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Make your moments of coffee extraordinary! Be a creative coffee drinker!

Remember when I told you about creative coffee tables? Today we are going to fulfill our ideas with lovely coffee cups suggestions which would make you proud of that amazing moment of enjoying coffee. There is nothing with which you can compare the pleasure of drinking a coffee from a beautiful magnificent coffee cup. If you want an elegant one, or a funny one, maybe extravagant, here are some ideas of lovely coffee cups which will make your life more beautiful.

Lovely Coffee Cups ideas which will beautify your life:

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I will begin with this lovely coffee cups set which would definitely be the perfect gift for your partner. You can even share it. The black one for the boy and the red one for the girl. They are simple but yet they express a strong message and they would look very cute on your office desk.

lovely coffee cups home caprice

If you are an extravagant person and you want to drink your coffee in an elegant style expressing charm and exquisite tastes, than this type of coffee cup is the one for you. Just look at its handle. I will give you a perfect feeling when you hold it. Moments like this will become your favorites.


extravagant coffee cup home caprice

If you are that kind of person who enjoys funny ingenious items, than you need a cup of coffee like this one. It will put a smile on your face every time you want to take another drag. Your family member will fall in love with it. I know I’ve already did.

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coffee-cup-design-ideas home caprice

Are you a cat lover and you want to express this love for cats in everything you have? Then you need a cat coffee cup! What better way to show your feelings for cats than a cat cup? It is elegant, love, charming and looks fabulous on a clean desk.

cat coffee cups home caprice

More of a modern rock person? Than you need a steam punk coffee cup. It is the most creative item I’ve ever seen and if you own a coffee shop than your clients will be amazed with this kind of coffee cups. Coffee tastes better when you drink it from an unique cup.

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steam pun coffee cup home caprice-001

Are you a chic lady always searching for looking impeccable? Than your coffee cup must reflect your style and elegance like this one does.Any lady should feel extremely lucky drinking from such a stylish coffee cup.

chic coffee cup-001

Our focus point is modernity, creativity, uniqueness and style that is why we selected these coffee cups designs because they express everything that resonates with modernity, high class and ingenious visions. It feels like drinking a coffee will become a trend. Make yourself the pleasure of drinking coffee with extravagance and confidence.

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Create a unique hand made wall hook and beautify your house with your own personality!

There is nothing in the world an ingenious person couldn’t do, especially if imagination is one of your best friends. Waste no more time and start creating ingenious items for your house and it will feel always like home.

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After we had seen a lot of handmade creative things, today we are going to search for inspiration in some of the most innovative, funny and beautiful wall hooks. Beautify your house with a handmade wall hook and you will feel like you belong there.

Paint Brush Wall Hook: Look at this wall hook isn’t it ingenious? If you have old paint brushes you just have to make them resistant enough to sustain your coat and you made yourself a unique wall hook which will definitely attract attentions.

wall hook paint brush home caprice

Are you a dart lover? Good for you because from now on you will had made yourself a fabulous playful wall hook. Use Stainless steel darts with special wall fixing and the next step is to fix your jacket on them. Every time you will enter in the house they will make you smile.

Reuse your old furniture

creative-wall-hook dart home caprice

Tea Wall Hook: Sounds strange and you may ask what is that tea wall hook and this is exactly what I will tell you. This wall hook is a simple old teapot reused as a wall hook and it looks so chic and lovely that everyone will want to do it. If your house is designed to express your personality and you are a colored person this is exactly what you need.

creative-wall-hook tea home caprice

If it happens to have interesting, elegant Cutlery and all you do is keep them in a drawer, make a wall hook from them. Bend and Curve them and stick them on a piece of wood. It looks elegant and inspirational.

fork wall hook home caprice

Have you thought of using broken heels as wall hooks? If you didn’t, it’s time to take this idea into consideration. I bet you have some broken shoes but you don’t want to throw them away. Well use their heels for creating a special wall hook.

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heel wall hook

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Create your own pen holders and make yourself proud of creating interesting decorations.

Today we are going to be once again creative and see how rich is our imagination regarding pencil holders. I don’t know about you but I often loose my pencils and pens and that is why I decided that today is a perfect day to learn together how to build creative pen holders.

