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If you want to improve your organizing in the kitchen, you will totally need to read the following kitchen lifehacks and apply them for an easier life!

Kitchen Lifehacks: organized shelves

As organized as you might be, there comes a time when you need to reorganize and rethink the kitchen, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to waste around. Some lifehacks for your kitchen are always helpful, so don’t hesitate to read and apply as many as possible.

  1. Make a list of what you have in the cabinet. It’s much easier to see the list of the contents of the cabinet at one single glance than to browse through boxes and bags to see if you have that absolutely important ingredient you need.
  2. Chalkboard. You can keep a chalkboard in the kitchen where you can write down the measurement units, correspondences or where you can organize measuring spoons to have them more accessible.
  3. Pegboard. A pegboard can prove to be really useful and probably one of the most comprehensive lifehacks for your kitchen. Thank us later!
  4. Magnetic knife holder. A magnetic knife holder will be very useful in saving space in the kitchen. You can simply attach it to the wall near the counter and you have any knife at your disposal whenever you need it.
  5. Use shelves instead of cabinets. Sometimes shelves prove to be a much better organizer than cabinets, since they value space much more. Many times there is a lot of unused space in a cabinet which, with a good organization, can be very valued.
  6. Magnetic racks. Whether you use them for spices or bigger things, magnetic racks are great because they are very flexible and can easily be moved according to your needs. They are probably one of the most popular lifehacks for your kitchen people use.
  7. Hang them around. If you don’t know where to put your pans and pots in the kitchen, hang them from the ceiling. You can find on the market special systems to hang them above the counters or wherever you feel it’s suitable.
  8. Over the sink cutting board. Such a cutting board can really extend the space you have for cooking something, at least temporarily. It is very useful when you need to handle long things, like a fish, or to shift and move several pans or pots.
  9. Use hooks. Hooks are the easiest way to save some space around the kitchen and to take advantage of the existing space. Instead of occupying a lot of space with gloves or kitchen towels, use hooks and take up vertical space.
  10. Narrow rolling cart. A narrow rolling cart doesn’t help only with transporting stuff, but it can also prove to be a great way to store away several smaller things. Perhaps this is the most unusual of the lifehacks for your kitchen, but it will surely save you a great deal of time when looking for multiple packages, storing sugar, flour, oil, vinegar or any other things you need really often in the kitchen.

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Technology is catching up more and more even with the kitchen gadgets, thing that makes our lives much easier, so have a look at the latest futuristic kitchen gadgets around.

Kitchen gadgets: tower heater

Technology is incorporating in our lives more and more, and no wonder it has gotten into the kitchen too. Kitchen robots and ovens belong to the past now, it’s time for the futuristic kitchen gadgets to take over! Make some space for instant Googling of recipes, virtual chefs and iPad stands!

Bluetooth speaker and stand. This new invention helps you browse the web for recipes, watch cooking videos and entertain yourself while cooking with some music, as simple as it is to use your voice to command it. Moreover, it can be used as an iPad stand to keep you updated with all the news.

Cabinet mount. Let’s face it, many people bring their iPads in the kitchen to help them look for the recipe, check the news, Facebook and so on. But where do you keep it? It can get dirty or damaged if you place it directly on the counter where you cook, so a cabinet mount can be the perfect solution for this.

iPad stand. An iPad stand, eventually a wooden one, can prove to be very useful in the kitchen. If you use some protection on it you can safely handle it with wet or dirty hands and it will be just fine. More than that, a wooden stand can nicely complement the rest of the interior decor you have chosen for your kitchen, underlining the contrast between old and new in a fashionable way by incorporating futuristic kitchen gadgets.

Smart kitchen. How would it be if you used a counter for cooking on it, but at the same time you could see on it recipes, quantities, suggestions and everything you may need in the kitchen? Thankfully, among the newest futuristic kitchen gadgets there is such a smart kitchen counter.

Mobile kitchen. Sometimes you need a kitchen to go, since we’re in this epoch of speed, so you can find it available by Electrolux. The guys there designed a smart kitchen that resembles the design of a laptop, so you can easy carry it around. It’s especially useful when traveling.

Global Chef. This is an invention that makes you not so lonely in the kitchen. It basically uses holograms of famous chefs or even stars around the world to help you in the kitchen. Also, it can reduce kitchen noise, analyze the ingredients you place in the bowl and look for recipes using them and many other functionalities.

Tower Food Warmer. This brilliant idea, one of the most useful futuristic kitchen gadgets, keeps salads, pizza and any other food warm in this tower. It has separate containers, so the food won’t mix, and you can be sure that by the time you get home, the food will be warm and ready to eat. You can now say goodbye to cold and gummy pizza and have warm food at any moment you want. Now that’s useful technology!

