6 Luxury Garden Gazebo Suggestions

6 Luxury Garden Gazebo Suggestions

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A truly special place to have in your garden is a luxurious gazebo where to unwind and relax, so read here how to have a luxury spoiling space just for yourself!

A gazebo is a perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of work or even to work there if you work from home. And what’s even better is that you can make it look extremely luxurious and comfy at the same time. If you’re lacking inspiration, we prepared you some suggestions for a luxury garden gazebo:

Luxury Garden Gazebo: Romantic Light

1. Use textiles for the structure. Although regular gazebos are usually made of a wooden structure (and that’s fine if you don’t want a very complex style), a luxurious look can easily be achieved by adding a quality luxurious material over the structure. Let it fall just like some usual curtains or you can use bows to tie them together.

2. Choose light colors. Light colors are usually associated with more luxurious furniture, so perhaps it would be best to go for them when building a luxury garden gazebo. White is one of the most popular colors, but you can also vary it with pearly shades, cream, beige and so on. You can however use dark colors in elegant combinations: black and gold or red and silver are truly special combinations and your gazebo will be simply amazing!

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3. Quality furniture. As always, luxury is tightly connected with quality, so if you want to obtain a luxury garden gazebo, you should always buy the best couch, chairs, tables and whatever you want to add in your own relaxation space. You can even add small storage boxes or drawers if you want to store some useful things there, for instance for picnics or evenings outside.

Luxury Garden Gazebo: Textile Material

4. Use cushions. A luxurious relaxing place needs to be extremely comfortable, so don’t be afraid to use more cushions than usual. High class chairs are anyway more comfortable than cheap ones, and this is also true for couches, so if you go for quality furniture, you will certainly enjoy the most comfortable garden gazebo ever! Add some extra chairs and sofas for whenever you have company and you’ll never have to worry where to spend your evenings.

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5. Go for elegant patterns. For a luxurious look, patterns are very important, just like any indoor design. The patterns we suggest you if you want luxury designs are sinuous and stylish. Go for calligraphy-like patterns if you want an elegant, but also Oriental look in your garden. Other than that, you should keep it simple and not over-pattern your space.

Luxury Garden Gazebo: Simple Gazebo

6. Just because it’s outdoors, that doesn’t mean you can’t use decorations in your gazebo. Golden or silver decorations are more than welcomed if you want to obtain a luxurious atmosphere, together with glass additions: small (or big) mirrors, shards put together in original shapes and so on. You can also use candles to have a special light in the evening in your gazebo, and together with them, special candlesticks in elegant shapes. Whatever you choose, make sure the final result is harmonious and that it represents your own style!

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