Having a creative pen holder will also be more ordered and our desk will look much better and of course cleaner.

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Let’s see some interesting creative pen holders ideas:

Woody Pen Holder: It is very easy to find a piece of wood and to imagine you are Gepetto. Find a piece of wood which has the shape you want and make some holes in it you can even leave the piece of wood exactly as you found it, our you can paint it how you wish. It will be a very special pen holder for your desk.

pen holders home caprice woody

Paper Tube Pen Holders: Gather your children together and start creating beautiful pen holders. It will be a lot of fun. You need paper cores or paper tubes which will be designed in a way nobody will know from what are made. The most important things are glue, cardboard and some tape. Decorate them in an original way and you made yourself lovely pen holders. Your kids will adore them.

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paper tube pen holders home caprice

Jar Pen Holders: Simply take a Jar you don’t use anymore, decorate it with details that will make you jolly to see and voila, you have an unique special pen holder everyone will notice.

jar pen holders home caprice

Can Pen Holders: Recycle cans, be friendly with the environment and create a fabulous pen holder at the same time. You need a can of course and every other accessories you would like to decorate the can with. It can’t get any easier.

can pen holders home caprice

Everyone has Phone Books they don’t longer use but we keep it just in case.Well I assure you, you will not use it anymore as a phone book so transform it in a pen holder. 

Use old wine bottles cork and create an original funny pen holder. It will look incredibly lovely and will make your day brighter.

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cork-pen holders home caprice


Buhuhuhu it's time for Halloween. Let's decorate!

We saw in the previous article about Halloween Indoor Decorations that without pumpkins there is no Halloween so when we start decorating our outdoor space we can play even better with the position, design, texture of the pumpkins. But of course Halloween is not only about pumpkins when we refer to decorations. We need to remember about ghosts, witches, terrible monsters, spider web and so on.

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Let’s find some inspiration in these outdoor Halloween Decorations:

Decorate your windows with pumpkins if you want a more simple traditional look: You can even keep them after Halloween is over because they are an autumnal decoration idea very colorful.

pumpkin window halloween outdoor decorations home caprice

Make a Countdown Sign. Write it with red paint like it would be blood and with black paint like it would be tar. Write a terrifying message on it and be the most frighting house in the neighbor.

countdown sign outdoor halloween decorations home caprice

Improvise a manikin without had.Dress it in black and put a pumpkin jar in its hand. This will really terrify everyone. You can also put somewhere a mix tape on which a spooky voice talks when you are closer to the headless monster.

spooky man jar home caprice

Because this holiday is a perfect way to spend some quality time with your family creating different interesting and spooky decorations, paper owls watcher are looking great. Paint them black, and make them look like a witch is disguised in an owl. 

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paper owls outdor halloween home caprice

“Beautify” your porch with an oversize spider web and a gigantic tarantula which seems to take over your house. Spider are scary everyday not only for Halloween so imagine what a gigantic one would do. Use Clothesline style rope, or you can use white Christmas tinsel garland tying it together.

oversize spider web home caprice

Front door: Make felt bats for your front door and it will look incredibly dreadful. Trace a bat shape onto a piece of felt and cut it. You have to repeat this until you have a swarm.

fron door spooky home caprice

Hanging Bats: There is no spooky porch without hanging bats which will make your house look horribly spooky and your yard an entire forbidden area for those who don’t have a strong heart. Trick-or-treaters will be amazed by this template.

hanging paper bats home caprice

Raven Porch:  A flock of ravens and crows waiting are always promising something terrifying. You need perched made from cardboard tubes, spray them black and make a hook-beaked bird.

raven porch home caprice

Don’t forget about the tombstones decorations: Your yard must be a place of the dead so design a graveyard. You can make the tombstones from trimming gray paper. You can put a plastic hands crawling from the ground on one of them.

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tombstones home caprice

Prepare your house for Halloween with some interesting hand made ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen I’ve expected this moment for so long. Not the Halloween itself but the pleasure of giving you some interesting  Halloween inside decoration ideas.

I like Halloween because it allows us to put our imagination at work and we create things we didn’t even know we can do them. This time of the year is the perfect occasion to become children again and to play with decorations, costumes, food with everything. Everywhere you will look, you will see Halloween.

