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The electronic devices in our homes are of great use, but are we taking care of them properly?

Maintain Your Electronics: Useful Technology

Since technology is a more and more important part of our day to day lives, we become addicted to electronic devices. Smartphone, laptop, PC, TV, tablets, you name it, everybody has one of these nowadays. It’s easy to buy one, but it’s always important to take good care of them and to keep them properly. That’s why we gathered some important advice on how to maintain your electronics in good state!

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1. Use some protection. For many devices, if not for all, you can find on the market protecting bags or cases to keep them. The market is full with funny and cute phone cases, for instance, which are very helpful in case you drop the phone or hit it accidentally. The same goes for tablets and similar devices. Laptops can also be carried in special bags fit for their size, and a laptop bag is not that expensive. There are also protective plastic sheets for screens that can prevent cracks and scratches on sensitive touchscreens, for instance.

Maintain Your Electronics: Technology

2. Keep it clean… As unimportant as it may look, keeping the phone dirty all the time or using devices with dirty hands can damage it in time. Not only it’s not healthy at all for yourself, but it will get dirt inside the phone, which can further deteriorate it. Clean the screen every once in a while or the keypad in case of laptops and PCs. If you have a desktop PC, every 6 months clean the dust out of it, since it can slow it down and get into small components.

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3. …and safe. There are lots of dangers in your home for electronic devices. Maintain your devices in good state by keeping them away from water, fire and other hazards. In this category you can also include small children, pets (especially dogs and cats), aquariums and other wet surfaces and so on. Ideally, you should place it in a safe spot somewhere higher than their reach. If you teach a child to use the tablet or phone, for instance, teach them how to take care of it and how to handle it so as not to damage it.

Maintain Your Electronics: Electric Components

4. Use special substances. There are lots of special liquids out on the market which are specially designed for electronic screens or LCDs. Do not use water and paper towels under any circumstances! Water should never get in contact with devices, so make sure you have clean soft cloths lying around the house for when you need to clean them up. However, do not abuse these substances, since in greater quantities they might be the damaging factor for the device.

5. Power them off from time to time. Many people ignore this advice on how to maintain your electronics, and they are wrong. Simply think about the fact that your smartphone or laptop are being used many, many hours a day, and they would surely need a break every once in a while.

Maintain Your Electronics: Keep Away from Children

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We all love hot weather, beaches and the ocean! But what to do to escape the dangerously high temperatures this summer?

Tips to Escape the Heat: Wear White Clothes

Summer can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on how well you tolerate heat. Especially in the UAE, you have to get used to the high temperatures found here, and the climate has proven to be problematic for many who weren’t born here. Thankfully, there are lots of tips to escape the heat which can make summer more enjoyable for everybody!

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Tips to Escape the Heat: Use Water

1. Wear clothes in light colors. It is a well-known fact that light colors reject heat, while dark ones attract it. As such, you can store away your black clothes for now, unless you really need them for a special occasion. If you don’t own any white blouses, pants or shirts, you should really stock up, since they will help you in the fight with the heat.

2. Carry some water around. Even if it will get warmer after a while, it’s still good to carry around water. You never know when you are going to be thirsty, and if it’s too warm to be drunk, you can use it to splash on your face, arms and legs. If you feel sick or start to feel dizzy after spending a long time in the sun, take a handkerchief and pour some water on it. Place it on your neck and chest to lower your body temperature, and always cover your head with a hat.

Tips to Escape the Heat: Protect Your Head

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3. Try to drink something warmer. Maybe you think one of the most useful tips to escape the heat is to drink something with ice, anything, but the truth is that’s not the most effective way to cool off your body. Drinking a warm tea, as strange as it may sound, can help you fight heat better, since you won’t use any extra energy to heat the liquid in your stomach. That’s why you should at least drink something with a normal temperature if you can’t stand something warm.

4. Use ice. Take a sock, fill it with ice and place it on your forehead or chest if you need immediate cooling. However, don’t hold it too much, since your skin might get damaged if you expose it too much to low temperatures. Alternatively, you can play around with ice cubes and slide them on your skin, especially in places where veins are visible: on the neck, on your wrists, behind the knees and so on, so that blood can circulate faster.

Tips to Escape the Heat: Stay Indoors

5. Stay indoors. There’s no better advice than to stay at home during heat waves, especially if you have heart or circulatory problems. Install an AC machine in your home and you won’t even feel the scorching heat outside! Take showers often and don’t stress out too much, since this may raise your blood pressure. If it’s not totally necessary, don’t go outside and if you really, really need to go, remember our advice and protect yourself!

