6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Garden

6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Garden

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The great part about having and designing a garden is that you can use your imagination as freely as you wish. This way, you can be sure that your garden will be unique and stylish and more than that, it has been designed by you.

Flower arches

Given the hot climate in UAE, there’s no wonder so many people have extraordinary beautiful gardens here. The array of colors, patterns, arrangements and combinations is absolutely incredible, and every garden is carefully grown and trimmed. However, if you want to have one yourself, there is a very important question you have to think about: how to decorate your garden? The possibilities are endless, but this is exactly what makes it so hard. Let’s have a look at the possibilities.

Flower patterns. What can be more beautiful than making flowers… with flowers? You can plant different flowers in different places so that when they will grow and bloom they will form a huge flower with petals in different colors. Also, you can make every petal from different lines of various patterns and colors, for a truly special effect.

Arches. Arches are a really nice way to decorate your garden. You can choose to paint them white or a more sophisticated color with complex decorations. Also, depending on every person’s taste, they can be decorated with flowers or garlands of your favorite flower. Arches are great for transforming boring pathways throughout the garden.

Vertical decorations. There are specialists who can create real works of art out of garlands and flowers. They can create vertical poles, butterflies, hearts and any other shapes you can think of. Sometimes these vertical decorations are exactly what makes the difference between a normal dull garden and an absolutely wonderful one.

Palm trees. Don’t forget about the things specific to this place! Every garden in the UAE needs to have at least some palm trees. They help you decorate your garden, but they also keep some shade for you to relax and to hang around during the extremely hot hours at lunch time, for instance.

Statues. If you want to be truly original in decorating your garden, you can choose unusual, but beautiful statues. Some people choose statues representing their religion, others simply opt for beautiful women statues and others go for modern minimalist ones. It all depends on your taste and creativity!

Fountains. What can be more refreshing on an extremely hot day than seeing and perhaps even playing around in a fountain? They can really bring a fresh touch to your garden, making it look more exotic and it even helps in cooling the air around. Also, here are endless possibilities: you can play with lions that spit the water, children that splash each other, rivers or any other thing you like. The best part is that you can include your favorite things in the fountain and still it will look great!

Finally, for sure some of these ideas will prove useful to you when you will want to decorate your garden. A great side is that there are no strict rules when it comes to designs and patterns, so once you decide what you want, you can hire a specialist and the result will certainly be exceptional!

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