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If you want to keep a healthy bathroom, read our advice for special habits and follow them!

Healthy Bathroom Habits: No Shower Curtain

Health is definitely a subject that should concern us all, but have you ever wondered what habits you have are healthy or not? That’s why we made a small list of healthy bathroom habits you should totally follow or if you aren’t already, start adopting. How many do you follow?

Healthy Bathroom Habits: Clean Bathroom

1. Don’t drink from the shower. Yes, you might be thirsty while taking a shower, yes, it might be the same water running down the pipes, but the shower head isn’t quite the best spot to drink from. There are lots of bacteria that may live there from various reasons: humidity, temperature, different cleaning products you’re using on it and which might even be toxic and so on and so forth. Next time, drink some water before getting into shower!

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2. Close the toilet lid. Most people flush with the toilet lid open. Wrong! When flushing with the lid open, all the germs there become airborne and spread around the entire room. Nobody wants that, so next time remember to close the lid first and then to flush, to keep the bathroom clean and healthy for you and your family.

3. Don’t keep toothbrushes next to the toilet. Since the sink is usually placed right next to the toilet and people keep their toothbrushes above it, no wonder that when airborne germs are around, they will invade your toothbrush too. If you want to avoid this, read again healthy habit number 2. If possible, always keep it in the vanity, where germs can’t get to it.

Healthy Bathroom Habits: Healthy Home

4. Use proper venting system. Maintaining the venting system is one of the most useful healthy bathroom habits out there. This doesn’t help only with eliminating odors, but also with humidity. After taking a shower (and especially a bath), leave the bathroom fan on for 10 or more minutes. Ideally, you should leave it on until you can’t see moisture on the walls anymore, to avoid mold and other issues in your bathroom.

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5. Don’t use towels together with somebody else. A mistake mane people make, and it’s definitely not on the healthy bathroom habits list, is to keep one towel for hands and face for every guest that comes around. Actually, textile towels keep the germs and you only pass it from one person to another when using a towel together. What is recommended is to use paper towels that can be thrown away immediately after using them.

Healthy Bathroom Habits: No bacteria

6. Shower curtain or not? Although shower curtains are great because they help in keeping the rest of the bathroom dry, they might even damage it. By keeping it when you shower, you are keeping the moisture in one area of the room, which can be very favorable for the development of mold, mildew and other bacteria. When it’s not open, air circulates freely and lets the walls dry faster and more effectively. Last but not least, a rug could replace the curtain if you don’t want the floor to get wet around the shower.

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Learn here how to choose the best bed sheets and how to make your bedroom a perfect relaxing room!

How to choose your bed sheets: Neutral Colors

Bed sheets are as important as the bed or the mattress itself. Although some overlook their importance when it comes to making a bed more comfortable, bed sheets are the ones that spoil your skin and make you feel like you’re in heaven after a long day at work. And guess what makes a Sunday morning so relaxing? Bed sheets again! So see here how to choose your bed sheets so that they will be the best for you!

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1. How to choose your bed sheets according to the fabric. Fabric is extremely important when you have to choose the bed sheets, because they are in touch with your skin most of the time. Cotton is generally recommended, because it’s the healthiest option available, and for this, the highest quality version is the 100% Egyptian cotton, famous worldwide. Generally, you can rely on the thread count for the fabric you’re choosing if you want to make sure it’s the best one available. The higher the thread count, the better, but the type of cotton is sometimes more important. Other fabrics, like silk or sateen, are more elegant and make for a more beautiful interior design.

2. For the kids. If you carefully choose the bed sheets for your own bed, you should pay even more attention when choosing them for your kids’ room. There is a recent trend among new parents which consists in choosing antibacterial clothes and sheets for the newborns. Although it might seem like a good idea, it’s not, because as soon as the child grows and takes contact with the germs in real life, he won’t be prepared to fight them and therefore, he will be more likely to be sick.

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3. How to choose your bed sheets depending on the length. If you have a standard bed, this shouldn’t be a problem for you, since you can find perfect sized sheets. If, however, you have a custom-made bed, you should consider having some custom-made sheets too. The right size of the sheets is quite important, since it has an important role in your comfort. Nobody likes sheets that are too short and keep slipping overnight, or some that are too long and hang around the bed, maybe even causing you to trip and fall when getting out of bed.

