6 Useful Backyard Pond Tips

6 Useful Backyard Pond Tips

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Learn here important tips for caring and maintaining your backyard pond in good state for a long time!

Backyard Pond Tips: Beautiful Landscape

A backyard pond is a great idea to create a more original yard and a way to find yourself lots and lots of opportunities to have more fun. However, it requires additional caring and many other things you need to think about before deciding to have one. That’s why we thought you might need some useful backyard pond tips to help you out!

1. Take it easy with the cleanliness. Many people become obsessed with having their backyard pond extremely clean, and they forget this is not how it’s supposed to be. If you want to have fish or beautiful algae or other plants in it, you can’t expect it to be antibacterial and care for wildlife at the same time. Make sure you add to it mud, leaves, stones or twigs so that you encourage the development of several habitats for animals.

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2. Play around with plants. Just because the pond isn’t that big that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have several types of plants. Choose submerged (underwater) ones and emergent ones (like lilies and similar plants). The combination will be truly unique and will make your pond fantastic!

3. Choose native aquatic plants. One of the most important backyard pond tips is to choose the right plants. You can try having a pond with non-native aquatic plants, but some of them might prove to be dangerous for the environment you have created there, so careful with that! Native aquatic ones are the best because they will adapt on their own to the environment and possibly even help the pond in colonizing naturally.

4. Less shade. As much as you’d want to have shade around the pond for you to relax and chill out, you should think first of all of the plants and animals living in the pond. Too much shade will have a negative impact on the plant growth and the organic matter may form a compact layer on the bottom of the pond, thus affecting the organisms there. Equilibrium is the best option here!

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5. No deep pond. Another one of the backyard pond tips you need to take into account is that such a pond doesn’t need to be too deep. 1 feet depth is just enough to allow wildlife to develop properly in an adequate environment without further worries.

6. Don’t use many chemicals! The most important one of the backyard pond tips you need to remember at all times is this one. As attractive as pesticides, fertilizers or similar chemicals might seem, you shouldn’t use them too much. You have to think that although they seem great in speeding up the growth process or in being nutritious for the soil or water, they are not part of the natural habitat of the animals and plants, therefore they might be more damaging than useful on the long run. And nobody would want to damage the plants they have grown with so much care. Respect the principle of nature and everything will be okay!

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