Amazing Swimming Pools

Amazing Swimming Pools

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Find inspiration in these amazing swimming pools!

There is a fact that everybody around the world dream to have a swimming pool and those who dare to dream want an amazing swimming pool which will remind them that they are extraordinary.

A swimming pool is very useful. Besides the fact that you can host fabulous parties and you can relax in the morning, sunbathing, it is parta of your healthy life. Swimming helps your heart, your blood circulation and your bones. So if you don’t have a swimming pool yet, now it’s time to build one.

Let’s take a look at some amazing swimming pools around the world and see if we find some inspiration for our next fabulous swimming pool.

Hanging Gardens Ubud Hotel in Bali, Indonesia this is definitely an unique swimming pool which will dare us to have courage to swim. Swimming in such a pool is a one of a kind experience. Built on two levels, this swimming pool offers you a marvelous view of the tropical rain forest.



Marina Bay Sands, Singapore this pool is another swimming adventure which offers us a view taken from movies.  This is the largest and highest infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the adrenaline which is given by this pool is incomparable, it looks like you could fall off the building in any minute.





Violin shaped swimming pool: for music lovers this pool is just perfect. Having a unique form and design this pool will surely leave us with a sublime memory. If you dream of a violin swimming pool or any other instrument, now is the perfect time to start building it.



Nemo 33 at Uccle, Belgium. For those who like to swim deeper, this pool is just perfect for testing your body limits. You can really try to build such a pool at home but your must be a very good swimmer and avoid this design if you have children. This pool is a wild adventure being a recreational scuba diving center in Uccle. It is the deepest diving pool on Earth. 2.5 million liters of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water. To be even more fantastic several simulated underwater caves were built inside of it at the 10 m depth level.



Harbour Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong, China . For those who live for luxury, this is the place where they should go to experience a swimming luxurious adventure. It is situated at the 23rd floor and the views from here are just incredible. Your eyes will be amazed and your soul will be finally in peace.


Neptunes Pool, Hearst Castle – San Simeone, California: a magic place for those who want to imagine they are a part of a fairy tale. This place permits you to be a movie character or a fairy tale character because it it just magicly beautiful. Your spirit will vibrate of happiness and your entire body will finally feel complete.



Anantara Golden Triangle Resort : people around the world come here to enjoy this marvel and to assure themselves that they had one of a kind experience. Swimming till the edge of the pool, you can relish your eyes with the view of Laos and Myanmar. This beautiful resort is situated on a ridge surrounded by the Myanma and Laos hills. You will definitely be enchanted by it.



Huvafen Fushi, Maldives this sparkling swimming pool is perfect for a night swim when you want to relax your entire body and mind. The view is just spectacular.



Hope you find inspiration in these marvelous swimming pools and try create your own personalized pool so you can have your own marvel at home.


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