Creative Mailbox Designs

Creative Mailbox Designs

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Sometimes the design of your mailbox can count more than you think. The mailbox can complement the entire appearance of your home and, more than that, it can be another opportunity to show your creativity and skills.

Train mailbox

Many people don’t consider that the mailbox design is an important part of their exterior home decoration. However, this is yet another occasion to manifest your imagination or to represent whatever styles you like. Although it’s a small detail, it can nicely complement the general appearance of your house. Here are some creative ideas for your mailbox design!

Star Wars. If you’re a fan of this Sci-Fi saga, it’s a great idea to decorate your mailbox so that it resembles one of the characters. It will be unique and original, plus everyone will love it.

A house. You can make your mailbox a small house. You can of course buy different house of different shapes and sizes, but it’s a special feeling when you put some effort into it and use your imagination. Extra tip: you can make it to resemble your own house!

Animals. If you have a favorite animal, don’t be afraid to use it as inspiration for decorating your mailbox. You can use drawings or stickers for it, or you can be creative and imitate a real size bird.

What about an old carriage? Yes, it is a bit unusual, but imagination is the limit, and some people use their creativity to the fullest.

Pressurized can or nuclear missile. If you have a cylinder and some paint, that’s all you need to create an original and very funny mailbox. Your neighbors will be impressed!

Anchor. Fans of the sea and sailors are invited to try their skills and create an anchor mailbox. Who says you can’t use a real anchor for that?

Statuettes. Try incorporating your mailbox into a bigger statuette. You can have the statuette show exactly what you want, but be careful with the materials you use, since it should be pretty resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Animated characters. Whether you have kids or you’re simply a fan of cartoons, it’s a good idea to transform your mailbox design into one of the characters, like Mickey Mouse.

Metallic mailbox. Sometimes, less is more, and a simple metallic mailbox may actually be more suggestive than many of the mailboxes you can buy around. Plus, it’s more masculine and minimalist, not requiring lots of work to make it look pretty.

Mailbox from pallets. Pallets are extensively used in furniture production, especially for modern, light furniture, so why not use them also for the mailbox outside, to make a nice match?

Elegant mailbox. If you have a very nice and elegant house, you must choose your mailbox design to be an elegant and special one. Try a combination of colors such as black and gold or discreet decorations applied to it.

Incorporate it in a tree. A tree can be a nice support to incorporate a mailbox into, and the design is really natural. However, careful so as not to hurt the tree or damage it in any way. If you care enough, you can even play around with the tree bark and paint it or sculpt it in a funny way.

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