How to Make a Mini Garden for Your Apartment

How to Make a Mini Garden for Your Apartment

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For those who don't have enough space to design they own big sized garden, a mini garden for an apartment is a brilliant idea!

How to Make a Mini Garden: Landscaping Skills

For those of you who don’t have large spaces to design a full-size garden, you have two options: you can take advantage of your rooftop and have a rooftop garden, or you can have a miniature one in your own apartment. Don’t panic if you don’t know how to make a mini garden in your home, just read on and take notes!

First of all, you have to know that miniature gardens are generally decorated with lots of objects. It doesn’t have to be necessarily trees or small benches, but rather any small objects you have around and don’t know whether to throw them away or to keep them. You can use small fishes, artificial flowers, small houses or benches (that’s great if you have something like that lying around!) or anything you want.

The next step is to take a flower pot. Here you have various options. You can choose a large pot to be filled with dirt or sand and then use several small pots to diversify the view, or you can simply stay with several small pots around, to be placed wherever you have some space. Now it’s a great idea to recycle the broken flower pots you have. Simply fill them with dirt or sand or rocks and place them inside the bigger pot. Then decorate them with leaves, flowers or some of the smaller objects we were talking before. The effect will be wonderful! Otherwise, for a truly special outcome, you can try using a spiraled fence inside the bigger pot to separate different areas and to divide the space nicely. Or you can simply layer the pot by using small stairs. Basically, you have to let your imagination free, and if you can recycle something that you already have around, that’s even better!

You may ask what can you plant in such a miniature garden. The point is that when you think of how to make a mini garden, you should think ahead and buy special plants for this. As much as you’d want to grow tomatoes or complicated flowers in it, it’s obviously impossible, since you don’t have the necessary space. What you can do, however, is to buy small plants or plants that grow reaaaally hard. There are on the market plants that grow, for instance, 15 centimeters in a year, or some that don’t go over 2 centimeters in their entire life. Alternatively, you can look for moss or climbing plants that will enrich your apartment with some greenery without taking up too much space.

A great part of making a miniature garden is that you can use your landscaping skills. You can design a home with a garden in front of it, or an entire park with small benches and fake trees, or a jungle, or basically anything you can think of. However, if you use real plants, remember to water them according to their needs and don’t neglect them. After all, you don’t want to have a dried up mini garden!

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