benefits and facilities available, the most expensive three-bedroom apartments can cost up to 130.000 AED. Usually, most 3-bedroom apartments come together with 3 bathrooms and more often than not their surface exceeds 2.000 square feet.

Four-bedroom apartments are not such a popular choice when someone wants to rent a property in Ras al-Khaimah, although they certainly have their benefits, the space being one of them. The yearly rent for this kind of apartment varies around 120.000 AED for a surface of more than 3.000 square feet. Penthouses are also quite popular for people who want to rent a property in Ras al-Khaimah. The prices for a penthouse with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and a little more than 1.000 square feet, for instance, are generally around 36 – 37.000 AED.

Regardless of the option you want to choose for living in Ras al-Khaimah, there are lots of relaxing space nearby almost anywhere you might find an apartment, not to mention the countless restaurants and pubs to hang out.

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Furnishing your rented house is not an easy job, but if you know some tips and tricks, this might actually be a task that you will enjoy. Read on to find out more about how to make your rented house a pleasant home for the time of your rental.

Shelves on walls

If you thought a lot about the decision of renting a house and you reached the conclusion that it’s better to rent than buy, the next problem that appears is the furnishing. You know from the beginning that you won’t live very long in that house, so there’s no point in spending lots of money on heavy and numerous pieces of furniture that you will need later on to move and to change. However, you can’t live with only a mattress on the floor for a whole year or whatever is the length you rented the house on. Read on for some tips and tricks on furnishing quickly your rented house!

Choose light furniture. As much as you’d love heavy, adorned, wooden furniture, you have to think practical. How easy will it be to rearrange the furniture or to handle it when you will move again? This is why a good advice is to choose light furniture. Go for light materials, such as light wood panels, glass or metal. More than that, this kind of furniture is easy to clean and to maintain.

DIY furniture. Yes, perhaps it’s not the most stylish and perhaps you’ll ask or hire someone to do it for you, but the best part about this type of furniture is that it comes in panels. And panels mean that you can assemble/disassemble it easily when moving. Nowadays this is a growing trend among people all over the world, choosing modern, light, DIY furniture that does not take up much space and can easily be rearranged.

Be creative! You don’t really need to buy every piece of furniture. You can use for instance scrap wooden panels or metal tubes to make a great bookcase against the wall. This way you can save money, time and you can put your creativity to work for furnishing quickly your rented house! Pro tip: You can even hire an artist or someone who works in this industry to create beautiful pieces of furniture from scraps or parts of old ones.

Use Tricks. If the space you rented is small, for instance, and you don’t want to buy lots of furniture because you live in a rental, you can use tricks to make the room look more spacious. For instance, choose long drapes for the windows. You can even let them hanging all the way to the floor for an extra effect.

Wallpapers. Wallpapers are great because they spare you the effort of painting the walls and they can be changed whenever you want. This is a liberty you don’t get too often when it comes to furnishing quickly your rented house, so you might want to take advantage of it. Choose the wallpaper to match the rest of the decorations in the room and you’ll get so comfortable there that you will forget you’re in a rental!

This being said, furnishing quickly your rented house does not seem so much an adventure, right? Plus, the moment you will really appreciate the current decoration of your home will be when you will need to move again. Good luck with furnishing!

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Renting a house in Abu Dhabi is a great idea, but you need to know some basic information before you do this. Here is some information about locations, prices, fees and everything else you need to know.

Reem Island

When renting a house in Abu Dhabi there are some things you need to know before going ahead and choosing your next home. One of the most basic things you need to know is that you will need to pay an annual rent and that there are allowed 1, 2 or maximum 3 cheques.

Also, there are multiple ways of renting a place to live. You can rent an apartment for yourself, which is more convenient because you won’t be disturbed. Another option would be to share a bigger apartment with 1 or 2 other families. This will help you a lot with the expenses, since everything will be shared. In what regards the type of the house, you can choose between a villa or an apartment. Usually, more people live in a villa and share the expenses, while the studios are rented by single people only.

What you must know is that any apartment that you want to rent comes unfurnished. So you might want to take into account the costs of the future furniture (if you don’t have some already). This can actually be an advantage, since you have the chance to decorate the apartment exactly as you wish, even though it’s only rented.

Usually the rents start from 40.000 AED and can go up to 90 – 100.000 AED for studios, and can even reach 300.000 AED for big apartments in luxurious conditions and great locations. To this you have to add the furnishing costs, as we said above, and also the agency fee, which is around 5% of the property’s value, but not less than 3000 AED usually.

Depending on how much you can afford to spend, you can choose a great location. The most popular locations in Abu Dhabi are Abu Dhabi City, Reem Island and Reef Downtown. The most expensive rents are for villas and apartments located next to the sea, with a wonderful view to the seaside, private beaches nearby and a lot of comfort. The most beautiful locations here are Al Raha Beach, Al Reem Island and Saadyiat. All of them have great views and stunning beaches, not to mention how beautiful the house there are. In places like these you should expect to pay the most for the rent.

In comparison, there are some locations which are the quite accessible. Mushriff area, Al Reef, Al Ghadeer and Hydra Village offer great conditions for less money that the luxurious ones. However, you shouldn’t expect to have a private beach next to your villa, but then again, there are decent conditions everywhere.

Last but not least, you should be very careful when you start looking on real estate portals to find something to rent. Some of them can make a lot of fake promises, and you might end up paying much more for something of a lesser value than you thought initially. Double-check every information, go for yourself to see the house or the apartment, ask around, get some information online or ask people who have worked with that agency before. In this way you can make sure that your choice will be the best one and you won’t regret it!


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