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Show your love and respect to the Earth that gives you air!

We live in a world of technology and technology uses a lot of energy which we should start saving it and how could we save it better then not with echo-friendly gadgets which are very ingenious and of course a friend of the Earth.

Today I decided to present you several interesting echo-friendly gadgets which you will find very useful and if you are looking for methods to save energy these are the best things invented for this reason. 

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1)Brunton SolarRoll: Everybody knows how powerful the Sun is and many people choose to use its power instead of consuming energy from the ordinary sources. Sunlight power should be used more often because solar-powered gadgets are of course echo-friendly. A solarroll is a panel used to charge cell phones, digital camera and even a car battery which is amazing. I am pretty sure you already heard about it. It was designed by Brunton in three models and each of them produces 3 different outputs. 4.5, 9 and 14 watts.The models are created of Tefzel fluoropolymer for a better resistance and they are waterproof in case you were thinking taking them with you on a boat. This device is not that expensive so everyone should afford it if they want to be an Earth friend.

echo-friendly gadgets sollar roll home caprice

2)RoboMower RL850: Forget about how you used to cut your lawn and start using a robotic lawnmower. There are several reasons you should start using these echo friendly gadgets. First of all, because they offer you free time when you can do whatever you want and of course this gadget doesn’t harm the environment because it doesn’t use gas or oil. All you have to do is to lay a wire around the outer edges of your lawn and then attach it to pegs. Being a very smart gadget, it will recognize the wire and it will follow it. It has sensors which detect trees, rock or any other obstacles. It is designed with a 5800-rpm blade speed, so you lawn will look amazing.

RoboMower-RL850T echo friendly gadgets home caprice

3)Kyocera FS-3900DN Printer: Your printer should be ecological too especially if you use it a lot. This printer works as a workgroup monochrome laser completely ozone free. An positive electrical charge was put to the printer rollers and in this way it won’t harm the environment.  It features a 500-sheet standard paper drawer, 64MB of RAM, USB host printing, and a recyclable plastic toner cartridge.

eco-friendly gadgets home caprice

4)The Lumen: This gadget is amazing. It uses your own body heat to produce light. It is a very small device and all you have to do is touch it and it works instantly producing electric current provided by your heat. It has a thermoelectric generator and its metal body acts as a radiator.

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Lumen-The-Eternal-Flashlight echo friendly gadgets home caprice

5)Garden Critter Solar Light: Those families who live in a house with a garden should think about their gardens to be lighten by echo-friendly gadgets. During the day, these gadgets steal energy from the sun and at night they beautifully glow.

echo friendly gadgets garden home caprice

6)The ClickStick is the world’s first smart deodorant. Pretty interesting isn’t it?  This deodorant has a push-button system which will give only the exactly amount of antiperspirant you need, not more and not less. It is synced up with your smartphone and follows up your personal habits and gives you an alert when you need to be refreshed. I just love it.

ClickStick-Deoderant echo friendly deodorant home caprice

Miito: Waste no more water and immediately search for this fabulous device. An echo-friendly gadget which heats your water. Fill only one cup of water from now one and place the device on the cup’s base, insert the rod and it will boil your water very quickly. It fits in any container you want to use and works in any container that is more important.

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Miito_Front_echo-friendly gadgets home caprice

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A home gym will always help you be in shape. Be the person who chooses to be healthy!

Looking good. That’s what is all about nowadays. A nice, expensive clothing item won’t look so good if your body won’t give it the chance to shine. Maybe many of you don’t have the time to exercise as much as you should because of work or other time consuming things. Well, the solution for a great body is your own home gym. No more excuses from now on. Say goodbye to those awkward situations at the spa, at the pool or at the beach.

In a world that’s always on a rush, say stop and start concentrating on you: on your body, on your health. Your self-confidence will be sky high. A home gym is the solution for this.

