How to maintain you Lawn

How to maintain you Lawn

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Make sure your lawn is healthy!


Our house is very important to always be clean and friendly but it is also very important to maintain our exterior house always clean and fresh.

Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about gardens, swimming pool, play ground and in this case lawn, everything must be always checked and cleaned.

I don’t know about you but my lawn is very important for me. I purely love walking barefoot on it and drinking my coffee why I play with my feet in the grass.

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Let’s see what do you have to do in order to keep your lawn healthy and good looking. Some easy tips which will make your work easier.

  1. You should adjust the cutting height to the time of the year. Always use a sharp blade. If you live in a cool-climate, grass needs a 1-1/2 in cutting height because you would want to remove dead grass for allowing the sun lights to warm a little the crowns of the grass plants. During the summer raise the blade to 2 or more inches, and when you finally do the last cutting of the year use a blade black to 1-1/2. In a warm climate the height will be 1/2 in lower.

The blade height must be adjusted by measuring from a hard surface to the bottom of the mower deck. After you’ve done that you add 1/4 in. Make sure your blade is sharp because if you just damage grass, then it will turn yellow. Sharpen you blade three times a year.



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 2.Water you lawn correctly:  Lawns usually need 1 to 2 in. of water per week, with a three or four day intervals.  But pay attention that this depends very much on the temperature, type of grass and soil condition. Those lawns which are in a sandy soil need twice as much water because they drain very fast on the other hand those in slow draining clay soul need only half as much.

When the lawn seem that it is not full of energy and life anymore, exposing the dull green bottoms then it need water. You should water it until the soil is moist 4 to 5 in, that you need to water again until the top of 1 or 2 in. There is a secret which with you can find how much water your sprinkler delivers, setting a cake pan, turning on the sprinkler and you should time how long it takes the water to reach a depth of 1 in.

The most perfect time for your lawn to be watered is in the morning because your lawn than can dry itself without pressure. Your lawn can get sick if you water it on night, diseases caused by moisture loving mold and fungi.

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So take good care of your lovely lawn because without it your house wouldn’t look so fabulous.


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