4. Depending on the pattern. Usually the bed sheets shouldn’t have heavy patterns or prints, but if you love certain themes or your room is built around a central point (like that of the kids, for instance) you can make an exception. Equilibrium is the best option for your bedroom, for instance, if you have solid colors around the room, you can choose a daring pattern for the sheets or the other way around. But make sure you don’t overdo it, since the design has to be pleasant to the eye. Other than that, sleep tight!

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Read here some tips and tricks on how to organize your desk and keep it organized for a better efficiency!

Organize Your Desk: Post Its

Organizing your desk is not just a problem related to your productivity or to the looks of the room. It is very important for your health, for the eyes for instance, and also for the mind. It has been proven that you are most productive when the desk is clean and smooth. And if you’re not sure about how to proper organize your desk, check out these tips and tricks!

Take out all the things. As paradoxically as it might seem, the first step toward a proper organization of your desk is to place aside all the things. Seeing all of them put together will help you realize which are the most important or the most often used and which are not. Also, you can categorize them depending on their domain of use.

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– Next step when you want to properly organize your desk is to place the most important and most used things within easy reach. For instance, keep the first drawer of the desk only for the things you use more often, the second one for those who are rarely used and so on. It’s very important to respect their place all the time, so that you know where to find them instantly.

Important healthy tip! Never place the monitor of your desktop up! It’s recommended to look down to it for the health of your eyes and your back, so don’t put it higher than the level of your head. Also, try to place the desk or the screen in such a way that the light coming through the window reflects on it. It’s very tiring for the eyes and it will distract you while working.

Don’t store unnecessary things on the desk! If you don’t use it regularly or it has nothing to do with your work, it shouldn’t be there. Of course, you can add small decorations here and there, a photo or a glass with some flowers to freshen up the air, but refrain from keeping items like keys, storage boxes, glasses and other like this.

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Use storage compartments from shops. It’s not hard to organize your desk in a great manner if you use some clever tips and tricks. For instance, there are paper trays, magazine holders and similar small storage compartments that do a really good job in keeping your desk organized.

– As much as possible, avoid using post-its. Although it may seem that they help you a lot in reminding you of your tasks, they are actually quite annoying from a visual point of view. Try to use virtual ones on your computer or laptop!

– Last but not least, organize your desk by keeping a small trash can under it. You often need to throw things away, but you don’t want to walk all the way to the bin? Keep a small one there for waste paper and other things you don’t use. Remember to keep it clean!

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A modern concept that has proved very successful in some countries is the underwater bedroom. Read more about it and see if you like it!

Underwater Bedroom: Deep Sleep

Although an underwater bedroom is not so accessible for most homes and (especially) apartments, it’s a great idea for those who can have one of their own and use their imagination when creating it. There is something special about this type of bedrooms, and it has so much more benefits than you might think. Read on and perhaps we might convince you to have one yourself!

First of all, nobody can deny the beauty of an underwater bedroom. Even if you choose to have only plain water in it, it will still create a certain atmosphere in the room that will make it special and original. The blue water will help you get a better sleep and rest. If, however, you choose to include fish and other marine creatures and create basically an aquarium over the bedroom, it’s even better! Just imagine the variety of colors all those fishes will bring into your bedroom and how beautiful they will look!

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Another one of the best advantages of an underwater bedroom is that it’s extremely relaxing. It has been proven that water (even the sound of running water) has a benefic effect on sleep and it makes the mind and the body more relaxed. That’s why a good idea is to get a waterbed! The chill ambient and the marine atmosphere will induce you a state of calm and relaxation, making the bedroom a wonderful place to spend time.

So why should you choose an underwater bedroom? It’s very original! Nothing can make your bedroom so unlike other bedrooms more than this creative arrangement! It allows for a design in marine tones and it makes you use your creativity when thinking about what other decorations you can choose for this room. Generally, you should continue the blue and green tones throughout the room, but it is also possible to contrast them with some bright orange tones or yellow touches. The contrast will be absolutely beautiful!

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More than that, the exoticism of such a creative design is definitely one advantage to try your best in bringing it to your own home. If you’ve ever went to a hotel and chose a room with an underwater bedroom, you will certainly remember how great it was staying there. That’s why having your own will remind you everyday of holiday and it will certainly reduce the level of stress in your life.

However exciting this idea is, make sure that your house can support such a special bedroom. Consult a specialist and see if it does not affect the structure of your home. Also, think well before doing this because it would be a shame to make such an investment and then to realize that you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit your home. Also, check if the species of fishes you want to grow in the arched aquarium, if you want this, are suitable for this and if you can provide proper care for them. Enjoy your bedroom!