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Some of the best ways to create your personal home gym:

Doing exercises while watching TV: This is one of my favorite. You can work out as much as you want but still be connected to the news, football games or maybe just watch a motivational movie or clip that will inspire you to work harder, train harder, be better.

home made gym home caprice tv included

Space saving home gym: If one of the reasons for not having done this yet is lack of space, this is your answer: you really don’t need so much space for a home gym as you thought. You can find an ingenuous way to do exercises in every place in your house. For example you can organize a bit of space from your attic and turn it into a nice, cool looking home gym. It’s sometimes better because you can use it as a leverage to escape from the people surrounding you. Nobody will guess that you are in your attic doing exercises.

space saving attic home made gym home caprice

Fresh aired gym: OK, everyone knows that in any gym you sweat a lot and if it’s not well aerated the smell will become beyond all bearing. Don’t worry, I’ve got the solution for this problem also. All you have to do is install your equipment near a big window or in front of you balcony. In this way you will always get fresh air and you will be able to do all of your fat burning or muscle grow exercises.

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fresh air home made gym home caprice

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Relaxing view from your gym: What better way to do your exercises than in front of a great, chilling view. You can forget about all your thoughts, let your mind free and enjoy your time. Relax while working your body. What can you wish more ?

relaxin view home made gym home caprice

Choose your desk chair in such a way you will never feel tired again!

First of all when we think about a desk chair we need to focus on comfort, healthy and than elegance.

A desk chair must be chosen in terms of health first of all but lucky us designer know this and they have created elegant, stylish desk chairs that will make your office look spectacularly clean and powerful.

So let’s see what do you have to have into consideration when you choose your desk chair.

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Office chairs are not a simply item on which you sit on, they are part of the decor and you might not notice but you spend mostly the entire day sitting on it. But I repeat, do no choose your desk chair in terms of good looking because the health influences of a wrong chair are very bad. Above everything else, think about the design of an ergonomic chair.

recliner-chairs-leather desk chair

1)Lumbar Support

Always take into consideration the support for the lower back. If you want the best chair, you will notice that high-quality desk chairs have an adjustable lumbar support that allows you to fit the chair to your lower back.This prevents back strain that can become sciatica.


All desk chairs should have a height and arm adjustment, but these are not the most important details. You should look for those desk chairs that have at least 5 adjustments which also have another 14 different adjustments.Search for: lumbar support, arm width and height, seat back width and height, seat and back angle and tension control.

3)Wheel Base

If your office has carpet you need to search for wheels specifically made for carpets and many people ignore this aspect. Why is important rolling? Because prevents strain due to reaching across a desk.

4)Swivel Base

Make sure your chair swivel freely in order to allow you an easier access to various parts of the desk. If it doesn’t do this, you can have arm fatigue.


Brethable fabric that keeps the chair from becoming hot or uncomfortable after you sit hours on it. It has to have enough cushion to support anyone without feeling the base of the chair.

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Having a high-quality chair desk comes with many benefits including less back strain. Good desk chairs prevent fatigue and discomfort which are a result of siting in the same chair too much. If you feel comfortable your will be more productive and more positive.

desk chair home caprice

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I would also add that if designer created these chairs in a way that would suit in every kind of room. If your desk is located in your bedroom a fine black leather chair would look fantastic. Don’t worry about this detail anymore.

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Your house is a oasis of healthy air and beauty if you decide to decorate it with exotic plants!

In a previous article we learned about beautiful flowers which can endure heat in Dubai. Today we will concentrate on exotic indoor plants which will transform our house completely.

Any house is far more beautiful with plants decorating it. Plants clean the air, perfume the house and aesthetically are really a wonderful decoration item. 

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Orchid – Disocactus Ackermannii: This plant is a forest type cactus that enjoys humidity. It will take you a little time until it finally starts to bloom but the waiting is all for your happiness. It is at first a little picky but if you take good care of it, will beautify your home for years. It blooms multi-petalled bright funnel shaped flowers which can achieve 4 to 6 inches. Being a tropical cactus, it needs watered frequently.The flowers have shades of bright red with yellow stamens in the center. The blooming happens in the middle of the Spring and once the flower appears, it remains open day and night.