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So let’s start with some impressive Halloween Inside Decoration Ideas that will rock this time and will make your house the most chic but spooky house in the neighbor.

First of all you need pumpkins. Pumpkins are the iconic decoration when Halloween arrives. With some many interesting shape pumpkins you can create an entire world of them. 

Design Glowing Lantern Pumpkin and forget about the usually lighting and used pumpkins instead.You just have to cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin and scoot out the pulp and seeds. Paint any image you want on the pumpkin to look even more creative.

lantern pumpkin halloween home caprice

Owl pumpkins are so lovely and they look so outlandish that is why you need them! Everyone will love a zombie pumpkin owl. Use 2 white pumpkins (lumina), to create the head and the body. For the eyes cut a small portion and then put some large buttons there and on the large button add another 2 small ones. Create its loops from a thin twig and tie in place with wax twine to create eyelashes shape.Take two large leaves and spray them white in order to leave the impression of wings. Dress it with a bow tie. It will look adorably spooky.

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owl pumpkin halloween gulf luxury

Ghost Living Room: the easiest Halloween Decoration Ideas is to create a ghost living room using the simplest accessories like white sheets for sheet-draped chairs because you want the room to get the feeling of a ruin. Use string cheesecloth cobweb across the items in the room and instead of flowers put curly branches in the vases. Isn’t it easy?

ghost living room home caprice halloween

Don’t forget about the BLACK CANDLES. Are an essential detail for a complete Halloween decoration.

black candles halloween home caprice

What I think would look remarkably Gothic and grim, are black paper roses like they would be dead for so long, or infected with something. Imagination goes wild when you see black roses.

black paper roses halloween home caprice

Witches are also iconic for Halloween so make their presence real in your house by suspending which hats from the ceiling and place a rustic broom near them. Everyone will think that witches live in your house.

Use your empty jars and make them look like mummies. You will need dollar store gauze and googly eyes to look more dreadful.

spooky jars halloween home caprice

Halloween is nothing with floating ghost that come to possess your body. So take some mannequin heads from a store which no longer needs them and create your frightening ghosts.

ghosts halloween home caprice

For your magic potions used sprayed bottles of wine and add labels on them. Put candles in them and place the potions on a silver pan.

potions halloween home caprice

You need a tremendous mirror with an interesting design and if you can’t find it black, spray it black. Add inside the mirror a big enough spooky picture to give the impression of a monster inside the mirror.

halloween mirror home caprice

Transform the frame photographs of your beloved ones in paranormal portraits by transforming the pictures in typical Halloween ones.

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halloween pictures home caprice

Discover these impressive remarkable bathroom gadgets and enjoy technology!

It seems that these days I have a thing for gadgets but after you see what I prepared for you today, you will understand why.

It is such a good thing that modernity comes with high technology we could never imagined it will happen. But here we are witnessing incredible gadgets that change our lives completely.

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Today is about remarkable bathroom gadgets that totally impressed me and I am more than sure they will impress you. After you see these you will struggle to find out from where you can procure them.

1.Boon Flo Water Deflector: it is made of plastic, it has the power to create a gentle waterfall, projects water away from faucet, it is perfect for children protecting them against injury, allows access to shower diverter, it is BpA free, Phthalate free and PVC free.

Flo-Water-Deflector bathroom gadgets home caprice2.Single handed Soap Dispenser: helps you keep the top of the pump cleaner and more hygienic, it is very easy to fill back, suitable for any kind of liquid hand soap.


Single-Handed-Soap-Dispenser bathroom gadgets home caprice3.Philips ShoqBox: it has bluetooth streaming, it swipes sensors to skip songs, has 2 pair shoqboxes into L-R speakers, it won’t break even if you splash it or drop it. It is built in lithium battery.

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Philips-Shoqbox bathroom gadgets home caprice4.Towel Spa Towel Warmer: Transform your towels in hot ones in just 2 minutes. It is compact in order to fit conveniently on the counter, it warms towels, blankets and robes so you will feel more comfortable than ever, it is very easy to use and the best thing is that is is small enough to put it anywhere.