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Space saving is a thing more and more people are looking for these days, when the rule is to be as effective as possible in organizing your house.

smart stairs deposit

Nowadays, since it’s the era of saving time, everybody looks for furniture that is as effective as possible: it doesn’t take up much space and it does as many things as possible. The same goes for appliances too, no more bulky machines, we look for multifunctional ones that are sleek and save a lot of space. However, everybody needs some space saving ideas to properly organize all the things we need to store around the house and not only.

Under the stairs. Many people overlook this precious space that’s hidden under the stairs or prefer to keep it for cleaning products, mops and so on. But if you actually divided it into several compartments and store clothes or shoes, you would really see the difference.

Stair drawers. What if every stair was a drawer? That would mean so much space! This is probably theĀ  best of the space saving ideas, mainly because it frees some space that is already there, but it’s not being used. Sure, that would mean some changes made to the stairs if you did not design them like that from the beginning, but it’s a small effort compared to the benefits.

Sofa bunk bed. For the living rooms where there’s not enough space and you want to offer your guests a nice place to sleep or for a guest room that can be quickly freed, a sofa bunk bed is the perfect idea. The advantage that makes it one of the best space saving ideas is that it can be easily taken to a different room, changed, enlarged or moved.

Modular furniture. This is a new technology that helps in space saving ideas, designed mainly for students rooms, but it can be used in any house, especially the smaller ones where every inch is valuable. It’s probably the most flexible piece of furniture you can ever see, since you can transform it from desk and table to couch and bed, suitable for every need you might have.

Fold-up bed or table. Often seen in movies, these are great for saving a lot of space. Of course you don’t use the bed all day long, so why keep it there to occupy a lot of space for nothing when you can fold it up and out of your way? Just think of a party, after you’re done eating and so on, if you want to dance, you can easy move the food and fold up the table and that’s it!

Ironing board mirror. This is actually a brilliant idea, and it’s one you can even do it yourself. It saves you a lot of space if you think about it: instead of occupying a wall with a whole mirror, you can use that wall to place some shelves or counters and find some more storing space. Why occupy space with the ironing board when you can simply place it vertically and use it as a mirror in the rest of the time you’re not ironing? Truly one of the best space saving ideas!


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Technology is catching up more and more, and who else is already ready to use it and play with it more than our kids? Spoil them with these new smart toys for their room and not only!

Playing with Ubooly

Sphero 2.0. This robotic ball is the new trend for kids interested in technology. It swims and glows, you can throw it under the furniture, launch it on ramps or use it as a game controller. It’s smartphone controlled, so you can even play augmented reality or mixed-reality games using it. Even more than that, children can learn how to code by using one of the most successful smart toys for kids room and it costs around $130.

LittleBits. These are smart blocks, similar to legos, which you can use to create machines, blocks or any other things you want to build. More than that, for the price of up to $199 you can attach them to regular day to day objects and create nice things with it. For instance, you can attach a block to Christmas hat and it will project images of Santa or sing carols.

Ubooly. Ubooly is a one of the most recent smart toys for kids room that your kids will simply love! It’s like a normal plush toy, except that you can store your iPhone or iPod into it. Install the app and Ubooly’s face appears on the screen. You can play with it, it listens and responds or falls asleep if you ignore it. More than that, it can be updated with new jokes, stories, games or songs, so that you can adapt it to your kid’s needs as he grows older. While the app is free, the toy costs around $60.

Sparkup Reader. Yes, it’s nice to read stories to your kids, but not when they ask you to read it to them thousands of times. Thankfully, there are smart toys for kids room that help you in this situation. Sparkup Reader can be turned on before reading a story and it records your voice reading every page from a certain book. Then, you or your kids can replay it and you are spared the effort of reading the same thing over and over again. It costs $60.

The smallest helicopter. A very interesting toy is the smallest helicopter in the world (according to Guinness Book of Records). It weighs 11 grams, has a range of 5 meters and can fly continuously for 5 minutes. It’s remotely controlled but it’s recommendable only to children over the age of 6. It costs $50.

RoboMe. This robotic avatar can be a kid’s best friend. You can use your iPhone or iPod Touch in order to draw a face for one of the best smart toys for kids room. You can program it to react differently to some stimuli (for instance when you shake hands with it, it can start to dance) and it’s so smart that it can walk by itself in a room and not crash with objects around. If you’re asking how can this help you, then you might need to hear the following: you can pair it with another iPhone and you can hear and see whatever he sees, even though you’re not near it. Fascinating, huh?