Hawaiian Tī Plant – Cordyline Fruticosa: This great exotic house plant is perfect because of its colorful leafs. It prefers bright light, warm temperature and high humidity levels in order to grow naturally and to produce flowers. They easily adapt indoor and they love tropical conditions. Ti plant prouds itself with little whitish or pink fantastic flowers, but it will bloom only with the perfect condition. But not the flowers are its jewel but the leaves which are impressive. Be very careful if you have pets, because the plant is toxic for dogs and cats. During Spring and Fall when it’s the growing season add a diluted fertilizer every 2 weeks.

One Colored Paphiopedilum Concolor: This is a plant native to SE Asia, a wonderful orchid that grows very easily indoors if you offer her the correct care and good conditions. The flowers is one of the most interesting you’ve ever seen and it will live to 8 weeks. People also know it as the ” Lady’s slipper plant” because of a slipper shaped lip flower. This flower is extremely elegant with the dark green leather textured and oblong shaped leaves which have grayish green smears. The flower which will bloom has 2-3 inches in diameter with two petals like wings. If you decide to select this flower you need to be patient with it until it fully blooms. The flower doesn’t rush to totally bloom, but when it finally does you will be enchanted by its beauty. Use a balanced fertilizer once a week. It can be a weak liquid or a powered one.

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THE FLOWERING MAPLE PLANT: Comes from the Abutilon genus of plant which grows to approximately 5ft tall and the flowers are amazingly elegant in shape of a bell. The leaves are a maple type dark green and the flowers are a bell shaped which can have a different colors like red, yellow, pink or white. During spring you can expect to see many of this bells flowers. They like sunshine and bright rooms so it would be a good idea to put them near a window. If once in a while put them outside they won’t mind at all. You should frequently water it especially if you live in a hot area.

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These indoor plants will surely beautify your house and they will make feel much better. It is a proved fact that flowers give you energy and make you a better person. Decorate your house with indoor plants.

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From now one your baby's safety is guaranteed if you take into consideration these protection systems.

When it comes to children danger is everywhere you look. They can transform something totally harmless in something extremely dangerous, that is their power.

And because this is not actually a joke we need to find alternatives in order to keep them safe. Lucky us there are many protection systems for your children that you can easily adjust yourself so you don’t have to trouble your mind if he/she is safe.

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I would start with this  Safety 1st Magnetic Tot Lok Complete Set which will help you keep your baby’s fingers, cleaning products, food or any other items safe. We know how babies have that power of hurting their finger in anything especially drawers this system by installing it inside the cabinet or drawer will protect your children from this pain. The magnetic key is easy to store somewhere high up so the child won’t reach it.

protection systems

Safety  Oven Lock. You need this system protection because children tend to explore everything and the oven is a very dangerous land for them. This helps you stay calm and protects your child against burning or other more painful accidents. It is heat resistant and you can install it in the front of the stove.

protection systems

Safeway Gate is another important protection system which is essential to baby proofing. Stairs pose are a danger for children of all ages, so this safety gate is specially designed for top-of-stair use but it can be used also in hallways or as a room divider

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There were many cases when children fell off in the pool and no one knew about this and to avoid such tragedies buy an In-Ground Pool Alarm and let worries away from you. This alarm can’t be installed once you install it so anyone who is in the pool and it wasn’t supposed to be there you’ll know. It can be put in a sleep mode if you’re using the pool.

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pool alarm

Corner Protector is another important system against children’s hurting. Children run, fell off, trip and they can always hurt themselves in the corner of a furniture that is why a corner protector is a must when you have kids.

protection system

Electricity is one of the most dangerous danger for your children. Their curiosity is huge so you must have Outlet Covers which can be even elegant, save time, there are easy to install and they are a real angel guard for your baby.

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protection systems

You will also need strip covers which will keep you baby safe and electronic hubs no longer will be a cause of concern. These are really useful so make sure you buy some.

Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover will determine your baby to enjoy a bath time and it will protect his/her head from bumping the tub spout. Bath become safer with this system protection.

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These are some clever devices which keep your baby safe and you no longer have to stress about its health. Hope I’ve helped you with some ideas.