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Make your home healthier by learning these tips and tricks for keeping your indoor plants in good state!

Caring for Indoor Plants: Healthy House

The plants in our home not only brighten up our decor, but also make our lives and homes healthier. However, they must be well cared for and properly maintained if you want them to live long and to embellish your home every day! That’s why we gathered some tips on caring for indoor plants:

1. Choose the right pot. Many people overlook this important part of caring for indoor plants and simply choose whatever pot they have. It’s very important to let the water flow freely out of the pot so that the roots of the plant won’t stay permanently wet. Place a tray or a special recipient under the pot after making some holes in it to collect the water that remains. It’s recommended to choose resin, plastic or fiberglass pots because they don’t absorb moisture from the soil just like unglazed clay or wooden pots do.

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2. Take care of the potting mix. Although many people think any soil is good when caring for indoor plants, the truth is that if you take it from your backyard or the garden, it might come with weed seeds, fungal diseases and even insects, which we bet you don’t want around in your home. Therefore, it’s best to buy potting soil from a garden center or a specialized market.

3. Know what types of plants you have. Be well informed about the species and the requirements of your plants. Read about how much light and water they need and make sure these requirements are respected. Just like you need food and water, so do they! A healthy and happy plant will make for a healthy happy home!

4. Fertilize them. Caring for indoor plants also means fertilizing them regularly if you want to maintain them healthy and growing. There are special formulas available on the market which nourish the plants and fertilize them.

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5. Prevent any pest-related problem. Even before you buy a certain houseplant, make sure they are not infested. Parasites, insects and diseases can quickly spread from one plant to another, and it’s very easy to get all your indoor plants sick. Periodical inspection and paying attention to any signs of changing in your plant’s color and general state can prevent pests around the house. If you happen to find any pest on one of the plants, isolate it until it’s cured.

6. Clean the plants. Just like caring for yourself, caring for indoor plants also includes cleaning them. Use soft and moist cloths to wipe off the dust and the grime on the leaves. Even though they are visible only on the plants which have big leaves, that doesn’t mean small ones don’t have dust on them or don’t get dirty. Dust can clog the pores of the plant and can prevent it from breathing, so it’s very important to keep them clean. More than that, it also blocks proper assimilation of sunlight, therefore affecting the photosynthesis and the nutrition process. What more reasons do you need?

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Make your bedroom much more healthy by following these simple and useful tips and tricks!

Healthy Bedroom: Clean sheets

Specialists say that we spend approximately a third of our lives in the bedroom. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that you have a healthy bedroom and that you don’t run any risks of getting sick from different bacteria or other stuff in the room. Read on our tips on how to keep your bedroom clean and healthy!

  • Check the mold history of the house. If the house is very old, it might not be properly termically isolated, so you should check for this. The temperature and humidity are perfect environments for bacteria in the mold to develop. And if you think mold is just an annoying thing on your walls, you might want to know that it’s among the causes of respiratory problems or skin and nail infections. If you’re not sure, you might want to talk to your allergist and ask him about the proper conditions. And since we’re here, you should check the status of your mattress too. Throughout the years, lots of dust mites and bacteria can hide in the texture, so be careful with that!

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  • Create the conditions for a proper sleeping session. Remove any light or noise from the bedroom. Doctors usually recommend a chilly temperature in the room for a more profound sleep, so you might want to follow that advice for a more healthy bedroom. Also, try to block any light coming from outside, so that nothing will wake you up, and try to remove as many tech objects as possible from the room. Apparently, they have a great influence on the quality of our sleep. Moreover, you could use a humidifier or a dehumidifier if you feel the air is too dry or too humid.
  • Keep pets out. As much as you’d love your dog or your cat, it’s better to keep it away from your bedroom. Try playing with it in the living room, for instance, but it’s not at all recommendable to have all that stray hair lying around. Think about the fact that you’re actually inhaling it all the time you’re sleeping or simply staying in the bedroom. For this reason, if you want a healthy bedroom, it’s recommendable not to sleep with your pet in the same bed.

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  • Use healthy cleaners and detergents. You might want to prepare them yourself, but if you don’t, you can always buy green cleaners from the store. There is a simple logic behind this advice: the less chemicals you bring into the bedroom, the better!
  • Stay out of the bedroom as much as possible. For a healthy bedroom, try not to bring in too much germs or bacteria from outside. That’s not as complicated as it sounds and you don’t need to have a space suit on before entering, but you should stick to some simple rules, like don’t lay on the bed with the street clothes, don’t walk into the room with the street shoes, even if they appear to be clean and so on.