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Feng shui is an ancient belief system based on the arrangement in the house of the furniture, the colors and the circulation of energies around the house. Read on to find out more tips and tricks about how to make your kitchen feng shui.

Kitchen feng shui color

Feng shui is a way of channeling the energies in your home in such a way that they will bring you luck, harmony and happiness. Lots of people believe that a certain arrangement of the furniture or certain colors used for decorating and wallpapers help you in bringing good luck and good vibes in the house. Similarly, choosing other colors and placing the wrong piece of furniture in the wrong place, this might be the reason for your bad luck events and other things! Read on for tips on a kitchen feng shui!

Keep the kitchen away from the front door or back door. If you can decide on this, it is better to follow this principle, so as not to let the feng shui energy escape through the doors. Since the kitchen is the place of nourishing and life, it’s quite important to take into account these principles if you want to have good luck!

Eat healthy foods. Not only for obvious reasons, but natural and organic foods also carry a good vibe that comes directly from the earth. Bringing this good energy from mother earth in your kitchen and in your body can only have positive effects on your mood and on your health.

Use smart lighting. It is good to install a lighting system that will allow you to vary it depending on the moment of the day, the occasion and so on. Lighting is responsible for the mood in your room and also your own mood, if you are relaxed, agitated or tired, for instance. For this it’s better to inform yourself on the effect certain light colors or intensities have on your body or spirit (e.g.: blue light keeps your brain awake).

Keep it clean. Try to clean it as often as possible, since dirtiness has a bad vibe and brings bad luck. Also, don’t clutter it with unnecessary (or even necessary things). For this, in order to have a kitchen feng shui, organize as space-effective as possible all the kitchen utensils, pots and any other bowls you might have around. Not only it will easy your job, but it will maintain harmony in your kitchen.

Fresh flowers. As often as possible, try to decorate your kitchen with fresh flowers. The kitchen feng shui will be very affected by them. Although they might seem a small details, flowers represent beauty and energy, therefore they will bring a good vibe.

The best color for your kitchen? Yellow! Good kitchen feng shui is based on the color yellow. Whether you use it for the walls, the dishes or other decorations, yellow is a color that looks good in the kitchen, but also helps in your digestion and brightens the entire room.

Keep it simple! For a great kitchen feng shui, you need to keep the room as simple as possible. Don’t place too many gadgets around to avoid the sensations of suffocation. Remember that feng shui is all about feeling good, positive and balancing the energies in your home!

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If you modernize your entire home, don't forget about the kids room. There are specially conceived gadgets for your kid and for his room that can be really helpful in what concerns his entertainment, but also his safety.

Activity motivator

Technology seems to be everywhere these days, and it does not exclude the children. As much as you’d want to delay as much as possible their first smartphone, tablet or any kind of gadget, statistics show that the age when a child gets his first gadget is lower and lower. However, if you think about it, gadgets can really make your life easier as a parent too. You can have the children under your watch easier and you can communicate with them more often. Here are some ideas of kids room gadgets to give you some inspiration.

Activity Tracker. It’s not a smartwatch, nor a smartphone, but it can surely keep you in touch with your kid. This solution is perfect if you don’t want to get your kid a smart gadget yet, but you still want to have the advantages of technological communication. This way you can keep track of him when he’s in a crowded place, or when he’s not at home, basically all the time.

Animated Toys. As much as you’d like to cling to the old toys, you have to admit that the little ones now have far more interesting toys than other generations had. For instance, animated toys are one of the most loved kids room gadgets. They can talk, laugh, tell stories, in a word, entertain the children all the time. But what’s even better is that you can always place a surveillance camera in it, for example if your kid is supervised by a nanny, to check how she is treating him.

Activity Motivator. You can place in the kids’ room or give the kid to wear an activity motivator. Through a really clever system, it determines children to achieve several milestones. It encourages them by using positive remarks and suggestions and it has been proven that can be really useful and motivating on the long run.

Chameleon Vision Goggles. These goggles are specially built so that you can have a 360 degree vision and so, to detect anything around you. They will be very loved by the children, who can select which angle they want to see, and they can even see behind them thanks to the hidden mirrors inside.

Special teddy bear that helps the children learn how to read. Yes, one of the kids room gadgets you totally need to buy is the teddy bear that helps them learn how to read. Quite a great invention actually, and pretty useful too. It uses simple games and sounds to help the children associate each letter with a sound and then to be able to read by themselves.

However, as useful as these gadgets may seem and as easier as they will make your job, don’t forget that at the end of the day no gadget can actually replace the love of a parent. Human interaction is something that is less and less valued these days, but it’s perhaps the most important resource a child can get from his parents.