Transform work in fun and play with you children!

kids room

Kids are kids and they are full of energy and they live in a different world of ours. They can fly, they are pirates, or queens or animals anyway they are full of energy and they do make a lot of mess.

Well children must learn that their room is a special place where magic can happen so they must keep it clean and you don’t have to clean it for them, you must teach them how to maintain it clean.

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Let’s see some tips about this process of cleaning a kid’s room and see how we should make it a team work. Tips for organizing your kids room.

See your children’ room from their eyes: 


Start analyzing your kid’s room from his/her level. Take a look at the space, storage, furniture and possessions from his or her position. It is another view, believe me. Avoid any type of adult furniture because small hands can’t manage them. Avoid closet hanging rods because they don’t fit smaller clothing. I think traditional toy boxes are out of fashion.

Any solution you find make sure it fits with your child. If they are younger, you don’t need closet doors at all. Invest in lower clothing rods and child-sizes hangers. Replace traditional toy boxes with floor-level open containers for toys, and you might want to take into consideration plastic baskets for socks and underwear.

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If I were you I would to a daily checklist for maintenance.

Involve your child in every action you do:

Of course it would be much easier to do everything by yourself but your kid needs to learn how to organize his/her  room and what means to do an effort. You must teach your child what are the organization skills and maintenance methods.

This can be really fun, you just have to focus on the child. You are your child organizational consultant from now on. Ask your child what is good in his/ her room what is not, what it is important to him/her, what is not, what is causing problems and what is not, and why it is important for him/her to learn how to be organized. You can make this look like  a very interesting game.

With two brains on the process the organization scheme and system will be much easier to make. If you involve your children active in this process they will understand better the organizational logic and they will maintain their room organized and clean.

Simplify everything:


It can’t be that hard because children’s rooms are smaller but anyway they contain outgrown clothing, surplus toys, household overflow from other rooms, you can find anything in a kid’s room and it would be impossible to a child to stay organized when everything is crammed, the drawers are full of thing and the toys are everywhere.

So take your kid’s hand and start sorting, storing everything together. First thing clothes. Store them by seasons. Think if every t-shirt is worn about your child and if don’t make some room for others.

An interesting detail would be a toy library if your kid has too many toys. You can use a large lidded plastic storage container, large boxes, or plastic garbage bags and bring the toys to the toy library. Store them somewhere else not in the same room.

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When your child is bored bring the toy library and rediscover them together.  Older kid can have a higher closet shelves for storing their belongings.

So dear mothers and fathers from now on make this task a play task and everything will be easier.


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Take care of your health and environment by using echo friendly cleaning products!

natural cleaning products

Our house is our oasis of relaxation, comfort, joy and love or at least it should be. We want it always clean and fresh and a beautiful perfume to greet us when we enter inside.

Most of us use different cleaning products, usually we try to buy the most expensive one because we’re thinking that they are high-quality. It is important to know that every cleaning product we buy from the store, is toxic. Being toxic it will harm first of all us, then our children, our pets and so on.

A lot of people don’t know that you can clean your house perfectly, by using natural products which are even eatable.

So first of all REMOVE TOXIC PRODUCTS.  They are poisonous. Wasp, spray, oven, cleaner, waxes and polishes each of these are full of chemicals and they are very dangerous for your health and your family’s health. All these can be replaced with natural products made by you.

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Let’s see how you can clean your windows without polluting environment and without concerning about health.

1.  Combine a glass of water with a glass of Vodka and than put the composition in a spray bottle. Add a small scoop of lavender oil because you don’t want your house to smell like vodka. There is no need to use an expensive vodka, the important ingredient is the alcohol.

2. Make your clothes whiter: Admix 3% hydrogen peroxide, which you find in pharmacies, with water and some drops of lavender oil or any other aromatic oil and then use this composition for giving your clothes a brighter white. It is very effective. You can also mix a half of lemon juice with 1 L of hot water, it is also very effective for white clothes and they will smell incredible.