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If you're undecided, see our list of advantages and disadvantages for upper or lower floor apartments!

Although this question might seem useless in the beginning, there are certain consequences when you have to buy or rent an apartment and choose an upper or lower floor. Of course, each options has its own advantages and disadvantages, but according to what is more important for you, you will make the best decisions. Today we will present you with some pros and cons for every option, leaving you to decide which one is better for you!

Upper or Lower Floor: Tall Buildings

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1. Upper floors are warmer. Given the fact that it stays all day long under the sunlight, the last floor is always warmer, if not hotter, which also applies to 2 or 3 floors below. If you love heat, this can be a good thing. Even if you don’t want to be hot all day long, installing an air conditioning is a solution for this. More than that, you can take advantage of this and spend time in open air on the roof, if you have access to it.

Upper or Lower Floor: One Floor Homes

2. Lower floors have easier access. People who don’t like taking the stairs (although this would be a good exercise) will have an easier choice between an upper or lower floor since they will love to have a lower floor apartment or studio. It’s easy to access such an apartment, and this is especially helpful when you want to change the furniture, rearrange the design, bring in the shopping bags or any other activities that imply carrying some weights. Just imagine how hard it would be if the elevator broke and you had to carry your groceries 8 floors up!

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3. Upper floors give you access to the roof. As we already said, having the roof of the building just above you is a great potential for exploring your free time. If at the lower levels you can only keep plants in pots that can be too big for your rooms, if you have a top floor and some understanding neighbors, you can always grow your own garden and cultivate your own fruits there! Maybe you can even sell your neighbors some, who knows! Other than that, the roof can be a very relaxing place and a great opportunity to admire the sunrise and the sunset. Use your imagination: take an inflatable pool, a beach towel and head up on the roof for some sunbathing!

Upper or Lower Floor: Lower Floor

4. Lower floors might not need so many reparations. If the roof breaks or water infiltrates through it, you have the greatest interest to have it fixed as soon as possible. Of course, everybody should pay for this, but we know well that sometimes things move extremely slow and you wouldn’t want to have your apartment flooded. However, if a pipe breaks at one of the upper floors, you will be the most affected by this, which can be a downside. In modern and recent buildings though, this shouldn’t happen too often, but it’s always safe to check the safety of the building!

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The heating system is an important component of your home, especially for your health and comfort, so see here how to take care of it!

Heating System Tips: Fireplace Heating

The heating system is an important part in our lives, and if it happens to break down during winter, well, it’s not the best of moments. In order to prevent issues that could have been avoided, we thought of helping you with some heating system tips that might make the lifespan of your system longer. Check them out!

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1. Get to a specialist. As much as you think you can do it and that there’s not much to be done about the heating system and its maintenance, it’s always a good idea to get to a specialist. They are trained people who know everything about these systems, and if you want a job well done, you should always ring them up. If you are good with technical things, maybe there are other issues you can solve yourself, but not getting a specialist in this area could be even dangerous for your family, since the electrical parts might break down.

Heating System Tips: Floor Heating

2. Check to see if it works. Before winter comes and before the first frost, you should run the heating system once to see if it works. This is a smart step since it allows you to detect eventual issues in time, and you can solve the problems without freezing in your own home in case the system doesn’t function properly. You can always repeat the process if you think something is wrong or you can call the specialist anytime. And remember, better to prevent than to treat!

3. Check the lights. If you have a natural gas system, one of the best heating system tips is to check the lights. For this type of heating system, the light should always be clear blue. If at any point you see the light having other colors, it’s a clear sign of an issue, so you should take some measures. Most of the time when something malfunctions, the light turns orange or yellow, so this should be a clear indicator.

Heating System Tips: Central Heating

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4. Change yearly the furnace filters. Dirty and full filters make the system push harder the warm air through them and thus working slower and consuming more. That’s why it is recommended to change the furnace filters every year, to ensure that the air circulates freely and that the entire system works fine. Plus, it’s not healthy to keep dirty filters there, since you will later inhale the air that passes through them.


5. Ensure the free circulation of air. Don’t block the vents from the system with furniture, plants or any other items. Similarly to the air conditioning machine, blocking the vents with various items will only prevent you from enjoying the benefits of the system and will not help the temperature in the room drop or climb. Even more so, you could arrange the entire design so as to let the air circulate freely around the room, be it hot or cold, since a proper ventilation is important for your health and comfort.

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If you want to keep a healthy bathroom, read our advice for special habits and follow them!

