Garden trees for hot climate

Garden trees for hot climate

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Find the perfect garden trees to match your house and personality.

Even if you aren’t the nature loving type, you must have some garden trees . To do so, you have to arm yourself with a little patience and brake a tinny bit of your time. Garden trees will totally change the looks of your entire house and personality. Those who have garden trees have declared that they felt inexplicable fulfilled and involuntary feel in love with them. You can see life growing in your own garden, what a magnificent feeling !

Having garden trees is a blessing and also a curse. After having a few, the search for new ones will begin.

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I will give you some examples of garden trees that are not so common but they will blow your mind :

Dynamite crape myrtle tree: This garden tree is one of the most spectacular form this category. It’s bloom last from spring until fall. One of the hardiest Crape Myrtles available. This tree resists to mildew, disease and insects. With it’s red flowers grown like spikes it is an exceptional choice to plant in groupings at the corners of your property or of your garden.

Dynamite crape myrtle tree

Empress tree: It’s scientific name is Paulownia tomentosa. This is a extremely fast-growing garden tree and is an exotic appearance in your garden. What is very interesting about this tree is that it can survive wildfire because the roots can regenerate new, very fast-growing stems. It is pollution tolerant and it is not picky about soil type. Have a wonderful morning walk between this shelter of living colors.

Empress tree home caprice garden tree

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Jacaranda Tree: Even thou it’s name is pretty tricky, you will not be disappointed about this garden tree. They are large trees ranging in size from 20 to 30 m , having leaves that are bi pinnate in most species. Each flower has a five-lobed blue to purple-blue corolla. This is not your usual garden tree but it thrives in full sun and sandy soils, making it the perfect choice for a hot climate.

Jacaranda Tree home caprice garden tree

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Red Maples: You all saw the videos with romantic images when lovers kiss under the shelter of a tree. Well, I think that this is the tree in cause. Called Acer rubrum by scientists. this garden tree has a story telling, deep scarlet foliage in autumn. At it’s base, it’s a forest tree but don’t let this miracle evade from your garden, you must have it. Rewrite your love on it’s leaves!

red maples home caprice


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