3. Cleaning your bathtub, toilet and sink: These elements must be very clean because most of the germs are living there and you can get infections even if you think that they are clean. Mix 4 scoops of soda with Kosher salt. Clean the bath tub, the sinks and the toilets with this solution. If you are afraid of grate them, use a softer salt. The bathtub can be also cleaned with soda and lemon juice. These natural solutions give great results and you don’t have to worry about side effects.


4.Natural odorant  Fill a spray bottle with water and some  drops of aromatic oil which you like the most. A great idea would be a tree oil which is stronger and give a more fresh smell to the room. Mix them very good and then just powder into the room.

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5. Clean your dinner services with lemon juice mixed with soda. Soda is also good for eliminating unpleasant smells from the fridge.

6. Clean the dust with a scoop of coconut oil mixed with water and juice lemon or vinegar. Your furniture will look cleaner and brighter. If you don’t have time to prepare the liquid than use only coconut oil, it is a very good anti germs and also gives bright. You can also use it for your shoes.

7.Anti mold solutions: mix lavender oil with lemon juice and water. Lavender is also good for banish moths.

8. Wash out your currents. Mix vinegar with soda in equal quantities and bulk them in the currents.

9.Clean your carpets: If you think that your carpets are full of dust, mix water with vinegar and just powder them. You can rub them if you think that they’re too dirty with a cloth. The blotches can go off if you mix vinegar with salt.



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Clean your House Echo Friendly and you will be healthier and your children can play without having the concern that they will inhale toxic solutions.



See here how you can store your food for a longer period of time and in good conditions!

How to Store Foods: Healthy Eating

Storing food may seem an easy job, you just place the food in the refrigerator and that’s it. Indeed, recent technology has made refrigerators more and more intelligent and useful, but is that enough to take full advantage of your food? If you don’t know how to store food correctly, it might get rotten faster than usual, so you might want to read our advice on how to store foods properly!

How to Store Food: Separate Fruits

1. Keep the original package. In general, it’s a good idea to keep the food in the package it came with, whether we’re talking about meat, fish or poultry. Moving the meat from one package to another can expose it to all kinds of bacteria, especially if you handle it with your bare hands, so you might want to think again before moving that steak to a different bag.

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2. Use plastic wrap. If however you needed to move a certain aliment, for instance milk or other dairy products, don’t place them back in the container. Simply cover the second bowl with a plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator.

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3. Always check the expiry date and other mentions on the package. There are products that have to be consumed in a certain amount of time after opening, while others can last for months. Always check the package and pay attention to the packaging and expiry date, so that you can know when it’s safe to eat it and when you should throw it away.

4. Separate fruits and vegetables. As much as possible, an important tip on how to store foods is to keep fruits and vegetables separately. What does that mean? It means that you should put together carrots with carrots, potatoes with potatoes, bananas with bananas. This is advisable because different fruits or vegetables produce certain types of gasses that can cause other to rot faster than usual and so on, so if you want your foods to keep longer, you should stick them together!

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5. Don’t wait for the food to cool off. Yes, with the old refrigerators, whenever you needed to store foods which were hot, you had to wait for them to cool down. Nowadays however, modern refrigerators can perfectly handle the heat and not break down, which is totally a time saver and makes your job much easier.

How to Store Foods: Fruits and Vegetables

6. Leftovers. Store them in an airtight container or wrap, so that they don’t get exposed too much to air. It’s probably better to divide them in several such containers so that they can cool faster. For instance, instead of having a huge pot with soup, you can have 2 or 3 smaller containers with enough servings you need at one meal.

7. Don’t fill up the fridge. Choose a fridge that suits your needs to store foods and don’t fill it up. If it’s too full, air will not circulate properly and the temperature will not be low enough for the foods to be kept in a safe environment.

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We all love hot weather, beaches and the ocean! But what to do to escape the dangerously high temperatures this summer?

Tips to Escape the Heat: Wear White Clothes

Summer can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on how well you tolerate heat. Especially in the UAE, you have to get used to the high temperatures found here, and the climate has proven to be problematic for many who weren’t born here. Thankfully, there are lots of tips to escape the heat which can make summer more enjoyable for everybody!