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After you calculate and see how much money you spend monthly on cleaning, you will want to read this article on budget cleaning tips!

Budget Cleaning Tips: Clean looking home

When you have a great home, you don’t generally think too much about what products should you use when cleaning and automatically choose the most expensive ones. But what if we told you that you can obtain the same perfect result with some great budget cleaning tips? And you can use the money to buy some new decorations or even remodel your home!

1. Try to use mild dish soap or just plain water. As surprisingly as it may sound, some areas in your home can be cleaned with just some warm plain water or mild dish soap or both. Most of the time, all the products that claim to be specialized in one type of surface or material or another have the same ingredients in their composition. You should first try to clean things only with water and see where it works like that. And if you can’t succeed like that, only then go to the store and buy cleaning products. But on what type of cleaning products you should buy, later on!

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2. Maintain the clean. One of the most important (and often overlooked) budget cleaning tips is to maintain the clean daily. It’s much easier and it saves you a lot of effort, even if you think it doesn’t. For instance, if you spill something in the kitchen, make the effort of cleaning it right away, because the more time it passes, the harder it is to clean it. Plus, you can use plain water right away, but if you leave the stain longer, you will need complicated cleaning products.

3. Buy cheaper products. Yes, we know, all the marketing strategies try to convince you that you have to use the most expensive brands in order to achieve the best results in cleaning. However, one of the most useful budget cleaning tips is to go for the store brands or other less popular ones. If you want to make sure that you will be using a good product, even if it has a lower price, compare the ingredients on the labels and you will see that they are mostly the same.

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4. Make your own cleaning products. You don’t have to be a great chemist to know that you can combine different substances you have around and use them as cleaners. Lemons, vinegar, cornstarch and baking soda are great elements for making non-abrasive cleaners for your home. More than that, you will know exactly what substances are there and you know they are not damaging or dangerous.

5. Make your own cloths and towels. Quit using paper towels since they cost a lot of money and are also damaging for the environment and go for cotton cloths and towels. You don’t even need to buy them, just rip into pieces a couple of old T-shirts you have around and that’s it. Talk about budget cleaning tips! More so, you can even keep old toothbrushes and use them when you need to scrub an old stain in the house. You’re welcome!

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From time to time, it's better to cut the cleaning short and use some clever cleaning tips for your home that will save you some money and time.

Cleaning Tips: clean kitchen


  1. Disinfect the sink in the kitchen. It hides more bacteria than you would expect, so disinfect it every time you get the chance. You can either choose a chemical disinfectant (which is not recommendable) or you can wash it with soap first, than spray vinegar and then some hydrogen peroxide. Let air dry. Do not mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together!
  2. One of the most useful cleaning tips for the kitchen is to run a dishwasher empty cycle and add special detergent to clean it up. This will help it to remain clean all the time and not to grow bacteria or other germs.
  3. Forget paper towels. Microfiber cloths are much more environmentally friendly and more effective. Wet them and they can sanitize floors, counters and other surfaces without any need for other cleaning products. More than that, you can reuse them and save money.
  4. Fill the sink with water. Think ahead and while you eat dinner keep it filled with warm water and soap and place the dishes there right after you finish with them. Leave them to soak and it will be so much easier to wash afterwards.


  1. Use cleaning tips to keep the shower doors clean. If you have glass shower doors, treat them with a teaspoon of lemon oil twice a month. They will repel water and will remain shiny and clean longer. Alternatively, you can use car-care products that are repel water, but these ones should be used twice a year.
  2. If you have the problem of hair all over the place, clean it quickly in the morning or in the evening by wiping the floors with a piece of damp toilet paper. The moisture will attract the stray hairs like a magnet!


  1. Make your bed. Try to keep the bed made all the time when you’re not sleeping. A bed well-made leaves a clean impression and it’s much easier to make it right after you wake up than hang around more time around it.
  2. Maybe the best one of the cleaning tips you know is to keep a basket for small things. Everybody stores some small things you sometimes need in bed on the nightstand, making it look cluttered and untidy. Buy a basket and use it to store the moisturizer, the bedtime book or anything else you need.


  1. Use cold water for most of the clothes. Most clothing items don’t really need hot water to be washed, so set a cold water cycle in the washing machine. It’s better for the environment and also for your bill. However, for sheets, towels or underwear remember to use the highest temperature to get rid of any bacteria and don’t let them sit damp for too long.