Towel-Spa-Towel-Warmer bathroom gadgets home caprice5.Withings WiFi Body Scale: this is an ultra precise weigh and body fat measurement which has a position control. It measures heart rate when you step on the scale, measures the quality of indoor and outdoor air, it has an automatic upload of your measurements thanks to its WI-Fi and Bluetooth, a health mate application to visualize trends and improvements, scale interface is designed specially to help users to obtain accurate readings.

Withings-WiFi-Body-Scale bathroom gadgets home caprice6,LED Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet: this one is built to last longer than any gadget you know, it is high quality valaves. Thick brass bases and double bolt installations for years of stability. This gadget is found only at special retailers.

LED-Waterfall-Bathroom-Sink-Faucet bathroom gadgets home caprice

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Hope I gained your attention with these bathroom gadgets and you will start searching  for them.

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If you get attached to things very much, don't throw them away, reuse them!

We get attached with things, especially those in which we invest money and feelings. There are things that we can’t just throw them away or pass them forward because they remind us of things that happened and they seem to keep the memories impregnated in them.

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So what will we do with the furniture we don’t longer use? We reuse it:). More explicit we find unusual but interesting way to make it useful.

  • Vintage Message Board: if it happens to have a vintage message board and you want to keep it but you don’t know where to store it or what to do with it than it easy. Hang a mattress spring on the wall, clean it from rust and treat it with a clear overcoat for a more vintage look.

vintage oversize furniture homecaprice

  • Cottage-Style Display Shelf: don’t underestimate the power of imagination and interior design and never think of an item is has no use. For example, Melissa Michaels who works at The Inspired Room, took a small, funny colored stepladder and transformed it in a display shelf and eye-pleaser. The great thing is that the room will look more creative and stylish

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Original_Melissa-Michaels-repurposed-ladder home caprice

  • Transformation of a dresser: Everyone has an old dresser that they want to change, but instead of changing it why not transforming it in a bright funny kids dresser. Paint it with a bright color that your child loves, write something funny on it or paint your child’s favorite animal and it seems you have a brand new playful dresses. You can even let your child paint on it or draw it with chalkboard, in this way it will look even more irresistible.

dresser transformation home caprice

  • Storage Container: If it happens to have tea tins then don’t throw them away. Play with them. Transform a storage container in a stylish one by painting it in different styles.

“Fill the tin with office supplies, kitchen dry goods or bathroom toiletries,” Marian Parsons of Mustard Seed Interiors

-storage-container_home capirce

  • Make it Practical: don’t be afraid of your own creativity and take a piece of furniture and make it functional again. Hoosier cupboards used to be very popular back in 20th century. If you have one of this and you don’t know what to do with it, refinish and paint it and you will have a new practical office desk. It will look vintage and modern at the same time. Because it has many drawers you can storage anything you want right next to you.

refinished-white-cabinet home caprice

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I will come back with more ideas about how can you reuse the furniture you don’t want to throw. Have fun.

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From now one, your new passion are wicker baskets!

If you have a passion for wicker baskets but you don’t know how to incorporate them into your beloved house, today I have some brilliant ideas that will rock your world.

These wicker baskets we love so much, are very useful for storing different things like: blankets, pillows, oil and vinegar, dirty clothes, cosmetics and many others. What it’s great about them is that they come in different sizes, shape, style and color.

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Wicker Baskets easy your life and make it more organized. You really need to take them into consideration.

  • Baskets for Entryway: If you want your entryway to look more organized and chic, wicker baskets are the answer. Books, umbrellas, shoes, newspaper or any other items you can store them inside of a wicker basket.
  • Wicker Baskets for Living Room: Your living room can be beautified with wicker baskets and leave the impression that you are an inventive creative person. Place them near the coffee table because you can store things on it or play with them as decorative elements. Wicker baskets are perfect for pillows. If your living room’s furniture is a bench instead of a sofa incorporate wicker baskets inside of it.
  • Wicker baskets for bedroom: Modern bedrooms adore wicker baskets. These items are perfect for small apartments for example, because you can storage your things with style. The basket can go under the bed, or you can choose a bed that incorporates wicker baskets in their design.
  • Wicker baskets for kids room. A kid’s room is a land of toys and games, that is why you need playful interesting wicker baskets that help you organize your kids toys. As I told you before wicker baskets can be found in different sizes, colors, design so you can play with them without worries. Choose wicker baskets that match with the design of the room.

kids baskets home caprice

  • Wicker baskets for bathroom: Your vanity table bathroom can be easily organized with a small or why not large basket. Store all you cosmetics in it and you will have an easy access to them. Your towels can also been stored inside of a large basket which can be put under the sink or you can even hang it on the wall.