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Tips to Escape the Heat: Use Water

1. Wear clothes in light colors. It is a well-known fact that light colors reject heat, while dark ones attract it. As such, you can store away your black clothes for now, unless you really need them for a special occasion. If you don’t own any white blouses, pants or shirts, you should really stock up, since they will help you in the fight with the heat.

2. Carry some water around. Even if it will get warmer after a while, it’s still good to carry around water. You never know when you are going to be thirsty, and if it’s too warm to be drunk, you can use it to splash on your face, arms and legs. If you feel sick or start to feel dizzy after spending a long time in the sun, take a handkerchief and pour some water on it. Place it on your neck and chest to lower your body temperature, and always cover your head with a hat.

Tips to Escape the Heat: Protect Your Head

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3. Try to drink something warmer. Maybe you think one of the most useful tips to escape the heat is to drink something with ice, anything, but the truth is that’s not the most effective way to cool off your body. Drinking a warm tea, as strange as it may sound, can help you fight heat better, since you won’t use any extra energy to heat the liquid in your stomach. That’s why you should at least drink something with a normal temperature if you can’t stand something warm.

4. Use ice. Take a sock, fill it with ice and place it on your forehead or chest if you need immediate cooling. However, don’t hold it too much, since your skin might get damaged if you expose it too much to low temperatures. Alternatively, you can play around with ice cubes and slide them on your skin, especially in places where veins are visible: on the neck, on your wrists, behind the knees and so on, so that blood can circulate faster.

Tips to Escape the Heat: Stay Indoors

5. Stay indoors. There’s no better advice than to stay at home during heat waves, especially if you have heart or circulatory problems. Install an AC machine in your home and you won’t even feel the scorching heat outside! Take showers often and don’t stress out too much, since this may raise your blood pressure. If it’s not totally necessary, don’t go outside and if you really, really need to go, remember our advice and protect yourself!

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The heating system is an important component of your home, especially for your health and comfort, so see here how to take care of it!

Heating System Tips: Fireplace Heating

The heating system is an important part in our lives, and if it happens to break down during winter, well, it’s not the best of moments. In order to prevent issues that could have been avoided, we thought of helping you with some heating system tips that might make the lifespan of your system longer. Check them out!

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1. Get to a specialist. As much as you think you can do it and that there’s not much to be done about the heating system and its maintenance, it’s always a good idea to get to a specialist. They are trained people who know everything about these systems, and if you want a job well done, you should always ring them up. If you are good with technical things, maybe there are other issues you can solve yourself, but not getting a specialist in this area could be even dangerous for your family, since the electrical parts might break down.

Heating System Tips: Floor Heating

2. Check to see if it works. Before winter comes and before the first frost, you should run the heating system once to see if it works. This is a smart step since it allows you to detect eventual issues in time, and you can solve the problems without freezing in your own home in case the system doesn’t function properly. You can always repeat the process if you think something is wrong or you can call the specialist anytime. And remember, better to prevent than to treat!

3. Check the lights. If you have a natural gas system, one of the best heating system tips is to check the lights. For this type of heating system, the light should always be clear blue. If at any point you see the light having other colors, it’s a clear sign of an issue, so you should take some measures. Most of the time when something malfunctions, the light turns orange or yellow, so this should be a clear indicator.

Heating System Tips: Central Heating

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4. Change yearly the furnace filters. Dirty and full filters make the system push harder the warm air through them and thus working slower and consuming more. That’s why it is recommended to change the furnace filters every year, to ensure that the air circulates freely and that the entire system works fine. Plus, it’s not healthy to keep dirty filters there, since you will later inhale the air that passes through them.


5. Ensure the free circulation of air. Don’t block the vents from the system with furniture, plants or any other items. Similarly to the air conditioning machine, blocking the vents with various items will only prevent you from enjoying the benefits of the system and will not help the temperature in the room drop or climb. Even more so, you could arrange the entire design so as to let the air circulate freely around the room, be it hot or cold, since a proper ventilation is important for your health and comfort.

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Future Gadgets: Modern Kitchen

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Technology is being used more and more around the house, simplifying our lives and decorating our rooms. Many people invest in the latest trends...
Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen