Garden Pathway Designs to Inspire You

Garden Pathway Designs to Inspire You

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Check out these great pathway design ideas for your own garden and see which ones you like most!

Garden Pathway Design: Original Mosaic

A garden is a beautiful place to relax and to get yourself together at the end of a long day or week at work. It’s not only part of your home, but part of your relaxing corner too. Many people think that if you decide upon what plants you want to have here and care for them, that’s all, but there’s still an important part of a garden they forget about: the pathway. The pathway has a very important role in defining the general aspect, and for this we want to help you with some great garden pathway design ideas.

Rocks are some of the most popular options when it comes to creating a beautiful garden pathway design, but also the most practical one. It is extremely useful when it’s raining, for instance, by protecting you from stepping in the dirt, and it comes in countless original ways of being placed in your own garden. Big flat rocks are generally placed together in a continuous pathway, usually with irregular edges. Smaller rocks and gravel are usually mixed together to create a homogeneous pathway that will also let the earth underneath breathe.

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Bricks are perhaps a much more interesting option than plain gray rocks. Their orange color makes the garden pathway design livelier and it brings a touch or originality to any green space. They can be placed however you want, geometrically or even randomly, in an apparent unorganized manner. The best part about this is that you can use your creativity in ways you haven’t even thought of before!

Lots of people choose garden pathway design ideas that use wood. Although wood is not as resistant in time as stone or bricks, it is still a natural element that integrates better in a garden, especially if you have some trees there. However, here you don’t have many options where to exercise your imagination, since there aren’t many ways in which you can create a wooden pathway.

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Remember that mosaics are extremely beautiful, more beautiful than any of the choices we already mentioned. The charm of this type of garden pathway design is that it combines various materials, from gravel to wood or differently colored rocks, for added charm and mystery to your garden. You can even choose the colors of the mosaic depending on the colors of the flowers you have planted in the garden! Remember, the more complex the mosaic, the more impressive the effect!

Finally, remember that you can use other elements in the garden to complete your garden pathway design. For instance, if you choose a wooden pathway, you can reinforce the effect by using a small wooden bridge over your pond or over other alleys. You can decorate the pond with rocks and use the same type of rocks for creating the pathway too, and so on. It is desirable to have a harmonious garden design, rather than using non-related materials and designs in different parts of the garden.

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