Healthy Bathroom Habits: No Shower Curtain

Health is definitely a subject that should concern us all, but have you ever wondered what habits you have are healthy or not? That’s why we made a small list of healthy bathroom habits you should totally follow or if you aren’t already, start adopting. How many do you follow?

Healthy Bathroom Habits: Clean Bathroom

1. Don’t drink from the shower. Yes, you might be thirsty while taking a shower, yes, it might be the same water running down the pipes, but the shower head isn’t quite the best spot to drink from. There are lots of bacteria that may live there from various reasons: humidity, temperature, different cleaning products you’re using on it and which might even be toxic and so on and so forth. Next time, drink some water before getting into shower!

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2. Close the toilet lid. Most people flush with the toilet lid open. Wrong! When flushing with the lid open, all the germs there become airborne and spread around the entire room. Nobody wants that, so next time remember to close the lid first and then to flush, to keep the bathroom clean and healthy for you and your family.

3. Don’t keep toothbrushes next to the toilet. Since the sink is usually placed right next to the toilet and people keep their toothbrushes above it, no wonder that when airborne germs are around, they will invade your toothbrush too. If you want to avoid this, read again healthy habit number 2. If possible, always keep it in the vanity, where germs can’t get to it.

Healthy Bathroom Habits: Healthy Home

4. Use proper venting system. Maintaining the venting system is one of the most useful healthy bathroom habits out there. This doesn’t help only with eliminating odors, but also with humidity. After taking a shower (and especially a bath), leave the bathroom fan on for 10 or more minutes. Ideally, you should leave it on until you can’t see moisture on the walls anymore, to avoid mold and other issues in your bathroom.

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5. Don’t use towels together with somebody else. A mistake mane people make, and it’s definitely not on the healthy bathroom habits list, is to keep one towel for hands and face for every guest that comes around. Actually, textile towels keep the germs and you only pass it from one person to another when using a towel together. What is recommended is to use paper towels that can be thrown away immediately after using them.

Healthy Bathroom Habits: No bacteria

6. Shower curtain or not? Although shower curtains are great because they help in keeping the rest of the bathroom dry, they might even damage it. By keeping it when you shower, you are keeping the moisture in one area of the room, which can be very favorable for the development of mold, mildew and other bacteria. When it’s not open, air circulates freely and lets the walls dry faster and more effectively. Last but not least, a rug could replace the curtain if you don’t want the floor to get wet around the shower.

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Tired of putting your magazines wherever you can? Or not finding them when you need an information? Learn to organize them!

storage your magazines

Whether you’re into gardening, crocheting, architecture, history or simply reading, and you don’t have enough space in your home, you need some ideas on how to store your magazines. More often than not, your bookcase has become insufficient, so you need other solutions to store them. For this we prepared a list of ideas to free up your space!

How to Store Your Magazines: Shelves

1. Under the desk. Many people don’t really need the leg space under the desk, whether because of the position of the chair or other reasons. That’s why it would be a shame not to repurpose it and to fill up the space: and magazines are perfect for this! You can make different stashes and organize them on domains or chronologically, without occupying useful space in your house. More than that, they’re easily accessible, which is great if you need them for your work.

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2. Add shelves in a corner. We’re sure that there are lots of corners in your house that you don’t use, so why waste good space when you could repurpose it? Improvise some shelves or buy some adequate furniture to store in a proper manner the magazines. Even the small corners you would have thought never to be used can be valued and used to store away magazines.

How to Store Your Magazines: Unusual bookshelves

3. Choose an unusual bookshelf. Sometimes the regular bookshelf doesn’t use the space adequately for the magazines you want to store, so an unusual shape might prove to be more useful. Those built in angles or in round shapes, depending on the sizes of the magazines you own, might be even better in organizing your home than the classic rectangular furniture items. If you can’t find one, perhaps you can craft it yourself if you’re a fan of do-it-yourself projects.

4. Take advantage of the windowsill. Many people overlook this space in their homes, but it’s a great idea if you want to know how to store your magazines. Unless you have pots there, you can perfectly take advantage of them and stack the piles there, totally out of your way and not using other important spaces. More than that, it doesn’t get in your way when you don’t need it and it’s easily accessible.

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5. Baskets are good not only for storing away small things, but also for your magazines. If you have that many magazines, you can organize them in different baskets according to the brand, the year or anything else. In this way, you’ll know exactly where to find them when you want to read.