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  • Wicker baskets for kitchen: These amazing baskets are an useful item in your kitchen. Place it on the countertop and you have a new home for bottles of oil and vinegar, salt and any other spices you have in the kitchen. You can even place wicker baskets in the kitchen cabinets for a better organization of the bread, vegetables and fruits

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Your shoes never felt more comfortable!

shoe rack

I know that shoe addiction can become a real problem when you no longer have  place to put them and than is why they become a problem.

But because we area creative persons with imagination and motivation, today I will give you some interesting ideas about how you can create your own shoe rack. This can be a very fun activity which allows you to create something by yourself and to make it exactly as you wish.

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And because in many parts of the world October comes with cold weather, shoes for this kind of temperatures must be the replacement of those Summer shoes.

  • REPURPOSE WALL MOLDINGS. This is that kind of rack that shows exactly your personality, especially because it is a rack for heels shoes and because you love your heels you feel the need to show them to other people and this is the simplest way they can admire your shoes. Jenna McArthur, took a disassembled picture frame and transformed it into an array of wall-mounted display racks.

Tip: Buy wall molding from a home improvement store, cut them to size and put the paint you want on them.


  • ASSEMBLE PVC PIPE CUBBIES, You would have never thought of this wouldn’t you, because you would normally hide the PVC pipes behind something, but when your imagination is let to create the result is this. All you have to do is the ask the supply store to cut the into pieces and after you just have to put glue and stick them on the wall.

home made ideas

  • SUSPEND WIRE HANGERS. Footwear on the wall looks interesting, you can put it on the back of your closet or in a bedroom corner. This is the best idea when it comes to sandals or flat soled shoes. You need a wire clothing hangers, a string, a yarn or rope.

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Desk Inspiration

home made ideas

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Handmade Vases

These are the easiest ways of creating your own rack which is a funnier way of finding a place for your shoes. You can ask your family help you and have the opportunity to create something together.

Have fun in your own game room!

game room

A house without a game room is not a complete house. Having a game room is the best way to have a phenomenal time with your family or friends having everything you need just next to you.

In order to have a spectacular game room you need to follow some easy steps for an extraordinary result. A perfect game room set must have a balance between comfort and technology that makes casual playing in a fantastic game session which will satisfy you completely. 

Step one and the most important one is to Find a room for your future favorite  place. It might look difficult at the first glance because maybe you use the empty rooms for storage but I think it’s more fun to find another place for storage and start transforming that room in a fabulous game room. But in case it’s impossible, take a look at your basement, you can really make it interesting.

Than the best part comes when you choose what technology to use. I recommend  you an Adjustable and Configurable TV Stand – EXPEDIT TV Stand + Uppleva Wall Bracket – IKEA than you need a console or consoles. Analyse the room you’ve chose for entertainment and see where would be the perfect spot for them.


You need furniture! Choose the best one that it’s in tone with what you  desire and make sure it will make your mood happy. Search for a larger sofa for you and your friends, comfortable armchairs that makes you feel relaxed and ready for action. I would install a mini-bar too, while you’re having fun you can prepare some delicious cocktails and put some sugar on your day.


It would be wise to search for a cable organizer like a cable box because you don’t want to trip on cables and fall.


Make sure you have organised everything in your head and you have enough space for what you want to create.

“Keep in mind that most game tables need anywhere from 3-5 feet of additional space around them, otherwise they can overwhelm a small basement,” says interior designer Letitia Holloway of Myers Design.

If you wish for a game table assure your space and don’t forget that you need some space for moving too so don’t over crowd the room you want to constantly feel free to move and breathe.


Lighting is the most important detail in this room. You must have a high quality lighting for making the right moves on game boards. Make sure that the table is under the glows of a lighter.


For fairness and even more fun add a scoreboard which will help you remind who’s winning. Make sure you are the one that does this.


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