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Tips & Tricks

Kitchen Lifehacks: organized shelves

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As organized as you might be, there comes a time when you need to reorganize and rethink the kitchen, especially if you don't have...

Kitchen gadgets: tower heater

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Technology is incorporating in our lives more and more, and no wonder it has gotten into the kitchen too. Kitchen robots and ovens belong...

smart stairs deposit

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Nowadays, since it's the era of saving time, everybody looks for furniture that is as effective as possible: it doesn't take up much space...

Playing with Ubooly

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Sphero 2.0. This robotic ball is the new trend for kids interested in technology. It swims and glows, you can throw it under the...

Kitchen feng shui color

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Feng shui is a way of channeling the energies in your home in such a way that they will bring you luck, harmony and...

Activity motivator

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Technology seems to be everywhere these days, and it does not exclude the children. As much as you'd want to delay as much as...

clean floors for a healthy house

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Along with the development of science, more and more cleaning products or ideas have appeared. However, recently people have started to wonder if all...

Smart house lock

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More and more technology is invading our everyday lives. If you could go through all the houses in UAE, you could see that lots...


Living Room Ceiling Ideas: Elegant Chandelier

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The living room is the room where we spend most of our time and, more important, the place where we like to spend time...
Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen