Exotic Plants to Have in Your Garden

Exotic Plants to Have in Your Garden

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If you want to spice up a little bit your garden, have a look on this list of interesting exotic plants that will definitely convince you to plant them!

Bird of Paradise in the garden

Regardless of the style you have chosen for your garden, an original idea is to add a touch of exoticness. For this, you might want to think of some exotic plants for your garden. However, first of all you should take into account the climate in your area, so that you don’t buy the plants and that they don’t die.

Bananas. If you want to have your own banana tree, that’s not impossible. It’s one of the most interesting exotic plants for your garden and if you take good care of it, you may even eat bananas from your own garden sooner than you might expect.

Bamboos. Bamboo, the favorite food of koalas in Asia, is a very flexible wood and a great choice for exotic plants in your garden. It’s interesting to take care of it, not to mention that it looks so exotic! You can even use remaining branches or small parts of it for decoration or for creating wonderful rugs or bowls around the garden, be it indoors or outdoors.

Elephant Ears. With big leaves (this is where its name comes from), the elephant ears plant is great as a background plant, edging or ground covers and even along ponds or walkways. Its simplicity is greatly complemented by the variety of colors it comes in, and this makes it even more adaptable to your own garden.

Hibiscus. Greatly preferred for tea around Christmas time or for different types of cosmetics (although you have to know something about this in order to make your own creams or teas), hibiscus has to be on your list of exotic plants for your garden. Its red color makes it an adorable plant and it will certainly gain your appreciation. It is recommendable to grow it in a container so that it will be easier to take care of it.

Ornamental grass. The lawn requires great care and can be quite pretentions depending on the temperature, solar light, humidity and so on. Ornamental grass on the other hand is highly adaptable and it can be there all year long. More than that, it has great colors and it will be one of the exotic plants for your garden that will lighten up the entire place for you!

Bird of Paradise. This plant gets its name from the fact that it looks like a small and colorful bird right from the Paradise. It is very appreciated for its beauty and it has an evergreen foliage. It is one of the most preferred exotic plants for your garden, although it certainly needs some good care. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure that the conditions you grow the plants in are the appropriate ones, since it would be a shame to buy plants only to let them die, which would be a waste of time for you also.

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