How to Store Your Magazines: On the wall

6. Fake fireplace. Fake fireplaces are a great design idea, offering a really interesting look in a room. But if you’re sick of using it only for the design, a good option is to store away your magazines. You can be sure to find them at the exact same place and they won’t look unnatural placed there. However, for this you would have to sacrifice the impeccable look of the faux fireplace, so think well.

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If you want to know how you can preserve more and better your yacht, take note of these tips and tricks!

6 yacht maintenance tips

For those who own a yacht or plan on buying one in the future, there are some things you need to know. Obviously you can’t just forget about your yacht once you bought it, but you have to maintain it. Here you have some useful yacht maintenance tips to help you take good care of your beloved yacht!

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1. Keep it clean! Cleaning is one of the most important actions you can take for your yacht. Remember that if it gets dirty it’s much harder to clean it up afterwards, so clean it on time. More than that, keeping it clean is important for preventing degradation caused by environmental factors. Think about the fact that you keep it permanently in salty water, and this accelerates any degradation your yacht would normally suffer.

2. Offer it proper care. Just like you take care of yourself, you need to take care of your yacht too. Besides washing and cleaning, it also needs some special care. Remember to wax it regularly and to use some special paint that protects the material from natural elements. However, make sure you use environmentally friendly products whenever you can and also, use a cover to protect it from wind and other dangers that might affect it.

Yacht Maintenance Tips: Outside Care

3. Inspect it often. Keep an active eye on the safety and maintenance of your boat and give it an inspection from time to time. Checking everything even though nothing seems broken is especially important when it comes to safety pieces and places that need to be in order for a proper functioning of the yacht. A good prevention can help you avoid even dangerous accidents and a thing as simple as replacing an old rope or a loose fitting can be vital.

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4. Take care of the motor. It is recommended to flush the engine after every outing and you should check everything every once in a while. For the same reasons as above, you should check also the engine: the fuel tanks, the clamps on the fuel line and basically any sign of damage, rust or corrosion.

Yacht Maintenance Tips: Periodical Check-up

5. Care for the battery. Also one of the most important yacht maintenance tips is to care for the battery. This is also essential for the well being of the yacht and your safety when sailing, so you should always see if it’s fully and properly charged and if the fluid levels are correct. Make sure there is no dampness or dirt around the battery, since this can also drain your battery.

6. Check electrical components. Needless to say, similar to the other yacht maintenance tips, this is not just a routine check, but it is at the same time an action you should take for your safety. Make sure there are no corroded electrical systems and keep them away from dampness or any kind of water, if you don’t want any other complications. One option would be to use a special grease which is non-conductive and water-repellant or a corrosion inhibitor.

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Yacht Maintenance Tips: Safety First

Everybody has a TV, right? But how do you choose the perfect TV for you? See here!

How to Choose Your TV: Balanced Decor

The TV has recently become perhaps one of the most important pieces of “furniture” in the house. Many people feel connected to the world when watching TV, plus it’s a great and constant source of fun. And with the recent developments, TVs are smarter and smarter, allowing you to do more and more things with it. But let’s see some advices on how to choose your TV!

1. Pay attention to the size. Of course, the recent trends make people buy the biggest TV they can find, usually flat screen. But it’s even more important to choose the TV according to the size of your home or the room where you intend to place it. A gigantic screen would be tiring for your eyes and you wouldn’t enjoy properly the image, so go for a smaller one if you have a small home and space issues.

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2. Choose the latest technology. We don’t want to make you spend the last cent on the latest technology, but more recent devices really have more advantages than the older ones. Perhaps one of the most important advantage is the fact that they protect your eyes much more, and this thanks to the recent LCD or flat screen devices. Besides that, newer devices are multifunctional and offer you much more fun alternatives.

3. Check their features. As we were saying, newer TVs have more and more features, and it’s important to know all of them, otherwise you waste a lot of money and don’t use what you bought. Now that smart TVs can be connected to Internet, your fun time expanded a lot! You can install apps directly on the TV, play music online, see movies, record them and basically, use the TV as a substitute for a computer, only with a cooler screen! Of course, it’s useless to buy a device with hundreds of options if you don’t plan of fully use them or if you don’t really need them. Which leads us to…

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4. See what type of TV is suitable for you. Our needs differ according to lots of factors: if we live alone or with our families, if we have friends who come over often, if we love watching movies or sports and so on. Not only the size is important here, but also the quality, the type, the brand, the price and so on. As helpful as the consultants in the store may be, they can’t possibly know all your wishes or needs, so the best when you want to know how to choose your TV is to start with knowing yourself!

5. Match it with the rest of the room! Yes, usually they come in two colors: white or black, but this is also part of the decor, so you should think of the rest of the room before choosing it. If you have an interior design based on light colors, you should choose a white TV, while if you have a darker room, a black one.