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Treat seriously the problem of your mattress, because it's the main factor that influences your sleep and you surely don't want to ruin your healthy by sleeping on a bad one!

How to Choose the Perfect Mattress: Suitable for two

A good night’s sleep is essential for a happy and healthy life. A bad mattress does not only affect the quality of your sleep and your rest, but it can also affect your spine and cause other health issues. This is why you should really ask yourself whether the current mattress is still good for you or not. Either way, you should know what are the factors to take into consideration and how to choose the perfect mattress.

First of all, probably the most important factor is to see if it supports properly your body. Ideally, your spine is naturally curved and your body (take into account the heels, the buttocks, the shoulders and the head) is properly aligned. If you wake up in the morning feeling achy or numb in your body, your body is not properly aligned and you should think of how to choose the perfect mattress for you.

Secondly, you should think which type of mattress is the right one for you. Some people prefer a spring mattress, others a foam one. It all depends on the level of firmness you want for your mattress. If you have some back pains or if you notice a certain sensibility when it comes to your spine, it is recommendable to choose a firmer mattress rather than a softer one, since it can support better your body.

You should also take into account the temperature factor. Maybe you wouldn’t consider that when buying a new mattress, but you will realize it in the hot summer nights. Generally speaking, foam mattresses keep you very warm, since they work based on your body heat and don’t allow you to cool down. The material is also an important part of how to choose the perfect mattress.

But when is the right time to change your mattress? The most useful clue is the one your body tells you. If you’re having any sort of pains after sleeping on a certain mattress, that’s a sure sign you have to get rid of it and to start wondering how to choose the perfect mattress. It’s true, most mattresses are made to last for a lifetime, but keep in mind that your body changes from year to year and it has different needs accordingly. Maybe the mattress you used when you were twenty is still in good shape, but it’s not fit for you anymore.

Another important tip for when you want to know how to choose the perfect mattress is to try it before you buy it. Nobody wants to waste their money on a useless mattress, so don’t be afraid to go to the shop and try the types you see there. The more you can recreate the sleeping conditions you have at home, the better. You can even bring your own pillow if you want, anything you need in order to see if that’s the right mattress for you. Specialists say that you need 15-20 minutes to figure out if it’s the right one, so take your time!

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Maintain a healthy house if you want to protect yourself and your family by following some simple steps: clean as often as possible and keep a healthy level of humidity and temperature.

clean floors for a healthy house

Along with the development of science, more and more cleaning products or ideas have appeared. However, recently people have started to wonder if all those products are really healthy or they are doing more damage than you would think. The question of how to maintain a healthy house has been posed by many people, and especially in the UAE, where the level of dust particles in the air is quite high.

One great idea in order to maintain a healthy house is to buy a humidifier or a dehumidifier. Depending on the needs of your house (there are specialists that can assess how pure the air in your home is), you can buy one of these devices and solve the issue of humidity in your home. If you think this is not that important, just remember about all the bacteria that blooms whenever the environment is humid enough and that you unknowingly breathe into your lungs.

Another solution would be to be careful with the level of dust particles in the air. On the long run, it’s not good at all to have high levels of dust in your house, because all the dusts enters your lungs. You cannot isolate your home completely, but you can try to reduce the dust. Try to clean the house as often as possible, using the vacuum cleaner. Also, try to isolate the windows and the doors and install some protections (for instance, curtains) that would reduce the amount of dust that enters whenever you open the door or the windows.

Maintain a healthy house also by keeping the right temperature. However attractive it may seem on a hot day to set the air conditioner as low as possible, think that the difference of temperature between the indoor and the outdoor is not healthy at all for you. Plus if you keep going in and out of the house, this alternance will most likely “help” you catch a cold, even in the middle of the summer. Moreover, people who are more sensitive tend to have headaches, backaches or tooth aches when being exposed to air conditioning for long periods of time.

Careful with what cleaning products you’re using! Avoid as much as possible cleaning products based on ammonia or chlorine, since inhaling these substances on long periods of time can cause serious health problems, more serious than you would think. If you’re not a fan of doing your own cleaning substances or simply you don’t have time, try buying the bio version of them. You can find products based on baking soda, which is not harmful, but it does a great job in cleaning. Internet is a great source for finding what cleaners are good for your health or not, plus you can always read the label on them before buying anything.

If you have a dog or a cat, it is important to clean the entire house every once in a while, because inhaling or swallowing dog/cat hair is not recommendable and not that healthy. Even so, you can still maintain a healthy house by using the right products and cleaning everything at least once a week.

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