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Maintain a healthy house if you want to protect yourself and your family by following some simple steps: clean as often as possible and keep a healthy level of humidity and temperature.

clean floors for a healthy house

Along with the development of science, more and more cleaning products or ideas have appeared. However, recently people have started to wonder if all those products are really healthy or they are doing more damage than you would think. The question of how to maintain a healthy house has been posed by many people, and especially in the UAE, where the level of dust particles in the air is quite high.

One great idea in order to maintain a healthy house is to buy a humidifier or a dehumidifier. Depending on the needs of your house (there are specialists that can assess how pure the air in your home is), you can buy one of these devices and solve the issue of humidity in your home. If you think this is not that important, just remember about all the bacteria that blooms whenever the environment is humid enough and that you unknowingly breathe into your lungs.

Another solution would be to be careful with the level of dust particles in the air. On the long run, it’s not good at all to have high levels of dust in your house, because all the dusts enters your lungs. You cannot isolate your home completely, but you can try to reduce the dust. Try to clean the house as often as possible, using the vacuum cleaner. Also, try to isolate the windows and the doors and install some protections (for instance, curtains) that would reduce the amount of dust that enters whenever you open the door or the windows.

Maintain a healthy house also by keeping the right temperature. However attractive it may seem on a hot day to set the air conditioner as low as possible, think that the difference of temperature between the indoor and the outdoor is not healthy at all for you. Plus if you keep going in and out of the house, this alternance will most likely “help” you catch a cold, even in the middle of the summer. Moreover, people who are more sensitive tend to have headaches, backaches or tooth aches when being exposed to air conditioning for long periods of time.

Careful with what cleaning products you’re using! Avoid as much as possible cleaning products based on ammonia or chlorine, since inhaling these substances on long periods of time can cause serious health problems, more serious than you would think. If you’re not a fan of doing your own cleaning substances or simply you don’t have time, try buying the bio version of them. You can find products based on baking soda, which is not harmful, but it does a great job in cleaning. Internet is a great source for finding what cleaners are good for your health or not, plus you can always read the label on them before buying anything.

If you have a dog or a cat, it is important to clean the entire house every once in a while, because inhaling or swallowing dog/cat hair is not recommendable and not that healthy. Even so, you can still maintain a healthy house by using the right products and cleaning everything at least once a week.

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Smart houses are starting to be more and more popular these days, along with the development of technology. A successful side business is the market of smart house devices, useful for any smart house owner.

Smart house lock

More and more technology is invading our everyday lives. If you could go through all the houses in UAE, you could see that lots of people have made their lives easier by introducing a lot of technical advantages in their houses. And frankly, recently there has been a real boom in smart house devices that make you save time and money when doing everyday chores or that simply make your life better.

One of the smart house devices is a smart hub. This is a device that can control many of your other electrical devices around, such as the security system, home systems, thermostat etc. You can set it to match your needs, so you will have easy access to control many devices around, not to mention that you can connect it to your smartphone.

Many owners of smart houses prefer to use technology to change their lighting. Not only they opt for the famous systems that turn on the light when you’re clapping your hands, but there are also systems that change the light color in different corners of the house according to your needs and wishes. Basically, technology makes everything so easy to adapt to your taste.

Security is another issue that concerns the owners of smart houses in UAE and not only. Smart house devices are built to be able to connect to a central unity of command, which can be troublesome if you lose your smartphone or other devices. That’s why technology makes it easier to secure your home with passwords, digital prints or retina, surveillance cameras placed strategically and other things you haven’t even thought of!

Smart house devices are also designed to take care of the temperature in the room. Yes, everybody has air conditioners, but not everybody has an app that allows the device to turn on before you come home, so that you will find the perfect temperature in the house. More than that, smart air conditioners can even be programmed to start at a certain time, at a certain temperature and to stop when a certain temperature is reached.

Smart home locks are totally changed if you look at the last couple of years. If before everybody used keys to open their doors, nowadays people use their smartphones or fingers. Indeed, there are smart locks that memorize your finger print and instantly open the door only to you. But then again, there are also smartphone apps that monitor the entrances and exits in the house, how many times and who enters and who alert you when something’s wrong. Talk about control of the house!

Last but not least, you can even monitor the house and/or yourself while you sleep. There are on the market smart beds that have sensors and chips incorporated into them. The bed monitors everything while you sleep, from your heart rate, movement, breathing etc. Moreover, it can give you advice on how to improve your sleep quality and what’s best to do about your health. That’s some furniture that really cares about you!

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