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Whether you plan to have a smart house or you already own one, you must know what are the latest bathroom gadgets and how you can use them!

Tech bathroom gadgets: Modern Home

Just like any other part of our lives, taking care of yourself is a domain that has been more and more intertwined with technology and with modern advancements. At the same time, the market is full of interesting and very useful gadgets that not only make your life easier, but also look very futuristic in your bathroom. Read on to see some ideas for tech bathroom gadgets.

1. Programmable shower. What if you could program your shower, how long will the water run and how hot it will be? Instead of arranging the faucet here and there and thinking whether you should stay longer in the shower, now you can decide right from the beginning how long or short your shower should be, how hot the water should be, what music you will listen while in there and what lighting will accompany you, all with just one simple gadget!

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2. Sound system tub. This is one of the most amazing tech bathroom gadgets, because it’s not a bath tub that has a sound system incorporated in it, it IS a sound system in itself! When it’s empty, the sound can be heard in the entire bathroom, and when it’s full, the sound waves will be transmitted through the water. And what can be more relaxing than having a long bath and listening to your favorite music at the same time?

3. Cabinet speakers. Among the most useful tech bathroom gadgets you can find the cabinet speakers that can smoothly blend in. They are not visible and are specially conceived so as not to let the sound be reflected by other surfaces usually found in the bathroom: glass, shiny surfaces etc. More than that, they are discreet and allow you to listen to your favorite music without occupying extra space.

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4. LED Temperature control. This new and futuristic way of controlling the temperature is great not only for the modern and innovative design, but also for the practical part. It helps you adjust the temperature and pressure with a smooth move of the hand. The LED indicates how cool or how hot the water is, so you can adjust it just as you wish in no time. Also, it comes in a futuristic fluid shape, and you can decide if you want it in a matte or shiny version.

5. RainBrain gadget. Probably the most useful bathroom gadget you will find, the Rain Brain helps you control absolutely everything you want in a shower. Unlike other gadgets, it helps you customize even the water stream, the temperature, the pressure, the music and many more. Moreover, you can set different programs for up to four users, so everybody in the family can enjoy their own customized type of shower.

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We prepared you 5 tips to help you in the fight against clutter and lack of organization, so read on and get ready to organize!

How to organize your closet: Easy Access

One of the most popular problem people encounter when decorating or redecorating their homes is organizing. The more space and things you have, especially in the bedroom, the harder it is to keep track of everything and to keep them organized. That’s why we offer you today some great useful tips on how to organize your closet and to have an easier life!

1. Take everything out! The first step when you start cleaning and organizing stuff is to take everything out and throw them in a bunch, especially if we’re talking about clothes. Although it might seem like it’s not helping at all, in this way you can see everything you need to include in the closet and think about their place and also their importance. Pro tip: in this phase it’s easy to notice things you don’t use anymore or that you have been keeping around for quite a while for no purpose.

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2. Organize properly! Now it’s time to sort everything into categories and level of importance. For this, use boxes or plastic containers. Place small things aside, like toy soldiers, small clothing items etc so as not to interfere with the rest of your organizing process. For clothes, you can now divide them into spring clothes, summer clothes and so on, or by types: skirts, sweaters, pants etc. For those who want to have a very cool closet, you can also organize them by colors or materials!

3. Place items where they belong. If you want to learn how to organize your closet properly, you should know each object’s place. One of the most encountered sources of bad organization is placing objects who do not belong there. During this phase, if you find things that should be anywhere else but in the closet, make sure you remove them and keep them in their assigned spots. Don’t keep toys in the clothes closet, for instance.

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4. Place tags on items. Use post-its to help you clean up the things you no longer use. Even though the general tendency is not to throw away anything, using post-its makes you think clearer about it and ask questions. For instance, ask yourself if you would really wear that shirt you keep in the closet for a couple of years, or if that size still fits you. Tastes change, and your closet should reflect that!

5. Clean the closet itself! Though it might seem an obvious part of how to organize your closet process, many people overlook it. The closet itself needs some cleaning from time to time, so wipe it, wash it, vacuum it and even paint it, if needed. You might find a lot of receipts, tags or things you didn’t even know they were there, so a good cleaning will sort this out. Plus the final aspect will be even more nice when you have a clean closet together with an organized interior!

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Future Gadgets: Modern Kitchen

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Technology is being used more and more around the house, simplifying our lives and decorating our rooms. Many people invest in the latest trends...
Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen