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Sharjah is a great place to live and many people choose to live here. Read on and find out more about why it's a popular location and what are the prices here.

Rent a property in Sharjah: wonderful pools

Sharjah is the third largest city in the UAE. It’s placed near the Persian Gulf and it has a population of 800.000 residents. It’s a great place to live in, since it’s especially rich in cultural monuments and museums. Here you can find museums in the domains of archaeology, natural history, arts, science, heritage, Islamic art and culture and many more. Here you can find a wonderful view, complete with elegant and beautiful mosques, but also many ways to have fun and to have a moment of peace in the numerous parks and areas around. For all this and much, it’s a good idea to rent a property in Sharjah.

For bachelors, probably the best option to rent a property in Sharjah is a studio. The lowest prices for a studio here vary around 23.000 AED and the highest ones can reach 35.000 for an entire year. If you want a monthly rent, generally it will cost you 5.000 AED. Another option for those who want to rent a property in Sharjah is to go for an apartment with 1 bedroom. An yearly rent here goes from 40.000 to 50.000 AED, while a monthly one varies from 4.000 AED to 6.000 AED. Of course, you can find all kinds of facilities here, and even some of the most luxurious ones, with spa, sauna, gym and pool.

A more spacious option when you want to rent a property in Sharjah is an apartment with 2 bedrooms. You can find to rent such an apartment for a year for as less as 45.000 AED and as much as 90.000 AED. It all depends on the facilities you want to have, the most expensive ones have canal view, balconies, luxurious set up and can come fully furnished. For a month, the rent for such an apartment amounts around 8.000 AED.

More than that, you can also find 3-bedroom apartments if you want to rent a property in Sharjah. For a year, such an apartment costs from 70.000 AED to more than 100.000 AED, again, depending on the facilities you wish to have. Due to the economic boom, many of these apartments are found in modern residential buildings and are placed very close to many centers of attraction. Four-bedroom apartments generally cost around 150.000 AED per year and are very spacious, suitable for larger numbers of people who wish to live together. Penthouses have a renting price per year of about 100.000 AED.

Either way, regardless of the option you choose to rent a property in Sharjah, it’s a fascinating area and it’s conveniently close to other important cities in the country. It’s only 15 km away from Dubai and many people choose to visit it every weekend. Also, it’s relatively close to the capital city Abu Dhabi too, being a distance of about 170 km until there. The wonderful beaches to the gulf and the night life are also a great attraction and a reason to stay in Sharjah.

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